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Monta throws Curry under the bus; Manu promises less flopping

Monta Ellis

Monta Ellis

Yesterday must have been unofficial Sh*t-Talking Day around the NBA. With most teams kicking off training camp this week — check out the first installment of Dime’s team-by-team season previews HERE — most teams are having their annual preseason Media Day, and a few guys have been talking reckless. Monta Ellis raised the most eyebrows in Golden State. Ever since the Warriors took Stephen Curry and didn’t trade him to Phoenix, the rookie has been penciled into the starting backcourt next to Monta. But apparently nobody ran that idea by Cold-Vicious. “Us together? No. Can’t. We just can’t,” Monta said, sounding like somebody had asked him to film a Brokeback Mountain scene. Stressing that “you’re not going to win that way” playing him and Curry together, Monta said it isn’t nearly the same as when he and Baron Davis played in the same backcourt, because Baron was an experienced vet with the strength of a two-guard. “You can’t put two small guys out there and play the one and the two. You’ve got big two-guards in the league,” Monta said. “You just can’t do it. Yes, you’re going to move up and down but eventually the game is going to slow down. You can’t do it.” OK, so mark the Warriors down for having two very important players ready to sulk and coast throughout the season … If the Curry/Monta thing does become a problem, don’t expect Curry to go anywhere. By all accounts Nellie is infatuated with the kid, and by all accounts he isn’t necessarily Monta’s biggest fan. We don’t think Nellie would bench Monta, but he might ask the front office to trade him if it gets too bad … Another rookie everyone had pegged as an immediate starter is Blake Griffin. But now Clips coach Mike Dunleavy Sr. says he wants to bring Blake off the bench while starting Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman at the C/PF spots. No big deal — odds are Camby or Kaman will bust a kneecap or something before Christmas anyway, or even better if you’re an L.A. fan, Dunleavy Sr. will get fired if the team gets out to a slow start. Either way, Blake should be in the starting lineup soon enough … But what if he’s not? If Blake comes off the bench all season, the Rookie of the Year race would be wide open. Who would be your favorite to win R.O.Y. if Blake is out of the equation? … Just the other day we gave Phil Jackson pole position in the Coldest Public Insult By An NBA Coach contest when he took a dig at Sasha Vujacic and his hair. But then Larry Brown took the lead yesterday. Here’s LB talking about going to France this summer to watch Alexis Ajinca tryout for the national team: “He showed no interest in making their team or playing hard. I was going to drink the wine and eat the food and enjoy myself. After watching him, nothing tastes good.” Damn … Manu Ginobili says his chronically jacked-up ankle is fine going into camp, but admitted he might not be the same Manu you’re used to once the real games start. “I might be more cautious and take more mid-range shots rather than getting fouled every time,” Manu said, adding that he’ll probably go back to his instinct and play like his usual all-out self in important games. So, more jumpers and less fouls means less contact and less flopping. Manu might actually be kind of likable this season … Meanwhile, T-Mac‘s body is not feeling fine. Although Mac promised to play like an All-Star once he gets back on the court, it’s when he’ll actually come back that is the question. The latest out of Houston is that McGrady will be sidelined at least until late-November, when he’ll get another MRI on his knee to determine his status. While McGrady is down, who will step up as Houston’s go-to guy? Luis Scola is more of a garbage-points type than a primary option, and nobody knows yet if Trevor Ariza can handle a prime-time role. Right now it’s looking like Aaron Brooks is The Man … Did you hear about the New York Jets receiver who got benched in their last game when the coach found out he was complaining about his PT on Twitter? Q-Rich and Chris Quinn shouldn’t have that problem, seeing as the Heat recently decided to prohibit players from using Twitter in the locker room and issued a “Watch your mouth” warning for the rest of the time … We’re out like Ajinca …

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  • ToAn

    so T-Mac will get MRI in late November to determine his status?…damn i guess he will never come back again. and LOL on the Brokeback Mountain comment: “Touch it Monta. No. Can’t. We just can’t.”

  • alf (from melmak)

    Monta Ellis actually makes sense. That is a very small backcourt which will get isolated in the post most of the time. Imagine D-Will posting them every time down the court. Or Kobe being guarded by Curry. Buckets galore.

    My meal allowance says Golden State should trade Stephen Jackson and change to Utah for Carlos Boozer. Everybody wins here. Don Nelson gets the low post presence he always craves and the Jazz gets a real small forward. If I remember correctly, the Jazz showed real interest in Jackson in 2005 after his stint with the Spurs.

  • sh!tfaced

    Another player TWATTED… Damn twitter. Rehabbed, fined, benched, impostorized, etc – all because of tweeting…

  • Atom

    @ Alf

    Sure buddy, the whitest team in the L is going to trade for Action Jackson. Larry Miller’s mormon ass would turn over in his grave. There is a better chance of Starbury getting an assistant coaching job with the Knicks this season.

    And, according to you, in getting Boozer, Nellie would get “the low post presence he always craves.” I dont know what Don Nelson your talking about, but the Don Nelson I know could give a crap about a low post presence. That guy just want to run and gun and hit athletic bigs on the move.

    Agree about the Monta/Curry experiment heading for failure. Every two guard in the league’s eyes are going to light up when he sees G-Dub on the schedule.

  • knock knock

    Considering that both curry and monta are 6’3, and kobe is three inches taller, who the hell cares??? three inches isn’t that serious and whoever says it is never played a game of ball in their lives.

    Monta must be talking about how he can’t guard opposing pgs or sgs on account of his horrible d.

  • The Real Tyrone’s Mom

    random question of the day: which one is a more “i can imagine that scene”..kobe and shaq up in the mountines in a tent with a horse waiting outside which looks like phil jacko oooor….marcus camby and mark cuban doing their thing up there??

  • The Real Tyrone’s Mom

    forget the signature sorry
    True Moms NEVER Lie
    The REAL Tyron’s Mom


    Expect Monta Ellis to be fined in the following days, detrimental to the team!

  • king

    monta and curry both look like they are going to be getting buckets from any scoring pg or sg that they guard. whether they are on the court together or alone. But what difference does that make to GS. it will be the same as last year.

  • 92021SpurMD

    What the hell is Monta talking about, the Warriors don’t play defense anyway…

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    A watch your mouth warning. Now I like that. That should be issued on Kanye West, Rush Limbaugh and some other folks.

    Nellie Ball is in full swing when you have players talkin about what ain’t gonna work. They should have been traded Monta.

    Lamar McGrady will be fine. I am glad dude ain’t rushin it. Far as I am concern he can come back in December and let err body else handle things.

    So Lamar Odom is probably going to be the next Tony Romo. If he starts playing horrible people will blame Khloe. Lamar must have been married and got divorced or never married and had a baby moms cause didn’t he lose a son or something? Wish dude well and hope it works.

    Larry Brown is just cold and have to think that Minny’s pg Johnny Flynn will get that ROY if Blake isn’t getting that tick.

    This will prolly be George Karl’s last year expect the player explosion to take place where someone is disgruntle and they get in a funk where they ain’t winning.

    I’m thinking what basketball team would ever have a crazy arena like Dallas? Lakers probably. I got that new Dallas stadium on the list of places to visit. Who has the best arena in the NBA now anyway?

    Here is to someone getting dunked on in training camp and no tapes getting confiscated!

  • IGP

    so now whenever anyone plays Golden State the center and power forward will have a career game and now the 2 guard will too?

    Also, @ Knock: it doesn’t have much to do with height really. 3 inches is giving up some heigh yeah, but they are both really skinny too.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Seriously, G-State doesn’t plan on playing Defense anyway, so Monta can shutup and go play ball. Nellie doesn’t like people who play Defense or try to win anyway.

  • Celts Fan

    Been saying this since last year, but Curry will NOT be a star. He’s Ben Gordon light AT BEST (1 dimensional scorer that couldn’t D up Stephen Hawking.). They will regret not giving him up to get Amare for a looooong time. It’s already starting… PLUS, if you trade Steph, you could prob convince SJack tht he could win there and to stay. The starters then would be:
    PG Monta
    SG SJack
    SF Bad Porn
    PF Randolph (or put Amare here)
    C. Amare (or Turiaf if Amare’s at the 4)

    That team could make some noise…

  • Coop

    I can’t work out if Monta is just unlucky (gets misquoted, falls off scooters) or an utter fucking moron. Maybe he should consdier that he’s hardly a prototype himself and having him in any backcourt is a problem for that very reason. Shut up and work on your deficiencies you tiny, corrupt weasel.

  • Coop

    *consider. Damn.

  • That’s whats up

    The only way Dunleavy gets fired is if the team gets off to a winning start.

    By the time T-Mac gets healthy he’ll be eligible for the Senior Tour.

    @knock knock – “three inches isn’t that serious”
    try tellin’ that to your girl

  • doc

    Monte just bitching because he dont wanna get stuck on Kobe and dudes of that mature.Man up and play.And wasnt Tmac just talking all that bullshit about how he’s fine and ready to go.Just sit back and collect your 20 a year for being a hasbeen.

  • mellmeister

    @16 LOL!!! your knock on @knock knock is hilarious…

    T-Mac will soon be part of the special olympics if he doesn’t work this out… The Gingerbread Man is still relevant. woh!

    Monta Ellis’ talkin’ bout D? on how he and Curry will play other guards? mayne, what’s the world turnin’ into?
    First The Suns tried to play halfcourt offense, then Monta Ellis talking about D… what’s next, Eddy Curry talking about elevating his game and becoming a dominant big man? hahahaha!

  • alf (from melmak)


    There was an interview two years back (just forgot which publication) where Don Nelson said they play an up tempo game in Golden State because they do not have the traditional big guy to run their offense through.

  • Taj

    Wow.. Larry Brown was “Cold Vicious” in that statement!

  • robato kun

    Sasha Fierce needs to do more than cut that hair if he wants to stay in L.A.

  • thedoc

    @knock knock

    I don’t know man… I think there’s a big difference between 6’3 and 6’6. Anybody that’s played ball will tell you that!

  • Ekstor

    I wouldn’t say that Monta threw Curry under the bus. He didn’t say negative anything about Curry except to imply that Curry has the same weakness that he has and because of that, they can’t win together.

  • the cynic

    Larry Brown intentionally drafts euros just so he can have a whipping boy in the media

    I love Dumbleavy, the guy cracks me up. Why start a legit PF who you took with the number 1 pick because your team sucked again, when you can start 2 centers who play horribly together and bring Blake along slowly

    The warriors must have the dumbest group of players in the league

  • johnsacrimoni

    @knock knock
    Except that Monta and Curry both weigh about a buck fifty. Strength matters just as much as height. That’s why guys like D-Will and J-Kidd can guard 2’s, because of their strength.

  • Name (required)

    if Mike Dunleavy had his own way he’d play Al Thornton 1 on 5 an sit the whole team on the bench.
    i wish he was this shit of a coach on purpose.. it would be amazing if he sat at home at night thinking new ways he can make the clippers suck more without getting fired.

  • ab_40

    jj redick stephen curry. I can see gerald wallace getting traded to golden state for monta ellis and whatever SF GS wants to add to that trade

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    I don’t get what Monta wants to happen. Does he want to play the 2 while CJ Watson who is even shorter plays the point? I mean wouldn’t that make them even smaller? They really don’t have anyone else they could slide into that 2 spot except S.Jack. Not like this idea is unheard of look at Phoenix at times they run Nash and Barbosa at the same time. Also Kahn just talked about how he would start Rubio and Flynn at the same time. Last years playoffs Cleveland put Delonte who is in the 6’3 range on Kobe. I mean even if they had the size Kobe would still torch them. Kobe isn’t a good verometer because he torches guys taller and bigger than him too.

  • http://nba.com Ike with the Iverson Jersey

    Don Nelson & Steve Kerr are the worst.

  • Kquaye

    They shouldn’t have let Jamal Crawford go for …nothing. What Monta is saying is right. He is not throwing Curry under the bus he speakin the truth.

  • bill

    Larry Brown that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!


  • http://dimemag.com Pakman

    Monta Ray and Curry…really all they need would be a solid big man like Booze and Amar’e
    ROY goes to……………………………Hasheem Thabeet

  • Promoman

    Monta is right, mainly because both he & Stephen are your typical, ball-dominating guards than trying to play defense. They’re both used to having total access to the ball. Monta’s afraid that his greenlight will change to yellow or red, so he’s trying to cover his ass/mark turf right now. You can go to any YMCA, rec league, intramural game, park, etc. and see teams that have runts running the perimeter & getting blown the hell out by cats who know what to do. Sure, they’ll get their points and highlights, but they won’t win shit. Defensively of course, guys like that are either lazy, useless defenders, or both all because they’re “small”. We may see another TJ Ford vs. Jarrett Jack fight between them.

  • aL

    The only team with a more faggot front office then golden state is probobaly Minnesota.

  • http://www.gmail.com Big Snacks

    @ Coop —

    I’m a Ws fan and can tell ya Monta is a complete fn moron…sadly. GSW won’t never win nada as long as Monta is anything better than #3 option. Or, as long as Nellie is part of the org…

    Well, ’nuff typin. Off to the corner mart for mo snacks…