Smack / Sep 25, 2009 / 2:07 am

Party’s over for Lamar Odom; Chris Paul may have a new weapon

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Can you say “letdown”? Just as we were scouring our contacts in L.A. to see if we could get somebody near Lamar Odom‘s bachelor party and file an imbedded report, L.O. went and canceled the stripper-filled, midget-highlighted evening of sin being planned by “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis. Gossip site TMZ quoted Odom: “I have now decided to have a private dinner with my teammates, a few close friends and of course Joe Francis and Rob Kardashian.” Well, whatever goes down, at least this time it’s private … Maybe you’ve seen it already, but Birdman Andersen — or somebody posing as Birdman — has been KILLING Lamar for his choice of bride on Twitter. The best/worst one: “You think when the rev asks if anyone objects to Lamar’s wedding, his d*** will stand up?” … (Unrelated to anything NBA, but we couldn’t pass up this other story we found on TMZ: A convicted murderer in a California prison is suing “America’s Most Wanted” creator John Walsh for $506 million because Walsh called him a “snitch” on-air, leading to dude catching a shanking. The price tag seems a little steep, but who can put a price on what probably happened to him that he doesn’t want to talk about.) … Speaking of being in prison, Knicks fans got some good news yesterday with David Lee signing a one-year, $9 million deal. With Nate Robinson reportedly signing any day now, New York gets their go-to scorer back and their best (only?) rebounder. However, you have to wonder if New York is still in the market for a Lee trade at some point this season. Bringing in Carlos Boozer makes sense, especially if they’re trying to get LeBron and those two are still cool with each other … Some other moves from Thursday: Flip Murray signed with the Bobcats for one year, and Rashad McCants inked a deal with Houston. Between the two of them, who would you rather have? … It seems like we’ve been waiting for Julian Wright to blow up for 6-7 years now. Ever since he came out of high school and went to Kansas hyped as another Paul Pierce-level superstar, then was a Lottery pick for the Hornets, he’s been supposedly right on the verge. Byron Scott is getting Wright one step closer, telling the New Orleans Times-Picayune he’s leaning toward starting Wright at small forward and bringing Peja Stojakovic off the bench. On one hand you’d always like to see Chris Paul running with some more athletic players, and maybe Peja can hold up for an entire season if he’s playing fewer minutes; on the other hand, Wright can’t stretch the floor and shoot like Peja, and we’re still not sure if he isn’t just an OK player … Two things that need to happen if the Suns and Nets want to exit the Lottery room: Steve Nash, Amar’e and Co. need to play some defense, and Devin Harris needs to prove he can be a legit go-to guy. Which one do you think is more likely? … We’re out like the midgets …

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  • Mr. Wang

    hey yall never mentioned the Mavs alternate unis! (which btw is just the Diddy unis, just replaced the green with that lighter blue color)

  • GoEasy

    just read through Birdman Andersons twitters. They are RIDICULOUS. Guy is head hunting. I woulda thought a guy who’s gone through the tough stuff he’s gone through would have more respect for other peoples shit.

  • Jerry K.

    Ya GoEasy is right. He is just dissin/bagging on everyone. It seriosly is ridiculous. The only thing that makes me question it is that it doesnt say “Verified account” like most famous people twitters. Could be a fraud. But if it isnt, watch out for hard hits on the guy throughout the season (especially from odom, half his last tweets are about odom/khloe)

  • mista

    I was first you bitches. Yeah. First first first.

  • weezy f

    birdman is a hater

  • weezy f

    but a funny one

  • Giacomo

    yeh birdman is batshit insane i swear, dude is all kinds of full of himself now, if i was lamar odom he would be the recipient of a very rough elbow to the chin for talkin reckless about my fiance like that… plus he is also talkin some smack about ron artest too, i am definitely not missing his first game v lakers this season!!

    although thats not to say that birdmans tweets arnt funny as f*ck

    (some of my personal favs:
    – “Ron Artest’s raps remind me of Snoop Dogg..if he was twice as crazy, tone deaf, and on a 3 day robotussin binge”

    – “Artest calling himself a rapper is like me calling myself a black, militant hairdresser with no legs.”

    – “Gotta say Lamar, marrying the fat sister seems more like a Clippers move. Maybe he should switch lockers?”

    – “Damn. Just heard Lamar Odom fell into Khloe Kardashian’s ass, never to be heard from again. RIP.”

    – “Lamar Odom is marrying one of the Kardashians? It’s going 2 b hard 2 eat all those Skittles w/ a cold sore, Lamar.”


  • mosduff

    That comment on his twitter about Vin Baker really surprised me. I think the majority of them are funny but that one was kind of lame.

    I bet the Nuggets get on him about this soon. Twitter is lame but it’s kind of interesting to see what these athletes do with it. It’s like they want people to be paying attention to them all year long, can’t deal with the off-season lull…

  • mosduff

    okay I changed my mind.

    “After this marriage fails, Lamar is gonna need to see a therapist. Somebody make sure to tell Kobe therapist is 1 word, not 2.”

    Birdman is awesome.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    I’m willing to bet that last one gets him in trouble.

    If Birdman was an all star would this be more f’d up or less? Hmmm…

    But, overall, pretty funny ish.

    “like a Clippers move.” hahahaha….

  • oooPatrick

    wow, bitter much birdman? classless move digging on kobe, especially when his own past isn’t lollypops and flowers

  • Big Sia

    prolly a fraud

    birdman say it aint so?

  • UpNorth

    You guys are fools. You really think that lowly of Chris Andersen? It’s an impersonator account; more than likely run by the same people who were running that real_ron_artest account.

    Andersen’s real Twitter is twitter.com/BirdmanCamp

  • Sweet English

    Is it definately The Birdman? Or is it another mock one like the REAL ron artest on twitter who just says shit that you wish ron would say?

  • sh!tfaced

    Definitely not The Birdman, nobody’s that stupid. But ya gotta give the guy some credit, his posts are hilarious. maybe a bit hypocritical but still f*ckin’ hilarious.

    “50 bucks says Vin Baker tries to unretire and have the Nets just pay him in vodka.”

  • Josh Tha roc

    Haha that vin line is funny. 100% not birdman tho.

  • calvin brodus

    I wish that really was bird. having somebody that funny on the nuggs would be great for postgame interviews. im not sure which I like the most. kobe/therapist is great (and pretty clever), but paying vin in vodka is a haymaker.

  • Scott

    therapist is hilarious, but not that clever on the part of the Birdman impersonator. It’s borrowed from an old Saturday Night Live skit

  • M Intellect

    Eating Skittles with a Cold Sore!? LOL

  • Sideswipe

    Can’t believe some of yall believe that’s really Birdman on those tweets. Cmon now. On the real, that marriage won’t last. Wish them the best but i dunno, seems too quick. Khloe can get it though.

  • Ross
  • King

    That can’t be really Anderson

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    Rockets vs. Lakers should be very interesting this season(and no, I’m not talking about Trevor Ariza). I’m talking about former “Mr. Kardashian” vs. new one Lamar Odom that should be fun!!!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ross

    All those women are hurt..

    Im disappointed in my black bethren..

    Varejao and Dirk having some of the best looking females on there??

    And is Duhon really drawn to white women like that?? lol

  • High Release

    Kardashian, fine. But Joe Francis? Shit, hope no one slips on his trail of slime. Skittles flying everywhere!

  • http://twitter.com/bringemout02 bringemout02

    I’ll vouch for UpNorth’s comment:
    You guys are fools. You really think that lowly of Chris Andersen? It’s an impersonator account; more than likely run by the same people who were running that real_ron_artest account.

    Andersen’s real Twitter is twitter.com/BirdmanCamp

    StylePointsBlog.com was behind real_ron_artest as & is posting BirdmanAndersen. Check the link:


  • LFan

    whats the link to birdman’s twitter?

  • Ross

    IDK, but I know Dirk’s “fiance” had nothing on the girls in those pics. Why didn’t he try to knock up one of them instead?

  • the cynic

    i like this fake birdman, he speaks the truth.

    there should be a rule where you can’t sue people from jail.

  • http://lamarodom.onlineshirtstores.com/ Jack

    Wow I would hate to have been invited to that party and end up going to some dinner instead lol….

    Wonder if there was any candy there :P Which totally reminds me of this shirt that I bought from:
    lamarodom . onlineshirtstores . com

  • doc

    If Birdman was really posting that shit it would be on sportscenter.And Byron Scott probably tired of seeing Julian bust Peja ass in practice enough to know what he doing.

  • Colton

    We should be fair to Greg Oden. His career stats would be much better if he hadn’t taken 4 years off for WWII.

    possibly birdmans best tweet. haha.

    dont think its him, but very witty