NBA / Sep 14, 2009 / 2:10 pm

Greg Ostertag Wants Back In The League

Greg Ostertag

First Isaiah Rider wants back in the NBA, now Greg Ostertag? The 36-year-old former Utah Jazz center has told the Lawrence Journal-World that he is attempting to make an NBA comeback.

“Watching the playoffs last year got me excited. My wife said, ‘Why not go try it again?’ One day I said, ‘What the heck. I’ll get in shape and get back on the court and give it a try.”

“I’ve got nothing to lose.”

Ostertag, who retired after the 2005-’06 season, has been training all summer (which includes playing hockey) to get back into playing shape. Last week, he worked out with the Blazers. He also told the Kansas-based newspaper that he is rusty and is aware this comeback attempt is a long shot.

“The more I get into it, the more I want to play,” Ostertag said. “I’ve been working hard since June to get weight off to where I can be productive. I’m in the mode I don’t want to work this hard for nothing. I want to get my feet planted somewhere, get in veterans camp, and in the preseason maybe somebody will like what they see.”

As a Jazz fan, I find this funny. He couldn’t even really contribute for us in his prime. But I don’t hate, so if he has been dedicating himself to accomplishing this goal (he looks like he’s in decent shape in the Journal News’ picture), then I’m all for it.

Source: Lawrence Journal-News

Does Ostertag have a chance? What former players would you like to see come back?

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  • deeds

    Good for him. At least he isn’t one of these washed up guys who thinks he still has it and wants to be the man. He seems pretty self-aware, realizes where he is at this stage of his life, but just wants to play the game he loves. So good luck to him

  • K Dizzle

    If Jason and Jarron Collins still cashin NBA checks, then Ostertag, Big Country and Todd McCulloch could definitely have a reunion tour

  • Lee

    I’m sure a contender will need a big body for shaq / Howard. Maybe Boston or LA ???

  • That’s whats up

    Ostertag could certainly be an usher in any NBA arena.

    …let him back!

  • sh!tfaced

    Eddy Curry! Oh wait…

  • yoda

    hes only 36? i thought hes in mid 30’s when he played with malone and stock :O

  • the cynic

    i thought this guy retired after leaving kansas


    5. Ostertag
    4. Shawn Kemp
    3. Bonzi Wells (Sprewell)
    2. Isiah Rider (B. Russell)
    1. Tim Hardaway (Gary Payton)

  • fred a stair

    i would like to see bill russel back

  • dave

    Please, please, Utah Jazz!!!!, don’t sign ostertag. It’s painful watching a 7 foot man that can barely get 3 inches off the ground. This isn’t the answer to getting to a championship. Why don’t we just suit up jerry sloan, he’s not afraid to play some defense and he’s already on the payroll.

  • CTP

    I agree, good for Tag. I am a Jazz nut, and I am not hating on him like a lot of Jazz fans do. He would play better defense than Okur… (Better backup to a backup than Fesenko or Collins is!)

    I hope he comes back… I mean, if I was 36 and not doing anything, you can bet your ass i’d wanna come back!

  • dk

    For good reason, someones wife wants his fat ass out the house.

  • Danny

    I’m also a Jazz fan from back in the day, though I’m in more of the belief that he contributed quite a bit in his prime… yeah he was frustrating, but he was a BIG big man who could actually play (a lot of seven footers come and go who seem to have trouble simply moving around), and who despite seemingly lazy play could deliver 150 blocks a season. The Jazz were better for his presence during the Finals years, I think.