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Who’s Better: Hedo Turkoglu or Rashard Lewis?

Hedo in T-Dot

Hedo in T-Dot

We argue. You decide.

If I’m honest, I’m not a big fan of either Hedo or Rashard. In my humble opinion, I think they are both a bit overpaid, overrated, and over-hyped. However, when comparing the two in order to determine who is better, my money is undoubtedly on Hedo.

During the playoff run for the Magic last year, he was the glue that ultimately held the team together. Rashard would show up for one game, then be completely absent the next. Dwight Howard was getting double and triple-teamed in the post, Jameer Nelson was hurt, and the rest of the team was inconsistent at best. This was a time when we really were able to see how versatile of a player Hedo is, and his overall worth to a team. Hence, a subsequent $53 million dollar deal to Toronto…

Hedo’s career averages aren’t anything to write home about. But, then again, neither are Rashard’s. Hedo boasts averages of about 12 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists per game, while Rashard is good for about 17 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists each night. Rashard is probably better statistically (and will continue to be), but in this instance, the better player is determined by versatility rather than sheer numbers.

Hedo’s ultimate value and worth lie in his ability to play multiple positions on the floor and be just as effective at each. Quite simply, he has a “basketball” mind; he knows when to take over, when to slow things down, get his teammates involved, or just make the right play. Averaging about five assists in the last two seasons for the Magic, it’s clear Hedo has grown as a player and is becoming more complete.

Rashard, however, is going the other way. His scoring average decreased the last two seasons, along with his FG%, 3pt%, FT%, steals, and he’s seen an increase in the number of times he turns the ball over. Rashard is solely looked at to score the ball and shoot well from the perimeter. While there’s nothing wrong with that, Hedo can clearly do much more on the basketball court to enhance his team.

The matchup problems he creates for opposing teams are almost unrivaled. His increased ability to put the ball on the floor and drive to the basket has defenders unable to play too close to him to prevent his shot. When he does drive, he has a unique quickness and vision of the court for a man of his size (6-10) and can find other stagnant players (cough…Rashard…cough) for easy buckets.

Ultimately, what seals the deal for me in regards to Hedo, was Stan Van Gundy‘s reliance on him in the closing seconds of games (i.e. the ’08/09 playoffs) as opposed to Rashard. Hedo used a myriad of ways to beat defenders to get that last shot off, while Rashard was left standing in the corner, waiting for someone else to make something happen so he could shoot.

Hedo all the way.

Raw Lew

Raw Lew

RASHARD LEWIS (by A. Burton)
…Written under the influence of Janet Jackson’s “Got ‘Til it’s Gone”…

As a Sonics fan, I never fully appreciated Rashard Lewis when he was in Seattle. For a guy standing 6-10, built slender yet cut-up like a light heavyweight, he played a little too soft for me. He loitered around the three-point line more than I thought he should have, was never too enthusiastic about defense or rebounding, and generally put the “small” in small forward. Sure, Raw Lew had a 50-point game here and an All-Star selection there, and he ultimately left Seattle as the franchise’s fourth all-time leading scorer and Top-10 in almost every other major stat category (No. 1 in threes), but he was never totally embraced by the fan base. So when he left for Orlando in ’07 — overpaid in the eyes of most — Seattle wasn’t crying over it; especially because we had Kevin Durant (the updated version of the skinny teenager we once had in Rashard) coming in to take his place.

Since then, I’ve realized what we had in Rashard. You only need one hand to count the number of players 6-10 and up who can shoot the rock better than Rashard (and Hedo Turkoglu isn’t on that list). He led the NBA in threes last season with 220, and finished third the season before that. And while he might not do it as much as you’d like, he can effectively create his own shot off the dribble and score in the post. In Orlando’s run to the Finals, Lewis consistently delivered in crunch time, hitting rally buckets, game-winners and daggers throughout the playoffs.

Rashard has flaws, most visibly on defense and in the fact that he’s not a go-to player. He also shoots too many threes. He’s not the one to initiate an offense like Turkoglu, but will round that offense out into a lethal force with his ability to score from outside, mid-range and in the paint. He’s a specialist – a professional scorer and shooter.

At 30 years old — a seemingly young 30 compared to Hedo’s old 30 — Rashard is coming off his most complete and accomplished pro season, and he doesn’t show signs of slowing down. He averaged 17.7 points and 5.7 boards while hitting 39 percent of his threes and 83 percent at the line – numbers he then improved in the playoffs, putting up 19 points and 6.4 rebounds and outperforming Turkoglu as a scorer, shooter and rebounder. Several teams have a small forward who can run the offense; fewer have a power forward who can stretch defenses and create mismatches like Rashard, who has been the X-factor in Orlando’s success since his arrival.

After all, there’s a reason Eastern Conference coaches chose Rashard for the ’09 All-Star Game, while Hedo was left at home.

Who do you think was better?

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  • JayJay

    rashard lewis is better than hedo because he create mismatches at his position..he is deadly from outside..

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    Austin: X Factor in Orlando’s success? Come on man. As a Seattle guy, or at least living in the NW I grew up watching the Sonics, I got to see Rashard play D like a puss and treat the key like it was hot lava. Now I’m not saying he’s bad, that would be flat stupid of anyone to say, and he’s probably better than Turk, but for half the price I’ll take Turk. And throwing out something like, “rashard’s been the x factor” is going a little far, even if you’re trying to win an argument. Dwight Howard has been the X factor.

  • Nigel


    I’m taking Turk here. Even though I hated many things he did in the series against my Sixers, he is definitely a better overall player than Shard. He can handle the the ball, he’s the better shooter, he makes plays, and he can get into the paint. Shard is a better overall scorer, but he gets set up for those buckets a lot. His only real go to move is posting up. And he doesn’t do it that much. On a good night Shard will get you 27 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. But Turk can get you 24 points, 6 boards, and 7 assists on his good night. And he’ll most likely have the game winning shot initiated by his self. So I’ll take him.

  • control

    I think you gotta give it to Hedo in this battle. Maybe for the next 3 years, after that who knows.

    AB, when you make your argument based on “yeah, I know he sucks at this, and this, and this, oh yeah, and this, BUT…” you aren’t really making a strong case for your guy.

    Shard COULD have been better than Hedo, he just hasn’t put it together. Hedo has taken what he has and utilized it completely, exceeding what you’d think he could do.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Who’s better, Mr. Hanky the Christmas poo or Lil Wayne

    They both spew shit and have a huge cult like following.


  • Sanssasin

    if i am basing it solely of what’s on the court i’m going to go with mr. roids himself and say rashard lewis. if i am factoring in the “whole” package with salary and all i would probably lean towards hedo.

    it’s almost a wash between the two but once you factor salaries and all then you lean slightly towards hedo. but if it’s strictly play and salaries aside, then i would go with rashard.

  • Diego

    Hedo currently is the most overrated player in the league, but Rashard–with his monstrous contract–may be the most overpaid.

    Pick your poison.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Both are overpaid, but Shard is WAY WAY WAY more overpaid than anyone else in the L…taking Hedo.

  • scotsman

    once hedo puts up a sheer lazy season in toronto this will seem like a stupid question. im gonna have to go with shard on this one.

  • That’s whats up

    whoever’s in a contract year

  • JA

    Right now … Hedo.

    Two years out … Raw.

  • Octopus Jonny

    @7 Michael Redd, JO, Shaq, TMAC…

  • Patrick Cassidy

    On paper it looks like ‘Shard is the easy choice. Dude is super athletic, has crazy wingspan, can shoot the hell out of the ball, etc. But I just don’t think he has the killer instinct that Hedo does. Hedo doesn’t seem to disappear at crucial times and clearly wants to take every big shot. And on top of that, it seems like Turkoglu makes more than anyone in the League.

  • Michorizo

    Rashard runs funny and Hedo looks funny…I’m indecisive

  • Kobeef

    If this was a draft and we were talking about potential you would take Rashard by a landslide. The problem here is that, for whatever reason, Rashard doesn’t do many of the things he should be able to do, like slash to the basket, make plays or take over a game.

    In Rashard, you have a tall, athletic jump shooter who grabs some boards. In Hedo, you have a guy who can make your team win.

    I take Hedo for the win.

  • dagwaller


    There’s about 100 million reasons why we think of Raw as being younger than Hedo, and why he was an All-Star. (Plus, Jameer Nelson?! Really? No.) Hedo’s good at all the things you want Lewis to be better at.

    And actually, there are a lot of players just as tall as Lewis that shoot it better from distance. Troy Murphy, Okur, Bonner, Durant, Steve Novak, Tim Thomas, Bargnani, (Granger and Diaw are both 6-8), and Vlad Rad.

    BTW how funny is it that despite being 84th on the list for percentage, Al Harrington is third on the list (behind Lewis and Ray Allen) for 3pt. attempts? Hahaha no wonder the Knicks are bad.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I think hedo’s wife > rshard’s wife / gf . . .

  • http://vittoriodezen.wordpress.com Viittorio De Zen

    I’m taking Rashard. Ben York is right, they’re both overpaid, but I think Rashard is a way more talented player. Hedo’s probably a better passer, but Rashard can play in the post. Much is made of Hedo being a matchup problem, but I think that’s overdone – he plays like a big shooting guard. Rashard has the height, plus he has the speed to get past guys. If I’m a defender, I’d much rather go up against Hedo than Rashard. And, although neither is a defensive genius, it was impressive that Rashard was able to play out of position at the 4 last season and not get killed.

  • mellmeister

    @12 Patrick cassidy?

    “Dude is super athletic, has crazy wingspan, can shoot the hell out of the ball, etc. But I just don’t think he has the killer instinct that Hedo does.”

    Are you F*ckin’ kiddin’ me?
    Super Athletic, Rashard doesn’t even know how to use his size when he’s playing smaller men… you’d rarely see him go hard to the hoop… for a player his size, it’s supposed to be just a plus to have your ways beyond the arc… but he’s been living there since he got to the league… he’s overpaid paid, can’t even create for his teammates…. Hedo is the better pick, overpaid as well, but you have to consider the amount of dough rashard is commanding… the 2nd coming of allan houston, without the highlight reels… (overpaid, under performance) :P

  • No Deal

    Call me childish but I laugh every time I see the back of Bonner’s jersey.

    How about “Who’s Better: Matt Bonner or Brian Scalabrine?”

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Hedo can play four positions and the Kings originally drafted him to be their point guard enough said I pick Hedo. IMO Raw Lew has under achieved his whole career.

  • http://dimemag.com Ben York

    @No Deal – How did we not think of that? haha. Bonner vs. Scalabrine would be an epic match-up. AB, you down?

  • Ric Hardwood

    Hedo… He passes and he took on the harder defensive assignments when it was time to play defense against the Lakers (Kobe), Celtics (Pierce), and Cleveland (LeBron). Who was Rashard guarding? Lakers (Not Kobe and obviously not Gasol who shot 60% from the field), Celtics (Big Baby – who actually increased his season averages despite the athletic disadvantage) , and Cleveland (Varejao). Rashard is a 6’10” version of Michael Redd. He’ll get stats but you are not winning if he’s the guy you’re counting on. Hedo is more of a team player.

  • TheQuestion03

    Bonner is way better than Scalabrine….and other than the red hair and unathletic body types (well, thats an understatement for Scalabrine), the two share nothing in common…

    And Hedo is better. He’s just as good of a shooter, but he can shoot of the dribble better, can put the ball on the floor, is a better defender, playmaker. Rashard is a slightly better athlete.

  • Jayo

    Gotta go with Hedo. Raw is athletic but all he seems to wanna do is shoot 3s. Hedo does more things on the court with less athleticism than Raw. Plus I knew Raw was a soft player from the moment he was crying in the Green Room at the NBA draft.

  • LakeShow84

    I’d take Shard cuz Hedo has been looking DISGUSTING this offseason..

    Like he got paid and now he chillin.. So if im going for NOW i’d take Shard.. plus Shard hit a lot of big shots in the playoffs..

    Who’s better Scalabrine or Bonner??

    Dude.. i mean.. dude..

  • Some Guy

    You guys should have called this article “Who’s Worse: Hedo or Rashard”. You really laid into them.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Wow. The thing that I love about this matchup is that these guys were teammates for a couple years and went to the NBA Finals together, making it that much harder to judge success. This year should show who flourishes more, because both of these guys used to feed off each other.

    But if I had to have one on my team, I think I’d have to take Rashard Lewis.

  • sh!tfaced

    “Who’s better Scalabrine or Bonner?”
    “Who’s Worse: Hedo or Rashard”

    LMFAO. Couldn’t have said it any better.

    Both are versatile, mobile, overpaid, inconsistent big men who can play both forward spots but rely too much on shooting threes. Clutch players who have a tendency to disappear occasionally.

    But I’m going with Hedo, because Rashard is pretty much useless when his outside shot abandons him, unlike Hedo who can still do other things when his shots aren’t dropping.

    And because Hedo can do it without the roids.

  • the cynic

    Turk. Raw Lew was clutch for the first in his career in playoffs rounds 1-3, but he only showed up for one half of basketball in the finals. This probably wouldn’t even be close if Turk didn’t spend so much time banging his wife and hanging out at the club forcing him to sleep walk through a game every now and then; of course I’d probably be the same way

  • George W Kush Sr

    I’m going with Hedo on this one too.

    This is a lot like the Drexler vs Miller situation. Rashard can shoot the lights out but Hedo is doing more. And its not like Hedo’s got a bad shot either, boy can shoot it out with the best of em. I remember when he played behind Peja, Hedo came on the court just to shoot 3’s, a lot like Rashard’s current role.

    Lewis is obviously skilled and more athletically gifted, but Hedo does more for you throughout the game.

  • http://nadim-thetake.blogspot.com Nadim

    I take Hedo, b/c he’s the kind of player who can literally go 1 for 15 from the field and still be a major asset to his team by getting points from the free throw line and finding guys for alley-oops and wide open 3s.

    Rashard is a one-dimensional offensive player, who can be taken out of a game. Pau Gasol(!) manhandled him in the Laker series. He has no idea how to drive to the basket that when he tries to it verges on comical…seriously, why would a 6-10 guy shoot a floater?!

    Don’t get me wrong Rashard can be matchup nightmare for some teams (Celtics w/o KG and Rasheed Wallace), but if you have the right personnel then you’re team can completely shutdown Rashard and make him a non-factor. All it takes is a tall defender who can move his feet to guard Rashard (KG would have destroyed Shard).

    Meanwhile there is not a defender in the league who can completely take out Hedo. He may not shoot it like Rashard, but there is no other 6-10 guy with the versatility of Hedo. If you take away his shot, he’ll drive to the basket, if you send extra guys for his dribble penetration then he’ll find the open man. Hedo is an asset even if he has an off shooting night, the same can’t be said for Shard.

    (BTW even though it may look like I’m trashing Rashard, I really do like his game and oddly enough I think that both Rashard and Hedo will suffer from not playing with each other, as their skills meshed very well)

  • Sanssasin

    dime’s gotta do the bonner scalabrine thing.

    what about doing a kwame vs darko??? both picked ridiculously high and both suck some major ass.

  • Mike

    Hedo > Soft-ass Rashard

  • sh!tfaced

    Kwame vs Darko.

    Jerome James vs Eddy Curry.

    Mardy Collins vs Kevin Ollie.

    Collins vs Collins (Jason & Jarron).

    Shelden vs Candace.

  • http://www.twitter.com/AustinatDIMEmag Austin Burton

    @Ben — Ha! Only problem is Bonner is clearly much better than Scalabrine. I like Collins vs. Collins, though.

  • jzsmoove

    Hedo (multidimensional) > Lewis (shooter)

    Bonner > Scalabrine

    Darko > Kwame

    Curry > James

  • jzsmoove

    Collins (garbage) = Collins (garbage)

  • johnsacrimoni

    Kwame Jarron Collins
    Mardy Collins < Kevin Ollie
    Shelden Rashard (but they’re both extremely overrated)
    Bonner > Scal (landslide)
    Jerome James vs. Eddy Curry you can’t compare corpses

  • johnsacrimoni

    Sorry post got messed up

    Kwame < Darko

    Mardy Collins Rashard (but they’re both extremely overrated)

    Jason Collins > Jarron Collins

    Bonner > Scal (landslide)

    Shelden < Candace

    Jerome James vs Eddy Curry you can’t compare corpses

  • johnsacrimoni

    I give up.

  • ProphetGK

    Rashard by seven light years…Hedo gotta grow into his Spock ears..

  • Diego

    Yeah, man. Bonner is way better than Scal. Bonner had to work his way into the NBA, then Toronto rotation, then S.A. rotation. And don’t bank on Ratliff, McDyess or Haslip to snag Bonner’s spot in the starting 5 next year. He is a nice role player, who happens to look like Opie. (He also was great at Florida and the best player ever to come out of N.H. high school (okay, maybe not a hotbed of talent there).)

    Scal is just the token Celtic redhead–as there is a hidden clause in the Celtics organizational bylaws from way back that mandate at least 1 redhead (e.g,. Dave Cowans, Walton, Jerry Sichting, D.J., etc., etc.).

  • LukeCage22

    Hedo is better because he can do more. Rashard is better at what he does, than Hedo, but Hedo is better at most everything else than Rasharad, and he also has the ball in his hands more, therefore is expected to make more positive things happen on the court.

  • Dom

    lewis was clutch, during the playoffs and during the finals. The talk was Hedo was injured during the playoffs. Greatly affecting his effectiveness. I know a
    lot of people think Lewis isn’t worth the money. He cranked it during the post season. They are both very good players. And, were equally valuable to the Magic
    Last year.

  • doc

    Im gonna sit this one out.I just cant give any one of these Mr.Softies better status.

  • aL

    I’d say Hedo. Hedo has excellent passing ability for a 6’10 SF. He’s also a fucking meng shooter. Soooo clutch.

  • hahns

    “he can effectively create his own shot off the dribble”

    what a crock…i dont think ive EVER seen rashard lewis succesfully create his own shot or shoot off the dribble. the only thing the guy can do is catch and shoot. this is why he will NEVER avg 20 points a game. guy is WORTHLESS without someone passing him the ball.

    all those ppl that say rashard lewis is athletic don’t know what they’re talking about. guy does not know how to use his size at all. he got swatted at the rim on his drives allll the time during the playoffs.

    That all being said……….
    hedo = jack of all trades, rashard hired gun

    take your pick…id personally rather have rashard as long as i have a point guard that can get him the ball- which he has in orlando w/ jameer.

    great match up though…

    i was also wondering during the playoffs, who is a better player right now- Ray Allen or Rashard and Ray Allen or Ben Gordon

  • Ian

    lol that was perfect

    hedo easy over shard for me and other than the hair and body type scal isnt close to bonner on anything.

  • arisloco

    We can’t really say who’s better right now since they just both played for the same team last season. Maybe wait another season and raise this topic up again.

  • Dial up

    Obviously if the Raptor’s kick the Magic’s arse when they meet we will know who’s better. Who know’s until then.


    Diego@post 43

    Whoa?! D.J., Dennis Johnson was redhead???

  • Diego

    Yup, I do believe DJ had a little redhead tinge thing going (as does Delonte, I also believe–hey, another former Celtic)–and DJ had loads of freckles to go with it.

  • snyde

    anyone that takes turk in this situation is f’n crazy. its shard by a longshot. turk is the most overrated player maybe league-wide. as a magic fan, for the entire regular season i wanted us to drop hedo and re-sign gortat. he was downright terrible this year. he was even terrible in the philly series minus that great 3-ball he drained to win it. the guy had 4 good games in the playoffs and everyone thinks he’s the straw that stirs the drink. NEWSFLASH! Shard gets to the magic and they go from 40 wins to 52 then 52 to 59. Not a coincidence. not to mention shard’s post-game (the turnaround fadeaway from the baseline) is one of the nastiest moves in the NBA today. AND his defense is 100x better than Turk’s. This isn’t even a debate to me or most other Magic fans.

  • snyde

    and nigel, the fact that you said Turk is a better shooter is unbelievable. you obviously havent watched many magic games. shard is a waaaaaaaay better shooter than turk.

  • snyde

    and to the people that say “hedo seems to hit way more big shots.” wtf games are you guys watching? hedo made probably 3-4 gamewinners this year and missed at least 10. shard hit 2 in the cleveland series alone. im completely dumbfounded by how overrated hedo has become since he had that 1 amazing game against boston. people seem to think hedo was the reason the magic beat cleveland. um…let me spell it out for you guys…D-W-I-G-H-T H-O-W-A-R-D. Shit, I could’ve tossed the P&R pass to dwight he was flying by big Z so easily. i really wish people wouldve watched more magic games this year bc everyone bases their opinion of how the Magic were run last year off of 2 freaking playoff games. Turk makes terrible decisions all season long, yet has 2 great games and suddenly hes this amazing player. Toronto is in for a rude awakening.

  • doc

    I feel you snyde.

  • Real Basketball i.Q.

    Hedo Turk is a guy who needs the ball (ball hog) to make himself look good and Orlando needed that before last season, however something happened, a true PG emerged in Jameer Nelson and the ‘ball hog’ Hedo didnt have the ball in his hands as much and subsequently, his numbers went down b/c of this as he averaged about 12pts,4asts,2-3rebs. That emergence of Nelson allowed more people to touch the rock getting LEwis and Nelson into the Allstar game w/Howard… all this was before the Jameer Nelson injury.
    Afterwards, Hedo was needed again. W/no true ball handeler, he’d bring it up the court (making him look versatile) AND making the decision whether Dwight/Lewis was gonna get more shots than himself. This (ballhog) decision making boosted his stats and everyone elses went down. W/that said, are we making the right comparison here? Turk fronted as a PG and Orlando came to the decision letting him go (in my eyes) when Boston took them 7games w/o KG…
    One game, Dwight had 7shots…7shots?!!!! That is ball hogging at its best.
    Meanwhile, Lewis averaged more points&rebs w/o touching the rock as much. Did anyone notice where Lewis would start his offensive attack vs Hedo?
    Lewis knows he has a height advantage and Hedo doesnt as he’d be trying to race around PG’s at the top of the key… I guess he doesnt know he’s slow as a snail either.
    Rashard wont ball hog and wont take food outta Dwight’s mouth, thats why he’s still there and Turk’s gone.
    7shots…WOW. get the hell outta here.

  • http://www.orlandosentinel.com sentinel

    You seriously have no “Real Basketball i.Q”.

    “W/no true ball handeler, he’d bring it up the court (making him look versatile) AND making the decision whether Dwight/Lewis was gonna get more shots than himself”

    Are you dumb? He was playing PG, your job’s to bring it up-court and create.

    Just go watch last year again, looks like it will take a few times for you to understand.

    As much as I love Lewis and am looking forward to VC, Hedo is a much more talented player than Rashard. Give him the credit he deserves, ’cause he delivered in those playoffs. (watch the Sixers, Celtics and Cavs series again if you still have doubts)

  • GURU

    Players like Turkoglu will never go to the all-star (this is a bussines after all) CKAMAN / Gasol Brothers / OKUR are very effective cause they can score 20 pts with only 2 shoots missed, but all you can see is RGAY and BDavis who got also 20 PTS but missed 20 shoots…

    Last year when Lewis went to the all-star ( i said to myself he`s going cause he is an american player)…
    2008 HEDO averaged 19.5 PTS / 5.7 REB / 5 ASS he was their best player, the go to guy the one who made those last second shots…
    Last season he was still their best player in the playoffs, stil making last second shots and taking over the team, averaging almost a triple double in some series…

    But he isnt a (NBA market player*).

    *eg: If you go to the NBA all-star ballot you will see that they tend to change the players positions according to their needs…

    *eg:CKAMAM LA CLIPPERS BEST PLAYER SO FAR THIS SEASON (CENTER) its not even in the ballot and Camby is…

    D.LEE (C or a PF)(Bargnani C or a PF) Vince and TMAC have been SF and SG…

    PS:TIM duncan isnt a PF, not even in the Admiral years…