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The Maine Red Claws Are My New Favorite Team

Maine Red Claws

When I was up in Springfield on Friday, before all of the Hall of Fame festivities took place, I was fortunate enough to take place in a D-League Fantasy Camp. Being coached by Bobby Simmons, Dahntay Jones, BJ Armstrong and dunk champ Dee Brown, all of the camp participants were put through what it would be like to suit up in a real NBA/D-League training camp from the training to the drills. While some of you may think that I’m on the brink of a trip to the League, unfortunately that’s not the case. But if I was, I would without a doubt want to play for the Maine Red Claws.

Perhaps that’s a crazy thing to say considering Brown is the new coach of the Springfield Armor, but when I heard that Maine was getting a D-League team (a Celtics affiliate no less), I knew I had to be a part of it. Plus, with the Bobcats being the other team associated, I’d get a chance to be scouted by MJ.

So while the Red Claws don’t even have a roster yet, my friends over at the D-League were able to sneak me a peek at their new unis. Not bad if you ask me. I hear the first 100 fans even get a free live lobster when you walk in the door. Not really, but that would be a great promotion.

If you could suit up for one of the D-League teams, which one would it be? What’s your favorite?

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  • The REAL Tyrone

    Ain’t nobody gives a shit about the Dleague y’all. The League be havin’ them cats who ain’t got no talent, them cats ain’t nothin’ more than benchwarmers. Don’t be givin no shit for dem talentless punkasses yo.

  • goonther

    @ tyrone-

    funny how you just described yourself in your own post.

    true thugs never lie,

  • goonther

    btw… skyforce and wizards have the best logos – and the thunder should just exchange their name with their d-league team … the 66ers

  • sh!tfaced

    The Cavs’ D-League team should be named the Cleveland Steamers.

  • .

    lol @2…and i second that

  • 12t

    I’m a fan of the Stampede, but that’s mostly because the city of Boise, ID is a nice place to live. Three of the guys on the team spent their Thanksgiving night/Black Friday morning singing mowtown karaoke style in a dive bar called The Office last year.

  • chiaki

    @ 2


    Tyrone acts as if he got all the talent in world..

  • NC

    As a kid that grew up with summer trips to Maine I second this article’s message.

  • Kobeef

    The D-League rules.

    It keeps chumps like Antoine Walker and JR Rider out of the NBA and helps guys who are willing to bust their ass a place in the NBA (Birdman, Pops Mensa Bonsu).. and possibly to become millionaires.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    This is cool to see for Maine!
    What city are they playing out of? Portland?

  • Reignman40

    I live in Maine and i’m very excited for this team. Danny Ainge’s son is the coach and they had an expansion draft an chose James White first!!!! Yeah the team’s located in Portland and has sold more tickets than any d-league team this year so far.

  • sh!tfaced

    Danny Ainge’s son?! Way to go, Team Nepotism.

    But ‘grats to Maine anyways.

  • Sweet English

    Tyrone just because you talk like a fucking jackass in real life doesnt mean you have type that way too.

    I’ll give it to you though, you must be one of the most gramatically correct internet wanksters i’ve ever met. Apostrophes y’all. now THATS gangsta.