NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Sep 24, 2009 / 11:43 am

Houston Rockets New Uniform

The Sixers officially dropped new uniforms yesterday, as did the Charlotte Bobcats. Last night the Houston Rockets unveiled a new alternate road jersey.

MyFoxHouston.com says that of the new jerseys: “The red color is not quite the same as their other jerseys and the fabric has a different look and feel.”



What do you think of the new jersey?

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  • abpin

    Team China

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    man I want the whole corporate id from the mid-90´s back. Hakeem and Clyde looked so good

  • jzsmoove


    i agree, the Hakeem and Co. prime years had the best Rockets unis.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @abpin –

    Great call. You’re right – they do look like they should be labeled “Team China Alternate Road Uniforms.”

  • http://www.btv.com.ph/ sh!tfaced

    Team China without a Chinese player playing for them.

  • KnicksFan84

    Looks like a WNBA jersey to me!

  • JordaMnnnn!

    McDonald’s endorsement

  • heavy d

    No one was available to model it? It’s looking kind of sad clipped to the curtain.

  • Scott

    Why is it hung so awkwardly?? Looks like no one really gave a shit when they put it up… then again it looks like no one gave a shit when they designed it either, lol.

  • Steve A

    It’s amazing how bad 90% of sports jerseys are. These aren’t all that bad, but just in general, it’s like that’s the one thing they can’t seem to figure out….

  • Ross

    Didn’t they just get new uniforms a few season ago?

  • Shakers

    The font looks like the intro to a terrible Halloween movie special.

  • Big Bad Wolf

    it’s team china’s road jersey… hahahaha! who designed this piece of crap? they should stick to their throwback jerseys if this is the case….


    TRUE THAT!!!!

  • Marci

    Crap. (short comment)

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    I would like to know what “The Real Tyrone” thinks about these ugly mofo’s

  • Ducky

    Damnit!!! Ronald McDonald at half-time and fuckin Hulkamania at The Toyota Center. I still luv my Rockets but why the weakness.. shoulda been sold on NBA.com 4 the women.. Its Team China endorsed by Mickey D’s. FML. Worst Rocket Seaon ever from a fans perspective. They still gonna do it up though…

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Not the prettiest unis
    They shouldve made it red & black or red with black and white trim

  • Kobeef

    I hope this means the end of those stupid red and white “ray gun” uniforms. They are horrible.

  • control

    Apparently they are going to play the Chinese national anthem before games now…

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @comment #9

    “Why is it hung so awkwardly?”

    That’s what she said.

  • King

    Why wont they just go back to the old uniforms

  • mavs all the way

    LOL @20

    “Why is it hung so awkwardly?”, said Mrs.Odom during their honeymoon.

  • Prof. TX

    This fits the season’s theme of “this one doesn’t count, catch us on tv next year after we trade for our new stars.”

    They should have waited until next summer, when they could show a new uniform on Bosh or Wade or whomever they get for the McGrady money.

  • mavs all the way

    BREAKING NEWS: Houston Rockets just changed their name to Guangdong Rockets with Ronald McDo as their mascot.

    Go Rockets!!! Shinghai Fonglai Hoshini!

  • ando

    If you’re gonna do this colorway, do it right. Do the Hakeem and Clyde jerseys. In fact, all teams should go back to their most popular throwbacks permanently.

  • ab_40

    the R is for Ronald Mcdonnald

    but hey at least they’re gonna sell jerseys again now all they need is another all star next to yao to watch sells blow up


    R is for Rehab. Since all the Rockets stars are rehabbing injuries time and again

  • mavs all the way

    R is for Retards. Because… all of them are.

  • That’s whats up

    These Matador unis are a perfect fit for the Rockets defensive schemes.

  • Guitar Hero


  • http://hoopsfreak.com The Hoops Freak

    Massive improvement.

  • #1 Rockets Fan!

    They’re not that bad. I love how they say Houston on the front like the old jerseys, and that they’re a throwback to the Dream Shake days…very nice look, can’t wait to buy one!!

  • Nevacare

    I like it not as much as last season’s jerseys but they could have done worse

  • bola

    i would ask for a trade if i have to wear those.. ugly, plain and ugly..

  • yobuddy

    they should have gone wit dat blue like they did in ’02-03′ season dat yellow and red is like team china hopefully they wont be as bad lol

  • jay

    the mcdonalds colorway is back…damn all is going back to the past…i think these are better than the last few years or those navy blue pinstrip joints!

  • El Chapulín Colorado

    These are the best uniforms ever!

    -El Chapulín Colorado

  • Some Guy

    hhahaha @1 sooooooo true

  • http://www.solefans.com KickMan

    Not bad! I love it!

  • EL

    Wow i always thought that rockets unis where crapy , but this cmon man i mean this a you for real?… probably second ugliest jersey…

  • Hank


    Looks like a bad jr. high uni.

  • Michael

    font looks terrible……….

    yeah i would agree that the colors are similar with china’s jersey. :) hehe

  • Jules

    should just stick with the retro unis, font looks awful

  • okkkace

    why do i feel like im looking at the hulkster. what you going to do when hulkamainia run wild on you lol.

  • http://none Pflo

    They need to go back to the old uniforms from back in the day. 94-95 year! This one is ok but it has nothing on the year they won the title.

  • Terry

    Lets keep the past with the past Im sooo not feeling this jersey, what was so wrong with the red & white?

  • http://Www.thisisblastoff.com Big k

    Maaan no wonder economy is f’d up! Who gonna but that costume!?!?!? Lol they pay all that money to design a jersey but they seem to only make it worse!!! First was the thunders and Now the rockets??? some one needs to be shot!!!

  • Phillip

    It looks WNBA.

  • Scott

    Ketchup and Mustard are never a good combo.

  • rkmoses

    A few years ago, the San Diego Chargers started wearing those powder blue throwbacks, occasionally…Everyone (especially Chis Berman) liked the white helmets and pastel jerseys…they liked ‘em so much, that the team changed the whole uniform in ’07…I really liked the intimidating navy blue and gold color scheme (didnt LT look tougher in that dark blue helmet with the dark eye shield?)…My point is that I like the new alternate Rockets uniforms alot……as an occasional alternate jersey…we should definately keep the classy red,grey & white uniforms going for a while….they just feel right.