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Who’s Better: Chris Paul or Tony Parker?

CP3 vs. TP

CP3 vs. TP

We argue. You decide…

CHRIS PAUL (by Ben York)
On both sides, the argument for who is better cannot be made by simply comparing stats. On the contrary, it goes much deeper than that.

Let me start by saying that you really couldn’t go wrong with either of these players on your team. Even though I’m arguing for Chris Paul, if I had to pick which player I’d rather have in the playoffs, I would have absolutely zero hesitation in picking Tony Parker. He’s proven to be so damn good, and clutch, for the Spurs in the post-season it’s hard to make a fair comparison to Paul who has only been in the playoffs twice.

However, we’re not judging these players based on their play in the post-season, we’re analyzing who is better now.

I could sit here and rattle off some of Paul’s phenomenal stat lines that he consistently puts up, but Austin could do the same thing with Tony Parker. Thus, the real disparity between these two players is that Chris Paul is the Hornets while Tony Parker enhances the Spurs — and there is a big difference between being a team and enhancing a team.

I typically hate this analogy, but I feel it’s pertinent in this comparison: Imagine if you took both Parker and Paul away from the Spurs and Hornets, how much worse would each team be? While the Spurs success doesn’t solely rely on Tony Parker, the success of the Hornets undeniably rests with Chris Paul. If Paul doesn’t get his teammates involved, score 25 a night, or literally will the team to victory, then New Orleans doesn’t have a prayer in the world to win. Paul is quite simply the glue that holds the Hornets together, and if he isn’t on the court, the Hornets are (at best) a mediocre team.

For example, last season Chris Paul averaged about 23 ppg and 11 assists per game. The Hornets, as a team, score about 95 points per game. Consequently, Paul’s 23 points and 11 assists (which lead to between 20-30 points) legitimately account for half of the Hornets production as a team in virtually every game they play. How ridiculous/amazing is that? In addition, the Hornets were without Tyson Chandler, Peja Stojakovic, and David West for a good portion of last season, which only makes Paul’s stat line that much more remarkable.

Tony Parker, on the other hand, adds to the already great Spurs team. Rather, to put it another way, he’s not looked at like Chris Paul is to account for half of the Spurs points on a nightly basis. Parker is a fantastic player, there isn’t any doubt about that, but his role is to facilitate Gregg Popovich‘s system — not be the system.

Parker is a fantastic point guard. However, he doesn’t consistently make the players around him better regardless of the situation or who is on the court with him. Chris Paul does, and that’s why he is the better player.

Tony Parker

Tony Parker

TONY PARKER (by Austin Burton)
As much as I’ve been a blaring advocate for Tony Parker in recent years, I’d always ranked him behind Chris Paul in the “Best Point Guard on the Planet” race. That changed during this year’s playoffs.

On the surface, there wasn’t much difference in CP and TP’s brief postseasons. Both of their teams got knocked out in the first round in series that weren’t really that close. But while Paul was below-average (16.6 ppg, 10.4 apg, 1.6 spg, 41% FG) against Chauncey and the Nuggets, Parker was as dominant as a player could be in a losing effort, dropping 28.6 points, 6.8 assists and 1.2 steals against J-Kidd and the Mavs. And TP wasn’t gunning; he shot 54 percent from the field and matched his regular-season assist numbers despite San Antonio having exactly zero credible scoring threats after Tim Duncan.

When his back was against the wall, Paul sank into a corner. When the Hornets gave up early in the infamous Kobayashi Game, CP gave up with them. On the other hand, Parker responded to bleak circumstances like a predator. Going into the postseason without Manu Ginobili, the Spurs got nothing from Roger Mason, Mike Finley and their other role players. They were pretty much a two-man team, and yet Parker alone put a fright into Dallas. He owned a must-win Game Two, scoring 27 of his 38 points in the first half of a Spurs blowout. Then in a Game Four loss, Parker posted 43 points and four steals. Reminiscent of the ’07 Finals, he was San Antonio’s postseason MVP, even ahead of Duncan. Is CP capable of carrying his team like that against adversity when it matters most? Probably. But until he actually does it, “probably” is all he’s got.

Am I overrating what may simply have been a bad stretch for Paul, and a mere hot streak for Parker? Possibly. Or you could say that in those contrasting playoff performances, we got the short-film version of why TP had three championships and a Finals MVP to his name, while CP is still a conference-finals virgin.

Paul gets the nod over Parker defensively, and while TP’s passing is underrated, he is still a notch below CP in that aspect of the game. Their handle is about equal — Paul’s is just more flashy. But Parker is a much better scorer and shooter; his mid-range J is a vital part of the Spurs’ pick-and-roll, and he’s consistently among the League leaders in field-goal percentage despite being a small guard with seemingly no muscle on him.

I’ve covered this before: Parker has simply beaten everyone lined up across from him (including CP3 in their only playoff matchup), and no point guard over the last two decades has matched TP’s combined level of team and individual success. For me, that alone used to be enough to put Parker ahead of almost every PG in the world. After the ’09 playoffs, he’s advanced to the top of the class, vaulting past the NBA’s teacher’s pet in the process.

Who do you think is better?

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  • Arrogant

    Chris Paul is more complete….

  • MSkittle

    CP 3 is a much better passer so I will go with him… But good points on the Tony Parker side.

  • don cannon

    wow why even compare them lol parker isnt even a top 3 pg in his conference….and in those playoffs slow-footed jason kidd was guarding him while paul was being hounded by the likes of dahntay jones to kenyon martin….and isnt hard to be so enthusiastic in a blow out when you keep giving your teammates oppurtunities but they just cant convert or score for themselves and oh yea parker has the greatest power foward and one of the greatest international players on his team….PAUL HANDS DOWN!!!!

  • don cannon

    only things parker is better at are his drive game and being drafted into a great situation

  • Guitar Hero

    CP3 is a better passer, and is capable of controlling the tempo of the game. He’s a leader, a QB.

    TP is an amazing scorer, the fastest player in the league, and an underrated tough cluch performer.

    I’d take CP3 because of his pure PG skills, but I love Parker’s game as well.

  • ctkennedy

    i take parker cause i know for a fact he can dumb down his game i dont know if paul is like iverson and marbury in that he always need the ball im not sayin he cant do it i just havent seen so until i do i give the nod to parker thats the hardest part of basketball know u can do more but it takes away from the team if u do

  • Sanssasin

    I believe CP3 is very overhyped. I also believe this is closer than most people think. If you know nothing about the game and only watch the all-star game, then your thinking this isn’t even a comparison. You’re thinking CP3 hands down, however the basketball junkies know this is closer than appears.

    Having said all that I give a slight nod to CP3.

  • Mark

    Just cant put my finger on it why Parker isnt talked about as one of the best? Its always CP3, Dwill, Rose, Arenas, Nash, Billups, Kidd then Parker!? Maybe cos hes surrounded by so much other talent, but it cant be denied, he gets forgotten about a lot in the media

  • sweetv0mit

    Eva Longoria > CP’s baby mama

  • Mark

    Im talking Hoops not Hollywood!

  • The Real Tyrone

    Ain’t no doubt that Paul be the better baller y’all. Cat’s real quick and gots that ability to dish dope dimes. Parker be a baller too ya’ll, but he ain’t got shit on CP3 yo.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The REAL Tyrone

  • rangerjohn

    the only 2 reasons tony doesnt get love like cheapshot paul, 1st he doesnt smoke the nba pole like cp does
    2nd, he is a spur, people hate on him for that fact more then anything

  • flavur

    Why not compare chris and Deron. With this comparison though I like Tony he is fearless if he played the nuggets he would ask for more of a beating from the nuggets instead of cower in fear of them like Chris did.

  • ProphetGk

    At this moment in time, Parker is more experienced, and it shows on the court.

  • Flip

    Parker, and not just because of his resumé.

  • NL

    I’m a huge Spurs fan but CP is a more complete player. I do believe TP is underrated, though, and still has room to grow. Of course, so does CP.

  • ctkennedy

    parker can be paul but we dont know it paul can be parker i dont think u can win a title with either one bein the main guy they both got to be robin parker does it paul we just dont know

  • GayforRudy

    Ben York sucks.

  • control

    The first question you have to ask is, would Tony Parker be where he is right now if he wasn’t drafted to the Spurs and ballin with Tim Duncan his entire career?

    That being said, Tony Parker is the PERFECT player for Gregg’s system. There are maybe one or two other guards in the world who could play in that system as good as TP does. It’s a pure inside to outside system, you either pass the ball to Timmy and let him be the playmaker, or you blaze yourself into the paint and either convert or make a play for another team.

    As for Chris Paul, the guy is an amazing player, amazing play maker and pretty good scorer…but he DOES get away with quite a bit of shit on the court. Has the guy ever driven the lane without pushing off on someone? He makes his teammates better, keeps them happy while dominating the ball a little bit, and can score when needed. He’s the perfect point guard for most systems out there.

    If I had to choose between them, I’d take Chris Paul on any team except the Spurs and Magic. Tony just fits PERFECTLY on the Spurs next to Duncan, and if the Magic had a point guard like Tony with Dwight and played that same inside to outside game with all of their good 3 point shooters, it would be damn near unstoppable. Chris Paul could carry any other random group of scrubs a lot better than Tony could though.

  • Celts Fan

    @CTKennedy – Paul “dumbed down” his game fine on Team USA. This is damn close, but I’ll take Paul.

  • That’s whats Up

    cp3 pushes off on every play. He cheats.

    fuck cp3

  • That’s whats Up

    …and I believe TP has an NBA Finals MVP Award whereas CP3 has some bragging rights about getting to the playoffs….sometimes

  • ctkennedy

    @celts fan did he really dumb down his game or he just dont fit the olympic game like the nba he so known he had to be on he aint better than billiups or arenas for the olympic game

  • karizmatic

    In terms of skill Chris Paul is better but not by much. But just because TP has 3 rings and has shown he can do what it takes I have to say Tony Parker is probably the best point guard in the league right now.

    I’ll Argue top 5 pg’s in the league

    1. TP
    2. CP3
    3. Nash
    4. Billups
    5. Kidd

  • karizmatic

    Actually Deron Williams is probably better than J Kidd at this point.

  • Sanssasin

    where’s ian? he should be all over tp and this argument.

    i think the top 3 pgs are (in no order)


    as a fan of the game, you got to love the fact that we are getting back to a true pg, instead of that combo guard stuff. the pg field is one where you can’t define “the best” because it is so stacked.

    the 2 guard you can call kobe the best
    the 3 spot you can call lebron the best
    the 4 spot is a little bit convoluted
    the 5 spot you can call dwight the best

    the 1 guard is the most debatable in my opinion. and as a fan i like that, we have moved on from the allen iverson combo point guard era and have moved back to a true pg era.

  • jzsmoove

    They are even, or at least pretty close to the other. Its a draw. CP3 is just flashier thats why he may get nods for him.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Again the youngins sleep and believe the hype too much…Tony Parker is better by a long shot. Paul will eclipse him one day but it’s not now. Like I’ve said before the way you judge these things is by experience. The more experienced player wins out everytime. How can Paul be better when he has never won a championship or been to the finals?

  • Ross

    Parker wins games alone when his teammates are having off nights. Paul doesn’t do that as often. Just remember how terrible the Hornets were when everyone was injured, and it was just him.
    Oh yeah, Parker 3 rings, Paul 0 rings.

  • Celts Fan

    Either way, the top 4 pgs in the league are, without question (go w/ whatever order you prefer)
    Paul, Parker, Billups, Williams.

  • Celts Fan

    You can’t use the rings argument cuz Parker’s SA’s #2 (or #3 depending on how you feel about a healthy Manu,) while Paul is clearly the best player on the Hornets. If you switched the 2, Paul would have the rings and TP would be lighting it up for a lesser team than the Spurs with ringless fingers. It’s really, really close either way, but the rings argument doesn’t work since they have VERY different roles.

  • Mellmeister

    Who’s the better player? Trade Chris Paul for Tony Parker and you’d get the Spurs as the Champions for 2010. :) Tony Parker would still get his buckets, and his dimes… but not a ring… Surround Chris Paul with great talents… and they’ll rise to the top. by the way, him getting the Hornets to the playoffs is already an accomplishment, carrying a shitload of teammates… giving them good shots. the Kobayashi game was ridiculous though… shows what team basketball is all bout. :P and CP3 wouldn’t be able to throw a lob and catch it by himself against K-Mart and The Birdman. Hehehehe!

    Go Nuggets!!! sayin’ it sounds funny. :P

  • Mellmeister

    I Think The Questions should be…
    Who’s The Better Scoring PG? and Who’s The Better True PG?

    ‘coz playing point nowadays varies on the team you playing with.

    Who’s the Better Scoring PG? You can put TP, D-Rose, D-Will on that Category.

    Who’s the Better True PG? CP3, J-Kidd, Steve Nash.

    Using the Rings as Arguments ain’t gonna cut it out. and It’s a Shitload of

    I’m a Fan of All-Around PGs… because they make everyone around ‘em better and are MVPs of their team, while on the other hand, Parker like A.I. scores a lot but doesn’t make their teammates better.

  • willsmithismydad



  • Mellmeister

    29@Ross says:

    Parker wins games alone when his teammates are having off nights. Paul doesn’t do that as often. Just remember how terrible the Hornets were when everyone was injured, and it was just him.
    Oh yeah, Parker 3 rings, Paul 0 rings.

    The Spurs without Tony Parker, would do just fine, what the heck they would still make the playoffs…
    The Hornets without Chris Paul, wouldn’t be any better than the thunders even with emeka and David West.

    “Parker 3 rings, Paul 0 rings?”
    I don’t see Chris Paul gettin’ a ring anytime soon…
    but if he was blessed with a tim duncan and manu ginobili on his team, and just the same skills set they have on the bench, not only would PAUL get 3 rings, he’d be getting 3 finals MVPs as well. :P

    Better Scorer: Tony Parker
    Better Passer: Chris Paul
    Better Rebounder: Chris Paul
    Better Defender: Chris Paul
    Better All-Around Game: Chris Paul

    Clear Winner: CHRIS PAUL, Tony Parker ain’t even a leader, Timmy D is still the Spurs Franchise Player / Leader. He can rack it up anywhere, but no way he can carry it alone.

  • Mellmeister


    Hehehe! My Bad for the smileys… just makes me smile seeing people compare CP3 to TP. question is who’s better… not who has more rings than the other… funny how the “championship factor” kicks in when comparing players, so if i compare derek fisher to tony parker then derek fisher would be the clear winner with 4 rings.

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 23 – What?!? That makes no sense. You can’t say he can’t “dumb down his game” then say yeah, he did only cuz he wasn’t as good as someone else. You can’t have it both ways. Dude was on the Olympic team for a reason.

    @ BigShot – Parker ain’t “better by a long shot” Back that up with somethin. Rings don’t make you the better player. Parker mighta had some help from a certain future hall of famer. So is Steve Kerr better than Barkley r reggie cuz he got rings?

    Good comparison. Dudes need to stop using rings as the argument for who’s better right now. Tony’s good, CP’s good, but nobody gettin rings without a Duncan type force in the middle or a Mike/Kobe type of force. While the arguments are both good, I can’t get with that “Tony is a better shooter” junk. Not even close to true. Both players shot 50% from the field last season, but CP shot 37% from 3 compared to Tony hittin 29%…
    Sayin that Parker lit up oldman Kidd vs Chauncey slowin down a injured CP who was carryin injured teammates DWest, Peja, Peterson and Chandler actually supports CP’s argument.
    Given the choice as a Laker fan, I’d take either one, no complaints, but given that CP leads the two in points, assists, rebounds, steals, 3p%, ft%, minutes per, games played and they basically tied in field goal % plus nobody talkin about Tony makin Tim a better player, but EVERYBODY sayin how Okafor is gonna be a factor now playin with CP, I’ll take the slightly better player

  • Brado

    If the argument for CP3 being better is simply based of the fact that he is the team then it’s clear TP is the better baller. If TP doesn’t have to be the team and still performs at the level he does, just think of what he would do if he replaced CP3 in NO!

  • Matt Sturbate

    DW8 vs CP3

    Deron Williams vs Chris Paul

    PLEASE do a “Who’s Better” write-up comparing these 2

  • Amos Leak


  • Brado

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….the Dime needs to rip off the old NBA “there can only be one” split face – split D-Will and CP3 faces on the cover. There is no better two to compare in the leage.

  • matthew

    Regarding the word ‘literally':

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya

  • That’s whats Up

    please # 40

    The reason we’re discussing this is because it’s not like DIME said “Who’s better? Tim Duncan or Erick Dampier?”

    We’re discussing this because they are two badass players entering their prime. When your done gargling CP3’s Nutz, come up for air and join the discussion.

    …and cp3 still pushes off on EVERY PLAY. fuckin’ cheater.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    @ #39–
    Deron Williams is better than Chris Paul

    still gotta go with chris paul on this one. but its much closer than people think. paul is a tougher defender; although that really doesn’t mean better defender, just that he plays tougher (fights through screens and picks etc..) on defense than tony parker.

    chris paul has better range on his jump shot. chris paul is more likely (btwn the two) to get into traffice and grab a tough rebound.

    although, i believe parker to be faster and a better finisher.

    chris paul is also a more precise passer than tony parker.

  • WinDelRoj

    Paul is overrated. Parker underrated. plus kiss the rings.

  • Sanssasin

    i agree with a bunch of the posters. the best “Who’s Better” segment you guys could do is between cp3 and dwill. both came into the league at the same time, drafted next to each other, play the same position it just seems like a no-brainer to compare those 2. one is more hyped than the other.

  • sh!tfaced

    This is a better comparison than CP3 and D-Will. Paul and Parker are both ultra-quick, attack the basket, borderline ball hog point guards who sometimes dribble too much. They also both play great off the ball defense.

    CP3 is the better floor leader with more range and the better decision maker as well.

    All Parker has on CP3 is Rings and a HOT WIFE.

    Chris Paul everyday day, twice on Sunday. TP isn’t even the best player on his team.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    @ K-Dizzle the ring argument is about experience not about who he has around him. Playing in the NBA is a job and like any other job out there your always going to be better with more experience. If you never won a championship or orchestrated one like TP has then you don’t know how because you’ve never been there. If your looking to win a championship do you want someone who’s played in four championship series or someone who has never been to a championship?

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Oh and at this point and time which is what the argument is about Tony Parker is the best player on his team…if you don’t know that you haven’t watched the spurs play much last year.

  • LA`Clipperz

    Why won’t DIME put Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul?

  • Alee-Mo

    You REALLY wanna read another CP vs. Deron argument? We’ve seen that movie 800 times. I like Dime for mixing it up a little.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Oh and let’s kill that argument about CP being the better defender. Yes he gambles on D and comes up with steals but that doesn’t make you a better defender. The Spurs are one of the best defensive teams in the world for a reason. Another thing I don’t think people realize about Tony Parker is his size…he is listed at about 6’3 which is easily 3 inches taller than CP so he’s not getting bullied by bigger guards as much.

  • Rasul

    well, if I had to pick a point guard for my team, I would choose Tony Parker! I still remember how he devoured Cleveland, and to be honest Parker is unguardable! He’s not just a Point Guard, he’s one of the best scorers in the league and quiet frankly the best scorer at the point guard position.
    I don’t know the big buzz about Paul, 50% of his assists were to Chandler who is an athletic freak! If you want a good passer I still take Jason Kidd over Paul!

  • SayItAintSo

    I’d take CP3. He is a better point guard. He is a better basketball player. He has a better all around game. He does more with less. I really don’t think this should even be up for debate. I agree that TP is underrated. He is a great scorer and he is a winner. However, there is no doubt in my mind that CP3 is better.

  • SayItAintSo

    P.S. @ AB I usually follow and support your logic but to admittedly rearrange your “best PG’s on the planet” after this years playoffs is a bit silly.

    They both had losing efforts as you noted but TP put up better numbers. I don’t think that had to do so much with TP being better, but that it was more a product of who was guarding each of them.

    Billups is a bull and a defensive ace. Jason Kidd has nightmares about matching up with TP and CP3. If you switch whose guarding them, I don’t think there is any doubt that CP3 puts up ungodly numbers.

    It’s not as certain but I’d still bet that CP3 would get the better of TP had they gone head to head.

  • the cynic

    Probably CP3, but its close. If you don’t think rings matter you are crazy because if you have a ring that means you have probably played clutch basketball at the highest level and in TP’s case he was a HUGE part while CP3 can barely spell pressure. I’d still take Paul though, even if he is in love with his own handles.

  • dapro

    In comparing these two instead of just swapping player A for player B ask yourself “who is better at what their best known for?”

    Chris Paul is known for his handle and control of the game, yes he makes teammates better but he can be limited in his effective( make him score and he becomes less effective as playmaker)thus taking away from his best attribute. How dominate can he be without the ball or when the defender is physical?

    Tony Parker is a scoring pg with a nice handle and ability to make plays for others. He doesn’t need to score 30+ a night but he can and he also doesn’t need 12 assist a night but again he can if needed.

    Right now my vote is for TP, you can’t allow him to score and be the number 1 option and you can’t let him make plays for his teammates because he can kill you either way

  • Matt Sturbate

    @ 44

    I agree without a shadow of a doubt that Deron is better than CP3, but I will admit u cant lose with either one lol

  • Ian

    hehehe sorry got in late but ive always said the the top 3 are parker , deron and paul in any order u like my prob has always been when people go crazy if i say parker is the best i mean why not? i can make a case for any of the three now imo paul is the worst one of the group hes kinda overrated.

    dont bring up the role player superstar comparison is not the same we can talk rings when we talk allstars. give mitch richmonds jordans six rings and leave jordan with all his mvps trust me we would be having a whos better jordan or mitch right now.

    now just because someone is the best player in a avg team doesnt mean hes better than the third or second option of a championship team. let me ask this is stackhouse better than worthy? because stack was the man in detroit and worthy was the lakers third best player.

    they went head to head in the playoffs last year guess what happened?

    OH ONE MORE THING PARKER IS THE SPURS BEST PLAYER hes been that for 2 and a half years now.

  • Krista

    Ben, I disagree with your methodology. It’s not fair or accurate to say a player is better simply because he is surrounded by lesser talent. It might actually mean more to produce at a high level while surrounded by better players and still be able to stand out, than by “being the team.”

    A better example would be, if they exchanged teams, which team would get better, which would get worse, or would they be a wash. As a Spurs fan, I decline to opine because I doubt I could be completely unbiased, but what do you think? Would you still take CP3 if they were traded straight up?

  • BMW

    Having to do mere for you team doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re better than someone who has to do less. I mean we could swap both players and the situation would be the same as in Parker would be New Orleans and CP3 would enhance San Antonio. Parker has a lot of help in San Antonio but that doesn’t mean that he cannot run a team by himself. It’s not his fault he’s with the Spurs. At the end we’ll say that X is better just for the fact that we decide that X is better; not because you can really prove that with tangible facts. So really to me there’s not a way to answer that question.

  • ProphetGk

    D-Will is better than CP3. Forget the stats, one on one, D-Will destroys CP3 all the time! He was drafted before him for a reason…

  • ML

    What a joke. If this were who was better CP3 or Wade, or CP3 or Kobe, or CP3 or Howard, then you’d have a legit argument. CP3 is easily a top 5 player in the league. Parker is about top 25.

  • arisloco

    CP3 is an overhyped crybaby…I was thinking if he can average the same assist numbers now that Chandler is gone. Who will receive his alley-oops, Marks?hahahaha Hornets is done!

  • Cali_NBA_Fan

    Sad to say that all that talent CP is top 5 in NBA floppers.

    Don’t you love how the guy gets the the Flop Foul and still has that i got wronged look on his face.

    CP vs whoever… i pick whoever…

  • The Fake Tyrone

    Parker has the rings, the MVP trophy, and the wife. CP3 in a year or two, but right, give me Tony if we’re trying to win a title.


    CP3 is a “true” point guard than TP..

  • Titletown99030507

    You all are all stupid. Get off the pipe people. Tony over CP any f*kin day. 3 rings, Finals MVP all by himself, lightning fast and showed in the play offs against your buddy CP and used him on the final plays of that playoff game to lock down that game against the hornets. He outlasted him and he can still do it. He can take it to the rack and get you points, shoot from the outside and get you points, and yes he can pile up the assists ala Ginobili, Duncan, whoever. You people are all kinds of crazy. Tony is in his prime and will use CP again this year. Tony can be on any team in the NBA that’s one player away from going to the Finals and yes get them there and win it for them. Sorry bozo’s this coming season has Tony written all over it along with another MVP finals trophy.
    Too bad CP. Not in this lifetime! Unless of course your subing for Tony.

  • Titletown99030507

    That hornets team was basically on the verge of being an all -star team! What the hell are you thinking? It aint Tony’s fault that cheezy front office of the hornets is blowing up your team right before your eyes. Nice move hornets just trade your proven players away! CP will never have a chance for glory now. Now he’s on the wrong team. He had his chance straight up in the playoffs to punk Tony, but he couldn’t. Score Board! Look at the board that’s what matters. I’d rather be holding a Finals trophy and an MVP finals trophy instead of claiming to be the best passer in the league.
    Reality vs abstract. I’ll take Reality.

  • http://newmercyinfo.com Nellie from NO

    Chris Paul doesn’t and did not have a low post presence that commanded a double team in the playoffs, whereas Parker did (DUNCAN). Chris Paul is the Hornets is correct. Denver blew Hornets out because of a weak bench, no low post help for West, and no one to sustain a game plan once the starters were out. To argue Parker is better is like saying D-Wade won a championship without Shaq’s presence. Parker has Duncan. Paul has West,(primary shot is a jump shot.) If the Hornets were fully healthy with Chandler, the front court as a unit would’ve been better, but I’d take Duncan over the combination of West and Chandler anytime. Chris Paul makes people better. Can’t say the same for Parker unless the team won without a presence like Duncan. Sorry Burton, I’m not convinced. Even if I was not a Hornets fan, I’d still like CP3 over Parker. Steve Nash was MVP twice with less numbers, but same impact to his team as Paul. Parker, not so much. Paul finally has decent help this year (A low post Center, an off-guard that creates his own shot (Ginobli’s role), and a guy that can play PG to relieve him (Ginobli’s role as well.) Hornets now have two guys that fill Ginobli’s role, but that’s OK. Who’s better? Paul by far. Look at Nash’s MVP numbers. Numbers can lie, but impact doesn’t. CP3-mentioned in MVP race two years running.

  • biboy

    these two players are great.. they shouldn’t be compared. CP3 is a very athletic talented player, as well as TP too. but in terms of winning championships, of course parker has done a lot in his resume including the finals MVP trophy award he get last 2007 and the fact that he only falls at no.28 during the 2001 draft pick.. this players are just tremendous and it’s invalid to argue who’s better between them.

    but since i’m a SPURS fan, so i’ll go with TONY PARKER. besides, he even gets better year after year.. look on how he manage to perfect his long range jump shot last season and the transition of his ppg. and his apg. he involves the team because he understands his role as a point guard. look on how the hornets fall down from being one of the greatest contenders in the west last 2008 season in becoming the least favorite team in winning an NBA championship.. they don’t even got the chance to play in the playoffs this season due to tyson chandler’s injury.. this only means that hornets depend on the independent talents of their players resulting not to function as a team.!!!

    spurs on the other hand is a team that understand that there is no star on their team.. everybody has their roles and this belief made them to become champions.!

  • xerxes

    Cp3 is overhyped just because of his qualities, but i don’t remember a “complete” point guard achieved bigger things.
    Tp will accomplish lot.

    when a team wrests its hope in a point guard like paul, the rest is disaster such as new orleans.

    Cp can’t do what parker does especially when you need scorers, parker can take over big games.

    there are many point guards who can run a team the way paul does, but there are only few pg who can run a team anchored on pg who can make his own shots and won championships.

    tp’s clutch shots made him the best point guard.
    paul can bully parker one on one but its amazing how parker sustains his scoring ability despite his inferior muscle against cp3.

    parker did materialize the system of popovich but its he who created the system of the spurs. in fact, the spurs are lifeless and mediocre without parker’s aggresiveness. that’s why popovich allows and encourages tp to do his thing.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Big Shot – post 48
    Good point, experience is a advantage for Tony

    @ Krista – also, good point
    Point blank. If Orleans called up San Antonio right now and said “Paul for Parker” would they really say no?
    I doubt if New Orleans would take that deal

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Yeah Basketball is too hung up on Chips and gives way too much credit to guys who win as 2nd tier and 3rd tier players. Parker is a good player and would be a good player on most other teams. Paul is a great player and would be a great player in ANY ERA! Parker is a 2nd tier player and should never be in the topic of “Best at the PG” position. Paul will one day be spoke/written of in the “Best ever PG” discussion. To read some of your comments on why TP is better or how it isn’t even close is comedy at its best. Even Ben York looks moronic by saying TP is better because of playoff experience.

    These are the kind of things that make me despise this site. What’s next, you guys are going to write about how MJ isn’t the greatest player ever because Wilt, Kareem, and Big O is so much better… oh wait. The only reason I still come here daily is because it’s the only sports website my job doesn’t have blocked. Most of you should be embarrassed to call yourself basketball fans.

  • Mo

    CP had the better TS%. Deron Williams has no place in this conversation. The Jazz can beat the Hornets without Deron Williams. Deron had a bad night one night against the Hornets and the Jazz still won by 26 points. Jerry Sloan plays CP like a superstar. When CP blows by Deron, he’s greeted by the likes of AK47 or Boozer or some other Jazz player because they all have full knowledge that he’ll get by Deron. I LMAO @ people that say Deron Williams is better than Chris Paul. Deron hasn’t led the league in anything, hasn’t even sniffed the MVP conversation, hasn’t been an All-Star (although this season may be his year) and has never ever been the consensus OVERALL better player. He also needs to rebound better for his size and stop turning the ball over. And bigger does not mean you’re a better defender either. Yeah, he might can stay in front of the bigger, slower guards. But the smaller faster guards, (CP, Aaron Brooks, Parker) just blow right by him. The Jazz’s defense consists of hack, slap, grab. Hack, slap, grab. Paul is pesky, vocal and disruptive as h*ll on the defensive end. Hornets are a better defensive team when Paul is on the floor. The Jazz are a better defensive team when Deron is on the bench. But keep trying to hold on to that “Deron is better because he beats Paul head-to-head” crap if that’s the only argument you have.

  • Mo

    @Chicagorilla, I hear you. I agree. No one talks about Tony Parker OR Deron Williams possibly going down as one of the best point guards who have played the game. CP3 gets this mention though. I just recently saw a poll asking which current point guard will possibly be named one of the top 10 of all time. You know who ran away with the poll? That’s right. Chris Paul. Deron Williams had about 8% of the votes. Paul has haters. He’s reached the level of superstar hate. He must be doing something right. Like Katt Williams said if you have 20 haters you need to find a way to get 40 more of dem mutha****ers. LMAO. Why do you think there are so many polls and articles comparing Chris Paul to players? Where are the Deron Williams or Tony Parker polls comparing them to players? People want to keep measuring up to Chris Paul that’s why.

  • Mo

    Keep holding on to that “Deron is better because he beats Paul head-to-head” crap if that’s the only argument you have.

  • Mo

    I forgot to answer the question ….. Chris Paul.

  • Mo

    @BigShotBob, Paul’s ‘gambles’ pay off most of the time though don’t they? He doesn’t jeopardize his team by running out of position “just to get a steal”. He doesn’t get burned going for wrap around steals or poke from behind steals. But keep dissing his defense if it makes you feel better. I LMAO at people that keep coming up with “gambles”. But hey, if that’s all you got. All of you will realize sooner or later how good Chris Paul is. You’d better get some League Pass or something so you can help yourselves realize.

  • Mo

    Oh and let me clarify that I’m in no way saying that Tony Parker isn’t a very good player. No indeed. He’s a really, very good player. I don’t think he’s better than Chris Paul though. With all the articles and polls I’ve seen it’s obvious that Paul has become the Gold Standard for measuring point guards.

  • Mo

    No question when Dimemag wants a good conversation they’ll do something on Chris Paul vs., Lebron James vs, Kobe Bryant vs. Dwight Howard vs. These are the main names that gets the hits and conversation. You know why? Because these are the players that are the best at their positions. Dimemag.com knows what they are doing.

  • Mo

    Some of these comments are so d*mn funny! I think I’ll have to stop reading. My stomach is aching from laughter already. If I were rich I’d get you guys league pass. Starting with those that say anything about Chris Paul not taking over games. LMMFAO! GTFO. Peace.

  • Claw

    Chris Paul was in the running for MVP, Parker was hoping to make the All Star squad. Not even close.

    Terrible argument by Dime, who would you fear going against an aging Kidd or a in his prime Billups?

    What are the stats going head to head? That might be a useful statistic than playoff stats against different teams.

  • johnsacrimoni

    Hey Mo and your thousand posts-How exactly are the Jazz a better team when Deron is on the bench? Please elaborate. I watched at least 7-8 Jazz games last year and he’s a solid defender. Not lock-down, but he stays in front of his man and contests shots. I saw him block Chauncey’s three-pointer in a game.

  • Ian

    the reason paul is the one talked about is because fools that dont know shit about basketball look at the numbers and make a pick without watching any play.

    new orleans might not take that trade because the team is going nowhere but if its a team one piece away from a ring parker gets the call easy.

    its the other way around 2nd and 3rd best players dont get enought credit and people always pick the best player of a crappy team sayin oh he can carry a team. carry a team where exactly??? if anything second best players are underrated its easier to put up good stats on a bad team if u r the best player.

    funny thing is that parker has gone up vs

    and has perfect record vs them.

    again to all the the posters that dont watch the spurs parker is the spurs best player.

  • Mo

    @ian, no ian, that ain’t the reason. Paul didn’t end up MVP runner up solely based on people looking at numbers. People actually paid attention during that 07-08 season. And even though his team took a step back in 08-09, he was still in the top 5 MVP voting.

    @johnascrimoni, I thought I said the Jazz were a better DEFENSIVE team with Deron on the bench. Defensive team. If I didn’t say that, then that’s what I meant. Yeah, Deron is a ‘solid’ defender but people seem to want to argue that Deron must surely be a better defender since he’s ‘bigger’. If that’s the case Eddy Curry should be getting DPOY every single season.

  • Mo

    And again, if it weren’t for Deron and the Jazz winning the head to head matchups, Deron wouldn’t get compared to CP3 as much. Just so happens he was picked a pick ahead of CP3 in the same draft and the Jazz wins the games. If it weren’t for this there would hardly be any discussion at all. Yeah I know players at the same position are compared all the time but this tends to go overboard at times. I’m pretty sure Steve Nash and the Suns and Tony Parker and the Spurs probably win the head to heads against the Jazz so I guess this means Nash and Parker are better than Williams right? Get outta here. LOL! Why is Williams in this conversation again? Supposed to be Parker or Paul.

  • Mo

    One more thing on this subject (mainly the Deron vs. CP argument) cuz I have things to get done (I don’t know why I allow myself to get sucked into these debates. Friendly banter if nothing else) but I have seen on more than one occassion where Jazz fans on various message boards that while they love Deron dearly, they have questioned the Jazz picking Deron over CP. They love him and don’t want people to think they don’t but they have questioned whether the Jazz should have taken CP and whether Deron is a max player or not. I can almost guarantee you that Hornets fans never question having CP or whether or not he’s a max player.

  • weng santos


    TP has proven that a scoring PG can win, too.

    3 rings, finals mvp, nuf said. Since when is winning on your own terms- while doing your thing, and playing your game your way- not enough?

    CP is good too but not on the level of winning that TP’s at. Plus, Paul’s such a prima donna, and downright dirty at times. And he bitches then quits.

    You can’t tell me he’s just young and immature because TP was already winning a chip at the same age Paul is right now. Parker is not more mature because he’s older; he’s just more mature, period.

  • Ian

    williams is in the conversation and nash is just a year removed from the conversation
    dude putting up stats on an ok team gets u mvp votes if paul puts up the same numbers on the spurs and parker his numbers on the hornets parker would get more votes the thing is parker splits his stuff with duncan.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    “again to all the the posters that dont watch the spurs parker is the spurs best player.”

    I was going to respond to you, but then I saw this^^ at the end of your post. That’s the type of comment that has put you in the “I have no idea what a great basketball player is” category. 09’Parker > than 09’Duncan. I’ll believe that sh!t when I my farts start to smell like fruits and berries.

  • Ian

    believe whatever you want parker is the spurs best player and im not the only one saying it manu and duncan arent the same and parker is only getting better. arent many of you paul supporters using the mvp voting?? didnt parker finish over duncan?? didnt duncan himself say that parker was their best player this year??

    so what im supposed to take your word for it?? please just stick to your opinion of whos the best one but dont come here posting like you are the ultimate authority of whats right.

    your post is the type of thing the has put u in the “im a blind hater” category. see how dumb that sounds?

    now if im the only one sayin that parker is the man in san ant yeah call me crazy then.

  • Texas Fan

    as a spurs fan, theres no doubt that parker is the best player on the team. duncan is a legend, so theres no doubt about his importance to the team, but when it comes to whose the better player at this stage in their careers, parker is the best on the squad.

    if people hadnt noticed, the spurs are getting younger and more athletic which is basically a sign they are starting to build the team around parker, not duncan.

  • Texas Fan
  • Ashlee

    Tony is better…no contest. Chris Paul is a great PG don’t get me wrong but I think Tony has proved time and time again to be better/more consistant. And in response to Ben’s argument about Chris “being” the Hornets while Tony only “enhances” the Spurs…There’s a very simple reason for that…The Spurs are deeper talent wise. The Spurs have several VERY good players…Tony being one of the best of those. The Hornets have 1 VERY good player in Chris Paul, but his supporting cast, as you said yourself are mediocre at best. But Tony proved through the MANY injuries that the Spurs endured this past season that he is MORE than capable of “being” the team. I think Tony has been WAY underated for WAY too long. He’s amazing.

  • http://newmercyinfo.com Nellie from NO

    TP is a champion? Don’t make it sound like TP built the Spurs. This was a guy that was drafted on third base and now you all argue that he can hit a triple. CP was the center piece of a team that started from scratch. 4th overall pick (remember)? For you baseball illiterates, Parker inherited (Robinson (HOF), Duncan(HOF), Avery Johnson(Player-Coach), and Ginobli, just to name a few). With those names, that’s a guy who was on a team that already had a winning identity and an established HOF front court. Hornets don’t have such a luxury at this moment. Parker may not be breast feeding anymore, but to argue his championships is turning a blind eye to the game of basketball. Kobe, best one on one player with Shaq, that got to play one on one because of Shaq. Who, besides Paul is the player to fear on the Hornets (one on one? IT’s OK, I’ll wait. Frontcourt help counts, you prideful Texans. Don’t let your pride make you blind to reality. Oops! I may be too late.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    I don’t hate TParker. I’m from Chicago, Parker’s pops is a Chicago bred baller, and his brother played around here at Northwestern. I’ve never had a problem with him. I really don’t care for him one way or the other. I actually hated Chris Paul after watching him carve up my Illinois team when he was at Wake. Not to mention I’m a UNC fan so watching him terrorize UNC/Felton was heart breaking also. I’m also a pure basketball fan. The Spurs are boring to most but I love to watch them execute. Does that sound like a hater to you?

    As for Parker being the best player because Duncan said so. What is Duncan supposed to say? Is he supposed to sound like an ass and claim that he’s the best on the team even though he proves it daily and it shouldn’t have to be said? Have you ever played with a guy that you were better than, but during the game as he is missing shots you tell him to keep shooting because you know you need him to win? Seriously, not even going by stats (which Duncan easily wins that battle) just look at the effect he has on the game. It’s like every idiot who said Kobe was better than Shaq while Shaq was clearly the more dominating force. Up until Shaq went to Miami, he was the best player in the L. Duncan is the greatest Spur ever (Admiral could argue that point though) and he is still the man on your team. Anyone with a good understanding of how the game works would know this.

  • Ian

    well we wont agree on this one but its not like i cant make a case for parker being the best spur right now. btw thanks for bringing up the shaq kobe and idiots that think kobe was the man on that team. yes you are right td and dave are the best spurs ever followed by iceman but this isnt a career argument.

    personally i think the admiral is the greatest spur ever.

  • doc

    Tony Parker earned them rings but he earned them with the 5th best player in NBA history and the best guard from overseas.Its CP3 all day.Parker never gets double teamed.Yet CP3 shoots the same percentage damn near with a way better 3.When a great scorer can go 1 on 1 because the other team is scared of another precense the game is made way easier.Another example is Wade being able to waltz down the lane at will against Dallas because they was determined for Shaq to not get dunks.Its much harder and more draining for CP3 to do what he do.The Spurs feeds the post until the D collaspe on Tim then he swings it out and every pass from then on is ahead of the D and TP is unstoppable in some shit like that.But he couldnt take Tyson Chandler and David West to 55 wins.There is no case for Parker being the best Spur.If you think that you just love TP and this discussion is irrelevant to you.Duncan is Top 5 Ever status.He was doing the same shit when Tony was playing against French teams and yall was hyping Avery Johnson bum ass up for being a champ.

  • doc

    The discussion is D Will and CP3.@ABThat same shit you being a prisoner of the moment of(TP killing Kidd).CP did the exact same shit the year before against the same team AND beat them.So tell Tony to step it up because he could with a fucked up Tim.

  • doc

    My bad he couldnt win without a fucked up Tim.

  • Ricky

    i believe they are both good at what they are asked to do. CP is asked to direct his time…meaning, find open shots for his teammates. So his assist will be much greater than of a other point guard who is asked to contribute by putting up 20 ppg. We wont see TP average 10 apg b/c he is not asked to do that. For example, Lebron, he averages almost a triple double every game because the ball is in his hand 80% of the time so ofcourse his stats are going to be inflated. So with that said, I believe CP and TP are both great in what they do but TP i’ll give the edge because if he’s asked to dish out 10 apg, i think he is more than capable and he has clearly proven that he is the best scoring point guard in the game right now.

  • kristian

    TONY PARKER is better..

  • kristian

    watch ur words doc.!

    tim is a great basketball player no doubt.!

  • Yowiz

    For those who forgot, check Parker stats back to back in March when Ginobili and Duncan were injured : 37 pts, 12 ast, 5 rbs against the Mavs / 39 pts, 9 ast, 5 rbs against the Blazers. Oh and btw, two wins which is all that matters.
    Now, I’m not saying that he can do that on a nightly basis, but I really believe that if he was allowed to really be the number one option he could have CP3 stats, and the rings.
    So TP is my choice.

  • Coni

    CP3 is just great and Tony is too. Honestly speaking, I love both of them and the NBA organization is surely delighted to have such talents in the league.
    CP3 overrated? Maybe a little but when you see what he does you understand why he is one of the best PGs.
    TP underrated? Surely yes. Doing what he does in a very defensive style team is absolutely great. Another reason is that he is French and still a lot of Americans hate French people for obscure and retarded reasons.

    Maybe a slight advantage for TP. D Williams is good but not as good as these two, for sure.

  • baron von faulk

    Take away Chris Paul’s push-offs and flopping and I may consider him.

    Anyway, these PG’s can kill one another on any given night. Parker is one of the Top 3 point guards in the world, so is Paul.

  • http://N/A Mark0009

    To everyone saying rings dont matter – its true, at this point, they DONT. But say 10-20 years from now, assuming Paul dont get no ring(the way NO shy away from deals, I would say this is likely), people will look back and say Chis Paul was good but he aint got no ring – see Charles Barkley.

    Lets go back to the topic – CP3 or TP?

    I would say CP3 is the better all around player. He also gets props for being more creative and flashy, which is why he is so hyped in the NBA. Tony on the other hand is the better scorer. He is a better leader than everybody thinks(Gregg Popovich listens to him now, that in itself is evidence enough). He improves every year, he has that mid range game now. One can argue who is the better shooter, CP3 can hit the 3 so he has more range, Parker on the other hand cant (Its ugly even though it goes in sometimes) but he is better at the mid range game – Please note: im comparing the TP from last season not TP from 2000-2007 which all of you who says he cant shoot, think of. Next up – passing. CP3 gets this as well, he has that pass first mentality and the whole offense is centered around him ALWAYS, while TP plays by Popovic’s rules – give to Duncan or pick-and-roll, if nobody is defending go for it, if not pass. Id love to blabber here all day but I got work so ill sum it all up:

    CP3 vs TP9
    Scoring – TP
    Passing – CP3
    Leadership – TP
    Clutch – TP
    Ball Handling – even
    Defense – CP3
    All Around Game – CP3

    As some people before my post said, it depends on the current situation of a team on who would be the better PG.

  • doc

    Yeah but the stat that mattered most is all around game.And that because he French shit dont swing because his pop from the Chi.So Tony was in France because his pop was balling overseas so he was getting that chicago swagger.Im in Italy balling every winter and I bring my seed.But she from the Illadelph all day.Like Kobe.

  • Evan

    Straight wrong for even mentioning Tony Parker in the same article. Sure Tony scored more points, but even in his “down” series in the playoffs Paul still had a whole 4.0 assits more than TP, and almost half a steal. Congratulations to Parker for tearing up the statuesque Jason Kidd, but put Paul in that situation and Kidd would have left the court every night on a gurney.

  • http://N/A AgentZer0123

    You guys just wait, around Feb of 2010 you would be comparing CP3/TP to Agent Zero (assuming he doesnt get hurt again).

    Anyway, for me they are both good.

    CP3 is a dream PG for every GM out there (I think of him as the second coming of Isiah). Since he came into the league he has been spactacular. His stats are out of this world and he carry’s his team night in and night out. He can shoot, he can blow by you, he plays great defense and he can pass that basketball.

    On the other hand, TP is… well he’s been really good over the last couple of years. He has continually improved, he has added that mid range J and his basketball knowledge is superb.

    I think its a given that the other guy can do what the other guy can do. Just read the whole thread, youll see what I mean. Everyone’s saying the good side, why dont we give negative one’s this time round?

    Example, CP3’s Kobayashi game (he gave up on his team – cmon man) and the TP shouldve passed to Manu/Tim discussion.

    Ill start with CP3 Kobayashi game – he gave up because I think he felt they coudnt win because he had crappy teamates. He probably felt he needed to score 50 and dish out another 15assist for them to win. You just cant do that, you cant just sulk in a corner and stop trying. That is what separates the great playes from the good one’s. Let’s say it was TP out at NO? What would he have done? drop 50 on Denver? Probably no. Denver plays good D. drop 40? and 10assists? maybe. But we all no TP wont give up. He would never give up bacause since he was a kid in High School with Diaw (and other guys) he already had that mentality. Another thing that TP has over CP3 is that CP3 is afraid to get blocked. He is afraid PERIOD. Look up Vids of “CP3 Blocked” and youd see it in his face, the frustration, the embarassment – he’s got alot of pride. On the other hand, if TP gets blocked he would go at you harder next time. That is why, i think Ben York said this “Even though I’m arguing for Chris Paul, if I had to pick which player I’d rather have in the playoffs, I would have absolutely zero hesitation in picking Tony Parker.”

    lets expound on stuff like these. :) It kinda fun.haha

    So after all that, I would pick… Gilbert A… I mean Tony Parker.

  • http://N/A WakeGuyX

    @Evan – You said, Congratulations to Parker for tearing up the statuesque Jason Kidd, but put Paul in that situation and Kidd would have left the court every night on a gurney.

    TP was guarded by Barea 70% of the time and CP3 did have problems with Barea during the regular season.

    and you said “Straight wrong for even mentioning Tony Parker in the same article.”. Right, CP3 has to get to the conference finals first before he can be compared to Tony. Why dont people give him the credit he deserves? Because his stats are not up there like Deron/CP3/Nash? Because he’s french? because he’s a spur? because he has TD and Manu? bottom line is this guys got heart and thats something that CP3 or Deron dont have yet.

  • http://N/A Mark0009

    @Doc – I think it matters too, but to say it matters most is pesonal opinion. You see, for me, the only thing CP3 has over Parker that is really worth mentioning is his defense. Other skills, like passing and rebounding, I give a slight(just slight – given the circumstances they are in) edge to CP3. What makes CP3 seem so out of this world are his stats, his assist are off the charts because he has the ball 80% of the time, his rebounds are way up there too because who rebounds in his team anyway? Chandler wasnt around most of the time remember.

    I know why people are pissed with TP. Because their team got beat in the playoffs or something like that. Cavs fan? Phoenix? NO? Denver? Give the guy some credit. Its really like Scottie Pippen’s situation, people see the best all around player ever and they say migraine boy or mr.i wont go into the game, in reality they hate Pip cuz Magic couldnt take him 1 on 1 or thier PG couldnt set up thier offense that well cuz Pip was all over him or or they lost in the Finals cuz Pip blocked thier team’s last 3 shot attempts.

  • Alexandre

    Most of you guys say that TP does not have to carry the spurs like CP does with NO, but he actually did for a great deal of the season with both Ginobili and Duncan out and playing against the likes of Dallas and Portland at a double double rates. Therefore, TP has shown one thing. He is the Spurs when he has to and he can run the show in a Duncan less team. Right now he is playing for France and adjusting his talent to match the team’s requirement. He is a quite clever guy.