• Mellmeister

    pink? hahaha! so friggin’ gay… imagine urself rockin’ pink sneaks… mayne… effin’ crazy… :)

  • bliz289

    yeah, supporting cancer research is so gay…

    i mean, Mellmeister, if you had game instead of garbage…you could wear whatever you want on the court and dudes couldn’t say sh*t.

  • desmon

    Those shoes are so damn ugly. There’s a reason Nike loses money on the lebron brand. God damn, what is that? Velcro on the kicks??

  • InFamous1

    As much as I would love to save the tatas, I will stick to my hyperizers, thank you very much

  • That’s whats up

    these look like the shoes with velcro my kids have to wear, cause they can’t tie laces yet

    Lebron, nobody should be witnessing this crap

  • Deez

    those kicks just look crazy heavy

  • srb

    ‘brons have always been ugly

  • Chilirey

    Ugly as they are, they are great shoe for the big men down low.

    I hope those “pinks” are for the ladies….yikes!

  • Razzle

    ^^ Those ladies wearing them pink joints can post up on me all day

  • Sweet English

    Razzle you wouldn’t be saying that if you had seen a WNBA game. Some of those centres… God damn, you wouldn’t bust a nut in your hand and throw it at them. yikes.

  • Lucian

    I never understood the hate for LeBron’s kicks. Yeah, they look heavy, but have you seen how he plays? A lowcut lightweight shoe (ala Kobe IV) wouldn’t benefit his style of play.

    With that being said, these are dope. See ya’ll at House of Hoops.

  • alldayjaybx

    man i never went to Christ the King but i would love to cop those

  • alldayjaybx

    the pink ones are 4 the ladies to me the only way i see a dude rocking them is on the court in the fight against Breast cancer in honor of a female friend/wife or something..

  • Amos Leak

    I know I’m a guy..but them Pinks are crazy hot.I would love to see every woman’s team in America that wears Nike have those on during that Cancer period.

  • kelsey

    All basketball shoes today have velcrow obviously guys arent going to wearb pink shoes but im a girl and im getting them these shoes are awesom you people need to shut up

  • http://www.jordandunkshoes.com/component/virtuemart/category/93/lebron-james-shoes.html lebron shoes

    Those new 3 colour ways for the LeBron Soldier 3 are very cool in my opinion..I like the green and maroon..