Latest News / Sep 17, 2009 / 3:00 pm

Juwan Howard Signs With The Blazers

Juwan Howard

Today, Juwan Howard signed a one-year contact with the Portland Trail Blazers according to GM Kevin Pritchard. This will be the 15-year NBA vet’s eighth team. Last year, he split time between Denver and Charlotte where he averaged 4.1 points and 1.8 rebounds. Howard is also the last member of the Fab Five still standing in the NBA. What does he bring to the Blazers this year?

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  • doc

    Juwan in that ratings race to see who can be the first players in the 40’s on Live and 2k.

  • d

    dunno if you guys at Dime caught it, but desmond mason is set to sign with the kings. Sac Bee has the coverage.

  • Mellmeister

    well… good for him… and good for the blazers…
    Howard being one of michigan’s famous fab five. :) back in the 90’s… :) hope he can contribute still.

  • calvin brodus

    i still got that card. just like juwan, it used to be worth something.

  • That’s whats up

    love the pic…

    Bullets baby !!!

  • The REAL Tyrone

    Cat be brining’ shit to them Blazer y’all. Cat’s old of shit and he ain’t got nothin’ to offer but be speakin’ his mouth to be to them young cats y’all.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The Real Tyrone

  • Taj

    Nice guy.. Loved the Fab Five, but the only thing Juwan will be bringing to the club is that his shape up will always be on point and will make sure B-Roys getting his fade done by the same barber!

  • flavur

    he brings playoff experience to the best young team in the league

  • http://www.in_n_outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    Veteran… good signing.. should help out Jeff Pendergraph once he gets his time.

  • hansosword

    Im not trying to be a hater…but I don’t think Juwan brings absolutely anything to the team at this stage in his career. Unless he’s some kind of amazing mentor,player/coach, I don’t get this signing. With the hordes of younger guys out there who just need a shot….

  • bill

    I will never forget the NBA action interview when Juwan got his all star berth and said ‘this is great but I do not just want to be here once. I want to come back every year’

    I believe he was a one time all star :(

  • http://www.btv.com.ph/ sh!tfaced

    Chasing Chucky Brown, Massenburg and Gatling.

    Just THREE more teams and he’ll tie the league record for most teams in their career.

  • That’s whats up

    True Thugs ALWAYS suck a DICK

  • nobs6669

    great move every young team need a veteran presence. it would really help the development of oden and aldrige

    and miss the bullets when c webb and juwan are teammates.

  • JoV

    Juwan made his money way back in ’97

  • Tino

    Probably Ben Gay and some Ill Al Skratch CDs.

  • loons

    i didn’t realize the guy was still in the league let alone averaging 4 ppg.

  • http://replicasjewelry.wordpress.com/ eronne

    it is really suprising move by Portland.Howard is at his 36 and hasn’t play much recently. maybe his experience make him stand out. Good luck anyway.

  • doc

    Experience is the most overrated attribute in sports.Having experience while the person you’re guarding has actual talent leads to embarrasment.Hakkem was as experienced as they came for the Raps.As was Pat for Seattle.How’d that work out.

  • specialguydurr!

    He is a veteran that fills a spot, making the roster 14 for cheap,cheap,cheap. It’s a little experience as well as holding a spot on the roster in case people get injured. Like the Suns last year, you don’t want to be too close to the minimum active players or the league can fine you. I don’t think he will get to many looks this season, but he could be helpful in practice and one thing that vets do have is the ability to see the game more clearly than the young guys, could be helpful picking up opposing team’s tendencies for timeouts.