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Jordan’s favorite victim wants revenge; Kanye West loses it

Hold this...

Hold this...

Here’s one straight from the Go Somewhere And Sit Down files: After Michael Jordan jokingly called out Bryon Russell during his H.O.F. speech, of course somebody had to go track down Russell for his reaction. And of course the 38-year-old Russell — who as recently as this summer was talking about trying an NBA comeback — had to go make himself look like the “Can’t let the game go” retired ballplayer, challenging MJ to a battle. “I’ll play his ass right now,” Russell told Yahoo! Sports. “This is a call-out for him to come play me. He can come out here in his private jet and come play. He’s got millions of dollars. He can pay for the jet. He can meet me at the Recreation Center in Calabasas. We can have Mark Jackson do the commentating. We can have Mitch Richmond do the officiating. We can put it on TV and see if Michael’s still got it.” OK, not exactly Shaq vs. Hakeem on pay-per-view. We’ll pass, thanks … In that same article, Russell recounted a time he and Michael Cooper had an argument over whether MJ’s shot over Russell or Dr. J‘s dunk over Coop was more embarrassing. Which would you pick? And taking it further, who takes the all-time crown as the man on the business end of the most embarrassing play you’ve ever seen? … Speaking of doomed comebacks, this must be the summer of thick headcase two-guards trying to re-start their careers. Last week we heard Isaiah Rider was talking to the Nets about a comeback, and now Bonzi Wells has caught the basketball jones. Bonzi has been working out with D-Wade and Jermaine O’Neal in Chicago, and now he wants to play for the Heat. “I’m trying to get on wit miami but its political,” he wrote on Twitter. Political? Or the last time an NBA team (Houston) took a chance on you, you showed up out of shape, beefed with the coach, and basically quit during the season? … Maybe Bonzi should try his luck with the Knicks. Seeing as they picked up Sun Yue over the weekend, clearly they’re giving everybody a chance to get a roster spot … Here’s at least one positive story from the post-Hall of Fame fallout: A lot of people were wondering why Karl Malone wasn’t in the building for John Stockton and Jerry Sloan‘s inductions, until Stock mentioned that the Mailman had an illness in the family. The next day, however, Malone flew out for a Hall of Fame dinner banquet and surprised his ex-teammate and coach even though his stepfather is on life support … Stat lines from Sunday’s action at the FIBA European Championships: Tony Parker had 24 points, six boards and six assists, and Nic Batum scored 18 in France’s win over Croatia; Kelly McCarty posted 17 points and nine boards to lead Russia over Greece; and Vrbica Stefanov put up 25 points and five steals in Macedonia’s win over Germany … Somebody please tell us what is wrong with Kanye West. If you didn’t catch the MTV Video Music Awards last night, homeboy found yet another way to make an ass of himself, rehashing his same ol’ whiny-pants act over an award, but this time channeling Ol’ Dirty Bastard at the same time. When Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video, Kanye hopped on stage and snatched the mic away from her, telling everyone that HE felt Beyonce should’ve won. Maybe Kanye thought that would be cute since ODB did it, but he grossly misjudged; the crowd let him have it with boos, fellow artists were trashing him on Twitter, and even Beyonce felt the need to clean up his mess — calling Swift up on stage later on and letting her finish the speech Kanye interrupted. Further proof that no matter how rich you get, you can’t buy home training … We’re out like “Byron” Russell …

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  • http://myappsource.blogspot.com/ Money Mike

    If Ye makes his next album (whenever that maybe) on par or better than The College Dropout, all will be forgiven.

  • http://myappsource.blogspot.com/ Money Mike

    Bryon Russell has no right to talk to MJ like that. No one who has played the game of basketball has the right to talk to MJ like that, especially after his HOF induction.

  • Soopa

    Right on the money, Money Mike.


    Russell is still bitter! Can you blame him?


    1. Shawn Kemp delivering The Liston Hammer.
    2. Jordan over Ehlo.

  • http://smack! JOB33

    Kanye is a egotistical, cry baby punk ass. I don’t care if the music’s good or not, at some level the artist has to be accountable for their actions. I guess I’m just the kinda person that can stop being a fan of an artist if they turn out to be pompous pricks. I can’t see how an artist can go around and be a total ass to everyone, and still make millions of dollars because people look past his antics and focus solely on the image and music. And props to Beyonce for having Swift come back onstage to finish her speech. Just one more reason I’d strangle a dolphin to get into B’s pants


    Sun (Dim-Sum) Yue — The New York media will have his arse from Dim-sum!

  • http://www.LakersNation.com Lakers Nation

    I think Frederic Weis still has some tea stains on his forehead that look like the letters V & C


    Can we sic the NAACP on Kanye West? I bet if it was a white-man, the NAACP will be all over that arse!

    I’m emailing Head Negro in Charge, President Obama.

    Obama: One Big Arse Mitake, America!

  • http://www.LakersNation.com Lakers Nation

    Ehlo cowering in fear has to be a good one too . . . he made that into an embarrassing moment

    here are some notables in no particular order:

    Shaq kickin Sabonis in the head, then making him cry
    Kobe over Ben Wallace in Pre-Season
    Jordan over Ewing, Oakley and Starks
    Charles Smith getting padding the Bulls Block Stats

    That’s it for now . . it’s 2am on the west coast!

  • Q

    Its No doubt about it that Ye was wrong for doing that.. But the truth of the matter is that he was doin it for all the black people who felt the same.. They know damn well the beyonce should have won that award.. I never even since that damn tyler swift video before.. I’m pretty sure everyone saw the beyonce video and loved it…

  • sh!tfaced

    Damn. What a bad day to wear Air Yeezys.

    Bryon Russell will forever be known as MJ’s bitch… The Cunt Punt between ‘Byron’ and Coop would’ve been f-ing hilarious to watch.

    Frederic Weis takes my vote for the all-time crowning crown.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    BRUCE, good job bringing your political views to a daily basketball informational. Nice work. I’m sure Obama was behind Kanye’s actions – can we get anyone to check that? Dime? You got connections….

    Ehlo has to be the guy because he fell to the floor like somebody double jump kicked him, one to the face, one to the balls – plus that’s pretty much on every single Jordan highlight film session ever, so lots of people get to seeing it….

    Anybody that ever got dunked on by Jerome James gets my #2 vote….

  • http://www.nba.com/knicks Alee-Mo

    @Q — I thought Beyonce should/would win too, but I also heard that the VMA’s are voted on by fans. So if B didn’t win, that was the will of the people, not some big conspiracy. Kanye wasn’t concerned with speaking for all Black people, anyway. He’s just being a dick who thinks his opinion equals the truth. (Besides, who really gives a f*** who wins a VMA anyway? Beyonce ain’t hurting for money or album sales or concert ticket sales. She’s got a million trophies and other honors. She probably gives away her VMA’s to Michelle.)

  • gregory

    Actually, I would love to see Jordan go up against anyone one-on-one, even someone as historically forgettable as Byron Russell. Heck, I enjoyed watching youtube clips of Jordan sinking turnaround after turnaround on some poor Slamball schlub and beating Carmelo and another kid in a shooting contest at his Flight Camp. The guy’s still got it, unlike say Barkley who probably hasn’t picked up a ball since he’s retired judging by how ridiculous he looked shooting a ball in a TNT video segment.

  • H3

    i’d pay good money 2 see Russell get his ass whooped over n over n over n over again by MJ
    it’ll be hella entertaining…

  • http://smack! JOB33

    @ Q
    So are you saying that Beyonce betrayed all the black people by bringing Swift back on stage since Kanye was speaking for all the black people that thought Beyonce got screwed? And why’s it gotta be just for all the black people? I’m white, and I’ve seen B’s video..and I haven’t seen Swift’s. So quick to pull the race card

  • Pje

    Wtf…Knicks signing Sun Yue, Gabe Pruitt and Warren Carter. Why didn´t they sign Morris Almond, Knicks best player in this years summer league. And I´m still angry they did not take Patrick Ewing jr last year. The Knicks are gonna suck so much this year.

  • arisloco

    Russell looked like a noob in basketball during his entire career guarding MJ. Poor whiny boy. Go get me some drink while I watch you getting beaten by MJ on countless times.ahahahaha

  • Ashlov

    Kanye West likes fish sticks.

  • rick773

    As Much as I like kanye musically. This Whiny ass act he keeps pullin is played and he giving us Chicago bois a bad name. I thought he was boycotting MTV anyway. As far as russell that statement gives me all I need to know about he feels about mike. Why can’t he go out peacefully like Ehlo

  • That’s whats up

    Kanye is about 5’3″
    he got that little-dude chip on his shoulder
    He should ban himself from any future public appearances.


    Kanye is African for Obnoxious.
    Bryon Russell just can’t get enough humiliation. Just go out quietly and swallow it, bitch.

  • John

    Jordan is 46 and Russel is 38, still Jordan will hit jumper after jumper after jumper, and Russel will make 2 maybe 3 baskets out of 10. I say 10 x 3 Mike.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    @ Ashlov–that’s because Kanye is a gay fish.

    No one, I don’t care what happened to them on a basketball court, can compare to Frederic Weiss.

    Dude can ball, and one minute with Vinsanity relinquished any NBA dreams he may have had…although Craig Ehlo haunts my dreams (and vision, goddamn Mike replays always show Ehlo’s punk ass ALWAYS!!! You can’t avoid it. Like Elway and the DRIVE…and OSU not beating USC in the end despite doing lots of shit right all game? Damn, sometimes it sucks being a Cleveland fan…)

  • asdf

    @5: Frederic Weis. Period.

  • jay26th

    Kanye is a prick for that. Regardless of who wins that was just disrespectful. I think he just wanted some plublicity

  • Dagomar

    Q: so if a black artist doesn’t win for best music video it’s a slap in the face to all black people? Really hoping we can get away from that sort of mentality, especially over something so petty.

    I second Weis. However, honourable mentions to Newble when Iverson crossed him in the finals, and Jones when Bron dunked on him.

  • Brown

    WTF is “home training”?

  • Chi-Tizzle

    Kanye treats the awards like a “get-2-gether” around the way in the hood, Hennesy and all. Chicago is known for loud folks. I see it everyday.

    My issue with the awards: The Mike Jackson dancers were great till they did the smooth criminal portion at the end of the routine. Why one of the dudes have to mess up the famous lean over move.

    I’m out like dudes dancing career.

  • ef

    most embarassing play of all time (not an nba game):

    vince carter’s dunk over 7 foot frederic weiss

  • karizmatic

    I think Ewing has been the recipient of them ost embarassing plays ever. Jordan dunking on him after beating his man on the spin back to the rim and Pippen dunking on him and making him fall.

  • Boomhauer

    I’m surprised Kanye’s speech wasn’t done in auto-tune.

  • http://ww.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness

    Nastiest shit I ever seen was when Hakim Warrick put his sac on Royal Ivey’s chin back in their college days

  • AVeezie

    As a black dude..ignorant black folks like Kanye is the reason why people in this country still discriminate against us. Yes B had the better video but Taylor swift won and she deserved to have her limelight. It dont matter if she was black/white/asian ect. Beyonce already got hers and i thought it was real classy to let Taylor finish up. anyhow MJ would destroy Russell..he dont want dat

  • KCL

    Jesus must be a slow ass day in sports we’re bringing up the VMA’s? we couldn’t have talked football? anyone who didn’t know Kayne’s been doing these faggot like moves forever thats why he blows balls and is hanging off Jay-Z and B’s coattails. Anyways I’d go with Coop being more embarrassing cuz at least Byron can use the “push off” excuss. All time could be a tie between VC over Weis or Pippen dunking on Ewing and then Steppin’ Over him! that took some balls!

  • rangerjohn

    good call bruce, and for those “kanye was speaking for all black people”, i say, as others have already, THAT statement is the reason people discriminate. every little “slite” against a person of color is considered a racist act. joe wilson may have been wrong in telling the obamanator he lies but it was not racially motivated, taylor swift won an award over a black girl, that is not racially motivated. (she won because it is voted on by the fans, and she got all the country music fans voting, as well as some of the pop fans and beyonce and pink and lady gagme (or what ever) all split the votes, taylor had a HUGE margin of win. and for the record, i have not seen either video!)

    take your race card and shove it up your ass is the bottom line, just because someone doesnt agree with you or doesnt vote your way does not make them a racist.

  • King

    More embarrasing has to be Coop. That’s was just nasty what Doc did to him. Jordan pushed off and everyone saw it so it’s not that embarrasing if you think about it. Everyone gets a jumper hit on them but not many ( or any) have someone rock the cradle and hammer on your head.

    And people you are right Alton Liston has to be on the list with some
    of Iverson’s victims

  • Notorious

    Here I thought ignorant was bliss, but today I learned ignorance is Q… nice job moron, way to flash your stupid badge for all to see.

    Its a f***ing fan vote, you really thing that craptastic Twilight movie is good/great because it won some MTV awards? No, the teenie boppers love the cast, so they vote for their crappy movie. Get over it, whenever you give the fans the power expect them to vote for who the like more than who deserves it.

    Hats off to Beyonce, class act giving up her time on stage to make up for Kanye’s lack of class. Douchebag move to say the least Ye, your dead mother is rolling over in her grave right now at your lack of respect.

  • M Intellect

    I told you Kanye was a bitch back in the Air Yeezy Dime Article but hey.

    Sidenote – Notorious talks about Class Act’s then says Kanye’s ‘dead mother is rolling over in her grave right now at your lack of respect.’ LOL – Are you serious?

  • Ric_Hardwood

    WTF Kanye?! I just got my Air Yeezys! I haven’t even rocked them yet!! damn… first comment is on point…

  • Lee

    Are we talking about a career or just one instance. Ewing has tha Pippen dunk, Jordan block and Jordan Dunk. Zo has been cramed on by VC a few times.

    Nate’s block on Yao was pretty sick !!!

    Shaw Bradley has a top 10 of dunk ON him !!!

  • Ric_Hardwood

    About the dunk? The Pippen-Ewing one was the sickest for me… Pippen was disrespectful… Pippen’s mother is rolling over in her grave right now at his lack of respect…

  • Lee

    Just remembered Baron on Kirilinco !!!

  • witness protection

    Everyone has forgotten LeBron on Damon Jones…the best Vince up and over Weiss, Pip on Ewing…Kanye is suffering from “I’m Relevant Syndrome” can we make him go away and just keep someof his music???

  • JayTea

    Yeah, please remember this is more BS from Kanye just like the George Bush hates black people remark. Consider the source people.

  • JR

    KJ dunking over Dream… has to be on the list, also Laphonso Ellis block on that guy form the Wolves

  • http://www.dimemag.com Jeff Chen

    the whole vma’s were a mess from the kanye incident (he later apologized on his blog), to lady gaga’s outfits (“period exploded” on her dress, red sour patch kid costume, bird’s nest), to lil’ mama running on stage to pose with jayz and alicia keys…

  • yentron

    sun yue = lebron huge in japan

  • JH

    Did everyone forget about Shawn Bradley?

  • gregory

    A great dunk was Shaq over David Robinson in the all-star game. They met in the air and Shaq looked as if he found another level and just slammed it in. It was in San Antonio too, making it doubly humiliating. Shaq whooped it up afterwards and got booed in an all-star game for putting on a show, that’s how much Robinson had been emasculated.

  • Sanssasin

    wasn’t the most embarassing move when mugsy bogues blocked patrick ewing??

    can kanye please go away? that guys is the biggest tool of all time.

  • PDaddy

    embarrassing was chambers using Mark Jackson as a mini tramp.

  • Ronimous

    HEY BYRON RUSSELL! GO CRY TO YOUR MAMA EY! Now youR challenging JORDAN the G.O.A.T? You have your chance long time ago dude! And you got OWNED! Your lucky enough Mj isnt fit this time, unlike you, your making a comeback, and taking advantage of it.. What a LOSER!

  • zcw

    Has anyone read the Yahoo article? Dime must be really bored, or have nothing to write about or unable to understand a series of words that form sentences. It’s called quoting out of context, political assh*les do it all the time.
    “Russell said Jordan’s story was accurate and that he was honored, not offended, by his words.”
    Second quote
    “Out of all the people he came across, he thought about me. I’m happy to be in his Hall of Fame speech.”
    I could go on and on. Read the article. Russell sounds like a pretty stand up guy.

  • Spencers Mom

    Trip on the way back machine-

    Chocolate Thunder on Robinzine.

  • Stephon

    1) Pippen on Ewing. Ewing falls and gets stepped over.
    2) T-Mac as a raptor, taking off just inside the free throw line on a fast break, making some euro dude on the Bulls eat his nuts. And 1. It happened in Chicago.
    3) Lebron on Damon Jones
    4) Shaq on Admiral in the San Antonio Allstar game.
    Shaq gave one of his classic shaq fu poses along with a “shocked” look. Hilarious. It was And 1.

    5) VC as a raptor, on dikembe mutombo. VC waived the finger at dikembe after.

    6) Jordan on Ewing. Jordan on 3 knicks.
    7) Jordan triple-pump in the air over 3 Cavaliers. The only human being that I ve seen do a triple pump reverse lay-up. I swear $ was flying in the air for that one.

  • dk

    Taylor Swift pwns Beyonce acapello… She dont need any production tricks Kayne to make a fucking record. Kayne obviously had a shitty up bringing to be such a spoiled brat. Him and his mother were and are obviously loaded with insecurities, it must have been his fathers fault or lack thereof having one!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I got to go with Weiss cause nothing has been done like that EVER!
    Then add to those Tracy dunking on Shawn something awful.
    Warrick over Ivey was just stoopid!
    Old skool The Reign Man dunkin so hard on Gatling I think that dude actually had to dap him up after the dunk. ….So sick!

    How bout the Denver Broncos on that last play wow!
    A. Peterson is just stupid. Dude was tossin guys (pause) like they were potato sacks.
    Drew Brees took out some aggressions, fantasy BEAST!
    So glad all football is back!

    Kanye is lame. Dude needs to go back to his producer days when didn’t anyone no who he was till Jay called him out for making a track. He needs to be humble like he was when he was all “Through the Wire” thanking GOD for another chance. You see what the fame do to this cat.

    This dude don’t want it for real you can see he skurred and picks his moments when he won’t get harmed. You gonna go snatch the mic from a “young girl” and take her time. You wanna prove something then go snatch the mic away from T.I. or some other cat who would have delt wit him.

    It’s going to get to a point where people will only do pre-recorded stuff involving this dude cause he can’t be trusted live (George Bush comment…although I wasn’t trippin so hard on that, and several times at award shows and this latest stunt) Kanye is the popular spoiled little boy who, like so many rappers, if they didn’t rap or produce you would know or care who they were. He so lame he comical at this point.

    I agree VMA’s were crazy. Dude did mess up the MJ lean, I will never see why Lady GaGa is popular, anyone can be weird so that is nothing special. Lil Mama got ignored lol that was some funny ish. R. Brand is a horrible host.
    Only things somewhat enjoyable were Jay’s NY with Keys and Pink cause I was waiting for her to fall at any given moment. To do that and sing live (I think she was anyway) was crazy.

  • High Release

    Bryon Russell got pushed.

    MTV is for 13-year-olds.

    Gotta say Frederic.

  • jmg

    Kayne is comical. it was a MTV award show….no need for the NAACP to get involved. just ban his videos, songs, etc.. from the network and he will get the message!

  • http://www.BigTmusic.com Balla

    I hate when people say MJ pushed off…it shows they never shook anybody in their life. Yeah, MJ had his hand on Byron, but that is not the reason why I Byron slid across the lane.

    AI and D Wade stop on a dime all day long, where they go full speed one direction then suddenly cross back when the defender least expects it. If the defender is guarding you super tight like Byron Russell was doing MJ, of course you are getting ready to get shook.

    Russell better be lucky it was MJ and not AI, cuz AI would have stepped over his ass when he busted the jumper.

  • deeds

    kanye is a gay fish

  • K Dizzle

    @ Balla

    Please stop. Even the most hardcore MJ fan admits he pushed off. It’s not a secret…

    @ Gee – good post. Kanye was real back in the Thru the Wire days, now dude just slippin.

    Ricky Davis on Nash followed by the “Ohhhhhh sh*********t!!!!”
    Kemp on Gatling/Lister just ridiculous.

    @ Dime – since we talkin ridiculous dunkers, whatever happened to Ismail Muhammed outta G Tech?

  • High Release

    Sure, Russell was laterally moving hard himself, but here is:

    Jordan’s hand applying force to the back of Russell’s thigh. Russell is off-balance. Jordan’s hand applying force to the back of Russell’s right knee. Russell stumbles. at 0.32


    Nice steal before that, though.

  • http://BigTmusic.com Balla

    @K Dizzle

    Like I said, you must either not play basketball, or do not have any moves. Yes MJ had his hand on Byron, but there was no way that was a push off and that was DEFINITELY NOT the reason Russell slid damn near out the picture. If MJ were that strong to push an NBA two guard with his LEFT hand 10 feet, then MJ should be doing MMA fighting now or be on someones NFL team starting on the line.

    You better do your research and see what happens when defenders guard good ball handlers extra close and try to stop on a dime. I even helped you out with some clips.



    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdPQ3QxDZ1s (This is Jordan’s super left hand strength that pushed Russell out of the screen)

  • That’s whats up

    why was Kanye wearing sunglasses?

    You know who wears sunglasses indoors?
    Blind People and Assholes

  • That’s whats up

    …and regarding kanye’s girlfriend.

    If she didn’t have a slammin’ body I’d swear he was fuckin’ Eminem

  • SWAT

    Lol…y’all really trippin on kanye? Tht shit was the highlight of the evening. It was funny as hell! I mean honestly who does tht…dude speaks his mind and doesn’t care…was it done at the wrong time…yea. could it hv been handled better…of course. But still tht shit was funny!

  • ip

    After MJ’s HOF speech, all I can say is: no wonder he sucked in the boardroom. As a business executive, he’s an utter failure.

    Good basketball player, though

  • Bobby Money

    most embarrassing? The guy on the other end of the “Send it in Jerome” dunk Or when Baron Davis dunked on Jermaine O’neal and Mark Jackon yelled into the mic “THAT’S ON YOUR FAMILY!”

  • Bobby Money

    By the way…Bryon Russell’s only 38? I could’ve swore that dude was like 33 12 years ago.

  • Glenbaldy

    Jordan just plain shoved Russell b4 that finals shot anyone that knows anything about basketball knows this, and knows it would have been called on anyone else, but such was the NBA at those times, he brought in money and that is the bottom line. So he got special treatment. And as for Russell being the jerk, yea I don’t think it was Russell who invited a player named a starter ahead of him in HIGH SCHOOL to his induction just to make fun of him and say “see” lol. In the Words of Mr. John Wooden on that shot ” he pushed him, I wish they would have called fouls on Michael.”

  • George W Kush Sr

    Iverson breaking Antonio Daniels twice on the same play was too humiliating

  • Glenbaldy

    Dizzle, you must not have ever played ball, I’m 6′ 160 and I bet I could shove you outta the screen.

  • LakeShow84

    Come on now peeps.. It was the MTV Music awards.. Like someone said MTV is for 13-16 year olds.. If dude was on the Grammies and did some shit like that then, yeah let him have it, but it was MTV..

    Who Cares?!

    @ Thats Whats Up.. Dude u crack me up lol i thought the same thing when i saw his girl.. STUPID body but the face?? EHHHHHHHHH..

    MOst embarassing moment i seen?? Kobe getting Chucky Atkins FOUR wide open 3’s on one possession and he bricked all 4 of em..

    Nastiest poster moment mightve been Baron Davis on Kirilenko just cuz S-Jax had to dust him off right after.. Thats entertainment folks..

    @ 2nd was a AllStar getting dunked on by a kid @ his camp and making sure no one saw the tape.. Thats pretty embarassing..

  • LakeShow84

    And that NO PUSH OFF things is retarded..

    Watch for this people..

    If MJ really did “just stop on a dime” his whole body wouldve too.. But if you watch even when he stops his arm is still pushing Russel off.. Come on now..

    but the refs shouldnt have called it anyway.. That was a series clincher in a hard fought FINALS battle with 2 teams who hated each other..

  • Glenbaldy

    Heck, one more jab on Jordan. Since he has opened himself up to criticism. Everyone Knows Dominique won that Dunk contest in Chicago. No one that I have ever talked to about it has thought differently. Sry not on subject but still showes that Michael was being held above all others.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    Kanye should be forced to go slap Legarrete Blount on the shoulder and call him a bitch….

  • High Release

    I like it when I cross-over, but the defense trips over on his own, like Jacque Vaughn. Or some other Balla. Guess nothing can be done when someone’s got no logical moves. Or has never reasoned before. Maybe my release is too high for you.

  • Big Sneezy

    Jordan shoved Russell, the patted him on the ass for good measure.

  • the cynic

    kayne is a moron; but he is the voice of a generation! at least the douche bag portion that likes to hear the same production tricks for every song

  • Glenbaldy

    Correction. Read that wrong, it was Balla at Dizzle, so my comment should have read… , Balla, you must not have ever played ball, I’m 6′ 160 and I bet I could shove you outta the screen.

  • baron von faulk

    Vince ^OVER^ Weiss

    T-Mac banging on Shawn Bradley in the playoffs (my favorite)

    Nate blocking Yao and slapping his face

    Baron’s riser on AK47

    LeBron on Damon Jones


    Those are just recent. KJ on Dream was pretty bad

  • e

    LOL byron russel doesnt even believe that himself mike could throw down a dunk on him at 45 smh @ byrons career LOL for mike hitting game winners on him

  • Big Island

    I used to hate on Beyonce, but after last night I take back every bad thing I said about her. She was cool as hell to let Taylor Swift talk. Kanye’s latest music hasn’t been all that nice. F@#k him.

    Jordan would kill Russell.

  • Ian

    kj on dream is my fav a midget killing one of the best defensive players ever.

    pip on ewing

    the russell play isnt that embarassing coops was. reggie milles hadoken to get free from jordan in the 98 ecf was awesome not embarassing.

    td on ben wallace big ben was tossed under the hoop after the dunk.

  • Sweet English

    I ain’t got a bad word to say about Kanye, but if the guy keeps up that kind of shit he’ll be pushin Volvo’s and RAV4’s before you can say ‘auto tune’.

  • Sweet English

    two more points

    1. If Russel got pushed, how come he fell TOWARDS Micheal, not away from him? If i pushed your upper body right now, you wouldnt fall on me, maybe if i swept your ankles you would but if my hand forces you away form me with any kind of force, your gonna keep travelling in that direction, not back the other way. It’s called Newtons law of motion people, read a book.

    and the most embarasing plays of all time?

    1. Kemp with the hammer and the two handed point.
    2. Lebron on Lorenzen Wright. Boom.

  • Mr. TKO

    I don’t understand why all the hate on Bryon Russell, from what I understand, Russel said something back to Jordan in 94, Jordan got him back in the finals and then Jordan calls him out 15 years later in a speech, What exactly is Bryon supposed to say? “Well I said something dumb as a rookie, you made me a permanent highlight for the rest of my life (push off or no push off) and now 15 years later, you say if you catch me in my basketball shorts it’s on, and I’m not gonna respond to that as a man?”

    I’d have less respect for the dude if he just took it, what’s so hard to understand about the dude responding to a challenge that was made for something that happened 15 years ago?

    Russell would deserve the hate if he came out of nowhere talking about let’s redo this, but he didn’t, he stepped up and responded to a challenge.

  • doc

    Russell shoyuldnt talk to Mike?Mike a man with dick and balls and some of yall forget that.You can say what the fuck you want to him just like he do to people.

  • SagJism

    I would have to say VC’s dunk over the 7 footer in the Olypics, I mean how do you even make it an option to decide to jump over a 7 footer as if he wasnt there. Thats just ill. LBJ dunking on someone 2 ft shorter is nothing but you bromance going on.

  • majik

    @ bruce

    you’re an idiot. ’nuff said.