NBA, Olympics, Video / Sep 30, 2009 / 9:30 am

LeBron James Prepares For Battle

We’ve been on to Nike Pro Combat for a minute, playing in the stuff whenever we get a chance. That’s why when I saw this commercial of LBJ preparing for battle, I knew I could hang with the MVP. (At least for a minute.)

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  • Otto

    Dime you need to post this commercial immediately.


  • King

    Thought they were going to do it like that Peterson pro combat commercial

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    We’ve had that on the site before. But amazing none the less.

  • Otto

    My bad. I guess I must have faltered on my “Read-Dime-Daily” obligations that day.

  • sh!tfaced

    Yeah right, Douchebag… All LeHype, No Cum…

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    All that prep to lose and then not shake hands with the other squad.

    Just get dressed and go work on that mid range jumper.

    Stop with all the pre-weirdoness, just play.

    Nike could have done better with the Pro Combat commercials though. Not really creative to me.

  • Chuck

    Man I remember when Iverson was criticized for having tattoos and now the nba’s posterboy is sleeved just like him …people tend to forget just how Iverson changed the game …not just on the court, but off it.

  • doc

    AI aint change shit on the court.What the hell did he change.No rule changes,or no game changes.I just cmae here because I bet my peeps somebody was gonna be on here hating for this cat making a commercial.Gee you just got me paid.And when he was putting that jersey on he won.And dont be mad because one man wont shake anothers hand.Thats kinda unmanish.

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    Bron just needs to win something and stop with the hype,

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    LOL unmanish!? Glad I could help you on the bet doc, cause honestly it ain’t so much hating as I don’t really care either way. I ain’t really a fan of his, but I don’t really dislike dude to the point where I hate all he does.

    Me writing that stuff up there was just me being a jerk lol. Now as far as the unmanish, I ain’t really trippin on him not shakin hands either cause that just shows how bad that loss or how the losing got to him. Still, if you gonna say unmanish? Then a person wanting dudes to show good sportsmanship ain’t unmanish at all, if anything it’s civil. Unmanish I would say is closer to not being able to take your loss or losing like a man and at least congratulate your comp on winning the game.

    I mean for real people wanna equate it to a fight and how you wouldn’t shake someone’s hand if someone just whipped your a##.

    Thing is it AIN’T A FIGHT, it’s a game. Mind you a game where you even get paid regardless and live to play another day. I’m sayin even on the playground and gym levels dudes are cool enough after losing to say good game (unless you was talkin trash and lose or you are legitimate in being mad at someone for something that happen during the game like a nasty foul or something).

    I ain’t really trippin over Bron’s actions as such, I am just saying if I had to take a side, cause honestly him shaking hands or not aint making me richer any, I would say at least be cool after a game and don’t go runnin off speakin to no one lol. The runnin off I think is closer to unmanish.