Smack / Sep 18, 2009 / 4:17 am

Rudy, Pau & Rubio stomp France; Gilbert Arenas’ big mouth is back

Rudy Fernandez

Rudy Fernandez

Even before the tournament field was set, Spain vs. France was the most anticipated matchup at the FIBA European Championships. With both squads only missing a couple of their high-profile players — Jose Calderon and Sergio Rodriguez for Spain, Joakim Noah and Mickael Pietrus for France — these were clearly the two most star-studded rosters and favorites in the tourney. Throw in the drama of Spain looking very vulnerable thanks to some early-round struggles, and it was at least expected to be interesting. But then in yesterday’s quarterfinal matchup, Spain laid the hammer down in a 20-piecing that wasn’t even competitive. Rudy Fernandez (16 pts, 6 stls, 5 rebs) knocked down three triples in the first quarter as Spain got out to a blazing start and never looked back. Pau Gasol put up 28 points, nine boards and three blocks, and Ricky Rubio had eight points and four dimes. Ronny Turiaf (12 pts, 3 stls) was the only French player in double figures, as Tony Parker went 1-for-8 from the field (6 pts) and Boris Diaw had nine points … In Thursday’s other FIBA Europe game, Uros Tripkovic scored 18 to lead Serbia over Russia. Today it’s Turkey vs. Greece and Slovenia vs. Croatia in the other half of the quarterfinals … All of a sudden, it’s like Gilbert Arenas is making up for his quiet summer. While we’d heard reports about Agent Zero wrecking shop on D.C. playgrounds and in Chicago gyms, without hearing Arenas himself bragging about it (he still doesn’t have a Twitter account, as far as we know), it was almost like it wasn’t really happening. Now Arenas has emerged from his cave, start talking sh*t to make up for the sh*t-talking he wasn’t doing this offseason. “Nobody could guard me before, and can’t nobody guard me now,” Arenas said in yesterday’s Washington Times. Surely the Wizards are loving the extra swag, but then Arenas started taking shots at the franchise, partially blaming them for his injury problems. “They should have held me back,” Arenas said, “rather than saying, ‘Let’s let this guy do what he wants and use him to sell tickets.'” In other words, Gil admitted that he rushed his own recovery, but believes the Wizards should have known he’d rush it, since he’s wired to do that. We would’ve loved to be in the room with the people who signed Arenas to that $111 million contract to see their reactions … The Heat announced that they’ll be retiring Tim Hardaway‘s #10 on opening night next season (versus the Knicks). OK, Golden State, what are you waiting for? … Wasn’t it just a couple months ago that Danny Ainge was talking kind of bad about Rajon Rondo and reportedly trying to trade him? Now Ainge is saying the Celtics are eager to get Rondo inked to a contract extension and “consider him a big part of our future.” Maybe watching the Summer of Stephon unfold made Ainge realize how lucky he is to have a super-talented PG who’s also sane … Going out on a limb that the 2010 NBA’s Most Improved Player won’t drop 25 points a game like Danny Granger, we rolled out our Top 5 contenders for MIP. Trevor Ariza leads the pack, followed by some other young dudes poised to blow up … The Kings just got a little more watchable, signing Desmond Mason to a one-year deal. Do you realize Des Made is going into his TENTH year in the League? It’s partially surprising because he still looks like he did in college, partially because he still has plenty of bounce in his legs, and partially because his jumper is as under-developed as a college kid’s … On the other end of the spectrum, the Blazers signed Juwan Howard. Earlier this week the team hired Hersey Hawkins to a front-office position — we’d say it’s about even odds on which guy could contribute more on the court this year. Juwan has the size and has been playing recently, but we can see The Hawk banging jumper after jumper in his face … We’re out like Run-TMC …

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    Juwan Howard is stealing from the Blazers, pulling a Donyell Marshall but who can blame him?


    Trvevor Ariza — You just went from first class to coach.


    I am a fan of Tim Hardaway. His signature moves are legendary, one of the quickest first step ever, the killer cross-over, and the UTEP steps. But what did Tim do for Miami?

    When you think of Tim Hardaway you think of his Golden State days and John Amaechi comments. Come on now, someone worthy at least.

    Next thing you know, Baby Jordan might want his jersey up there too!

  • C

    Anyone see if it was Rubio who shut down Tony Parker, or something else?

  • Korver

    it was kind of rubio and raul lopez, but mainly rubio ( + outstanding help defense all game long ) actually Spain’s coach praised rubio and lopez afterwards for the job they made on parker

  • That’s whats up

    I’ve never had much respect for Arenas’ game. He just another jacker that gets hot every 3rd or 4th game. Suspect defense. Passer? Only when he inbounds.

    The Wiz sure cold use that 111M back.

  • LB

    My eyes lit up when Rubio was matched up with Tony Parker. Too bad the matchup never lived up to the hype. So far, Rubio hasnt shown me anything worthy of the hype he’s been getting. Maybe I have unreasonable expectations? Maybe it’s just me that’s expecting me to whip out a no-look behind the back pass everytime he’s on the floor?

    Tim Hardaway definitely deserves to have his number in the rafters. I dont know whether his numbers are really HOF worthy or not, but his stamp on the game has been unmistakable. He had kids all over the world practicing that ill crossover. He had kids all over believing that they could be lethal scorers even tho they were small if they practiced and played with heart, confidence and attitude. I believe Tim Hardaway was the continuation of the small scoring guard, a tradition started by Isiah, and then continued by Allen Iverson after Hardaway. Just for these reasons alone, Tim Hardaway should have his digits retired.

  • K Dizzle

    Rudy and Pau…..stomp France. 8 and 4 don’t get you headlines in my hood

  • Kobeef

    Kobe’s getting sued again.
    Something tells me that if he can fight a rape case he can make this disappear…I wonder if the housekeeper is hot…..


  • Benoit Benjamin

    Gilbert Arenas is the highest paid 8 years old ever. The dude’s an idiot.

  • http://www.btv.com.ph/ sh!tfaced

    About time the GS Warriors give long due props to Run-TMC and retire their numbers altogether in one night.

    “They should have held me back”.
    Douchebaggery at its best right there. Hibachi can’t even take a bullet for himself.

    Must be a full moon, bat-shit-crazy day today, Rubio actually outplaying TP… a blogger like Arenas not having a twitter account… Rondo getting props from Ainge… the Heat (and not GS) retiring Hardaway’s jersey.

    …out like “Babyface” Desmond Mason.

  • http://www.btv.com.ph/ sh!tfaced

    Damn. Mr. and Mrs. Kobe are in “deep shit”…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I remember the Hardaway Heat days when he was the only player taking (and making) clutch shots in the postseason, fighting with the Knicks and being the first player to come back healthy from a serious ACL injury…

  • TJ

    Did Rubio score in double figures once in the whole tournament? He is way overhyped. I get that he did really well in the Olympics, but so did Patty Mills and people have realized that was a little bit of a mirage.

    Rubio is a good young player, not the next great NBA star.

  • Arno

    I never thought Rubio would be able to stay in front of Parker, which he did consistently.
    Any other teenager able to do it ?

  • Dayinho

    I’m French and I have to say that Rubio is a great defenser. Parker vas cut for the rest of his team, Rubio was constantly close to the steal. Big pressure!

    And he shooted well yesterday! Great game!

  • control

    I just need to make some corrections to this Smack. Normally you Dime guys are on point with it, and fucking hillarious to boot, but you guys must have been interviewing some Wizards and toking their powerful shit or something when writing this.

    1) “Ruby, Pau & Rubio stomp France”

    Rubio didn’t stomp shit. He could try to stomp a bug on the sidewalk, and he’s such a light weight that the bug would lift em up.

    2) “With both squads only missing a couple of their high-profile players — Jose Calderon and Sergio Rodriguez for Spain, Joakim Noah”

    Joakim Noah is in no way a ‘high profile player’. The only way he stands out at all is that he’s the ugliest player in the NBA.

    3) “Surely the Wizards are loving the extra swag”

    No they aren’t, they are enjoying the powerful narcotics, some of which you guys partook in.

    4) “Maybe watching the Summer of Stephon unfold made Ainge realize how lucky he is to have a super-talented PG who’s also sane”

    Rondo should never be called “super-talented”. The guy can’t even hit open lay ups, and has NEVER hit an open jump shot. He’s also not completely sane (though compared to Stephon a crazy murderer would be sane) as proven by his behavior in the play offs.

    5) “The Kings just got a little more watchable”

    No they didn’t.

    Enjoy your long weekend Dime, because it’s obvious you took this day off.

    Hilarious shit on Juwan though.

  • doc

    @Arno-A lot of people can stay in front of Tony when BIG TIM aint around drawing attention.As you seen yesterday.So much for him leading a team to 55 wins without Timmy huh?And did you ask what did Tim Hardaway do for Miami?Put them on the map as a CONTENDER when before they were a expansion team.

  • doc

    And Desmond Mason aint making nobody I know grab a seat to watch.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    What’s with all these Chicago guys going to Oregon? Juan Howard, Hershy Hawkins, Craig Robinson (Org states head coach and Barracks Brother-n-law), half of the U of Oregon basketball team is from Chicago including Mike Dunigan from Farraget Academy.
    Maybe I need to make travel plans to OR

  • http://www.btv.com.ph/ sh!tfaced

    ^^^ Lots of casinos in Oregon. Antoine Walker might be there

  • doc

    Because Kanye said Seattle was the best city of all time.

  • Boomhauer

    I look forward to seeing Gilbert and Wizards return to the playoffs where they’ll get bounced by the Cavs yet again in the 1st round.

  • .

    Is 8 points and 4 dimes in the FIBA’s really lottery pick material?

  • desmon

    It’s not far off from rubios season average of 10 and 5. Watched the game, and it was clearly not Rubio that was giving parker trouble. LOL just because Spain won, doesn’t mean that their starting 5 dominated Frances. Pau and Rudy had their way.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN STR8 UP N DOWN

    “Maybe watching the Summer of Stephon unfold made Ainge realize how lucky he is to have a super-talented PG who’s also sane.”

    (I wouldv’e never thought that – eating vaseline, crying, totin’ on camera in front of potential employers. I would’ve re-signed him asap.)

    Ainge be hatin’ on the kid cuz the kid reminds him of Ainge himself, just plain ol’ BETTER. Running around, hustling, doing the damn thing, just bigger, better, stronger, faster, and his arms are longer. And his swag is doper.

    Just my two hundredths of a buck.

  • LakeShow84

    Nah Rondo is a malcontent waiting to happen.. Ainge knows it and thats why he wanted to get rid of him.. But hes a dirty player on a dirty bumfuck team so it works.. And i dont want to hear no whining.. A team with Daniels, House, Sheed, Perkins and Rondo is a dirty team.. Powe was the only Celtic i liked and now he gone so fuck them even if they celibate..

    And dont get me started on mark ass KG and slick wit-it Allen..

    Rubio dominated?? NO DIME, Pau dominated.. dude is turning into my favorite big man quick fast in a hurry.. lol when your big out scores the opponents by double digits its like letting a RB gouge you for 100 yards.. most likely you lose..

  • control


    You forgot to include Glenn “pudgy” Davis in your dirty honorable mention.

  • doc

    Its cool being a dirty team.Obviously it can get u a chip.I wish my team was dirty.But we got a bunch of respectful losers.And Lakeshow I bet pau is your favortie big.Way to go out on a lib with that pick.

  • Arno

    @doc : TD is a great player. But Parker was unstoppable last year when Duncan was on the injured list, going once for 55, if I remember well…

  • doc

    Yeah he gave Minny 55.That was regular season though.Playoff time is when you put that real work in.Give LA,Orl,Bos, and teams like that 55 in May or later and he saying something.Putting 55 on Bassy aint as fly.I seen MJ do that after a year and some change off.TP is a hell of a PG.But he aint carrying a godamn thing except Eva’s luggage on the road.

  • doc

    As Im sure you witnessed Pau Gasol out go to guying him at will.I respect TP Arno,but when you play with the greatest you tend to be a little overrated.

  • LakeShow84

    @ DOC

    But he aint even my favorite Laker Big..

    Big Bynum Baby!! NOW THATS GOING OUT ON A LIMB..

  • OHlala

    Don’t understand the people that saw the game and actually shits on Rubio.
    I’ve seen all the games of France since many years ago and specially those of TParker with the spurs and I can’t remember any other guard that defended him so well. Including the NBA.
    He made TP 1/8 and you could see by TP’s face that he was having the trouble of his live.
    I guess people that bash Rubio think he is a great scorer but by no means has Rubio yet reached that level. He is an average shooter, (he’s getting better), but he is great defender and a great playmaker.
    He’ll be a star wherever he plays.
    Including the NBA.

  • desmon

    Rubios Stat Line. 8pts 4 assists 4 turnovers. What are you talkin about Rubio did good?? By the way, It’s a team effort, and everywhere Parker went there was another Spanish defender. Rudy killed it with 6 steals, how many did Rubio have ?? That’s right. Just cuz your on a stacked team, and didn’t do anything outta mediocre in the game.

  • DaGood

    To all the guys talking about the 8 and 4 stat line and talking shit about Rubio: NONE OF YOU UNDERSTAND BASKETBALL!!

    I watched it live and Rubio played almost to perection: he defended great, shot threes when needed, and totally understood the rhythm of the game and who needed the ball at the right time (note that this does not always mean assists, it means playing the right way within a *winning* system).

    Pau was dominating dow low, so Rubio left the scoring to him and the wing players. In my hood, that makes him a *winning* point guard and not some egotistical stat grabber.

    He dominated this game a subtlety i can’t remeber seeing in an 18 year old, despite all the hype he gets, which shows why he can be a great point guard.

  • OHlala

    no.36 DaGodd
    I sign word by word your post. You can actually know who saw the game by the way the talk about Rubio did.
    TParker is the PG, at least for me, in the world; and for sure the best PG slasher into the basket.
    He was never doubled team, exception made when he got into the paint very close to the basket; that was just a pair of times.
    They left Rubio on TP, and Rubio made a great defense.
    You never get so many stats on FIBA games. Dimes are not so triger happy to light up on your scores.
    Also for all those pepole that talk about 8/4, you simply didn’t see the game or you have no idea og what a good PG should for the team.
    Rubio can never be a top scorer on this team when you have JC Navarro, Pau and Rudy. Also he doesn’t get many times because mostly the offense in Spain comes from the hands of JC navarro.
    When he gets the ball, they start the offense. If he isn’t in the court, then they do the same with Rudy.

  • DaGood

    @OHlala exactly. He did exactly what the team needed. And as for turnovers i think even they were mostly when the game was already decided and he wasn’t concentrating so much. But when it counted, he always seem to make the right decision for his team. And the only stat which shows that is the W!

    If he can keep working on his 3pt shooting – which looked pretty good yesterday – then he’s going to be a hell of a PG by the time he’s 20y/o.

  • OHlala

    TParker has been playing mvp the whole championship.
    Today against Turkey he got again his usual stats; 28 points, 10 dimes.