NBA / Sep 3, 2009 / 11:15 am

The Denver Nuggets Need To Make This Move Right Now

Bruce Bowen

Last year the Nuggets finished 54-28, won the Northwest Division and pushed the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. What did they do this offseason? Lose Linas Kleiza to Europe, lose Dahntay Jones to Indiana and lose J.R. Smith to a seven-game suspension. So while the other elite teams in the West reloaded this summer, it’s about time Denver does the same.

On paper, the starting lineup of Chauncey Billups, J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin and Nene should be up there with the best in the League, but after those five, the depth just isn’t there anymore. Last season George Karl would start Jones at the two and bring Smith off the bench. With him gone and no forseeable starter emerging between Arron Afflalo or Renaldo Balkman, the Nuggets need to pickup a guy who can fill that defensive void.

Right now there are three guys the Nuggets have their sights on: Desmond Mason, Wally Szczerbiak and Flip Murray. While I think they would be nice additions to the roster, who the Nuggets really need to sign is Bruce Bowen.

While word is that Bowen might be announcing his retirement this afternoon, I bet he has a bit of Brett Farve in him that won’t allow him to stay away for long. Plus, a couple million dollars couldn’t hurt either.

By drafting Ty Lawson and re-signing Anthony Carter, the Nuggets should be all set at the point, but if they wanna battle each night toe-to-toe with the Western Conference elite, they need to add a guy like Bowen who will put his life on the line for a W.

What do you think? Should the Nuggets go after Bowen? Should they sign Mason, Szczerbiak or Murray?

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  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    I like this idea, be a good move.

  • DaKid

    Get Bowen. Desmond Mason would also be a good addition, imo.

  • JH

    I guess SA isn’t gonna bring Bowen back at all?

  • Sweet English

    Thats a great idea.

    Then Melo can smack guys in the face and as he turns and sprints away, Bowen can bring the pain with a size 14 to the mush aswell.

    Hows that for Defence?

  • @

    Bowen is done. His only assest was his defense, and he’s too old and slow to be effective at that anymore. He was a decent 3 point shooter, but you might as well foul him cuz he’ll miss 2 of the 3 free throws.

    Afflalo is a better defender than Bowen at this point.

    But then, I’m not a Denver fan, so maybe I do want them to make this move.

  • dk

    In more improtant news…

    cheap dirty fuck player Bruce Bowen is retireing today good fucking riddance. Pussy ass bitch couldnt get a job anywhere else, I wonder why….

  • Timmy D

    Id sign Bowen to a one year deal. Then take whoever is the cheapest of the other three to add some offense to the bench.

    Id say Mason would be the best but he might want a longer contract but they should give it a shot.

  • Chaos

    They should go out and grab desmond mason. another athletic wing who can play some d and provide energy

  • That’s whats Up

    Bowen just retired – it’s on ESPN

    he had a good run….

  • Diego

    Sign Flip! Someone under an earlier article had said flip is “unguardable” and got ridiculed, but while that may be a bit of an overstatement, fact is he is pretty much instant offense, plays a lot bigger than his size on offense, and one-on-one basically can score via jumper or drive on anyone who is going to cover him in the NBA. He was responsible for quite a few wins in Atlanta last year (and actually finished fairly high in the sixth man award voting last year).

    The, for a strictly defensive stopper for 10-15 minutes a game, skip old man Bowen, and just look for some hungry, hustling non-drafted type or developmental league unknown for real cheap $.

  • matthew

    Bowen had a great run, but he was pretty ineffective the last year or two.

  • http://vittoriodezen.wordpress.com Vittorio De Zen

    Anyone who’s thinking of Desmond Mason, please read this: http://www.basketball-reference.com/blog/?p=3220

    …and Afflalo is a big upgrade from Dahntay Jones. Don’t underestimate him, that was a fantastic signing.

  • Steve A

    Bowen is obviously done and brings nothing to the table anymore. He’s not much different than Ben Wallace. Flip would be nice off the bench, but they still don’t have anyone who can guard on the perimeter with any legit skills. That’s a huge hole and will be their downfall….

  • Kobeef

    Josh Childress is better than all of these guys and nobody wanted him.

  • Mellmeister

    Sign Flip and Start him at 2… J.R. Smith will be better off the bench to provide some spark for the nuggets. Mason is ok, 1-year deal would be fine for desmond, just to check how he’d mesh with the team…

  • Chilirey

    what is going on with D.Lee??

    Much like Boston & Indiana….Denver loves them the whiteys…ask Kobe!?!

  • Chilirey

    what is happening with D.Lee? he seems to be a quality player w/o run…
    like Boston & Indiana, Denver loves the white ballers!
    Ask Kobe about the other white meat in the CO. ha!

  • Chilirey

    sorry….but yeah…D.Lee?

  • hahns

    flip murray- guy knows how to score

  • Arrogant

    cj watson… and get one more big man

  • Ansonious

    Word the Nuggets could use Bowen defense to help contain or at least hassle the elite players on other teams like B-Roy, Kobe, Richard Jefferson, Tracy Mcgrady(just kidding he’ll more than likely stare at T-Mac while he’s on the bench from injuries,) so on and so forth. It would be nice I’m out like a healthy T-mac PEACE!

  • hoopsguru

    D. Lee would be a great fit for the Denver squad as well as for Uncle Georgie’s system. How has this guy not signed a contract yet?!?!?

    Just throwing it out there…..resign AI? Have CB and AI in the backcourt with Smith coming off the bench. AI hasnt played with a pg like Billups, it would be interesting to see to say the least and probably Iversons last legit chance at a ring.

  • sh!tfaced

    Any of the 4 will do. The Nuggets need to sign some players. They currently only have 12 players in their roster as of now, including the still unsigned(?) Birdman.

  • calvin brodus


    birdman da-day (he flies in any weather) is under contract now, 5 years…

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    Birdman resigned already.

    but bruce bowen wont help this team. he’s too slow footed now. the nuggs should really consider desmond mason heavily. he’d be a good fit off the bench and he can play the two or three position.

    one more big at the four spot wouldnt hurt either. they should consider donyell marshall; if he’s not already signed somewhere

  • Taj

    I like D-Mase the most in their system…

  • Hustlin OndaBlock

    Bowen is an old dirty player who shouldnt even be in the league. Out of those you definitely have to target DMase and Flip.

  • UpNorth

    I’ve got a feeling the Nuggets are going to end up signing Szczerbiak. I don’t really want some of the other names that have been thrown out there: Mason, McCants, Joey Graham. Desmond Mason seems delusional about how good he is, and I could see him causing some team chemistry problems when he doesn’t get the minutes he thinks he deserves. McCants, although I was a fan in college, I could see doing the same… and whenever he’s on the court, he’s a black hole. I actually don’t mind Joey Graham, but I don’t think he’s not much of an upgrade over Balkman.

    I really wish the Nuggets would have been able to re-sign Dahntay Jones, which would allow JR to come off the bench, and also keep a great perimeter defender. Having that fire power on the second unit was a killer at times, and I think they’re going to miss that. A second unit of Carter, Afflalo, Balkman, Andersen & wherever Petro, Allen, & Lawson will fit in, is obviously an offensively challenged one.

    I’d actually like to see Coby Karl get picked up. The guy has proved he can play for one of the best teams in the league, and seems to be constantly improving whenever I see him play. He’s been playing great in the D-League, and even outplayed Ty Lawson & former Nugget Sonny Weems in the squads Summer League games.

    But, as I stated at the beginning, I have a strong feeling Wally World is going to be brought in and given the green light to put ‘em up from downtown off the bench… and whoever he is matched-up with will be given the green light to blow by him while he’s attempting to play defense. (Since it looks like he struggle to walk normally)

  • weng santos

    Des Mase, please.

  • http://hoopsfreak.com The Hoops Freak

    Bruce Bowen would help the Nuggets as much as he helped the Spurs last season – Very little. He’s retiring, as he should.

  • D.H.

    To bad he announced his retirement today.

  • the cynic

    Flip could be nice, mostly because it might mean less JR Smith

  • arisloco


    Were you born just yesterday? Birdman already signed months ago. You must be a pingpong fan for not knowing that. Definitely not a Denver fan.

    Going back to the topic, I think Flip Murray is a much better addition to the team. See how he made a difference when he was with ATL. He is a better scorer than Dahntay Jones and more honest defender. Thing is just he is underrated. Not all can notice his skills because they’re more focused on each team’s superstars. Afflalo can also contribute. He’s young and more hungry to win to gain a spot at his team.

  • sh!tfaced


    LOL. yeah, my bad… haha. sorry but nothing’s been happening for the nuggets in a while that it slips your mind.

    and thanks for answering it a THIRD time. in case you missed it, the 2 posts right after already answered that one. either your blind or you really just like to nag pingpong fans.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Sign Flip Murray right away. And then sign Bowen as well, why not? They need to fill up that bench

  • http://dime fan

    FLIP MURRAY- GET RIGHT EVERYWHERE HE GOES (Philly’s Finest) You know what your getting. He plays like an all star when he gets minutes. Sasha Pavolich from Cleveland. Yatta Gaines (google) They missed their window last yr. Chauncey is older. Melo still doesn’t get it. The 1st 2 games against L.A. were a fluke for him. If he plays like that you guys could have won a ring last yr. The Difference between Star and Superstar he isn’t that yet. He plays defense sometimes and is to selfish at times. Same for J.R. undeniable talent. Could make All Star everyear. He’s as talented as Tim Thomas w a crazy physique,hops, and HAMMER but has a Jamal Crawfrod shot selection. He’s a star and not a superstar could be though. I still love him. He’s way better than Rudy Gay. Play Balkman and get a point guard of waivers. Will Conroy is available. I don’t like him but he gets it. This team hope lies with Chauncey Melo JR in that order. KMart/Nene/& the Birdster hopefully produce like last yr their a 2 or 3 seed team in the West.

  • Kamaukali

    Stay away from Wally, and while Flip would be a great offensive shot in the arm, they would have a logjam in the back court with JR, Chauncey, Anthony Carter and Ty Lawson. I say pick up “Iron Sides” Bowen if you can. At this point the chip goes through LA, and they have no one that can stay in front of KB aka “Lord of the Rings” aka “81 Lighters”.

  • Mack Brownee

    they should sign AI

  • ProphetGK

    OK Mack Brownee, clearly a retard so I ain’t wasting my time… this is a good move for the nuggs, but that’s all they did man? That’s terrible, unless they waitin for something, I wonder what that might be…

  • Melvedarat

    What everyone’s saying about D. Lee is true. This guy is a double-double every night and history tells us we can’t totally rely on K-Mart and Nene (even though they were good last year injury wise). Mason has injury problems and that’s the last thing we need more of. Flip would be a really good spark off the bench, I’m liking that move. Szczerbiak, while a good shooter, is a void in the universe on defence and the Nuggets have a more defensive-minded team now. They’re best bet is to try and get Lee for a reasonable salary and then sign Flip. Lee will be the backup big man who is actually credible (along with Birdman). And Flip would be an offensive spark off the bench. People are also severely underrating Afflalo. This guy can ball and play defence. You’ll see this year when the Nuggs go further than the Conf. Finals! Go Nuggets!

  • vin

    hmmm i go for ariza.. ahaha nxt bruce bowen eh??