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Jordan Farmar wants Derek Fisher’s job

Jordan Farmar

Jordan Farmar

It’s not exactly breaking news when an NBA backup says he wants more playing time, and that he’ll be gunning for a starting job come training camp. It is more noteworthy, however, if you’re talking about the defending NBA champions and a position battle where the backup could conceivably unseat the incumbent starter.

Early into L.A.’s most recent playoff run, I wrote that Jordan Farmar‘s sub-par performance throughout the season was part of the reason the Lakers faced an uncertain future at point guard. Last year, Farmar was supposed to challenge Derek Fisher for the #1 job, but a nagging toe injury, inconsistent play, and the rise of Shannon Brown kept him about as far away from starting as Vince Young is right now. Aside from one postseason start (when Fisher was suspended for putting his shoulder into Luis Scola‘s mouth), Farmar was largely invisible throughout the championship run, averaging 13 minutes, 4.7 points and 1.7 assists per game. Now that he’s healthy, Farmar wants Fisher’s job. Or somebody else’s.

“I want to run a team and be the lead guard,” Farmar said in an Associated Press interview at a basketball camp in Singapore. “Hopefully, it can be here (with the Lakers). There’s a lot of jobs out there. I feel I have a lot to offer.”

Farmar said the Lakers told him a “ton” of teams were interested in trading for him, but L.A. didn’t want to give him up. He acknowledged Fisher is the #1 QB for now, but also spoke of the vet in almost past-tense terms.

“Derek’s had a great run,” Farmar said. “He’s probably going to be the guy starting off. I just want to continue to push him.”

The competition might be closer than you think. Everybody forgot it after Fisher dropped two crucial shots in Game Four of the Finals, but he was generally terrible throughout the playoffs. He was routinely getting carved up defensively by Deron Williams in the first round and Aaron Brooks in the second, and Farmar saw the lion’s share of his PT in that latter series because he could somewhat keep Brooks in check. If he stakes his claim on defense, Farmar could get a long look from Phil Jackson, because Fish is clearly better in the shot-making and experience department. But it’s not very likely Phil benches his veteran coming off a championship where he delivered what he’s supposed to deliver.

The Lakers aren’t rebuilding yet. For now, it looks like Farmar will have to wait at least another year.

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  • control

    I’d like Derek Fisher’s job too…

  • InFamous1

    My money is on Shannon brown.

  • bballinca

    Yeah but what happened in the Utah series, Jordan? You get killed by the bigger guards.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    Nick Van Exel could destroy farmar one on one TODAY. Jordan sucks. We’re not allowed to say it though, because he’s, as Monty Python puts it, a Red Sea Pedestrian.

  • Yoooo

    Farmar nice. I’ve never seen him get in and just look like a fish out of water. He usually makes something happen, and he is similar in physical nature to a lot of the guys we think are the next up and coming crop of PG’s.
    He’s a better shooter than Rondo & Rose.
    More athletic than Paul & Deron.
    Bigger than Brooks and more of a passer than D. Harris.

    He can play man, flat out… Derek’s always going to be ready to go. If I was Phil I’d start out with Farmar the first couple of weeks in the season and see how he responds. It’ll be a good measuring stick to see what the future could be like with him at the helm…

    And Shannon Brown is NOT a PG. STOP IT

  • Ross

    He’s not getting it.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Famer sucks ass compared to the other point guards you named….Yoooo stop it with your blinded love for the Lakers.

    For the Lakers system Phil Jackson doesn’t need a point guard to be allstar caliber he just needs to be a good defender and from what I saw last year Shannon Brown’s the better defender all the way.

  • S-SiN

    It’s all up to Phil, u think otherwise? let’s go back and see how BJ got John Paxson’s spot. Nothing new under the sun

  • tomizi

    As a lifetime laker fan, I’d say the lakers best bet is to package farmar and sasha with a future first round pick and secure their starting point guard of the future.

    Pull that off, its a dynasty

    But farmar is talking nonsense, he aint it


    How hard it is to bring the doggone ball up and either pass it to Kobe, Artest, Gasol, or Bynum?


    As long as Kobe is on the tea, it is Kobe team. The Kobe led-Lakers = championship! Farmar led-Lakers = Lottery!

  • Mannywood29

    Farmar is the most talented of the PGs (include Shannon if you like) on our roster, obviously. But he just hasn’t been able to put it together. Seems like he plays in too much of a hurry, which makes him prone to a lot of minor mistakes.

    I would like it if Shannon Brown developed some kind of handle and outside shot over the offseason. Brown’s defense is leagues ahead of either Fish or Farmar, and we don’t really need a prototypical PG within the triangle. If he can D up and hit the open 3, I say Brown should get the job.

  • shonuf

    It’s all about Shannon Brown. Better than Farmar in regard to shooting, athleticism, defense, speed, size, you name it.

    Also, the Lakers don’t really need a pure PG because of the triangle. Kobe has lead the team in assists since 2001 or so.

  • itsakademiks

    @post 13
    word son to me at this stage in his career fisher been a liability to me. anytime theres a break he’s guaranteed to pull up for the j. i like shannon brown in the future they can mold him in that shaw/harper role.

  • LB

    Jordan Farmer has all the tools to be at least a starter in the league. Being from LA, I’ve watched this cat since he was balling in high school. He’s got speed, quickness, hops (posted a 40 in vert in a pre draft combine), can handle, has court vision, has some budding leadership skills and has alot of confidence in his abilities. His numbers definitely suffered because he’s had to play wit Kobe, and because point guards dont get alot of touches in the triangle offense. But if he can put it all together, he CAN be a great lead guard in the league.

    I think him and Shannon Brown can coexist, since Brown is more of a defender/slasher, like Dahntay Jones, but wit better basketball ability.

    Having said all that, I was REALLY hoping the Lakers signed Grant Hill to reprise the Ron Harper/Brian Shaw role, but do it better, but oh well.

  • Kermit The Washington

    Shannon Brown > Jordan Farmar
    And @ LB: you got that right…we need a Harper/Shaw dude. Who do you think we could get now?

  • LA`Clipperz

    I think Derek Fisher is gonna start all year, but Farmar’s gonna push, and when Fish’s contracts over I think it’s all Jordan

  • Cameron

    All three are bad options. Why can’t the Lakers get a playmaking point guard? Why wouldn’t they at least go after someone like Iverson?

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    farmar and brown are both pedestrian pgs…. but with Mamba and the rest of that squad that will be good enough to win it again…

  • Bing

    # 2 has got it sussed.

    Yoooo aka Jordan’s alias

    I’d like to see The Machine shipped out, if Jordan had to go in that package… all the better for LA

  • ProphetGk

    Bring Rubio 2 L.A.

  • control

    Cameron (post 18)

    Hahahaha…man, you just got your face BUSTED in by irony son. Talking about a play making point guard, and then mentioning Allen Iverson? HAHAHA, I hope that was an intentional use of an oxymoron, otherwise that is just oxymoronic.

  • tp


  • Chise

    I’d love to ship off sasha and farmar for a PG of the future but if they can get back to their old ways of 2 years ago then keep em around..

    ..as far as the PG role for the lakers is concerned right now Fisher is good enough and Shannon brown is the prototypical change of pace for this team imo

  • heartbreaker85

    it’s as simple as this.

    good point guards aren’t maximized in jackson’s triangle offense. all he wants/ needs in PGs are big guys who can shoot bail-out 3s, defend or get the ball across the half court line.

    kerr – so-so PG who can shoot

    paxon – so-so PG who can shoot

    fisher – big, defend, shoot

    harper – SG converted to PG, shoot, big, defend

    brown – SG, converted to PG, shoot, big, defend

    if farmar wants minutes, he needs to play better D and shoot consistently

  • sunni

    farmar’s defense needs to continue improving–he’ll have the job after that..but there aint no way he’s playin 4th quarter in the playoffs over fish

  • stevie o

    You guys do know that fish was a big reason why the games got as close as they did. He routinely got killed by every pg in the playoffs, and hurt his team more than he helped. So what if he made a couple close baskets? If he didn’t let every quick player get an easy basket maybe the lakers woulda stomped the magic more than they did. –

    Ps. obviously fish and trevor hit the big game shots last year as kobe just didn’t have his best series. I don’t however, think that they will be able to replicate their heroic shots for a while, unlike kobe.

  • Mark

    All three suck, end of story

  • karizmatic

    If I was the Lakers I would trade Farmar. Nothing personal, he’s just actually not quite good enough to be a starter and if the Lakers were in a rebuilding stage he doesn’t bring enough to the table. I like Shannon Brown if the Lakers are going to stay with the team they have. I would probably start Shannon Brown almost immediately with Fisher getting the minutes in crunch time.

  • ‘Bar

    stevie o (post 27) got it right about Derek Fisher. He’s all used up, and last year’s playoffs are proof. Two big shots don’t change that.

    Jordan Farmar is the heir-apparent, but Shannon Brown’s $2 mil is symbolic of his role in the Laker lineup. Jordan says he wants to continue to “push” Fisher; eventually Brown will be the one “pushing” Farmar, possibly pushing him back onto the bench.

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    Dear Jordan, I don’t think Derek is ready togive up his spot(or retire for that matter) yet.

  • Jaytea

    You gotta love seeing Fish on the floor, takes you right back to 2000 until the ball clangs off the rim on his 6th ill advised shot. I got sooo tired of hearing, he is a shooter and will shoot his way out of it. I like the guy because I think he is a man amongst boys. The leader role is great and honestly I think he would do whats best for the team, which at this point is to back up Farmar in limited minutes and chest bump Kobe when he comes to the bench.

  • Buffalo Brave

    LOL @ Farmar!

    Im quite sure that phil jackson would’ve loved to have used him more if he wasnt such a scrub. Fisher has BEEN in decline, not just this year.

    They drafted Farmar to be their PG of the future preferably by year 2 maximum.

    He’s going into year 4, IF it’s gonna happen for him it wont be in LA.

    He’s gonna have to make a QUANTUM leap to nearly the level that the other young stud PG’s are playing at, and quite frankly i dont see it.

  • Chi-Tizzle

    Farmer has to stop forcing the ball and learn to keep his emotions in check. He is young. Need to keep learning from Fish, come off the bench when LA plays small quick guards. Shannon will end up taking Sasha’s gig. Farmer needs to be careful talking about Fish. Fish be done stole on him and slammed his ass.

  • Amos Leak

    fisher is robert horry now…he’s only good for the clutch shots..and maybe a little bit of defense..i don’t think he’s effective on the scoring tip..so i would use fisher but only in the terms of back rolls…even tho..him being marketed was a great thing..he still has nothing on jordan farmer and farmer deserves the chance to get that level, fisher use to be on.

  • Jaytea

    Come on, Fish has made some great shots, but he has never been more than a mediocre PG on a great team.

  • http://dime fan

    Farmar isn’t as good as billed. He has a few holes that cannot be corrected. He isn’t a traditional pg. His defense is horrible and he doesn’t rebound. His jumshot isn’t consistent. He’s nowhere near the other top young pg in the league. He cant sustain a high level for a long period. He also looks funny. The Lakers could have already been a dynasty w/o all the blown picks they make in the draft. HORRIBLE. Let Kobe play. Imagine they had a steady real pg. They’d including Lamar Odom and Kobe would score more. Run More and it would really be Showtime. I’m suprised that with Magic being involved they haven’t found a pg. Marcus Williams would have been ideal for this offense. I’d even package Farmar and the machine for Sessions. There are a few places you could go. I think a person like Tinsley would thrive in this system. Kobe works to hard partly because he wants to be Mike so bad. Imagine Mike and Magic in a backcourt. They both would have loved it. I’m praying Wade and Lebron come together to contest for the best 1 2 punch ever. Point Guards are essential. If the Hawks,Blazers,Knicks,or Wizards or Cavs had a talented PG. They’d all go much further than current. You can’t replace. The Lakers could have easily blown another chance this yr. If Skip played better than he did to get them their. They could have one. He just couldn’t see the big picture. He played horrible and it wasn’t Van Gundy’s fault. The Magic are not the same w/o Skip. Even if the Bobcats or Thunder had a lead guard. Man they’d be fun to watch. Brandon Jennings and Johnny Flynn are the new Paul & DWill. Mark my words from a real baller. E.Maynor is a sleeper. He gives the Jazz much needed relief. Collison can’t fill the role or void of CP3. Lastly appreciate the last years of Kidd & Nash. It’s a reason they’re still starting and A.I. isn’t. Kids take notice. Learn the game and have a position. You’re more valuable when you limit your weaknesses. I love A.I.’s heart but you get the Hatten’s, N.Rob’s, E.Gordon, W.Bynum’s of teh world. If any of those above mentioned could play the 1. Man they’d have a chance of starting for anyone. It’s Felton/Farmar/Crawford/. Just to name a few. Rose is TP mold w tons of leadership though. So far it works. Kemba Walker reminds me of Rose just not that tall and atheletic but w/ a tempo that just alters any game.

  • the cynic

    Im a laker fan and i think Farmer is lucky to have a job in this league

  • http://dime fan

    The L.A. and Nate Robinson are a match made in Heaven. I would also pick up Bones. DYNASTY.