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Nike Air Trainer SC – “Bo Knows”

Nike Air Trainer SC

While I’m definitely a fan of the Nike Air Trainer 1, there is nothing that beats the original Nike Air Trainer SC from the “Bo Knows” days. Inspired by Bo Jackson‘s time at Auburn, this OG colorway is one you definitely don’t want to miss.

Available now on NikeTown.com for $105, it’s time to get fresh before the weekend.

What do you think?

Source: Kix and the City

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  • Chilirey

    It did not sell for $105.00 then, it should not sell for that now…no updated technology, I’ll wait for mark down.

    I am still campaigning for the reissue of the AIR FLIGHT 89 HI!
    DIME, please drop a bird on a Nike rep…..Thanks!

  • MadMax

    WTF happened to CGF?
    Did he go pro with his reality show career or sumthin?

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine


    Haha. Will do.


    You can follow CGF on his Twitter: http://twitter.com/CeeGeeEff

  • http://www.greenlighthalo.blogspot.com Halo

    One of NIKES top 5 shoes ever. A tennis shoe that cats balled in. Nike Trainer 1…And the John McEnroe pro model.


    As well as these, Agassi’s Air Flare.


    2 of the best court shoes ever made.

    Aron you know I bring the “Words of Wisdom”


  • control

    Bo Knows ugly…

  • rocky lobs

    i have those, they def look waaaaaay better irl than in that photo wtf nike

  • Muldoon

    What do I think? I think when we look back in 100 years, we’ll realize that the 90’s were the only decade that produced shoes anyone will still care about.

  • Flip

    Wow… for a second I was thinking “Bo Outlaw” when I read the headline… :)

  • doc

    I like the sneaks,I dont need the pink colors in them though.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Roll Tide, Go Dawgs and just about anything else except War Eagle.

    Still SEC best football conference going!

  • k-smooth

    ugly as shit.

  • LAKnights

    Looks like it’s designed by a Texan, not a west coast Nike guy.