NBA, Video / Sep 17, 2009 / 1:00 pm

Kobe Bryant vs. Carmelo Anthony Tomorrow

While the Lakers and Nuggets will get to play four times this season, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony decided to schedule their own preseason game. Tomorrow, VersusSport invites you to witness this live competition between the two All-Stars as they face off on XBOX 360, playing the not yet released, NBA 2K10. Watch the strategy, hear the smack talk, and obtain an exclusive inside look into the game. Who’s going to win?

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    Bring on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. I will whip the both of them using my toes!

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    they could play 2 on 1 against me and still cant beat me in 2k10

  • flavur

    What time does this start.

  • LakeShow84

    Im betting on Melo..

    Kobe is an older cat who doesnt seem into the video game scene..

    Melo be big burnin so i know he gets loaded and then be jumpin on them sticks.. Wouldnt surprise me if Melo played with glasses on tomorrow..

    Shoot Melo should play Durant.. i heard he on it all day..

  • http://www.random-ish.com Sccob

    Melo’s got that. X-Box though? I’d die if the on button turns red during the game. Tell both of them to holla at me when they get a PS3.

  • Mellmeister

    MELO…. hands down…