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Hakeem Olajuwon Works Out Kobe Bryant & Hasheem Thabeet

It’s not every day that you get Hakeem Olajuwon, one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players to work you out, but that’s exactly what happened this past weekend in Houston for Kobe Bryant and Hasheem Thabeet. Check out the Hall of Fame center – who Kobe said is “the best (at the) mid-post and post move” – helping the guys out in the paint.

Source: MyFoxHouston.com

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  • hahns

    i bet hakeem could still give hasheem buckets right now. no knock on hasheem, but hakeem was just that good.

  • Jota Jota

    Kobe always tries to get better & better every year!! his work ethic is incomparable. Simply THE BEST!!!!

  • Mr. TKO

    Hakeem is a Beast, repping for us Nigerians everywhere.

    This is why Kobe is the best, even though he already has one of the best post games for a guard already, (don’t believe me? check out his footwork in the post sometimes) and he is still coming to one of the best centers in history to improve his game.

    Lakers NBA champions in ’10

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    @ TKO

    Could not have said it better myself – Hakeem was amazing, and just a nother example of Kobe taking it to the next level,

    Kobe MVP in 10′ – here’s hoping LO can bring it next year while he isn’t busy filming some damn reality show with Khloe Kardashian,

  • Shrink This

    By the look of Hasheem’s post game, maybe he should have moved in with Hakeem for the summer instead of dropping by for a couple of days…

  • Taj

    Why hasn’t Dwight Howard working with Hakeem? He had the best foot work for a big man. Dwight will never expand his game until he has a legit post move. He needs to take up soccer or hang w/ Hakeem instead of Patrick Ewing who only had one post move, that jump stop baby hook!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @Jota Jota

    That’s what I was just saying in the office. Here’s a guy who should have probably won back-to-back MVPs and just won another title, and he decides to fly to Houston to work out with The Dream. Kind of amazing. Young’n, take note.

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    Hakeem might be the Kool G Rap of basketball.

  • http://antwonomous.blogspot.com Antwonomous

    Hakeem = best all-around center ever

  • Ursher

    Kobe should have taken Bynum with him

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Bananas that Kobe is getting a center to get his post game up. All the great ones find ways to keep that edge and to keep improving. Kudos to him for doing what many should have been doing before.

    He should have taken a couple of Lakers with him…Pau, L.O. and Bynum come to mind.

    Thabeet needs to find every old center he can to learn from.

    It’s good when old players impart the knowledge. I wonder who Kobe, Wade and LeBron will give knowledge too when they become old heads.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Dang if the Lakers win it all they should give the Rockets a complimentary stone from the ring or something. Took Ron and now getting help from the Dream lol.

    Next thing you know they will be taking McGrady and rebuilding dude to be a problem….nah!

  • SWAT

    lol! so Gee you say if the lakers win the rox should get a complimentary ring! LMAO! pure comedy!
    but thts a good look for kobe. i just hope joey dorsey, scola and some of the other modern day rox are taking the chance to work with dude too. i have to say DIME i def. appreciate the extra love the dream has been gettin as of lately.

  • http://www.werner.com.ar andy w

    It is absolutely inconceivable that someone of Kobe’s stature & accomplishments is taking this clinic. Amazing!

  • Guitar Hero

    Dream was amazing. Best low-post player I’ve ever seen.
    Great attitude by Kobe, that’s why he’s so damn good.

    It will great to see if some Hakeem rubbed off Thabeet. But I doubt it.

  • No J Mayo

    Imagine if Lebron had any semblance of a post game how truly truly unguardable he could be with that body and strength and court vision. At this pt, lebron has to work SO hard for his points because he is constantly catching ISO at top of key or wing and dribbling 20 seconds before A. launching an ill-advised fadeway or B. surgically removing someone’s soul with a dunk. If Bron had Kobe’s drive….

  • Kobeef

    A lot of people are down on Hasheem but you have to give kid credit – he seems to work hard to improve his game every year – which is more than you can say for a lot of NBA players (Eddie CurrY)

  • Ekstor

    Hakeem… pound-for-pound best center I’ve ever seen… I remember Shaq’s rookie year. After Hakeem first played Shaq, he said later that Shaq would eventually average 35pts, 20rebs, and 6blks.

    Sorry Hakeem… he didn’t have your work ethic!

  • dragonyeuw

    Kobe probably realizes that he needs to expand and improve his post game to maintain that edge, he’s at the point where he’s slowly using the athleticism of his youth,and has to modify his game as he ages. Same thing happened with MJ…

  • marcus the great

    ^^^ yea i was gonna compare him to Jordan with this too. MJs mid post game and fadeaway made him even more unguardable. western conference is in trouble…

  • http://nba.com gibson

    Like most have said, Kobe’s a beast for putting in that extra 10%
    Hakeem’s the greatest Centre ever imo
    DHoward really needs to holler at Dream for some tips he could be 30-15-5 if only he’d put the damn work in.

  • karizmatic

    If Kobe gets all of Hakeem’s post game down it would make it perhaps the most complete player ever to play the game. Could you imagine Kobe getting the Dream Shake down? He’s already got the fadeaway. It would make Kobe impossible to guard. As if he’s guardable as it is.

  • doc

    Kobe improving his game aint impressive.Thats part of being a great.Any great player who lived worked HARD on his shit even if they tell you otherwise.He doing what he suppose to.

  • angie

    Actually doc, it is impressive. Most guys lucky enough to make it 13 years in the league struggle to simply hold on to what they got. They’re usually not still trying to develop more moves. He’s not just working on what he already knows, he’s steady trying to learn more. That is very unusual.

  • salami

    Mbenga should have been there too

  • docisanidiot

    doc is just hating

  • Noory Song

    Kobe should be going to TMAC for some training sessions.

  • TJ

    This is why Kobe is Kobe
    And Starbary is eating vasoline.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    @ Tj
    heh heh heeeh !!
    Succintly put.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Oh and Im baack bycchez.Im stacking haters.Lakers in 2010!!
    what’s that..more haters.bring it on maflackaz.In three days..we kick some more a#*!

  • Andrewells

    Hakeem Olajuwon is the best All Around center of Pro Basketball. I am amazed but not surprised that the NBA has not chosen to use Mr Olajuwon more to sell the sport. He is a sports god in Houston and he has lived a sterling lifestyle, worthy of being anyones hero or role model. Maybe its because he is a Muslim? Hell if he was a southern baptis he could run for govenor of Texas. I dont know whats worst, Rick Perry, or Kay Bailey Hutchingson? They both squat when the go to the toilet. Texans need to stop voting for Republicans who keep us all in economic slavery.

  • Judy

    I have a signed basketball, from Olajuwon. It was given to me in 1995, by one of his biggest fans. This is a yellow/red ball, from the rockets own storage. Old school. I am looking to sell! Any takers, contact me at gypsyohmy@yahoo.com