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Iverson’s come to save/destroy the Grizzlies; one Jordan myth debunked

Back to the good ol' days?

Back to the good ol' days?

Even if you’re one of those who believes Allen Iverson is washed up at 34 years old and has nothing left, you have to admit the Grizzlies made a smart move by bringing him in for a one-year rental. The weeks of rumors finally became (almost) official yesterday, as both Iverson and Memphis management confirmed an agreement had been reached, with a contract signing and press conference soon to follow. And really, what’s the worst that can happen here? Memphis was headed for the Lottery anyway in a tough Southwest Division (Spurs, Mavs, Hornets, Rockets), and it’s not like O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay need somebody to show them how to be ball-hogs. (Nobody was confusing those two with Chris Paul and Lamar Odom.) The Grizzlies might win a few more games with A.I., they’ll definitely make some more money via merchandising and ticket sales, and after this year, they won’t have to deal with Iverson anymore if they don’t want to. Unless you think A.I. really is the Devil incarnate and kicks puppies in his spare time, it’s not gonna be THAT bad in Memphis … Oh, and Beale Street is going to be off the chain. Iverson might be an old man by NBA standards, but he can still get it in with his party game. Same for Zach Randolph. The guys at Drunk Athlete may as well create a “Memphis Grizzlies 2009-10″ folder right now … In another move we saw coming a while ago, Dwyane Wade said he’s definitely not signing an extension with the Heat and will test the free agent market in 2010. “That’s no longer a conversation we’re really having right now,” Wade told the Miami Herald. “We’ve talked about it all summer. We know where they are — they know where we are. We both want the best. But the focus is only on trying to get better than we were last year. And then we’ll get back to the table and look at everything.” That sounds a lot like what Chris Bosh was saying last week. Long story short: Let’s see what kind of team you put around me before I commit to anything … (And if the rumors are true that LeBron could get HIS OWN TV CHANNEL from Cablevision if he signs with the Knicks, D-Wade would at least get his own sitcom) … (And don’t count the Bulls out in the Wade sweepstakes, either. He has a lot of good reasons to go back home, but a Wade/Derrick Rose backcourt is just too good for us to even talk about right now) … Aside from Iverson, Wednesday’s other NBA personnel moves included the Hornets trading Antonio Daniels and a second-round pick to Minnesota for Darius Songaila and Bobby Brown (the sober one), and the Warriors officially re-signing C.J. Watson to their one-year qualifying offer …

Ray Allen + too many Tiger Milk bars

Ray Allen + too many Tiger Milk bars

Finding this (photo to the right) in our e-mail inbox was scary as hell and had us thinking Stephon Marbury‘s crazy had rubbed off on Ray Allen, until Ray later explained on Twitter that he had his face painted for his kid’s birthday party … Stat lines from yesterday’s FIBA Europe championships: Boris Diaw scored 19 points, Ronny Turiaf had 18 and 14 boards, and Tony Parker chipped in 17 points and four steals in France’s win over Russia; J.C. Navarro dropped 21 points, Pau Gasol added 13 and nine boards, Rudy Fernandez scored 19, and Ricky Rubio had nine points, two assists and three steals in Spain’s win over Slovenia, while Goran Dragic put up 19 points and six steals for the losers; Hedo Turkoglu had 13 points and eight rebounds in Turkey’s win over Poland, while Marcin Gortat had 21 points and seven boards; Nenad Krstic scored 17 in Serbia’s win over Great Britain; and Lithuania beat Bulgaria, Greece beat Isreal, Latvia beat Germany, and Croatia beat Macedonia … So you know that famous story about Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school team? It’s not totally true. The Charlotte Observer tracked down Mike’s old gym teacher, who says MJ wasn’t technically “cut” as a sophomore: “Back then, (most) 10th-graders played JV; that’s just the way it was,” Ruby Sutton said. “Nobody ever ‘cut’ Michael Jordan. Him not making the varsity that year was not his motivator — he was motivated well before that. He just always wanted to be the best.” That’s not even the craziest part of the story (read it HERE): Did you know Leroy Smith is REAL? … We’re out like Tiger Ray …

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  • Josh Tha roc

    rubio out played by dragic? Not good.

  • Atom

    Wow, didn’t think Ray Allen could look like a bigger pussy than he does usually


    Fug what you heard that Ray Allen face paint is too cold.


  • alf (from melmak)

    What the heck?! Leroy Smith was a real living person! And I thought all along the guy was just intentioanlly created for a few laughs. Was I wrong big time.

    I have never been a fan of Iverson, but I believe he still has a lot left in the tank. Remember Malone and Stockton played until they were 40.

    My meal allowance says Wade should go to Utah next year. Imagine the possibilities of a D-will/ Wade tandem.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    I can’t believe, of all groups of people, that you guys didn’t know that Mike didn’t actually get cut. Every time some ass hole brings up the “and he got cut” story I sober them up real quick with, “He just played JV”. I always thought that basketball guys knew the real story and “other people” ran at the mouth about Mike’s dumb coach…

    I still think Iverson would have been great in NY. He would be good in Chicago to, I can’t imagine Ben Gordon is much better than him – maybe a better jump shooter though, I guess. Philadelphia probably wouldn’t have worked (because of bad blood or what not) but wouldn’t he have been a huge upgrade in the back court there? Good in Charlotte too, I would have even loved to see him go to San Antonio, just to see how that went down… Boston could have used him, right? I mean if they go get Marbury you’d have to think Iverson is about 10x better than Marbury right now… But Memphis? I just think he becomes another guy that does the same shit every guy on that team does. I can’t believe they traded Pau for nothing, then a year later go and get Zach Randolph. Thanks Grizz owner, thanks for everything, I hate you.

  • TJ

    @ luckylester,

    I was thinking the same exact thing. I thought everyone knew that the “MJ got cut” story was really just him not making varsity as a Soph.

  • Boombaby

    Trust me the is the break that the Griz is waiting for… Breaking up a young team into pieces.. hahahaha

  • TJ

    I also read somewhere that MJ was 5’11” at the time and the sophomore who made it over him (Leroy Smith) was 6’7″. It kind of makes sense when you consider that.

  • d1n

    dragic killed rubio, picking him clean (5 TOs), blowing past him (Rubio fouled out) and even a momentum changing block of a layup…rubio finally looked like a 19 year old he actually is..

  • jzsmoove

    Iverson will jack up 20+ shots/game. Its a contract year for him after all. I kinda foresee these franchise players Wade, Bosh, Bron planning something together eventually, specially after signing mini-max deals at the same time. Something fishy.

  • Kermit the Washington

    Anyone who’s watched “Come Fly With Me”, has seen the true story. One of Mike’s friends and classmates, Leroy Smith, made the team because he was tall (6′ 8″). Mike got cut, and used it as motivation to get better for the next year.
    Cmon dime. You mean to tell me YOU’VE NEVER WATCHED COME FLY WITH ME?!?! You lose 10000000 respect points today. Good BYE!

  • Boomhauer

    LeBron getting his own TV channel from the Knicks has to be a violation of the salary cap. New Yorkers are getting desperate…

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    how the hell are the Grizz going to stop any team from scoring 200pts against them?

    and them bums in memphis front office or the coaching staff are kidding themselves hard if they think mike conley jr is the future for them at point guard. just release him now (let him go to the blazers and ride the bench like we all know he wants to do) and just let the answer start.

    @ Kermit the Washington
    I agree with you on the ‘come fly with me’. problem is, everyone in the dime office is too damn young to REALLY know anything about michael jordan. they were all teens when he retired the 2nd time. and ofcourse, babies with their mommas breast milk on their breath when he was destroying the league in the late 80s and early 90s. dime office staff crew is just too young….so sad and pathetic

    Dwyane Wade will only really have 2 choices as a FA, miami or chicago.

    ricky rubio sucks. when will all of yall realize that and stop jocking his puss?

    i saw ray allen in an nba commercial with his daughter. this bitch was up to his chin! if ray is like 6’5 or 6’6 or taller, his daughter must be like 6’2 or 6’3. tall ass bitch

  • Celts Fan

    @Heckler -Rays daughter’s supposed to be an elite HS baller, so she may actually be 6’2″ (I only know this cause people were making a big deal of him bringing her to live/play in Boston this year and saying he wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t planning on staying beyond this year for a cheap extension – I guess she’s a sophomore.)

  • No J Mayo

    btw, there is still MORE to the mike cut story. He averaged about 30 on the jv that year. this wasn’t your typical “can’t make a layup” high school cut…lol.

  • marty

    If you don’t “make” a team that you try out for – then you are “cut”. It’s in the interpretation of words. Regardless of what the norm was, if you don’t make a team you try to make, you are cut.
    That’s all, that’s it.

  • Dr.Googles

    I can’t believe they traded Pau for nothing, then a year later go and get Zach Randolph. Thanks Grizz owner, thanks for everything, I hate you…LOL @ 5

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    @ Celts Fan

    so does that mean danny ainge has already offered ray allen a contract extension? if so, what does that mean for gabe pruitt or any other young celtics guard? if they don’t resign ray, then going into the 2010-2011 season, the backcourt will be rajon rondo and marquis daniels?

  • mtindore520

    @5 and @17
    oh, get off the whole Pau trade, he didnt want to play there and never wanted to be the no.1 so he got what he wanted. Remember a year before the trade, Memphis offered Pau for Luol Deng and Gordon but Paxson turned it down.

  • mtindore520

    the Celtics didnt offer an ext., yet. but Ray will probably resign w/ Boston when they do. also gabe pruitt was waived a month ago, they drafted some Hudson guy from the 2nd rnd to play point.

  • http://dime fan

    Let Marcus Willims play the E.Snow role with skills. OJ Mayo is AI/A.Mckie when he was nice. Gasol is Lynch w/skills. Zeebo is a promblem on OFFENSE. If they play through Gay/BO/A.I. They’ll be good. Trade conlely for blake so they could be happy. The key to this team and I repeat is a distrubutor a la Marcus Williams. Let him play and he’ll make A.I.’s life easier. Gasol/Young/Thabeet got the dirty work. They’re okay on paper. It’s amazing what an infusion of talent does. I’ll actually play with this team in 2k and Live. I’m hoping A.I. gets it in and proves everybody wrong. He has actually changed his game for the better. He just has to go back 2 his warrior ways and balance it out and pass it along to the team. They’re like a balance of the Nuggets/Sixers. They’re going to the playoffs 6-8th seed. Zeebo and A.I. have something to prove. Talent wins games. Marcus Williams he’s not great but he the teams best PASSER.

  • Michorizo

    Rose/Wade …I like the sound of that

  • Boombaby

    I just love the the management of the Griz they know how to disappoint thier fans. All they need to do is develop a player then wrap it for christmas present to another team in exchange of crap. Then they get an old dog whose ego is larger than life! Nice move, lets wait for the lottery years to come. Cheers!

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    I say the Griz make the playoffs this year with the addition of AI.

  • mtindore520

    i agree they’ll at least win 40 games with influx of talent

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Did i read someone referring to Ray Allens tennage Daughter as a Bitch? Then you had the nerve to say that Dime is young and sad. fucking retard.

  • Alee-Mo

    I didn’t get the impression Dime’s writer/writers didn’t know the MJ story, but they were letting the people know who still didn’t know. Whatever, just my take on it.

  • Da_Griff

    Hey, to anyone giving DIME smack about not knowing every intricate detail of MJ’s life:

    Get Bent!

    This is a goddamn basketball lifestyle magazine you’re checking out. Not a historian’s site, and certainly no where that you go for stat geek information.

    If you’re here, it’s cos you love basketball, and you like to hear the scoop on what’s goin’ on from other people who love basketball. That’s IT.

    I’m totally with Chicagorilla on this one. Right on.

  • A-Lid

    if LeHYPE james gets his own TV channel, i’ll never watch basketball again

  • Blk Caesar

    I really think people need to watch “Come Fly with me” again… It explains that he didn’t make varsity but played on JV. That was sort of ignorant to say this is a lifestyle magazine and not a historian’s site or stat geek site.. This site has talked about basketball history and given stats on players, teams, etc.. Unfortunately, there are a lot people who don’t know the Jordan “cut” story and its cool that Dime is informing them but its not cool to tell people to get bent b/c they are surprised a basketball mag might not have known that. As it was explained on one of the most popular basketball videos ever.. I don’t know many people who “love” basketball that has not watched that video hundreds of times..

  • http://www.luckylester.com lucky lester

    I’ve never seen Come Fly With Me – but I read a book of Jordan’s – back when I was pretty young. I’m not pissed that Dime doesn’t know that, or think they don’t know basketball, I’m just surprised.

    On the Pau Gasol trade. Whomever thinks that wasn’t a dip shit move, you’re an all purpose multi tool. That’s it. I don’t care if he didn’t want to be there, didn’t want to be the #1, he’s worth more than nothing. Pau getting what he wanted means nothing to me, and shouldn’t have meant anything to the Grizzlies. But from the looks of that trade, I think he was the guy that proposed the damn thing. There were lots of teams offering good players at the time, more than a couple spoke out about the stuff they offered, but Memphis wanted salary relief, so they got that from the Lakers. So they sold Gasol for nothing. Then two years later they sign a salary cap crusher in Randolph. That’s why the whole situation is a joke. Do you get it?

    at #16 – have you ever tried out for sports teams? i don’t know about everyone else, but my experience is that everyone tries out together for the first few days, at a certain point, coaches assign players to teams. It’s not like there’s 3 different tryouts for Varsity, JV, and C teams – you just try out. Getting cut means you got your ass cut. So no, Mike didn’t get cut. Thanks.