NBA / Sep 3, 2009 / 4:07 pm

Celtics Continue Making Superbig Moves

Marquis Daniels

Since winning the chip in ’07, the Boston Celtics have slid down a little in the power rankings. Cleveland and Orlando are arguably now the top two teams in the East. With the big three of KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce turning another year older, the clock is definitely ticking on their second championship quest. Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers have been on the ball this summer by resigning Big Baby and adding Rasheed Wallace and Shelden Williams to the mix. They continued their offseason productivity this week by signing veteran guard Marquis Daniels to a one-year deal.

The move is definitely a much needed upgrade. Even though Stephon Marbury was thrown into a tough situation by having to jump in midseason with the defending champs after sitting out for almost a year, the bottom line was he didn’t get it done. Daniels is a big guard, who is quick and will help the Celts on both ends of the court. I expect him to be one of those guys who steps it up in the postseason. Remember he was huge for the Mavs in the playoffs when he was a rookie in 2003-’04.

Although I thought it was a mistake to part with Leon Powe, I thought the team did a good job finding a replacement for him. Wallace is a player that Doc and especially KG will love because of his ferocity and bully mentality. His skills are on the decline a bit, but ‘Sheed can still hit threes, rebound and find the open man. Williams is a big body who along with Kendrick Perkins and Big Baby will make going to the paint a physical nightmare for opposing players. Boston hopes that Williams will be the player Atlanta thought they were getting when they drafted him fifth overall out of Duke in 2006.

Do these moves help the Celtics regain the East?

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  • ProphetGk

    Hellll noooo :) Orlando is just getting started, and the Cavs are way more deadly with the addition of the original superman… Boston might as well give up…

  • rathauneak

    I think we’re solid. I soooo wanted Tony Allen to be a part of that sign-and-trade for Daniels, but I guess Larry Bird is smarter than I had hoped…lol. I think we are the best in the east as of today, but I think we are still a legit back-up PG (from being the flat out best team in L. We get Arroyo, all I can say is kiss the rings!

  • buckets-41-

    Orlando doesn’t stand a chance against a healthy Boston squad, lets be serious. It’s Boston and Cleveland in the east, and that’s going to be one hell of a battle.

  • Diego

    “Superbig” moves? Huh? A washed-up overrated Rasheed, a recent draft bust Shelden, and a less recent draft bust Daniels.

    Other than the confidence boost (which will positively impact play) that these guys will get from joining up with the storied Celtics franchise and with the 3 future HOFers, I don’t see much of a jolt.

    Orlando will be in finals again when Shaq/LeBron experiment implodes and when 1 of the Celtics big 3 oldtimers (Garnett or Pierce, as Ray is in too good of shape) goes down with an injury by playoff time.

  • That’s whats Up

    Nowitzki’s Frickin’ Hua ain’t knocked up after all

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I like Marquis’ dracula cape in the photo above. Is that joseph abboud?

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Fool looks like the count from sesame street.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    No offense, but I’m not seeing how Daniels is going to make Boston that much better. Especially since Indiana didn’t even want a dead body in return for him leaving.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I know how important a deep bench can be but bottome line is it’s still going to be 5 on 5 on the court at any given time. When it comes to LA, Boston, Orlando, Cleveland and San Antonio it’s all going to depend on who can field the best 5 in crunch time. So Boston can go 15 deep if they want but there’s only a limited amount of minutes to go around.

  • ab_40

    the celtics are loaded especialy if rondo and KG are healthy those guys are the key to everything boston does and needs to do to win a championship


  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    I gotto co-sign with Diego. chubby ass big(ger) baby, washed up rasheed wallace, sheldon parker…err…williams, and marquis daniels?

    this is the bunch your counting on to return you to the finals?


    they better make more moved by the trade deadline. they need to get younger and a bit more athletic. they’ll be good for 52-55 wins. but i can see them getting beat 4 times in the playoffs.

  • Butcher

    Celtics won chip in 2008.

  • Ashlov
  • Guitar Hero

    Nice moves. They have a lot more options, now…a really versatile bench.

    But they still sorely need a backup PG.

  • http://www.twitter.com/lakersnation @LakersNation

    still gonna lose . . . . too damn old . . . i.e. 2004 Lakers . . . but you know what? bring on the celtics and their team of rent-a-players . . we’ll just beat them down easy

  • Matt

    “Superbig” moves? Huh? A washed-up overrated Rasheed, a recent draft bust Shelden, and a less recent draft bust Daniels.

    Other than the confidence boost (which will positively impact play) that these guys will get from joining up with the storied Celtics franchise and with the 3 future HOFers, I don’t see much of a jolt.

    Orlando will be in finals again when Shaq/LeBron experiment implodes and when 1 of the Celtics big 3 oldtimers (Garnett or Pierce, as Ray is in too good of shape) goes down with an injury by playoff time.

    Posted by Diego

    PFFFF HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, keep dreaming that bud if that’s what puts you to sleep. Rasheed washed-up and overrated? Old and not the player he once was, yes, washed-up no. He LOOKED washed up because he knew where the Pistons were going and he wanted somewhere better. Boston was the ideal place. Overrated? By who? Nobody is saying he was the best off-season pick-up, so how does that make him overrated? You think the Celtics had the mindset that Shelden Williams was going to be a viable contributor when they signed him? Here’s a hint, he’s insurance in case one of the big men get hurt. And plus, everyone knew what the Hawks had done by drafting by Shelden Williams was not going to work from the beginning!

    And Marquis Daniels WASN’T EVEN DRAFTED DUMBASS! I think you might be in for a jolt of your own this coming season. Don’t you just love when people say the reason the Celtics won’t win is because the big three is old when they just happen to not bring up the fact that Rajon Rondo is a future all-star? If you don’t believe me look at his stats in the Bulls-Celtics series in the playoffs this year.

    The Magic making the finals again? Yeah, when you give up your go-to guy who was making the big shots in the clutch and replaced him with a guy who has never won anything in his career and has been known to have a me-first attitude? yeah, expect a cakewalk for Orlando. I would be SCARED if I was a Magic fan.

  • Diego

    Matt, if you think Hedo (with 2 good years with Orlando) and no great shakes for years with S.A. and Sacramento is better than Vince, please try to watch Hedo’s progression with Toronto over the next few years to the awful “expiring contract of Hedo” as he comes back down to earth where he belongs.

    My bad if I blew it re. Daniels–but he still basically has sucked for the bulk of his NBA career.

    Orlando this year will romp over the Celtics even worse than last year. No finals for you Boston! Ha, Ha!

  • http://www.myspace.com/hollywoodbluesband chief youngblood

    I think barring injury everyone knows it’s the celtics in the east. I don’t think the cavs did quiet enoughin the off season. sheed’s more of the player he was than shaq ( love big Aristotle either way ) and the magic are gonna be WORSE. dwight will be better , who knows maybe by the time the season roles around he’ll have master at least half of a post move .

    maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. i just love to see sheed and KG deep in he playoffs yelling and throwing their arms up , i’m into that kind of shit .

    and i mean lets not forget they have ” the worlds greatest basketball player ” .

    don’t let that sunshine fool Orlando / Cleveland

  • Diego

    “[A] guy who has never won anything in his career”–sounds like a certain former Timberwolves 7-ftr as of a few years ago.

    And if that loudmouth can finally pull out a title, I really wouldn’t right off Vince moving back basically to his hometown and teaming with D.Howard and a couple of other all-stars and an otherwise loaded team.

  • InFamous1

    The road to the rings runs through LA boys and girls.. Stop day dreaming about KG’s promise of back to back rings. Cuz it’s just not gonna happen.

  • Cameron

    I think what a lot of people are missing is the fact that Orlando doesn’t need Rasheed to be in All-Star form or for Daniels to be a superstar. These guys are role players. They don’t need to put up huge stats, rather, just know their roles and be productive in the limited opportunities they find. Talent is important, but a washed-up Rasheed is almost as good as Rasheed in his prime when he’s the fourth option (which he probably would have been even in his prime if he played behind Allen, Pierce and Garnett).

  • NJim

    Stephon Marbury “didn’t get it done”? Thats not why he wasn’t brought back! They offered Marbury a contract, but Marbury turned it down, instead deciding he’s finished with the NBA. He’s said that NUMEROUS times! Why doesn’t anyone ever acknowledge that fact?

  • Matt

    Diego, it’s not a matter of talent that makes me want to take Hedo over Vince. It’s the fact that Hedo made huge shots for the Magic in clutch time and was driving to the basket. Vince, while athletic and a good shooter, is no slasher and isn’t particularly a clutch player. He has made buzzer beaters, but not in the big time, unlike Hedo. And Hedo going to Toronto[you’re right on this] is not going to work. He should have gone to Portland. I think Vince is more talented, but I would prefer Hedo because he can play really well in crunchtime.

    Daniels has sucked? Wow, then you must set the bar REALLY high for NBA players. Considering he’s averaged about 10 ppg for a career and had his best year last year, I wouldn’t call that “suck”, I’d call that decent. If that’s the case, then Matt Barnes, Mickael Pietrus, and Brandon Bass all suck as well, because they’ve averaged about the same. How will Orlando romp over Boston when they have KG back? You guys struggled to beat the Celtics without him! And Leon Powe was hurt too! And the Celtics brought in an experienced veteran to go off the bench in Rasheed, an upgrade over Leon.

    The difference between KG and Vince was that KG sucked it up and played through it. He didn’t even necessarily want to leave Minnesota. Vince gave up and didn’t care when he was on his bad teams. And I should have made it clearer. Vince is athletic and a shooter, but is not a slasher, unlike Hedo.

  • Burn

    Diego is Spanish for dumbass!
    Celtics will give any NBA team trouble with their line-up.. you have to admit that haters.. No one in their right mind that facing the men in green would be a walk in the park.. not even the possible champions, Lakers..

  • sh!tfaced

    Ugh… Marquis must be a big fan of Prince…

  • YeahYeahYeah

    Celtics won title in 2008

  • Diego

    Matt, all very good points, and all well taken. I still take Magic over Celtics (and I think the Hawks could surprise a bit with 50 or so wins in the East–with Horford, Josh Smith and Marvin all bound to have quite better years than last year).

    But in any event, I just can’t wait for the upcoming NBA season! It should be great!

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Yeah the Celts are my favorite to win the East next year. The playoffs are all about matchups. We saw proof of that in the Orlando v. Cleveland series last year.

    Celts v. Orlando

    Sheed v. Dwight – Remember before last year the Magic got taken out in the first round by Detroit on a regular basis ask yourself why. advantage: =

    KG v. Raw Lew advantage: KG

    P Double v. Vince adv: =

    Ray Ray v. Pietris adv: Ray

    Rondo v. Jameer adv: Rondo but close

    Celts v. Cavs

    Sheed v. Shaq adv: Shaq

    KG v. Side Show adv: KG

    PP v. Lebron adv: Lebron even though Pierce won their battle in 2008

    Ray v. Parker adv: Ray

    Rondo v. Mo Will adv: Rondo

  • Ian

    big shot
    howard and sheed a wash????

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    @ Ian yeah I debated that with myself for awhile and wanted to give it to Dwight but like I said Detroit shut Dwight down each year before last with sheed guarding him for a good portion. I know sheed is a couple years older but until he proves other wise it’s a wash. I strongly believe when it comes to the playoffs it’s all about matchups and think had the Magic met up with Detorit again this year it would have been the same result…well that’s if they still had Billups.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Another thing that’s going to happen when the Celts meet the Magic is Doc will bring Sheed to the top of the key so he can hit jumpers and 3 pointers wich will bring Dwight out the paint nullifying his shot blocking. KG and Sheed = Way Better defenders than Pau and Bynum and look what happened to Dwight in that series. The problem is still the same for Dwight he doesn’t have the post moves to beat great quick footed defensive bigs.