NBA, Playground, Video / Sep 8, 2009 / 2:00 pm

Guy Dupuy’s New Dunk Is Amazing

The last dunk contest we saw Guy Dupuy in we dubbed, “The Best Dunk Contest Since Vince Carter vs. Steve Francis.” But that was before we saw Guy’s new dunk at Midnight Madness in England. Could anyone in the League beat him right now?

Source: Ball Don’t Lie

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  • control

    They need some security guards to taze people when they rush the court like that…that shit is so annoying, especially the other players who are running around getting chest bumps when they ain’t done shit but spectate.

  • Derik

    that is sick….air up there needs to do a 1080…

  • ip

    ha its a hoops culture thing. but what irritates me is the trend of jumping over people. can you imagine MJ doing that? nah man. he had too much class.

  • take one

    i agree with ip. jumping over people is getting annoying. this dunk is amazing and all, but its basically just another variation of a between the legs.

  • karizmatic

    that’s crazy

  • Franchise Baller

    Did he just…nah, nah he couldnt have….

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Amazing! So many that can’t duplicate that clean on one try.

  • The REAL Tyrone

    Basketball ain’t just about dunkin y’all. Y’all punkass losers be foccussin on dunkin and ain’t not on playing ball – dishing dope dimes, glass eatin and just playin real defense. So sick of this shitt – it dont matter how good this punk be dunkin because he ain’t no baller yo.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The REAL Tyrone

  • Simon

    Why does The REAL Tyrone emphasize that he is the real one? Was anyone actually wanting to take this clown’s identity?

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Can any of TFB really hoop? Or are they just about dunking?


  • SWAT

    lol the real tyrone…always good for a laugh!
    dime IS NOT asking if you think dude can call out plays, read screens, box out, run the triangle offense…lol. all dime is askin is wht u think of dudes dunk and if anyone in the NBA can top dude? His dunk was sick…bottom line. can any one take him…NO! The reason because the NBA STARS no longer want to risk the embarrasment of losing a competition. i read this article on espn where they were talkin about mj,nique, and bird and how they lived to prove they were the best at dunking or 3 pt or whtevr and didnt care who entered. Lebron cant even take being dunked on at his camp without actin like a girl. so no way the stars challenge dude to a dunk contest

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    for it to be an amazing new dunk wouldnt it have to be new? we get it, the guy can jump from far away off 1 foot, but the dunk itself isnt really that different than what he usually does AND if you watch youtube, you see hes done it before. IF nba guys sat around practicing dunks 24/7 theres a few that would do it(ahem lookin at you james white) but they actually have to play ball along with dunking.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    plus u need to stop riding guys nutz and throw up some clips of golden child

  • Jas

    Nice dunk, but it’s not that ill. To me, Air Up There’s the best.

  • pain in Lebron’s ass

    is everbody on drugs there or wwwwwhat??just a stupid dunk sit down nothing aaaaw:O!

  • pain in Lebron’s ass

    chewbacca is a waaaay better dunker than this guy

  • Big Sia



  • TyroneNeedstoLearnEnglish

    Hey Tyrone, could you try to elaborate further on what the f–k you is saying? Hard to tell what the hell your talking about talking all ebonics/hood talk… Try elevating your vocab instead of acting like you came outta a black ghetto exploitation movie… FO REAL!

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    Im surprised people aren’t more impressed,

    he jumped over a dude while doing the easy bay funk dunk!!!

    The first JR Rider did that dunk pople lost their minds, when people jump over other dudes people lose their minds, an east bay funk dunk while jumping another human being???


  • Wes

    and here’s how you do it:


  • elaly

    its not that sik… well how old is he?

    anyways… wassup with the reaction? all of them act like they’ve never seen a dunk before… i mean… whats going on in that gym?? what just happened? im not a hater, but the reaction kinda ruined it for me… annoying

    hottest dunk ive ever seen was the vince carter elbow one back in oakland… he did that, no one had ever seen it before… so the entire gym got quiet… then after the replay they exploded some 10 seconds later…hotness

  • doc

    That shit was hot.Not the greatest I ever seen he just remixed the between the legs and hopping over somebody.But that shit was hot.