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The NBA cracks down on Twitter; Allen Iverson to the Grizzlies?

The Big Tweeter

The Big Tweeter

From the best (Shaq) to the worst (Russell Westbrook) on down to the weird (Stephon Marbury), NBA players who partake in Twitter are about to get put on blast. David Stern told Yahoo! Sports yesterday that he’s about to issue some restrictions on players using Twitter and other social media, similar to what the NFL has done. “You want to make sure that pop culture doesn’t intrude on what brought us here, which is the game, and that we show the right respect for the game,” Stern said. “We just need to make sure when it’s OK to Tweet and when it’s not OK to Tweet so it at least focuses around the game. It would look unusual for a guy sitting on the bench to pick up his cell phone, and I think we can agree that he probably shouldn’t be writing e-mails. It’s not about Twitter; it’s about the line of communication. That’s what we’re focusing on.” … If you watched the WNBA All-Star Game (stop laughing), Swin Cash was on Twitter during the game, and having other players use her mobile when she wasn’t on the bench. Granted, the WNBA needs all the help they can get as far as marketing, but would Stern be OK with something like that in the NBA All-Star Game? Provided it’s somebody who’s actually funny, like Shaq or Chris Bosh or Gilbert Arenas, that could be pretty cool … (Question: If Allen Iverson is the guy you’d pinpoint if you wanted to blame the dress code on one player, would J.R. Smith or Michael Beasley take the blame for getting Stern involved in this Twitter business?) … Speaking of A.I., the Grizzlies are the new front-runner for his services, ahead of the Bobcats. Memphis has offered a one-year deal, and Iverson is reportedly going to decide on it today. In the meantime, Memphis is working out a cast of second-rate PG’s who are either too old, too inexperienced, too gunner-ish, or just not that good … If Iverson does end up with the Grizzlies and you’re coaching that team, where would you put him? Is he starting at point guard over Mike Conley? Starting at the two while O.J. Mayo plays the point? Or coming off the bench as a scoring combo guard? … Bruce Bowen announced his retirement. We’ve already been over the Hall of Fame question with Bowen, and most can agree he’s not quite on that level, but with three championships, eight All-Defensive Team selections, and a couple second-place finishes in DPOY voting, he’s at least worth getting his number retired by the Spurs, right? … In yesterday’s Bowen post, reader mtindore520 made a great point that the Lakers need to do the right thing and retire #21 for Michael Cooper. Which players in your team’s history deserve to have their number in the rafters? … The other day in Smack, we talked about the Warriors being a sleeper to watch in the West. In the East, Dime’s Gerald Narciso says to look out for the Nets. We’ve seen this before: Jersey wasn’t expected to do anything last year and fell just a few games short of the playoffs. While they’ve since lost Vince Carter, they’ve still got Devin Harris, Brook Lopez is one year better and more confident, Yi Jianlian and Terrence Williams have been getting rave reviews all summer, and Courtney Lee is gonna have a rhinosaurus-sized chip on his shoulder trying to make the Magic look bad for trading him … Stat lines from yesterday’s FIBA Americas tournament: Luis Scola dropped 25 points and 12 boards for Argentina in a win over Puerto Rico; Andy Rautins scored 23 as Canada beat Panama; Leandro Barbosa got the day off, but Brazil still 20-pieced Uruguay while Anderson Varejao posted 14 points, 10 boards and six blocks; and Francisco Garcia sat out the Dominican Republic’s win over Mexico, but Luis Flores led the way for DR with 18 points … So it turns out Dirk Nowitzki‘s reality-show-star-in-training former fiancee isn’t pregnant after all. Damn. We were kind of hoping for a scenario where Dirk and homegirl ended up screaming at each other on an episode of “Maury” while waiting for the DNA test … Did you see the Oregon/Boise State football game last night? The game itself was surprisingly one-sided and a rare defensive battle for a Pac-10/WAC matchup, but the real story happened after it was over. During the “good game”/handshake portion, Boise State DL Byron Hout ran up on Oregon RB LaGarrette Blount, talking some sh*t and popping Blount on the shoulder pads. So Blount promptly walked over to Hout and punched him in the face, dropping him with a right cross. (Hout melted to the ground just like Mr. “You mad ’cause I’m stylin’ on you.”) … All hell broke loose after that, including a near-brawl, and Blount getting dragged off the field literally kicking and screaming in a scene that looked too much like Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson getting dragged out of the Palace in ’04. No word yet on punishments, but you gotta think Blount will be suspended for a long time. As for Hout, his punishment was taking a one-hitter-quitter on national TV … We’re out like Daddy Dirk Care …

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  • M Intellect

    LOL – Mr. Oh you mad cause I’m styling on you!


  • Mark

    Random question….whatever happened to Maurice Taylor, former Clippers 1st round pick, solid player, dropped of the face of the planet?!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Mark — The last time I heard from Taylor was when the Knicks bought him out a couple years ago.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    That guy deserved to get punched in the face. Everyone has that time in their life where they really deserve it (Some guys 10-15 times a day), but nowadays it usually gets overlooked and goes by without actually getting punched in the face, that douche bag wasn’t so lucky. But Blount is an idiot. While I think it’s great some guy got lit up, it’s not only going to get him suspended for a bit, lose him money come draft time, and make him look like a dumb shit, but it’s also going to hurt his team that, to be completely honest, didn’t look like they have much room to lose star running backs. Right Cross? It looked more like a quick right jab to me.

    GP should get his number retired, if it isn’t already. And Kemp should get his number retired as well, with the special exception in case one of his 40 kids get a Thunder contract… But wait, the Fing Sonics no longer exist, what’s the haps on that Dime???

    To answer your Twitter question, I’m guessing Beas and his bag of weed. Just a shot in the dark. J.R. might be a close second though…

    I would think the Grizz should start Iverson over Conley, then have Conley come in and take the point and move Iverson over, then give AI a long rest and have Mayo come back in at the 2. But who knows what they do. Don’t want to step on anybody’s toesies. Poor little guys and their eggo waffles. But the Bobcats need him more, and he would easily start at the two there.

    I hate twitter.

  • Mark

    I just Googled him…In January, 2009, he joined the Italian Euroleague club Olimpia Milano. He had not played since January 2007

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @luckylester — Gary Payton has already said he doesn’t want OKC to retire his number; that he’d only accept his number being retired in Seattle. All the more reason why I love GP.

    Whenever/if ever they bring the Sonics back, I’d say Payton gets his #20 retired on Opening Night of their first season. Kemp should have #40 retired eventually. The big question mark is Rashard Lewis: He’s 4th all-time in scoring for the Sonics, 1st in threes, and in the Top-10 in pretty much every other category, but he was never the best player on the team and didn’t really endear himself to the fans like, say, Nate McMillan did. You could also make a good case for Xavier McDaniel getting his number retired, but I don’t think it’ll happen unless there’s a big wave of nostalgia.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester


    I love GP too. I remember the first time I saw him, I was stunned the guy was tall, having only seen him on TV and being pretty young at the time. It was at Jammin Hoops camp actually, and I had just won a few 3 on 3 games with Ridnour. Haha – Gary was one of the greatest.

    As for Rashard Lewis, I would say no – is Detlef retired? But I was never a huge fan, if he stepped inside the 3pt line now and again, that would have been better.

    I think it’s funny that the Magic GM was telling everyone that Turkolu wasn’t worth 50 mil and the Blazers are lucky he signed elsewhere when he gave Lewis 100 million – lets be honest, that shit is hilarious.

    That brings me to this, who would you rather have between those two guys?

    The Thunder have one of the greatest crop of youngsters in the league, and Oklahoma is still having trouble selling tickets. What a joke.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    I was never a huge fan of Lewis that is. Detlef was great.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    1. Detlef played for the Sonics for six years; If anything stops him from getting his number retired, it could be that he wasn’t here long enough in some people’s eyes. But I think the fact that he also played for the Huskies helps his case. It makes him even more of a local hero.

    2. I met Michael Cage and Eddie Johnson at Jammin Hoops Camp when I was a kid. When I first met GP, it was in Vegas at All-Star ’07 and we were both drunk. (At least I was.) That was fun.

  • vince

    why did you delete my links dime?


    well i posted this:

    sessions to minny (with a source)

    mike taylor to mephis (with a link)

  • Guitar Hero

    I’d like Oak’s and Starks’ number to be retired, for sure.

  • That’s whats up

    they can retire Starks’ jersey, but it should have a new number: 2-17

  • sh!tfaced

    What Stern is really saying is it’s because of Michael Beasley’s “pot culture” that there will now be twitter restrictions on players…

  • Yoshi


    Makes no sense to me at all…he comes in wins MVP and leads them to a title in his first yr there
    ‘Fo Fo Fo!’

    I guess another possible name…kind of a long shot…but Tim Hardaway having his jersey retired by Miami?? If vlade and C-webb get their retired in Sac-town don’t know y Tims shouldnt get some consideration (Turning the other cheek to his gay bashing and concentrating on his ball skills/achievements)…They’ve retired MJs and Dan Marino’s number in MIA? surely they can retire one more other player besides Zo’

  • M Intellect

    Lucky Lester – That is a great point. How is someone going to say Hedo isn’t worth $50mm when he was as big a contributor, if not a bigger contributor then his boy Rashard, who got $100mm+…

    They need to get out from under that contract. Maybe send Rashard to Philly for Elton Brand and have the sickest front court in the league with Jameer Nelson, Mikael Pietrus and Vince holding down the other spots.

    That’s 4 all-stars in one team.

  • Phileus

    I watched a vid of that fight. I’ve never seen anyone crumple so fast under one jab! He definitely deserved it. For all the people who say that “he was a pussy for throwing the punch wahhhhh,” stfu please. Trash talk after a game is just posturing, talking big because you think nothing can happen to you. Well, it can.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    I did a feature on Mo Taylor and his sneaker spot a couple issues ago in Dime. He runs a spot called Sneaker Lab down in the Houston area.

  • sh!tfaced


    Then Nick Anderson’s 0-4 jersey number won’t be far behind.

    His banner should have a special brick wall design as it’s background, instead of Orlando’s standard blue and white colors.

  • Ross

    Bowen’s 12 will be retired, along with 21, 20, and 9. Mass retired numbers = dynasty.

  • control


    Don’t know about retiring 20, not many off the bench role players who average around 14/4/4 while looking like a douche bag get retired. IF somehow he does get retired, he’d probably the worst numbers to be retired ever…

  • KenAdams

    Greg Ostertag in Utah? Wow control, 20 is better than that.

  • bobby stew

    AI would have to start with Mayo. AI has to start with a big guard so they can guard the opposing two guard. It doesn’t matter who runs the point he just needs a big guard to play with him.

  • Yoshi

    totally agree with u…and im a Laker fan!

  • Bobby Money

    Randy Breuer needs his #45 retired with the T-Wolves.

  • doc

    I would retire Coop and Bowen.All we missing in Philly is AI,Moses,and Andrew Toney.@control-Aint nobody in San An wearing that 20 when Manu done and you can book that.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO i cant see Manu’s # retired sorry Spurs fans..

    I would want Fisher’s # retired but that aint going to happen now is it??

  • Mack Brownee

    Bruce Bowen doesn’t deserve jack for all the dirty moves he’s made, almost ending players’ careers….if he deserves his number retired, then so does john salley

  • M Intellect

    Manu contributed massively on two championship teams. I’m sorry but dude should have his shit retired.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    Manu was the second best player on that team, and sometimes most important guy. Define him as a bench player, that’s fine, it lacks creativity but that’s fine. The fact that he’s willing to come off the bench gives him the nod to me. Duncan is an all time great, but Manu was just as important before he started getting whiplash from flopping all the time. I’m not a huge fan, he’s got an evil case of flop-vagitas, but he’s a great basketball player.

  • http://www.jd-shoes.com jordan 6 rings

    It doesn’t matter who runs the point he just needs a big guard to play with him.

  • Mitch

    That reference to “styling on you” iz crazy!!!!

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