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Chris Bosh puts pressure on Toronto; Wolves replace Rubio

So what's it like on the outside?

So what's it like on the outside?

As if the Raptors don’t have enough big expectations to live up to this year — what with bringing in high-priced free agent Hedo Turkoglu, high-profile rookie DeMar DeRozan, and Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani in “make or break”-type seasons — now Chris Bosh has put the franchise squarely under the gun … In a radio interview, Bosh was of course asked about his 2010 free agency plans: “I want to win a championship one day, plain and simple,” Bosh said. “I like the fact that we’ve revamped our team, we’ve addressed some weaknesses — but I think this year does play a key role in my decision next summer.” In other words, if the Raps miss the playoffs and/or underachieve again, Hedo could quickly go from being a complimentary guy to being The Man with Bosh gone. And Toronto fans bristle when you suggest Bosh could also leave for media-market reasons, but the fact of the matter is Bosh would increase his U.S. profile immediately if he signs with New York, Miami or Houston. And he knows it … Now you might be asking yourself the same question you asked when Stephen Jackson said he wanted to play for a contender, than put the Knicks on his Christmas list. True, the Knicks currently stink (projected starting lineup this season: Chris Duhon, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, David Lee, Eddy Curry). But they’ll have almost a clean slate next summer, and once they land one superstar free agent (Bosh, Wade, LeBron, etc.), quality players will soon follow. Contrary to what a lot of readers believe, most of the Dime crew aren’t even Knicks fans; we can just see a scenario where the team gets a lot better very quickly … Say what you want about how bad the Wolves’ offseason has been, but give David Kahn credit for moving quickly to help fix the Ricky Rubio situation. Yesterday, Minnesota came out of nowhere and signed Ramon Sessions to a four-year, $16 million offer sheet, jumping ahead of the slow-walking Clippers and Knicks and getting pen to paper in an effort to shore up the point guard position. From all we’ve heard, the Bucks probably won’t match (Brandon Jennings has to like that), so Jonny Flynn appears headed to the bench and Kurt Rambis gets a PG who is at least somewhat proven on the NBA level … Unrelated to the Sessions news, reports have been circulating that Rubio might actually stay in Spain now for three years instead of two. Remember when Kahn said Rubio would walk in as the starter from Day One, no matter when “Day One” happened to be? Will he keep that promise if Sessions is playing like Terrell Brandon in his prime come 2011 or 2012? What if Flynn has taken over the starting job by then? What happens with Rubio? … In another of the League’s drawn-out free agent sagas, David Lee is reportedly close to re-signing with the Knicks for one year at about $6-8 million … Allen Iverson was supposed to decide on the Grizzlies yesterday. Not only did that not happen, it also came out that Memphis made an offer to Mike Taylor, who isn’t a bad player and also isn’t in position to be turning things down. In being picky, A.I. may have cost himself a roster spot … From Friday’s FIBA Americas tourney: Luis Scola posted 19 points, eight rebounds and three steals in Argentina’s win over Uruguay; Gustavo Ayon had 16 points, 13 rebounds and four steals in Mexico’s win over Panama; Canada knocked off the Dominican Republic, getting 21 points from Jermaine Anderson, while DR’s Al Horford went for 14 points and 14 boards and Charlie Villanueva scored 17. (Francisco Garcia fractured his right ring finger and is out indefinitely); and Larry Ayuso scored 25 points (11-11 FT) to lead Puerto Rico over Brazil, handing Anderson Varejao‘s squad — Leandro Barbosa sat out again — their first loss … We’re out like Terrell Brandon …

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  • Patrick

    A full day of football tomorrow. God bless America.

  • Big Sia

    Canada stand up

  • Josh Tha roc

    Fair call on ramon. I’m a believer.

  • Bill

    Rubio probably come in three because then he doesnt have to follow the rookie scale.

  • knock@hotmail.com

    If Rubio comes in three years everyone will see his potential. He won’t be as young anymore, and his bust status will become significantly higher.

    – Lea Barbosa IS the brazilian team. Of course they lost if they have to rely on the sideshow bob.-

  • sh!tfaced

    Seems like almost everyone’s holding out for the Knicks… and that includes Rubio.

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    I like very much the writings and pictures and explanations in your adress so I look forward to see your next writings.

  • don cannon

    fuck ricky rubio honestly….i could care less bout that punk…shit he has an oppurtunity millions of players(pro,international,college)would die for albeit in a terrible city. but hes bitch ass wont even come here. it would complicate his life? being handed the keys to the franchise really complicates your life that bad then dont even come to the league….i know bout the whole buyout situation but i honestly believe something could have been worked…hes just a spoiled brat

  • Goatdiesel

    Are you KIDDING ME? “Toronto fans bristle” at him leaving for a bigger market??? Toronto fans WANT him to leave for a bigger market, the guy is a BUM!!!

    Seriously, someone tell me ONE important game Bosh has stepped up in, EVER???

    Playoffs againts Jersey……NO…..Playoffs against Orlando….NO!!!

    The guy thinks he walks on water when he actually bleeds Kool-Aid. Sure, he can make a good YouTube video but he couldn’t sink a game winner if JOAKIM NOAH was guarding him…oh…wait…

    Seriously, you guys/girls at Dime have us (Canadian fans) ALL WRONG, Bosh is NOT our favourite player and he NEVER will be…

    To quote Rick James we “got a little more sense than that!”.


  • Maynard

    With all due respect, signing Ramon Sessions does not “fix the Ricky Rubio situation.”

    Kahn traded two players to have pick 5 after already having No. 6. At 5, he took a guy who he had to have known had absolutely no interest in playing in Minnesota, who had leverage in that he could go back to Europe, and whose trade value is stunted by a weird buyout situation. He then immediately drafted another point guard, which served to piss off Rubio and ensure that there’s no way he would put up his own money to go to the Wolves.

    Now he signs Sessions, which if anything casts doubt on Flynn, though I guess maybe they’ll play them together, which gives them a 2-guard who can’t shoot and the smallest defensive backcourt in the league. I actually don’t hate Sessions at that price, but it doesn’t change that instead of picking Rubio, where the best case scenario seems to be to trade him in a few years when he’s free to come here with no buyout, they could have gone in a different direction that made more sense.

  • Bobby Money

    Ricky Rubio is a bum. Damn all that “passing ability”, I know he can’t guard nobody.

  • John

    Amem at post 11

  • gregory

    The thing about free agents flocking to the Knicks if Lebron or Bosh or Wade signs there is that none of those three are likely to go there just by themselves. The attractive thing about the Knicks in 2010, besides the city I guess, was that they would have enough cap room to put Lebron and Wade together, or Lebron and Bosh or Lebron and Stoudemire and so on. But with the salary cap expected to drop in 2010, the Knicks aren’t going to have the room. It’s going to be hard to lure Lebron to play with just Gallinari and Wilson Chandler and co. A premier free agents would be putting himself out of championship contention for a while if he goes to NY by himself.

  • ab_40

    haha dominican republic you lost to canada hahahaha

    the wolves arn’t gonna be any good this year anyway so who cares.

    the knicks won’t get good fast. they’ll probably sign amare next summer who’ll then finaly admit he can’t live up to his own hype which he likes to talk about a lot. Plus teams with mike d’antoni at the helm don’t win championships. so unless they get yao in a kareem role and draft a young penny/magic kind of player the knicks arn’t gonna win shit


    CB4 has the skills just do not have the SIZE and the WILL to impose his skills.

  • deeds

    huge win for Canada….glad to see it

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    In 3 years Kahn will not have to make a decision on Rubio. He would’ve certainly lost his job by then.

  • NC

    Seriously though … Bosh needs to back up all this mystery he’s creating. I like him and want him to stay in TO, but man, he has to have a superstar season for all this hype to be relative.

    @GoatDiesel I agree with many of your points, but I’d have to say that I’d still like him in a Raps uni. He NEVER will be my favorite player though.

    HUGE win for Canada too!

  • That’s whats up

    *most of the Dime crew aren’t even Knicks fans; we can just see a scenario where the team gets a lot better very quickly *

    …haven’t you guys been saying that same thing since you started the Mag?

  • FK

    Bosh can take a one-way ticket out of town if he needs to at year’s end.

    Seriously man, you want to win a championship? Do something about it. You can either:

    A) Make you 15 million, man up, and lead a team to the chip

    B) Take your 10 million, and go become Lamar Odom’s second fiddle to a guy who will step up

    While the whole city of Toronto has thought of you as the ‘A’ guy for a while, you’re sure throwing our a whole lot of ‘B’ cues lately

  • http://brother.wordpress.com brothersteve

    You guys usually write good stuff so I believe an explanation is in order.

    If the Knicks sign a major FA to a max deal, how do they get the second one?

    It isn’t cap room! They aren’t likely to have $35m+ in cap room. (Still about $22m on the books next year)
    Really, does anyone have that kind of cap room now?

    The second big FA isn’t going to take less money just because it’s the Knicks! Hell – you’d want more to play in NY if you could get it under the CBA, the fans there are vicious!

    Sign & Trade – just wondering – who on the Knicks are you going to trade? No one takes back crap in a S&T senario and they don’t have a $17m trade exception.

    Just looking for some answers?

    The next off season could be major excitement like you’re thinking (hoping?), could just as easily see all the big FA sign back where they came from to get the most money.

    Ya Know – Money talks, everything else is just BS.

    It’ll be a fun year!

  • Chi-Tizzle

    Toronto will be crushed by the likes of Boston, Orlando, Cleveland, etc. It will be unfortunate like the star players that played during the Mike years. AI is on some BS. AI is has lost so many cool points with me.

  • jzsmoove

    At this point I personally do not mind if the Raps lose Bosh. There are a whole bunch others I would rather have on my team. Maybe I am blinded, maybe he is silky smooth so he doesnt seem as vital if we do lose him. One of those you dont know what you got til its gone scenarios.
    Maybe I am misguided, disillusioned by the possibilities of starting fresh.

    Sessions’ agent is weak ass. Thats all he could muster for him? 16M really? And for Minny? GTFOH. Ramon is probably wishing he has whiteout on him, the morning after.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    “The guy thinks he walks on water when he actually bleeds Kool-Aid.”


  • jackass

    dime i’m sick and tired of hearing about what will rubio do or won’t do!!!! who cares what happens to him!!! come on now.

  • Bill

    So when Rubio does come in 2/3 years after he gains more experience and dominates 2012 olympics, who wants to bet all these haters will be riding his dick. He’ll be 21/22 by then which will probably still younger then 9/10 of the leauge.

  • Royal

    Why is everyone mad at rubio???He would have lost MILLIONS of dollars if he would have signed with the L-Wolves.

  • Arno

    There’s something American NBA fans have some difficulty understanding : Barcelona is a better team than the Wolves, they are well coached and it’s a winning team.
    Indeed, come to a cold city in a foreign country, learn English and lose maybe 60 games a year is not so wonderful that you abandon your country, your way of life and everything at 18 to get there.
    In the under 16 European championship final, Rubio had 52 pts, 24 rbs and 12 steals. Last year in Beijing, he was running the Spanish national team in one of the greatest games ever. We all know that he’s gonna be special. But it’s certainely not a bad idea if he waits to be 20 or 21 to go to the NBA and try to be be in a winning team.

  • chrsz

    The Bucks need to Move to reup Ramon, I don’t care what anyone says. If they don’t this season will also be below 500.

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    on the Bosh front, this is not new news. I knew that at the end of last season.

  • LA`Clipperz

    Why not trade bosh to NY in a sign in trade for David Lee?
    The raptors get a solid big man that knows his place, and cb4 can be the 2nd faggot behind james

  • Big Sia

    GoatDiesel ur a fucking G!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sebastian

    52 pts, 24 rbs and 12 steals! Ricky B!!! I don’t care the competition, you play in your age bracket and drop stats like that?!!! Shooo…keep on writing DIME!

  • silky

    canada dropping the upset…. part deux ce soir!

    get someone changing those lightbulbs cuz we’ve been shootin them out

  • dial up

    sebastian- arent those Rubio’s stats when he was 16 yrs old?? and against the russian amateur squad. Who the hell cares. How about his season stats from last year.

    – 10 5 2 a game as a backup. Thats not no top 10 pick.

    Olympic stats 6 3 2turnovers. He’s not even dominating his league. The next fran franquez.

  • phil mckraken

    rupaul aka chris botch can go away if he wants.im sure colangelo can net us a very highly attractive baller/ballers in a sign n trade.what has chris botch done to go on all arrogant?…bye bye botch you delusional weakling.

  • Sebastian

    I guess I need to shut the fuck up!

    Hey, I’m in Africa! We get bootleg everything! Even black people!

  • http://www.chinawholesale2008.com supra shoes

    We all know that he’s gonna be special. But it’s certainely not a bad idea if he waits to be 20 or 21 to go to the NBA and try to be be in a winning team.