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Jerry Stackhouse Can’t Go Out Like This

Jerry Stackhouse

It’s been a tough year for Jerry Stackhouse. First he appeared in just 10 games for the Mavericks last season while averaging career lows in points (4.2), rebounds (1.7), assists (1.2) and minutes (16.2) per game. Then he was waived by the Grizzlies after being acquired in an offseason trade. And if that wasn’t enough, he got crowned by John Wall in perhaps the dunk of the summer. But while most people might think he should just hang ‘em up, Jerry Stackhouse can’t go out like this.

It’s not because the Oak Hill grad led his squad to an undefeated season. Or because he was a two-time First Team Parade All-America selection. Or because he was the MVP of the McD’s game. It’s not because after playing at UNC he was considered the “Next Jordan” and then went on to average 19.2 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game as a rookie for the Sixers. Or even when he averaged 29.8 for the Pistons during the 2000-01 NBA season, good enough for second in the League. Nope. Stackhouse can’t go out like this because he can still play and just needs the right opportunity.

Stackhouse has been working out with Hawks players in Atlanta recently, and according to Sekou Smith of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Stack has looked impressive in the workouts. While he didn’t fit into the Mavericks plans last season, he was definitely productive in the four seasons before – averaging 14.9, 13.0, 12.0 and 10.7 points per game respectively. But his drop in points correlated with a drop in minutes. So my only conclusion is this: play the man.

How many free agents are available out there right now that have a career scoring average of 18.4 ppg? One. And his name is Jerry Stackhouse. I’m not saying the Hawks are the perfect fit, with Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford and Maurice Evans already at the 2, but some team should take a chance on the 14-year veteran before the season starts.

Could you imagine Stackhouse coming off the bench in Boston and pairing back up with Rasheed Wallace? What about an added scoring threat for the Cavs? I’m pretty sure the Nuggets still need a starting two-guard at least until J.R. Smith comes back from suspension. Hell, he could even sign with the Bobcats and return back home to North Carolina.

What do you think? Will Stackhouse land on an NBA roster this season? Would you take him on your team?

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  • Celts Fan

    I’d love him on the Celtics. We can let Marquis be the backup point, Eddie can sling 3s from the 2 spot (guarding other teams’ 1s while Marquis takes the 2s) and throw Stack, Baby, and Sheed out there. That’s a solid bench (finally…)

  • Hugo

    I saw each game he played with the mavs last season and I don’t think he has anything left. Sure, he was a great player but can’t play anymore. He couldn’t run, defend and couldn’t hit a rock on the ocean. I don’t think he has anything left …

  • control

    Didn’t read the article, just looked at the picture.

    Do you mean he can’t go out driving a Bently? Or maybe just that he can’t go out wearing a $400 wife beater and white pants after labour day?

  • MJ3008

    Couldn’t hit a rock on the ocean? Damn, sometimes I wonder about my fellow dimemag fans.

    Couldn’t throw a rock in the ocean? Sound a little better?

    “He couldn’t get even get a broad in a barn…or something like that….”

  • Mellmeister

    stack should join the cavs… or if not, the magic, so he and vince can run around the cort and be the heir-jordan has-beens…. that would be dope… :P

  • Mellmeister

    and the NUGGETS could be a perfect fit so that we can still have J.R. Smith come off the bench as a spark plug. :)

  • TJ

    I’d love to see him on the Cavs. He’s still an efficient scorer and would be great to bring in to initiate a little offense with the second unit.

  • Buffalo Brave

    Fuck stackhouse he was NEVER as good as he thought he was.

    This is what happens when you’re a selfish prick your entire career, no one wants you.

    At least AI eventually did get a job lol

  • Whoa

    Damn, I didn’t know Stack averaged 29 a clip one year

  • LB

    Not really sure if he has anything left. The last I saw him, he didnt have any lift whatsoever. And for a slasher, the loss of athleticism might as well be a kiss of death. Plus, Stack’s was never a pure shooter to begin with, and he never really added a consistent 3 ball to go with his mid range game. He is still a tenacious defender, and he can provide veteran leadership, I’ll give him that, but at this point, I’d say his career is done.

  • sh!tfaced

    Stack would be a good fit in Denver.

  • Tig obamo

    stack is done…..

  • Jake

    I think he could at least be a contributer on a contender like Boston, Clevland, or Denver. Im not sure he has a whole lot left in the tank but he is still a quality guy and someone that a contender could certainly use for 10-12 mins a game without messing up any rotations.

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J.

    He could fit in well at the 3 off the bench in ATL. Another vet couldn’t kill us and he’s already playin with the team so I say why not?

  • http://lifeondumars.com/ toasterhands

    Stack has lost his lift and his quick, powerful first step.

    Not sure he would be any good on D either. Wouldn’t be surprised if Denver takes a flyer on him though.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    I think a shot as an instant offense off the bench for a team like Charlotte would be a good move.

  • doc

    I wouldnt want him on my team.But he CAN go out like this.Because he got way more bank than anybody on here.

  • Abe504

    i hate this dude, just sucked when he was on the wizards….

  • T.O momo

    Stack was one of thoses dudes who as nice for a few years, and relied on the status he built up during those years to keep him afloat. We’ve all seen it before (think Steph, Iverson, Ben Wallace). I’d put money on the fact that the same thing will happen to players like Kevin Martin, Calderon, and even Devin Harris.

    Agree or not, fact of the matter is that the amount of water enetering Stack’s ricketty ass NBA life boat has been exponentially increasing at a rate much faster than he’s been able to reverse with his bucket pale of quotes like “It won’t end this way”, “I won’t go down like this”, or any sentece he’s uttered with the word “championship” embedded within. I’d give the guy 2 years, tops, to play hop-scotch around the league until he calls it quits.

  • Sandy Perez

    I think Stack’s still got it, he’s got a very effective jump shot and 3, and is an explosive player when he’s healthy.

  • AB_40

    no D but he’s still a good scorer. these guys that have averaged 25 ppg or more can just score they know how to score but they also know all the shortcuts.

    I think he can be a sollid bench guy who goes of for 20 points from time to time

    a veteran ladden team could use him like the magic, boston and denveris gonna go for flip murray so I don’t know if that would be a good thing. Who’s gonna be the backup three in Denver ?

  • Stephon

    Denver is a good fit.

    In Boston with Rasheed is gonna be sooo sick..

    North Crackalaka all over again.

  • julez

    Stack would still score 10-15 a game for every team if he plays for at least 20 min….and for all you haters out there…sup with you? stack is injured plagued for almost a decade now…he was the shit when he was healthy or how many players score 30 a nite these days?(he was with struggling teams for his entire season)

  • Sandy Perez

    JULEZ, i agree man. I think people are gonna be pleasantly surprised if he IS