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Wizards aiming high; Garnett, J-Smoove dealing with injuries

Antawn Jamison

Antawn Jamison

A couple months ago, one of our writers picked the Wizards to make a return to the playoffs in 2010, slotting them eighth or ninth in the East. A lot of readers thought that was way too low; they had the crew of Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, a returning Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood, new pickups Randy Foye and Mike Miller, and young’uns Andray Blatche, Nick Young and JaVale McGee finishing as high as fourth in the East. Now Jamison is taking it a step further. In yesterday’s Washington Post, Jamison said he believes the Wizards can win a championship next year. Granted, just about every ballplayer (except Stephen Jackson) will say that when they’re still weeks away from training camp, but Jamison got specific with his, claiming the Wizards are in the same class with Orlando, Cleveland and Boston. Do you think he’s talking crazy, or are the Wizards legit like that? … Speaking of the Celtics, with all due respect to Pierce, Ray, Rondo and Scalabrine, Boston’s title hopes rest on the shoulders (well, the knees) of Kevin Garnett. The Boston Globe had an updare on KG, who’s been working out but has yet to get in a serious five-on-five run this offseason due to the program the team has him on. “He’s anxious and he has a ton of energy, but I think he gets it,” Danny Ainge said. “We don’t have bodyguards on him to keep him from working too hard.” If it were any other player, we could be 100% sure that’s a joke. With KG, you realistically might have to pay some offensive linemen-looking cats to keep him out of the gym. Anticipate a slow start to the season for Garnett, but for the Celts’ sake, he’ll round into shape in time for when it really matters … One Eastern Conference kinda-contender nobody’s really talking about is Atlanta. They’ve also got an injury issue with their starting power forward, but thankfully it’s nothing as serious as KG. Josh Smith cut his left (shooting) hand during a workout so badly that he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I could see all the way through there. It was split open, like somebody took some scissors and just cut it right open.” In classic J-Smoove fashion, he hurt himself on the rim while trying to spike somebody’s shot to Decatur. He got stitched up and should be fine … KG and Josh didn’t make the list of 5 contenders for Defensive Player of the Year in 2010. You can probably guess one of the guys who did; the other four might surprise you … Tim Thomas will have surgery on his right knee later this month, an injury he suffered during a pickup game. (Who knew?) Originally it was reported Thomas would be sidelined up to eight weeks, but now the return date is officially TBA. Maybe Tim has had the right idea all these years: Playing hard only leads to trouble … Stat lines from Wednesday’s action at the FIBA European Championships: Pau Gasol posted 20 points and three blocks and J.C. Navarro scored 23 in Spain’s win over Poland (Ricky Rubio recorded two points and four assists), while Marcin Gortat had 12 points and 12 boards; point guard Milos Teodosic posted 20 points and 12 dimes to lead Serbia over Lithuania; and Boki Nachbar led Slovenia with 16 points in a win over Turkey, who got 12 points from Hedo Turkoglu … The basketball world suffered two losses yesterday, as Indiana Pacers co-owner Mel Simon passed away at 82 years old, and NCAA president Myles Brand lost his battle with cancer at age 67. Thoughts and prayers go out to both their families and organizations … Continuing with our ranking of the NBA’s Top 30 go-to guys, Boris Diaw checked in at #29 yesterday. Some of us in the office agreed with some of the readers that Diaw shouldn’t be ahead of Rip Hamilton, but our guy has his reasons. Check it out HERE, and come back later today for #28 … In minor role-player news, the Pacers are reportedly close to a deal with Luther Head, and the Clippers re-signed Brian Skinner. Soon after, Brian Skinner’s Stupid Beard was offered an $8.00 buyout. Normally we’d say every NBA team can use a veteran big man like Skinner for his rebounding/screens/dirty work and all that, but honestly? He’s just somebody for Blake Griffin to dunk on in practice … We’re out like the stupid beard …

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  • chiaki

    very early smack today..

    the wizards’ season still rest on agent zero.. if he comes back to where he used to be, they can go to the playoffs..

    but still they have a long shot at the title..

  • sh!tfaced

    didn’t arenas say that in 2008, that they had the real big three and not boston?

    this year its jamison. the same class as cleveland, orlando and boston my ass. like foye and mike miller are in the same class as vince carter, rasheed and shaq.

    its good to have confidence, but its confidence for shit.

  • http://none Tululululu

    Haha..Tim Thomas “playing hard only leads to trouble” classic

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    i can see what ‘Twan is thinking – that’s for sure. i mean Mike Miller and Randy Foye are nice pieces for that team, and Gilbert, at the top of his game, is as unguardable as anyone, at least when he’s feeling it. And talk about a guy that loves that last shot, his percentage under 30 seconds left in a game has to be up around 90.

    I think those top 3 will be solid, and Miller does a lot of things well, but this team’s playoff success will depend on Haywood and Blatche and McGee – they need more defense from their bigs. And I would still like to know what Haywood has ever done to be listed as a nice option… The size and ability, i’ll give him that, but the production…. crickets.

    thanks for doing work dime, daily entertainment in the league is a nice free option to have.


    This is what I don’t get! Lebron is one superstar while Washing has 3 superstars. One defense Lebron can only guard one of the three. That leaves who to operate. Washington wouldn’t beat Cleveland before the arrival of Shaq, how are they going to beat Cleveland now?

    Boston and Orlando added personnel while Washington is betting the season on Zero knee.

    If they want to step it up a notch, start by playing Defense, especially Jamison!

  • chancepassenger

    rubio with 2 points and 4 assists??? what are his averages for the FIBA tournament? maybe he was telling the truth when he said he wasn’t ready for the NBA. Kid would have been eaten alive by CP3, Deron, and Parker…

  • K Dizzle

    3, Deron and Parker eat EVERYBODY up


    Please add Derrick Rose to the list of CP3, D-Will, and Parker!

  • yoda

    ” If it were any other player, we could be 100% sure that’s a joke. With KG, you realistically might have to pay some offensive linemen-looking cats to keep him out of the gym.”

    Kobe is another guy who could be hardly kept out of the gym.

  • nobs6669

    if arenas would duplicate his 2005-207 game. plus a steady and healthy caron butler and a solid 48 minutes of offense and defence in their 4(jamison, blatche, mcguire)and 5(haywoodm, mcgee, obero) position. they could join the 60 win club easily and the mix for the nba champion

    rubio defensively can keep up with the best point guard but offensively? he would make some highlight passes but he would have difficulty for his perimeter scoring.

  • nobs6669

    have you watch the 2006 playoff wizards against cavs that was classic. you would either choose any of those team but 1 team should win and that is cavs. lebron james is the only allstar in that line-up but he always have a very solid supporting cast


    Name Lebron 2006 supporting cast, Big Z, Anderson Vagina, Boobie, and so on.

    3 stars versus 1 star? I understand the supporting cast/role players but we are talking about 3 perennial All-Stars versus 1 star?

    It is like not Kobe and his scrubs or Mike Jordan, that is totally different. We are talking about team play!


    The doggone freaking Hawks should have beat Cleveland last year!

    J-Smooth, Joe Cool, and Bibby versus Lebron and Company!

  • Boombaby

    Jamison forgot to take his pills the day that he said they could get a ring. Most likely they could get to the final spot in playoffs and lose in the first round. Level with Cavs, Boston, Orlando… Dream on dude…

  • ab_40

    today france vs spain… that’s gonna be a very good game. I will be watching… y’all probably won’t haha

  • heartbreaker85

    yeah they’d win, IF NBA GAMES WERE SHOOTOUTS.

    defense wins championships.

  • Jake

    To some degree I can see the Wizards battling deep into the playoffs. However, this team’s hope rests squarely on Arena’s shoulders. This team has suffered so many injuries the past couple of yrs that health is obviously a potent question. There’s no doubt that when their healthy their a solid team. Also, a very underrated addition in new head coach Flip Saunders could certainly help their wins column some. This team certainly has the potential to win, but health is the biggest question.

  • nobs6669

    cavs 2006 playoff roster – lebron,big z, gooden, hughes, snow, varejao, ronald murray, donyell marshall, damon jones, ira newble, sasha pavlovic, allan henderson,

    wizard 2006 playoff – arenas, jamison, butler, jared jeffries, haywood, antonio daniels, michael ruffin, billy thomas, ethan thomas, donnell taylor, calvin booth, awvee storey

    now look at the rosters and dont forget that big z is also an allstar. it’s not about how many allstar on your team it’s about the whole team. now check the wizzard current wizard roster compare to its 2006 roster. for sure they would make some noise this season and for long period of time as long as they healthy

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    Brian Skinner Stupid Beard should compete with Drew Gooden ugly Bead, John Salmons chocking beard and Rip Hamilton neck beard.

  • doc

    Jamison talking out of his ass.They know damn well they’re not contenders.They’re a pretty regular season team that runs into dudes that actually play that thing called DEFENSE in the playoffs.Rubio stinking it up in the Fibas from the statlines.No excuses he suppose to be balling.And he not.So until proved wrong he stinks very bad in America.Fuck he gonna do with us and he cant do shit on Poland?Who was guarding him,Gortat?

  • doc

    And Big Z aint no all star.Just because u make one dont give you that label for life.I dont hear nobody on here use that word for Ty Hill,Jamal Maglore and dudes like that.Big Z plays with Bron.Thats why he was there,just like thats why Mo was there this year.

  • nobs6669

    yeah big z has a single allstar campaign but same as t-hill and jamal maglore. they don’t have a allstar or hall of fame career but in a single season they show and people appreciate that they have a stellar season.

  • doc

    Yeah Ill take that.They’re honorary all star game players honored for a good career topped off by the best season they had.But Chris Paul is a all star.Shit Big Z got 1 up on D Will but we dont believe that hype do we?

  • nobs6669

    yeah thats the sad thing against d-will but atleast he has an all nba selection. but one day he would be an allstar for sure

  • http://ww.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness

    Is anyone else noticing just how pedestrian Rubio’s numbers this summer have been? I don’t know how many minutes he’s getting and what his role on the team is, but for a guy with all this hype, you’d think he might actually have something to show for it other than that Gold Medal Game.

  • Mellmeister

    Give me whateva jamison’s smokin’ ‘coz i think that’s good isht… what’s this annoying talk of AllStars that you mofos are doin’… that’s lame… how could you say that 3 stars can beat 1? hehehe! ya guys didn’t even check on their capabalities…

    Gilbert Arenas
    Caron Butler
    + = LeBron James
    Mike Miller
    Randy Foye

    Antawn Jamison
    Brandon Haywood = Shaquille O’Neal
    The Wiz’s other Big Men

    For sure, the Wiz will make the playoffs if all those mentioned will be healthy, if Arenas can get his “Hibachi” Swagger back… Caron Butler putting up his numbers night in and night out, Jamison Playing defense… then they are a lock for the 5th or 6th Seed and maybe 4th. If Mike Miller drills all the open threes dished by Caron and Agent Zero. they would give the Big Three of the EAST (Cleveland, Boston, Orlando) a run for their money. a run, but not a win. :P

  • jzsmoove

    Jamison got into Arenas’ pain reliever stash…

  • LakeShow84

    If Gilbert Arenas comes back as a PLAYMAKER they have a chance.. and really only a 25% chance.. Orlando, Boston and Cleveland are old schoolish in the sense they have a physcial post presence.. if he comes back in 06-0Whatever form they’ll be out in the 2nd round.. Or the 1st if they run into the Cavs.. Shaq will eat Haywoods ass.. Thats right i said it..

    im interested to see how Lebron how progressed.. He usually makes a jump each year.. Will the J be consistent or will we see more gayass commercial remakes??

    “Maybe Tim has had the right idea all these years: Playing hard only leads to trouble”

    Funniest shit i heard all day.. You know Thomas was thinking “Shit the ONE time i drive the lane!!”

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    Dear Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas,Stop saying it and just DO IT!!! Please!!!

  • LakeShow84

    I agree with Jzsmoove..

    Jamison is talking that Oxycontin talk lol

  • That’s whats up

    Wizards legit?
    More lie leshit

  • That’s whats up

    Wizards legit?
    More like leshit

  • Tragic No More

    I just lost lots of respect for this publication. There is no way the Wiz make it to the Finals. Re-read that. Then study the game of basketball. Agent 0 you must be joking

  • Irishballer

    wiz got no bigs how they gonna play against shaq, kg, and dwight? maybe playoffs, champs? no way jose

  • Diego

    Love the J-Smoove spike reference to Decatur (my turf)–someone at Dime knows metro Atlanta. Didn’t know of Smoove’s injury.

    Hawks have quietly strengthened their team this year. Fourth seed again in East (unless rough predominantly road (as usual) start takes the wind out–naw, even then, at least 4th), with a lot of losses being handed out to the higher ups in the course of the season too.

  • nola

    the whole “i want what he’s smoking” reference that is so popular on these forums is so, so, so, so played out..

  • control

    Placing your hopes for a championship on Gilbert…a guy who has been a cripple on the bench for a few years, and before that when he was at his peak, was nothing but a jack first, whine to refs second player…just seems stupid.

    It’s just as silly as building a glass house, then inviting the fattest, uncoordinated and most obnoxious drunk guy you know to come over and drink then play some dance dance revolution. Your house is going to be shattered, just like the Wizard’s hearts.

  • doc

    Yeah Lakeshow Jamison and them crushing them 80’s up in DC.

  • karizmatic

    If Agent Zero comes back his old self (which I don’t think he will) Tough Juice continues to improve and Antawn Jamison actually posts a meaningful 20 and 10 the Wizards will still be a full step behind Cleveland, Boston, or Orlando. They just aren’t that good.

  • yentron

    If anyone happens to remember, the Wiz were at the top of the east last time everyone was healthy 2 years ago. Jamison and Butler definately still have it, the youngins got a ton of pt last year from the injuries, and gilbert is back and gonna be killin it. just watch.

  • doc

    They were at the top of the east?You mean when they got LEBRONED.Child Please!