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NBA Free Agents: Who’s Left?

Wally Szczerbiak

Even with training camp starting next week, there are still guys out there looking for jobs. And while the opportunity to get a non-guaranteed deal for the chance to even fight for a roster spot gets slimmer and slimmer, there are definitely more free agents left on the market than jobs available. Take a look at who’s left:

Guards: Chucky Atkins, Greg Buckner, Juan Dixon, Gerald Green, Jason Hart, Bobby Jackson, Damon Jones, Brevin Knight, Tyronn Lue, Stephon Marbury, Anthony Roberson,
Jerry Stackhouse, Salim Stoudamire, Mike Taylor, Jamaal Tinsley, Jacque Vaughn, Mike Wilks

Forwards: Melvin Ely, Joey Graham, Stephen Graham, Raef LaFrentz, Mark Madsen, Donyell Marshall, Darius Miles, Malik Rose, Wally Szczerbiak, Stromile Swift, Ime Udoka, Antoine Walker

Centers: Calvin Booth, Chris Mihm, Robert Swift, Jake Voskuhl, Lorenzen Wright

When I showed this list to Austin, he said that he’d put together a team from that group starting Mike Taylor, Wally Szczerbiak, The Better Graham Twin, Stromile Swift and Chris Mihm, with The Other Graham Twin off the bench.

“Move them to Seattle,” said Austin, “and I’d accept them like family. We’d go 3-79, and that’s being generous.”

Who from this list will be in the NBA this season? Who would you like on your squad?

Source: Sun-Sentinel

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  • Arrogant

    i feel like gerald green has that potential to be a star… but he need a hardnosed coach to make him focus… wally should be on a team and get good minutes

  • mellmeister

    1st!!! Denver better Snag Stromile for Front Court Thickness… and Gerald Green/Jerry Stackhouse for that Guard Spot they need…

  • http://twitter.com/anthonyeladjo abpin

    I’d pick Mike Taylor, Joey Graham, Ime Udoka, Stromile Swift, Chris Mihm.

  • Michorizo

    Brevin Knigth? I haven’t wathced him lately but guy knew how to run a team…or is that a thing of the past? How old is he?

  • mellmeister

    ARgh!!!!! hahahahaha! it’s all good! Wally could fit well with the Nuggets… but he needs to pick up on the defensive… :)

  • mellmeister

    My Team There would be:

    PG – Tyronn Lue
    SG – Gerald Green
    SF – Wally Szczerbiak
    PF – Stromile Swift
    C – Robert Swift – Not because of his game, just because he has the intimidating factor that the other centers doesn’t possess… He looks Scary… that’s for sure… Looks like that Old Hag from “Drag Me to Hell”…

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    I have no idea who the better Graham twin is? I always thought they played the same (which is why they arent signed)

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    I find the pic of Wally in this article to be funny. It’s almost like he’s wishing on this piece to have someone sign him

  • Kobeef

    From this bunch i’d pick

    PG – Brevin Knight
    SG – Wally Sczerbiak
    SF – Joey Graham
    PF – Melvin Ely
    C – Robert Swift

    With my 6th man as Mike Taylor.
    At this point, I think that team could beat the Timberwolves.

  • Patrick

    I’d pick up Gerald Green just to have as a 15th man because fans would dig him in the layup line.

  • nowwhatyo

    i can’t believe Austin said he’d welcome Sczerbiak back to seattle! Everytime he stepped on the court, it was my cue to get another beer. Wally is TRASH!

  • Fon Riego

    Joey Graham made a decent season last year in Toronto. he’s a lot of potencial, but his mind sometimes is ther and sometimes doesn’t…:/

    I’ll pick:

    G – Tyron Lue
    G – Juan Dixon
    F – Wally Sczerbiak
    F – Joey Graham
    C – …mayb noone :D Voskuhl is a funny guy xDDD

  • http://onlydopemusic.com Mamba

    The only players are worth grabbing are Jerry Stackhouse and Stromile Swift!!

    http://onlydopemusic.com for all music downloads!!

  • sh!tfaced

    That team may go a generous 3-79 when they’ll play in the NBA but put those guys in the D-LEAGUE and we’ll be talking about the ULTIMATE DYNASTY right there. LOL.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Wow Austin even Mike Taylor starts over Marbury on your squad. Ashame what his career has come too. Can’t even get any run on a hypothetical team.

  • Benjamin Hickey

    I want the Pistons to pick up Gerald Green, just so we can maybe get some representation in a dunk contest.

    We lost Herrmann, so we need someone to stand in the corner and look pretty. None of those dudes qualify.

  • Diego

    I think Mihm is alright and can fill a role with some team. Stackhouse supposedly has been tearing it up in offseason games in Atlanta with a lot of pros.

    What is status of Flip Murray?

  • Kobeef


    Flip Murray signed today for 1.99 Million with the Bobcats

  • Prof. TX

    Houston should give Stro another shot now that there is a different coach in town. Their forwards are too small.

    Too bad there is no more ‘Stro Show,’ just some guy named Stromile who is a decent second-string player.

    I wish Eddie Griffin was still around to be on this list.

  • knicks fan33

    id take
    1 marbury
    2 stackhouse
    3 d. miles
    4 s swift
    5 swift
    off the bench
    a walker
    and call them the second chance squad especially for marbury walker miles and tinsley

  • George W Kush Sr

    The Grahams should get signed, Dixon, G Green, and Tinsley has some serious game left in him still.

    I don’t think anybody’s going to sign Marbury now, he should leave the internet alone.

  • 92021SpurMD

    Really, only 1 mention of Ime Udoka? I could swear he gives the most return out of ANY of those guys on that list. Defense, above average trey, powerful going to the rack, and intimidating scowl. Best player of the bunch TODAY.

  • Celts Fan

    I’d take Udoka to be our Posey replacement (TA didn’t/won’t cut it) and Brevin or Lue to be a legit PG off the bench.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    out of courtesy, jerry stackhouse is the only one on the list that deserves a shot at playing time.

    the rest of the list is washed ” up has-beens” or “never was’ers”

  • L@zYChUck

    Wally World is done..

  • flavur

    If I were the nuggets I would sign jerry stackhouse and both graham brothers for scoring and defense off the bench seeing as how their best defender last year signed with the pacers and they let kleiza who gets instant buckets sign to a team overseas.

  • http://onlydopemusic.com Mamba

    What’s with everyone’s love over Gerald Green??? That dude has done nothing in the league. He’s not even a great dunker. James White anyone?

  • doc

    Im cool on all these cats.

  • karizmatic

    I’d take…Gerald Green, possibly Jason Hart, Jamaal Tinsley, Cleveland should probably consider picking Wally back up as some sort of insurance.

  • 89

    dajuan wagner! some team needs to pick him up

  • MJSucksCock

    MJ sucks big fat goat dicks

  • gangster

    Marbury all day.

    hes been gettin shitted on. fuck the haters he still a beast!!!!!!!!!!