Smack / Sep 24, 2009 / 4:55 am

New threads for the Bobcats; new owner/borough for the Nets



No team will ever admit it — not even the OKC Thunder — but some NBA uniforms are just plain ugly. From the ’90s Nets (tie-dye?) to the original Vancouver Grizzlies to the Wizards’ gold/black tragedy, there have been some bad ones along the way. And with their bright orange base and the checkered-flag side panel for “special” occasions, the Charlotte Bobcats have cracked the list since their inception. Yesterday, however, the ‘Cats unveiled their new unis, the one Gerald Wallace is wearing in the photo. No more bright orange overload; it’s blue for the road and white at home. (The orange is “avant garde” according to the press release.) So says the Bobcats website: “Reflecting both the tradition of basketball in the Carolinas and the maturation of the NBA’s youngest franchise, this new look represents the next step in the Bobcats’ evolution, while paying homage to the players and teams that have come before it. Juxtaposing history and modernity in a style that would appeal to all generations of basketball fans was the challenge laid out to design teams from the Bobcats and NBA uniform manufacturer adidas. Their response was right on the money.” Invoking history is kind of tricky when Adam Morrison and Primoz Brezec are prominently involved in your franchise lore, but we appreciate the effort … After the ‘Cats re-signed Ray Felton this week, another big free agent domino fell. Nate Robinson has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with the Knicks. Yeah, we’ve heard this about 47 times already this summer, but supposedly it’s for real this time. Now we wait on David Lee … Down the road from the Knicks, the Nets pulled off a significantly larger transaction, welcoming a new principal owner yesterday in Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. Long story short, this makes it increasingly more likely that the team will actually move to Brooklyn sometime before Jason Kidd‘s son makes it to the NBA … Prokhorov says he is now the only NBA owner who can dunk. We think he’s sleeping on Mickey Arison, though. And on a side note, U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell has asked David Stern to investigate the Nets’ new owner for whatever reason … The day after Miami’s coach was over-hyping Jermaine O’Neal and Q-Rich like they were a Tyler Perry movie, new Pistons coach John Kuester is trying to sell Ben Wallace as a threat. “Ben will surprise some people,” Kuester told a Detroit paper. “There’s more in that tank than people realize.” Whatever you say, man … Speaking of useless big men, the Wolves did what NBA teams should’ve been doing YEARS ago, telling Mark Blount to not bother coming to training camp and try to find a trade for himself. THANK YOU … Kobe, LeBron and Iverson don’t surprise us anymore. You want a slept-on NBA player who can polarize a group of fans whenever his name pops up? Try Kevin Martin. When K-Mart came in 24th in our latest go-to guy ranking, the crowd seemed strongly split — half of them are certain that Martin stinks, while the other half think he’s great. Where do you stand? … After Shaq publicly endorsed the NBA refs in their labor feud with the League, Players Association prez Derek Fisher released a statement on his website. “I, along with the NBPA Executive Committee, unanimously endorse the quickest possible resolution to the negotiations between the National Basketball Referees Association and the NBA. Our referees are the best in the world at what they do and they deserve to be treated fairly. Players throughout the league are concerned that the use of replacement referees could compromise the integrity of our games. Our fans deserve the best product that we can put on the court and that includes having the best referees. Anything less is unacceptable to our union and our members.” … Two questions: (1) Who actually visits Derek Fisher’s website that isn’t related to him? (2) Doesn’t Fish sound awfully proud of the same refs he complains to all game long? … We’re out like Blount …

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    Kevin Martin is a fraud. Martin will score 20 but the team SG will drop 50 and the Kings lose by 20 points.

    No defense playing fool. Doug Christie would have give him fits. Or if Mrs. Doug Christie told him to!


    And please never mention Kevin Martin as an All-Star. That’s Kobe spot.

    Good Stats on a Bad Team!

  • davros

    Shaq & Fish are just sucking up so they can remind the ref’s when they return that they went out to bat for the ref’s. They are hoping it will buy them influence and some favourable calls further down the line

  • UpNorth

    Go check out the Rockts’ new alternate uniform that was revealed yesterday. They’re trying to honor the mid-’90’s championship teams, but the uniforms came out looking more like Ronald McDonald’s onesie/China’s National team uniforms.

  • davros

    Against second tier SG’s (or first tier SG’s with poor offence!) Kevin Martin makes sense otherwise he gives up what he gets. That said, what’s the difference between Kevin Martin and Ben Gordon?

  • mumadone

    were is jurg?
    it was almost worth reading smack when he commented even though he probably speaks better english than all of us. some of his posts were legendary.

  • http://www.btv.com.ph sh!tfaced

    The Hawks PUKE GREEN alternate jerseys when Jason Terry was there and the Wiz’s gold/black tragedy are 2 of the WORST jerseys ever.

    Bring on the Russian “sukas”, Mikhail Prokhorov…

  • Mark

    New bobcats jerseys look like the Hawks jerseys? They could have had something that sets them apart….boring

  • alf (from melmak)

    We want Russian cheerleaders!

    We want a Kirilenko for Devin Harris and Courtney Lee trade!

    My meal allowance wonders if that Russian dude will be as entertaining as Mark Cuban.


    Gordon can take over a game. Martin cannot.

    In last year playoffs, Gordon and Ray-Ray had a little shoot-out.

    I don’t see Martin taking his game to that next level.


    If the game is on the line, between Gordon and K.Martin, I have to go with Gordon!

  • http://nba.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    jurg is probably having a good, heartfelt, intimate conversation with the real tyrone…

    anyway, the bobcats unis still stink… talk about recycling junk aka the steve francis era rockets jersey with the rockets logo up front… can’t they make some carolina blue spin-off? like dem denver unis… someone’s outta get fired…

    and ain’t it fun being mr. prokhorov? being young, rich and all… damn life ain’t fair… i wonder how he and jay-z would mesh along…

    we’re out like creativity

  • http://nba.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    and… bring em russian hos!

  • Ashlov

    We Heat fans on RealGM.com used to call Mark Blount, “The Count”. Just pronounce that like his last name. ;)


    Dang whoever wrote this article I got 1 question “Why all the hate on Ben?” His return to the Pistons will give him new life cause we know how to use him.

    On a lighter note those new uniforms are ugly as hell.

    BTW if any of yall get a chance to I recommend buying the New Camaro, I love mines and the are sleek n fast as hell….Holla!!!

  • http://www.btv.com.ph sh!tfaced

    now hoping to see more russian babes than just anna kourikova and maria sharpova in the stands this season…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Seriously, adults are the biggest whiners in basketball…all D.Fish, Duncan, and Shaq do is the same nonsense whining that every junk baller pulls in their C League games…but they might blow a stack with the new officials.

    But really, NBA officials come from the DLeague, college, and WNBA ranks all the time–the change shouldn’t be that dramatic.

    The change they need to make is separating the NBA from the Officials Association.

  • JordaMnnnn!

    (A) Bobcats’ uni looks like Hawks’ with stripes
    (B) I didn’t think The Wiz’s gold jersey was that bad – kinda liked it a little
    (C) Kevin Martin is good enough to be in an all-star – maybe when he go east one day.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    And a lovely big hi hi to Mr Mumadone.

    One big thing is Jurgo read smack and not right so much in offseason. reading Smack is like finaly taking your girl down the dirt track. Once you start, you cannot stop.

    And now you now this manny man.

    This has been Jurg. Tiddle pip until season start

  • That’s whats up

    tiddle pip! jurg is back
    from the back alley it sounds like

  • vince

    found mike sweetney making a cameo in a rap video


  • dank

    dime is wack. seriously? youre telling us about D-Fish’s “Hypocrisy” with the refs yet we all know that real basketball fans want the same as the players…

    bitching to the refs is a part of the game. and if youre good at acting (like Manu) crying (like Timmy D) or trying to manipulate the refs (like Shaq) you at least want someone who is the best at his/her job to give you a T

    i cant wait for this whole thing to blow over, cus I know anyone who cares about the NBA and has a favorite team wants the best referees in the world, so we can bitch at them at the games and when we watch on TV.

    with every post you guys get even worse. and of course, you guys are posting about “garbage big men”. but even the billionare owner of the nets can dunk. no one in the Dime office can dunk, even if they put Aron and Geraldo on each others shoulders!

    also, the wizards gold and black unis are the shit!

  • david

    Even with new refs, i guarantee that we will see lebron take 4-5 steps to the way to the basket. We will also see him get fouled every other time he touches the ball whether it falls off his knee or not. Lebron wouldn’t even hit 20pts if the refs didn’t call all the bs that they did last year. real talk.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Dallas Mavs joints that Diddy designed are the worst ever! I can’t stand those.

    I wanna see Jay and this Russian dude go one on one, I got money on Jay.

    Personally I say replace all the refs. Ever since the Timmy D (not Duncan) scandal, and with J. Crawford lurkin around, you just never know with the current group.

    I say let them bow out gracefully bring in the replacements who will probably be intimidated out their skull but will try to call a fair game. Some might go to far in trying to make their mark. Either way I am for new refs.

    K. Martin is a decent player. I wouldn’t want him on my squad but he decent for other teams.

    Welcome back Jurg! Tiddle Pip! LOL!

  • HeadkickerB

    Clowns always post that Dime smack is wack. But if they miss a day they have a heart attack.

    (HKB lyrical remix – The World Famous Supreme Team Show.)

  • J.Tobias

    Kinda reminds me of the old Orlando uniforms.

  • John

    MJ is a owner and I am positive that he can dunk .

  • scotsman

    nba refs are notoriously bad. the fact that senior refs are earning around 500k (correct me if im wrong, i heard it from some1) is a complete joke.

    the fact that they are complaining is even worse.

  • doc

    D-Fish and the ballers might complain to the refs,but that dont mean they want a bum ass replacement in there either.The NBA refs are NBA refs for a reason.If you put a bunch of Dleague and college guys out there all hell gonna break loose.Im a baller and beleive me its a difference.Kevin martin is a above average player due to the fact he can put the ball in the hole.But if he’s your go to guy you have one of the worst records in the league.That will never change.Which is why Tyreke is there to take his spot.Beleive that point guard shit if you want.This year maybe,but Reke a future 25 point scorer and they dont play the point.

  • Cha-Ching

    Kevin Martin is soft. No defense. A lightweight that the stronger players can push around. Salmons was the tough guard they needed on the Kings but they traded him to the Bulls. Bulls used/needed Salmons in the playoffs. Kevin Martin may become a pour man’s Ray Allen at best.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    “no one in the Dime office can dunk, even if they put Aron and Geraldo on each others shoulders!”

    That’s hilarious!

  • Boofrog

    Being a ref is incredibly difficult. I know it’s no where close to the NBA, but I was an intramural ref for three years…it sucked. You get yelled at by players for making right calls and you get yelled at when you miss calls. It is so hard to keep up with the speed of the game and be right 100% of the time. That said, those refs are fantastic (minus a few bad eggs who like money more than legit hoops) at what they do and should get paid. We sit at home and at games thinking we know the right call, but in reality…well…we don’t know shit most of the time.

    Can you imagine what replacement refs would be like? We might not think of it as a huge issue, but that will completely change the results of so many games. They need to figure this out, or the NBA is going to be a shitshow next season.

    oh and kevin martin is average.
    his future goes something like this:
    average player + bad team = huge contract from contender = average player being overpaid = failure

  • That’s whats up

    I agree with GEE about the Mavs uni’s.
    Put the Spurs shimmery ones up in the top 10 ugliest ever.
    Those belong in a Beyonce video. On women.

  • http://dimemag.com B-DIDDY

    #27 got it right how about a one on one owners matchup MJ vs. MP. I know the betting action would be off the chain. How many points would MJ give the russian “white man CAN jump”. Game to eleven mj spots him seven??? is that to many– not enough. That would be a fun game to watch

  • rocky lobs

    its official. im leaving jersey for brooklyn

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Antawn Jamison looks mad salty in that link lol

  • mellmeister


  • K Dizzle

    Pretty sure Magic’s a team owner and he can still get up and throw down. Dude still runs down at Pauley

    Kevin Martin is NOT more of a go to guy than Al Jeff or Rip

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    My money is that Mike can still dunk, and I think he has some ownership in the Bobcats.

    What I think the new Russian owner is saying is that he’s the only majority owner that can dunk. Which may be true.

  • jason

    “Wizards gold/black tragedy?” = Really? Those uniforms were HOT! I think more NBA teams should use uniforms with the two-tone look.

  • Colton

    ok. im gonna comment on the jerseys only. the rockets one, mcdonalds/chinese national team (we rove to shee you shmiiire) haha

    the new bobcats. plain … but still not good.

    the new sixers unis are dope. they win hands down.

    and back to the old ones you said were total disasters.

    the nets ones were lame … and was that derrick coleman in the back of that pic… he coulda been a beast. (could have)

    i may be the only one, but i kinda dig the old grizz jerseys.

    and last but not least, i think the gold ones are ok, but antawn jamison looks like hes about to beat the shit out of carons kid in that pic. hhaa. seriously, go look at it. haha. cracks me up!!!

    im out like beas from rehab!

  • Promoman

    Mikhail Prokhorov is reputedly involved in organized crime, notbaly drugs & prostitution. That’s why there’s a movement to have him investigated.

  • Da_Griff

    Hell, Prokhorov’s even been called out by his own countries government for being unpatriotic and not investing in local basketball instead of american ball.

    You’d think just about every mega wealthy russian businessman is involved in something dodgy wouldn’t you? That’s life.

  • http://www.kingsfans.com Willis

    I’m pretty sure BRUCE has never seen Kevin Martin play. And no other shooting guard has ever dropped 50 on him. And the Kings, as bad as they are, rarely got blown out last season.
    SO BRUCE, stfu.

    Kevin dropped 50 against Golden State, 48 against Minnesota, 43 against New York, 39 against Dallas, 36 against Denver, 40 against Washington, 35 against (then) Seattle, 35 against Indiana, 36 against Charlotte, 36 against New Jersey, outscored Lebron with 35 in an overtime loss against the Cavs, 37 against OKC, 37 against Utah, 45 against Indiana. Dont tell me he doesn’t take over games. Most of those were wins too, over his past three seasons.