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Updates on Iverson & Ray Felton, plus college football Saturday

Ray Felton

Ray Felton

NBA training camp is still a few weeks away, so Saturday was all about college football. Some basketball-related notes from the day’s action: Greg Paulus lost his first game as Syracuse’s starting QB, racking up 167 yards on 19-of-31 attempts with one touchdown against Minnesota, but he threw a crucial pick in overtime (‘Cuse was also 1-for-12 in converting third downs); Javier Arenas (Gilbert‘s cousin) had a handful of kick/punt returns in fifth-ranked Alabama’s win over No. 7 Virginia Tech, but didn’t break any for a long gain … With Ramon Sessions spoken for, the only two point guards anybody is looking out for in free agency are Allen Iverson and Ray Felton, and the former’s eventual destination likely has a big impact on the latter’s next move. While A.I.’s still deciding between the Grizzlies and the Bobcats (the Memphis offer is said to be worth between $3.5 and $4.5 million), Felton is negotiating with Charlotte on whether he’ll sign a multi-year deal or a one-year deal. If Iverson winds up with the ‘Cats, though, Felton could be signed-and-traded somewhere else. We said a couple months ago that Felton would be slept-on/underrated in free agency, but this is getting kind of crazy that he doesn’t have a team yet. It’s not even like A.I. where there are big question marks with chemistry issues or durability; Felton has talent, he’s young, and he’s proven himself over the last four years … Felton was in Chapel Hill this weekend for the UNC Alumni Game. Check the video posted below Smack for some of the ridiculousness Vince Carter pulled off. That guy’s supposed to be old, right? … After Canada pulled off a big upset over the Dominican Republic at the FIBA Americas tourney the other day, their bid at making the gold-medal game was cut off by Brazil. Having already qualified for the 2010 World Championships, Brazil had been resting Leandro Barbosa their last couple games, but brought him back out for the semifinal against Canada. Barbosa put up 22 points in the win, while Anderson Varejao had 16 and eight boards … In the other semifinal, Carlos Arroyo scored 19 to lead Puerto Rico over Argentina in front of their home crowd. Luis Scola dropped 31 points (9-19 FG, 13-15 FT) for the losers … Brazil/PR in the gold-medal game is gonna be like the Lakers against the Hornets. Barbosa is Kobe in FIBA (and Varejao is his Pau Gasol), just getting buckets with no mercy; Arroyo is more Chris Paul, always in total control of the PR squad whether scoring or distributing. Brazil still hasn’t lost a game when they’ve had Barbosa in this tourney, so we’ll go with them to win the whole thing … The Fab Five era isn’t over yet. C-Webb and Jalen are comfortable in the TV studio, and who knows where the hell Ray Jackson and Jimmy King have gone (maybe getting buckets in Bucharest), but Juwan Howard is still kicking. He’s scheduled to workout for the Blazers, who are also reportedly looking at Stromile Swift to add some depth to their frontcourt. Between the two, Swift obviously has more spring in his legs and stands a better chance of cracking the rotation and capitalizing off putbacks and lobs from Andre Miller, but he’s also a potential chemistry problem. Juwan will go in, do his job and not make a lot of noise. He could even teach LaMarcus Aldridge a thing or two. (Throw in your own “Howard looks younger than Greg Oden” joke) … We’re out like Paulus …

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  • Str8baller

    1st babyyyyyyyy

  • Da_Griff

    I’m totally down with Juwan in Portland. I think that would be a great fit for him.

    It’s pretty clear that Larry Brown doesn’t like Ray Felton much isn’t it? Maybe if he could shoot. I think even Iverson would be a better shooter. Has anyone heard anything about what, if anything, the bobcats have offered AI? I’m thinking they’ve not offered him a thing.

    Felton’s gonna have to take his QO.

  • that’s whats up

    crap… the GAYballer is back – hello Don Amaechi

  • Str8baller

    Why all the hate “That’s what’s up MY ASS”, LOL.

    Just gettin my smack fix, and you come and try to flex with me.

    That’s whack.

    But hey, no hard feelings kid.


  • hej

    dude , when are you guys going to write about the tarheels game .. vc stil got it

  • dk

    It would be sick if AI is putting up 25+ a game for 3.5 million this year, lmao!

  • that’s whats up

    str8baller….. back…. and back with a BANG…

    Results from Greg Oden’s Carbon 14 test are pending, but the preliminary guess is he was born sometime in the Paleolithic Era

  • antitombo

    quiubo, str8baller. i was wondering were you were at and what you thought about rubio’s intentions as you seemed to know a bit about the guy in the past. any ideas?

  • dat dood

    you are talking about vince carter. that dood is a monster. straight up smash on anybody… vc = monster….

  • Young Lebron 23

    in that video, that looked like the old vince

  • Korver

    trading Felton to get AI would be the stupidest thing on earth to do, really …

  • Josh Tha roc

    Str8baller ….. Ur battles with my man Youngfed are things of dime legend. Haha welcoMe back dude.

  • S-SiN

    That Carter Mix is INSANE!!

  • http://www.werner.com.ar andy w

    Dude, if the tourney were on TV you’d see Arroyo doing his best AI impression… there is very little “distributing” going on!

    Luifa Scola for MVP, he’s been dominant from start to finish.

  • jzsmoove

    Vince will always have a special place in Toronto fans hearts. He is cast as a villain when he comes back but in essence is just missed. my favorite dunk of Vince was in one of his All Star charity games here in Toronto. He caught an Alvin Williams (remember him?) pass from half court, caught the ball, did a between the legs, and smashed it. It was a moment that you were just sitting down, then you dont even know you are up in the midst of one collective roar. 2nd favorite is the Fred Weis dunk, “the dunk heard around the world”.

    Oden cant be that old, he was discovered by the conquistadors.

  • D.H.

    Orlando must be happy.

  • Ashlov

    For every clown that says the Magic downgraded from Hedo to Vince, that was for you. Hedo is a good player, but the Magic are about to get a go-to guy when their offense lags. Don’t sleep on the Magic this season.

  • Derik

    wow….vince really can’t jump very high anymore…

  • Taj Johnson

    You see it’s exactly that Sh#t I hate about Vince! The guy literally coasts through months of NBA season at a time and is still moderatley effective yet clearly he still has a lot in his tank! It’s why he will never amount to more than a coulda, shoulda but didn’t!

  • vince

    20th baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ab_40

    VC with a real team around him this season is gonna be fun to watch. I guess i’m semi old school now because I want him and tracy mcgrady to have good… nah great seasons

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ashlov

    please try to calm down, playa.
    It was an alumni game at UNC. You even see any defense gettin played? It was a mix of Vince gettin dunks on the break…I doubt if the lane gonna be that wide open in the l and with Dwight campin out waitin for the rock. Orlando still only 3rd best in the east…..maybe lol

  • That’s whats up

    concerning the Merriman vs. Tequila story, since when has it become a crime to choke a girl with your cock???

    If that’s the case, I deserve life without parole…

  • ck

    @K Dizzle: “…still only 3rd best in the east”.
    You know they made the Finals last year right? And that the Finals consists of one team from the West and one from the East? Right.

  • Da_Griff

    McGrady is NOT going to have a good or great season. He’ll get up once every few games, but there’s not much left in that particular tank.
    And the wheels are wobbly.

  • sh!tfaced

    Maybe the Magic need to schedule a few home games in Chapel Hill.

  • quest???

    @ Andy are u high?? are u seeing the games???
    arroyo is passing the ball…oh and btw dime,Puerto Rico is going to beat brazil to claim that gold medal….how can you compare brazil to kobe are u serious????!?!?!..here is the link to the game http://www.prnet.pr

  • IGP

    @ Dime

    Is it possible to get information on how the rest of the NBA players are doing in this tournament? I just read that Tiago Splitter got a technical from the bench in his last game, but I wanna know what him and other players on the NBA radar are doing.

  • quest??

    @ ign go to fiba.com

  • vince

    30th baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IGP

    Thanks Quest??

  • http://www.jd-shoes.com jordan 6 rings

    It was a moment that you were just sitting down, then you dont even know you are up in the midst of one collective roar. 2nd favorite is the Fred Weis dunk, “the dunk heard around the world”.

  • mr Herb

    Dime Mag = Fail

  • K Dizzle

    @ ck (post 24)

    You did read the “maybe” right?

    You do know a healthy Boston is better, right?

    You do know Cleveland made moves right?

    You do know that Toronto and Atlanta are improved right?

    You do know that Rashard is suspended for a “few” games right?