NBA / Sep 18, 2009 / 10:00 am

Former Dunk Champ On The Block

Brent Barry

A couple weeks ago in Smack we mentioned that we didn’t even realize Brent Barry was still in the NBA, let alone the subject of trade rumors. But at the time the Grizzlies, Thunder and Clippers were all mentioned as being interested in getting “Bones” from the Rockets. We asked this question: Would Barry even bother with playing for a non-contender, or just retire? Today, word out of Houston is that that’s exactly what Barry is now considering.

NBA sources told FOX 26 Sports yesterday that Barry will not be back with the Rockets for the upcoming season and that he will either be traded or retire. And if he decides to hang them up, Houston will buy out the one year remaining on his contract.

So of all the teams out there, do you think Barry would fit with your squad? Of the teams that were apparently interested, I couldn’t see him in Memphis now that Iverson is there, Oklahoma City doesn’t really need an aging two-guard unless they’re looking for a locker room presence and the Clippers would probably only bring Barry back if he could reenact his dunk from the free throw line.

What do you think he’ll do? Get traded or retire?

Source: FOX 26 Sports

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  • fan

    Brent Berry…. how about a piece on this lockout?

  • ALLDay

    Bring him to da CAVS!!! He presents a better player than Parker coming off the bench.

  • rangerjohn

    i see him retiring or heading to boston to play with the new oldest team in the league since my spurs have no use for him.

  • Matthew

    @ ALLDay

    Sorry bro but you dont know what your talking about……..Barry should retire……Parker is going to be huge for you guys this upcoming season……I like Barry but Parker should be getting as many minutes as possible if you want to win this year!

    …I’m out like Brent Barry

  • J.Tobias

    Aron hit me up with your e-mail.

  • Steve A

    Brent Barry has been stealing checks for a few years now and shouldn’t even be in the league anymore. Oh to live in a world of guaranteed contracts…

  • Kermit the Washington

    He don’t got much game left, but he’s always going to be good for a big 3 here and there…even when he’s fresh off the bench, coming in the game for the first time in 3 weeks.

  • dwight coward

    Best solution is a tour of duty on the Warriors…he’s always wanted to play for GS.

  • Ian

    He’s one of my fav players ever but he should retire.

  • doc

    The reason for the dunk contest getting scrapped for a couple years.

  • sh!tfaced

    kobe was the last champ before they scrapped the dunk contest… miner and rider were the true reasons…