• Celts Fan

    The only guys on the list (so far) that I wouldn’t take over him (for right now) are Nate Rob and Diaw. Martin’s a d@mn good player, but he’s best as a #2 or #3 unless he wants to take early vacations the rest of his career…

  • The REAL Tyrone

    Ain’t no doubt y’all that Kmart be rockkin this year yo. Cat’ real quick and got dem ability to be shootin accurately. He be dishin dopey dimes too yo.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The Real Tyrone

  • Gerald Narciso

    I love Martin’s game but it really is hard to grasp how good he is. Is he just a good player on a bad team a la Jim Jackson? Could he still be “the man” if he was on a good team? He isn’t as young as people think so I think he has to start producing wins soon before he can get as Austin put it “peer status”

  • Sacto_J

    K-Money is absolutely a borderline all-star. What will tip the scales for him will be when he learns to play tougher man to man, and when he starts dropping dimes. When that happens, no one will be able to argue his status. Until then, however, he’s just a damn efficient scorer. I sincerely love what he brings to the game and to our city (poster boy for wholesome values, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him put on a mean-face or turn down a charity or autograph,) but would like to see him get in someone’s grill and be a stopper on the defensive end. Even more than assists, this could be what sends him to the next level. This young core in Sacto has lots of promise, and it would be nice to see K-Money lead them back to the playoffs in a year or two….

  • Boombaby

    I never expected this! haha.. Of course Martin is the only who could score for the King what do you expect. Next number please.. :)

  • http://2muchswag.blogspot.com Hanleezy

    I hope Ben Gordon is ranked higher than Diaw and Nate

  • TJ

    @ Hanleezy,

    BG won’t be ranked at all since Dime put Rip Hamilton on the list already.

  • Jake

    Gerald Narciso I totally agree with you man. Its really to hard to tell whether K Mart is as good as his stats… I mean he plays for the Kings. Time will tell, especially now that the Kings have Tyreke Evans who seems like he’ll be a beast of a player. With Evans on the floor it’ll be a good test for K-Mart, to see what he’s really made of and to see how he plays with another ball-dominant player on the floor. The key ultimately is for him to stay healthy and to be productive. He’s a solid player but the question is unavoidable; is he really just the best player on a very bad team or is he actually good enough to run with the big dogs?

  • Kobeef

    Agree – K-Mart2 is a “good numbers on a bad team” unless he proves otherwise.


    You forgot he is a defensive liability. Martin might give you 20 but the other team shooting guard dropped 40. Kings lose by 20 points!

    This guy is a fraud. An All-Star he will never be! And don’t ever mention him as a go-to guy, a closer!

  • Ian

    agree with post 10 he isnt that good.

  • doc

    Give me Al Jeff and OJ.He’s okay I just dont like the softies.

  • Cozi

    Sactown local here…k mart is overrated..to be a go to guyu have to have some moves and unless it’s a catch and shoot kmart has no moves!!!..we played the cavs last year kmart had bron bron guardin him in a tie game held for the last shot and couldn’t even get a shot off!!!..no handles for a guard therefore not a go to guy!!

  • the cynic

    next medicore go-to player…. Micheal Redd

  • Spencers Mom

    K-Mart’s value is yet to be determined but I think he fits at #24 on this list thus far in his career. Whether you love or are down on him I think he has earned his props from us all. He came out of no where, worked at his game and made himself a great NBA baller. Is he a perenial all-star? No. Would every coach in the league be interested if he was available? Yes.

  • Kquaye

    K-Mart is a good player He is a borderline All Star. He’s a good shooter but he specializes in getting to the Free Throw Line to score and that is probably what makes him so injury prone.

  • http://www.kingsfans.com Willis

    I am a huge Kings fan (see website.) I’m really glad you guys are showing K$ some love. Kevin is such a great individual scorer that he would put up those stats regardless of what team he is on. He would also make a great second fiddle, because of how much he can accomplish with just a few possessions a game. Back when Bibby, Brad Miller, and Artest were on the team, Kevin got about 12 shots a game. And averaged 20 points.

    That is retardedly efficient. That is like 2k10 efficient (w/ sliders). He isn’t the type of player you can necessarily build an offense around, but he isn’t the type that needs that either. He doesn’t make his teammates better by dishing ‘dopey dimes’ because last season he averaged like 2.5 apg, but he does make them better just by creating better spacing on the floor. Which is why ‘Reke Havoc will be ROY.

  • http://www.btv.com.ph sh!tfaced

    Kevin Martin is one of the L’s most efficient players. The man can score 25 points on 10 shots given his ability to get to the line. He is one of the most resourceful scorers right now, up there with Kobe, Pierce and AI.

    If you put K-Mart on a team like, say, Denver, then the Nuggets would be giving the Lakers a run for their money. And he’d own the K-Mart nick too, taking it away from that fraud, Kenyon Martin.

  • SIR_SILK23


  • BB

    To all the haters: Yeah, he’s the best scorer on a bad team, but what the f**k does that mean? That means he’s been getting double teamed night in and night out, guarded by the opposing team’s best defender. …And you guys are still bashing him after posting one of the league’s best efficiency numbers? You guys will be sticking your foot in your mouth next season when Martin ISN’T being double teamed night in and night out, cause he’ll have Tyreke in the back-court, too.