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Gasol leads Spain to gold-medal game; LeBron says he’s staying

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol

After an up-and-down couple of weeks that saw them perform up to their potential and down to some lesser competition, Team Spain is right where they’re supposed to be at the FIBA European Championships: playing for the gold medal. In yesterday’s semifinal, Pau Gasol scored 18 points and Rudy Fernandez added 14 and three steals to lead Spain in a blowout win over Greece, while Ricky Rubio continued his underwhelming (at least stats-wise) tourney with a 5-point, 3-assist effort. Spain will face Serbia in the final, the team that upset them on the first day of the tournament. In Serbia’s semifinal, Milos Teodosic dropped 32 points (6 threes), and Nenad Krstic had 18 points to lead them past Slovenia … In the two other games that had a 2010 World Championships berth on the line, France knocked off Turkey behind Tony Parker‘s 28 points and 10 dimes, and Croatia beat Russia behind Roko Ukic‘s 18 points and eight assists … LeBron picked the wrong summer — and the wrong media climate — to go on a worldwide publicity tour. Every place LBJ has been this offseason, whether it’s promoting his documentary, his book, the LeBron VII’s, or whatever else he’s got going on, he’s been peppered with questions about free agency, and has no choice but to give the nice-guy answer. Over the weekend ‘Bron was signing copies of his book, Shooting Stars, at a Borders store in Cleveland, and of course the free agency question came up. “I ain’t leaving,” LeBron said, which was then reported like it should be taken seriously when it really should be taken with a whole cup of salt. Really, what do you think LeBron is gonna say when he’s in Cleveland and trying to sell a book about himself? “Nah, I doubt it. I really love Detroit, so hopefully we can work something out there.” This is just going to make things even worse if he does eventually leave. (At least LBJ was mindful enough to wear an Indians cap to the book signing instead of his Yankees fitted.) … Steve Nash to Yahoo! Sports: “I’m not one of those people that feel if you don’t win a title everything was for naught. Only one team wins it and a lot of times there is luck involved.” All true, but when a player who doesn’t have a ring says that, it holds a little less credibility than somebody with a ring saying it. Good thing Nash has some perspective on the whole thing, though. Most guys like Barkley, Ewing, Malone and the rest don’t seem to let the no-titles thing nag at them, which prevents “I need to win something” embarrassing moments like Pros vs. Joes and ill-advised comebacks. Perhaps we can take this to mean Nash won’t hang around the League when he’s a shell of his prime self, getting backup minutes on a contender trying to catch a ring before he’s done. Then again, if they’re willing to pay you … The Rockets are still auditioning guys to help their frontcourt situation, including Lorenzen Wright, Stromile Swift and Jelani McCoy. McCoy is like a 7-foot Kevin Ollie; he just won’t go away and hasn’t done anything memorable since college … College football/basketball notes from yesterday: Javier Arenas had a 61-yard kickoff return in Alabama’s blowout win over North Texas, plus 90 more yards on punt returns; and Greg Paulus threw for 346 yards (24-for-35), two touchdowns and one interception, and ran for a TD in Syracuse’s win over Northwestern; and Wake Forest honored Rodney Rogers during their game against Elon. Rogers, who played at Wake before a 12-year run in the NBA, was paralyzed in a dirt bike accident last year … Tony Wroten is one of the best high school ballplayers in the country, a junior PG at Seattle’s Garfield H.S. (alma mater of Brandon Roy) who did work at this summer’s Elite 24 and the adidas Nations camp, to name a couple places. The 6-5 Wroten decided to play football this season, sparking some debate over whether his parents were doing the right thing in letting him risk injury like that. In the first game of the season, Wroten played receiver and safety, catching a TD pass and snagging two INT’s, but in the fourth quarter hurt his knee fighting for extra yards after a reception. After missing Garfield’s next two games, it was just announced last night that Wroten has a torn ACL, putting him out for football and most likely out for the basketball season. On the positive side, Wroten is only a junior, so he’s not missing his senior year. And he’s talented enough and has a big enough profile that he’ll still get a scholarship. We’ve asked before if you’d let your kid play a contact sport like football when he’s got phenomenal basketball talent; does this change your mind at all? … We’re out like Jelani McCoy …

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  • DvDJ Steve



    Never Kill The Goose had lays the Golden Egg.

    If my boy can play B-Ball and Football? He will play B-Ball! B-Ball earns more money playing basketball and it is my ticket of out poverty (hood). B-Ball he will play and he will only play Football over my dead body!

    Sounds familiar? What is that movie, Boyz in the Hood!


    Where is The Gay Tyrone?………Hopefully he will make some weird comments………..I only come on Dime to read The Gay Tyrone comments.

    The Gay Tyrone…….Gay Thugs need boom-boom too!

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    This QQ guy is very funny too, and he always says intelligent things. Watch Out!

  • jzsmoove

    I doubt Vince Carter has a post-playing career as GM. that one year that the Raptors was reasonably stacked from #1-#4, Alvin williams, Doug Christie, Carter, and Antonio davis, they needed a center to solidify the group. In his famous word, “I think we have found our center, He’s a monster”. Carter ofcourse was referring to McCoy during the preseason. That lineup didnt last but for only a few games.

    wtf? i didnt know that about Rodney Rogers. I used to like the guy. He is a very good role player. Leon Powe reminds me of him. but with more range. how paralyzed is the guy?

  • sh!tfaced

    “McCoy is like a 7-foot Kevin Ollie…” hahaha.

    Well, Ollie officially becomes the NBA’s Ultimate Journeyman when he plays for OKC on opening night, 12 TEAMS, breaking the 11 by Jim Jackson, Gatling and Massenburg. Still might not be memorable enough though.

    Didn’t know Rodney’s ATV mishap was that serious.

    Yeah, where is that GAY Tyrone, true FAGS don’t lie, be glass eatin’, dish dope dimes y’all quote machine…?

  • BUshhsines

    Comonn! Didn’t you see the game?

    Ricky had top defense on that Spanoulis holding him to 7 points one night after drying Longoria’s husband.
    >Give the teenager some credit

  • K Dizzle

    That’s foul about Rogers. Didn’t know shit was that bad.

    On a side note, that’s why they be lovin Nashty Nash up north and in the desert. Cuz dude gets it. It’s only a game and everybody can’t be Russell, Magic or Michael, even Clyde, GP or DRob, but ain’t nuthin wrong with bein Elgin, Chuck or Reggie. 2 mvps IS enough for a solid career.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Never heard a thing about rodney. Poor bloke. He was one of my favourites back in the day.

  • itsakademiks

    man yall really aint know about rogers? it happened last yr i believe espn has done a few spots on him. so did nbatv

  • That’s whats up

    @ post 3
    The Real Fagrone is in lock-up and only gets internet access one day a week.
    SInce gay porn sites are blocked he has to skim DIME for pics of shirtless ballers.
    True Fags ALWAYS swallow – that’s The Real Fagrone

  • desmon

    RUbios defense isn’t what’s making the opposing pgs not score. It’s called team work, and Rudy is the one who seems to be doing the d for this spanish team. I bet Spain wishes they had Calderon insteada this kid with too much hype.

  • desmon

    Rudy (FERNANDEZ)

  • haslem

    wow Dime not to be a hater but how is there no mention of: Vspan or Calathes’s games or even baby shaqs.

  • jzsmoove

    …looked at info on Rogers, he’s paralyzed from shoulders down and has 5% chance of walking again. As a dad of two boys, I feel for this dude. I cant imagine not being able to be there for my kids. Rogers has 3 kids and will certainly miss what he can offer if he was physically able.


    No mention of Money Mayweather’s comeback bout? Beat JMM’s ass to a pulp while winning every damn round.

  • The Real Tyrone

    Ain’t no doubt that y’all be a bunch of punkasses who be runnin their mouths. Ain’t no doubt tat ya’ll ain’t got shit and be speking like dis only if u ain’t speaking in front of me. Show some respek muthafuckas.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The Real Tyrone

  • Jason

    @ EN FUEGO:

    People will give a shit about Gayweather when he stops ducking true welterweights. You can’t be considered the best P4P unless you fight the best. He retired because he didn’t want to fight Cotto or Mosley, and he’s still ducking those guys. He said he didn’t have anything left to prove when he first retired, but true boxing fans know he was ducking real competition.

    With his size, speed, and reach advantage he should have KO’d JMM. Unfortunately, we were treated to another typically boring Fraud Gayweather fight.

  • D.Head

    As for Tony Wroten Jr. I would let my kid play both they give more scholarships for football than they do for basketball. It could have happened on the court just the same as it happened on the football field. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

  • DurrtyInjun

    Chill Gangstalicious… Chill

  • The Reel Tyrone

    I cried a little while back. Honestly, you guys hurt my feelings and I’d like for you to apologize. Occasionally I get excited and say things I shouldn’t; however, it doesn’t give you the right to talk that way to me.

    True Thugs Cry Too.


  • ab_40

    spain is euro champion

    and pau gasol is mvp

    him, lorbek from slovenia who’s rights are owned by indiana, rudy fernandez from portland, vanilis spanoulis who played with houston and molos teodosic are the best five of the tournament.

    yesterday was the best game in the tournament slovenia serbia was the best game in the tournament

  • bill

    Rogers is a strong reminder to live each day. I hate to use someone’s misfortune liek that but it was a very sobering moment to hear how a professional athlete’s life changed so drastically in an instant.

    I wish Rodney and his family all the best (albeit belated)



    Hell yeah. Now that’s the shit I wanted to hear. At least no one can say that about the Pacman. He may be ugly but he ain’t gay.



    They’re show respect as soon as you can spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T.



    Dammit. Fuck, man. Now you even got me talking like shit.

  • Colton

    tyrone. i think of a less eloquent, more uneducated tyrone the crackhead from chapelles show everytime i see you post. makes me laugh. please keep posting. cuz you apparently know your basketball stuff.

  • sh!tfaced

    Fraud Gayweather. LOL.

    If you wanna go contemporary, Tyrone reminds you of a gay Tracy Jordan on CRACK…

  • http://replicasjewelry.wordpress.com/ eronne

    well done pau Gasol !!

    they really did a good job this time.

  • http://www.utjazzblog.com Utah Jazz Blog

    I feel bad for Lebron (well, as bad as you can feel for a multi-millionaire and best basketball player on the planet). The media need to stop asking him the same question. It’s still a year away. You can’t put any stock into anything he says about it at this point.

  • http://www.vogmall.com cathy

    Big surprises are waiting for you!

  • sh!tfaced

    The REEL Tyrone?! HAHAHAHA. You be cryin’? Now that be a glass eatin’, be dishin’ dope lined punkass post yet y’all yo. LMFAO!

  • Josh Tha roc

    whats with the ‘woot woot’??

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Man, I was high and exhausted when I forgot Ben gordon went to Detroit…