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Where Are They Now: Steve Logan

Steve Logan

The 1999-’00 Cincinnati Bearcats team was one of my favorite college squads of all time. This team was tough. Bob Huggins’ roster consisted of Kenyon Martin, Kenny Satterfield, DerMarr Johnson, Pete Mickeal, Jermaine Tate and Steve Logan. A 5-11 combo guard with a mug like DMX, Logan was like a discount Tim Hardaway the way he could break down and bully bigger guards. After Martin, K-Sat and DerMarr bounced to the League the following year, Logan took his game to new heights. As a senior at UC, Logan averaged 22 ppg and was named first team All-American by the Associated Press.

Logan was nearly drafted in the first round (meaning guaranteed money) of the 2002 Draft, but as fate would have it, he dropped to the first pick of the second round (30th overall) by Golden State. After an ugly contract holdout, Logan did not participate in Golden State’s training camp and was traded to the Mavs. That move proved to be career suicide as Logan never played a single minute in the NBA to date.

Over the years, Logan has played in the ABA, Poland, Israel and most recently Venezuela. Last year, the Venezuelan LPB league featured names like: Luis Flores, Oscar Torres, Mike Campbell, Torraye Braggs, Chris Jeffries and Carl Elliott.

Recently, Logan told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he wanted to finish school and get into coaching. “It’s a big thing to me to give back to the kids and stay in basketball,” said Logan. “I love the game of basketball. I’ve learned a lot of things to give back to players to teach them how to be good players.”

That dream might be put on hold. In early August, Logan was accused and charged with rape. This incident happened just one month after he was told that he was going to be inducted in the UC’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Was Steve Logan one of the best players never to play in the NBA?

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  • Scott

    wtf is with athletes and rape. I want to believe its always false accusations, but man, enough athletes make the headlines that way. Shit is just pathetic.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Patrick Cassidy

    Back in the HoopsTV.com days I spent a ton of time producing video pieces with that Kenyon Martin Cincy team. Logan was always one of the nicest guys on that squad, I hope those allegations aren’t true…

  • http://Dimemag.com Real

    What kind of highlight reel was that? Dajuan Wagner was killing him throughout the game nd he seemed a little slow for a point guard

  • Rafa23

    sure k-mart was part of that team? he waas drafted in 2000.

  • Rafa23

    oh, and wagner was NASTY. damn…

  • lemay33

    next question. where is Frank Williams??

  • bballinca

    Rafa23 the college basketball season end march and then the draft is in June. So K-Mart could very easily have played the ’99-00 season for Cincy, drafted in June and than play in the NBA for the ’00-01 season. Duh!!!!

  • Rafa23

    oh really? breaking news!! it was changed and first read 2000-2001. so ty ” mr basketball-brain” for the education. fucking idiot

  • sh!tfaced

    Logan could have been in the 1st round but Minnesota had to forfeit their first-round pick (as part of the Joe Smith karma).

    The 2000 Draft Class is the worst ever.

  • bballinca

    Rafa23 suuurrreeee it was!!! Don’t try to cover your mistakes. And yeah I’m the idiot, why so angry and defensive?

  • Rafa23

    its obv my first post implies he couldn’t play in 00-01 because drafted in 01. when do you think i thought the college season is? im sry, but i dont make mistakes with things like that. i was about to ask the writer to tell you he changed it, but whatever. you can ask him, mr brain.
    lmao, you were really telling ME!!(i know all these stats and dates) when the season is, wow. epic

  • Rafa23

    * drafted in 00

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    The number one rule in sports as it pertains to rookies should be: Regardless of how talented you think you are, never holdout of your first pro contract.


    I concur #13. You just got out of college, getting an NBA paycheck is more than good enough.

  • Justin Solomon

    Curious why no one is mentioning Maxiell putting in work with all those slams off of Logan’s bricks? I figured dude would at least get one shout out.

  • bballinca

    Rafa23 don’t care because I’d whoop you on the court, in school, in a career, and in the game of life! Talk all teh garbage you want as it appears you are trying to insult me with your obvious short-comings.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    That clip looked more like a post for Juanny than for Logan.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I played against Steve Logan in HS, and around in Cleveland. Easily the best player I’ve ever guarded. Likes to push off a little on leaners, but also a very nice guy. I hope those allegations aren’t true.

    If it weren’t for the legend of Goat Manigault, then yeah, I would say Logan is the best player to never make the L.

    Homicide Williams could be up their, too.

  • c-low

    ? to Sans:
    I to played against S. Logan back in high school& dude was definitely the truth. I put him in that same category as M. Cleeves. Short muscular guards who did their thing in college but pro career never took off.

    Sans what part of Cleve are you from? And what high school you play for?

  • JJ

    Remember… Lo outscored Southern Miss by himself in a game. He was the truth for sure. Damn shame if the allegations are true.

  • Zhess

    I was at this game. It still gives me chills watching Logan and Wagner giving each other buckets back and forth. Still one of the best games I’ve ever been to (HS/College/Pro).

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    thug like dmx…and then yall dime cats end the article with a rape charge?

    lol. what did yall expect?

  • billbone

    It says mug like dmx, he could be his brother. Anyway cincy used to be awesome and are making a comeback

  • http://yahoo Sydney

    I never knew my cousin had so many fans wondering where he’s at now and yes Steve Logan is my cousin and i appriciate all of the nice comments and to all of the bad comments dont be mad and dont hate!!!

  • http://eprintingonline.com/ Rick

    Played against him when he was at St Ed’s. Him and Sam Clancy were the best players I have ever played against. Awesome.