NBA / Sep 11, 2009 / 3:10 pm

Jerry Krause Does Not Like The Hall Of Fame

Jerry Krause

Many people benefited and profited from Michael Jordan. One person in particular was former Bulls GM Jerry Krause. Despite the fact that MJ won his franchise six NBA titles and helped boost Krause’s own personal net worth, he wasn’t on hand to celebrate MJ’s induction. While the reason wasn’t because of a personal grudge against Jordan, it was rather a personal grudge against the Hall of Fame. Krause is upset that legendary Bulls assistant Tex Winter has not been voted into the HOF to this point.

“Michael’s the greatest player who ever played a team sport,” Krause told ESPN today. “He’s given me and my family and everyone who has been associated with the Bulls, everything. We all benefited from Michael being there, and I’m happy for him and his special day.

“But the Hall of Fame thing is personal with me. I’m not walking back in there until Tex Winter is acknowledged.”

Source: ESPN

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  • nola

    it’s absolutely fucking true. excuse my language but this bothers me A LOT. for every person who actually watches basketball, we know that superstars dont win without role players and people behind the scenes.

    Tex Winter is by far the greatest “behind the scene” person working in the nba and has ever worked in the nba. he mastered an offensive scheme that won 10 championships. how can a “respectable” HOF not induct someone who completely changed the game the way tex has? the fact that he hasnt just makes the HOF that much more of a joke.

  • Taj

    Very true!

    What I dont get is why Tex doesnt have an NBA head coaching job? Has he ever?

  • DuckIII IS GAY

    He’s right about Tex, but he’s still an ugly bitter bastard.

  • JRav

    He coached a team (Rockets?) in the 70s’ but the star player, center cant remember his name didnt like the system so Tex got shown the door

    He did coach a college team though

  • Shrink This

    Crumbs has a point

  • TheNatural

    I do agree to a point that Tex should definately be in the HOF. I mean hell its the Triangle Offense!!!! But to make that the actual reason your not coming to support the reason you even kept the business or continued to eat WELL is BS. He owes Mike everything. Tex will get there…I believe he will sometime soon. Maybe when Phil retires. But it’ll come.

    Krause is just pissed that he got called out by Phil & the team for his comments about the GM should be praised far more than the players or coaches when championships are won. Thats exactly why he didn’t want to pay MJ what he was worth in 97 & 98 and then just dismantled the team in 99. He forced his hand thinking he could control everything. Thinking he could do it all by his self.

    He’s just a grinch. But damn pay respect to a dude that help you enjoy and savor each and every plate that was laid in front of you since 84.

  • LakeShow84

    What HOF actually got them all right though??

    Football and baseball got their “How-the-fuck-is-he-in-and-he-isnt” players who get screwed every year..

  • doc

    Tex will get there one day.

  • doc

    Mike DESERVE it way more.Go show props fatman.

  • ab_40

    tex will only get in after he dies. I don’t see it happening otherwise. people appreciate geniues more after the smart guy isn’t there anymore. it’s a tough fact to swalow

  • the cynic

    Who cares about the HOF? Why would anyone want to be in a club that included Dick Vitale? Once you let one retard in the club, the whole club loses all meaning

  • Kermit The Washington

    Yo…I hate Jerry Krause. Mostly because Michael Jordan taught me to hate Jerry Krause. But dude’s got a point. Why oh why, on God’s green Earth, is Dick Vitale in but Tex is out? Wow.

    I was there for Jordan’s induction speech tonight. And all I gotta say is his hate for Jerry Krause still burns bright. Mike was like “I don’t know why Jerry Krause isn’t here; all I know is I sure didn’t invite him!”

  • doc

    Mike wanted and deserved a piece of the Bulls when he was done and they shitted on him.Thats why he went to DC.

  • Dave

    “While the reason wasn’t because of a personal grudge against Jordan, it was rather a personal grudge against the Hall of Fame.”

    This is straight-up bs. Anyone who knows Bulls history is aware of Krause’s personal hatred for MJ.

  • Normborn55

    Folks, this is how wars get started. If we haven’t learned anything from history about people in power making bad decisions in secrecy, I suggest the names of members on HOF selection committee and their voting decision be made public. I think if someone has an ulterior motive for not inducting Tex after 6 times on the ballot, then we should know about it. Let cooler heads prevail. Just put Tex in his rightful place at the HOF alongside Phil, Jordan, and Pippen (in 2010) to end the lunacy.