Dime Training, NBA, Video / Sep 25, 2009 / 1:00 pm

Working Out With The NBA’s Elite

Yesterday I posted a video of work Charlie Villanueva putting in work at HAX in LA this offseason. Today, you can check how Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Brandon Roy and Chris Bosh become NBA superstars.

Of these four, who is going to have the best season this year?

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  • http://nike.jp/basketball/bg/home.html asmaticasiatic

    Short but inspiring clips; I just had ACL surgery and am 31 years old but plan on using plyometrics/balance/weight training to get back on the courts by next summer…

  • http://www.twitter.com/bfears bfears

    its a toss-up between broy & cp3

  • D.H.

    my comment was a bit too short . . . I’ll say it again . . . CP3

  • Kobeef

    Best year? Probably Wade, cause he is the best player of the bunch. Most improved?

    That said, Bosh seems to have really upped the ante this year in terms of training and show the biggest improvement over last year. Out of this bunch Bosh also seems to be the most likely to be auditioning for a new team in 2010 (no chance Wade leaves Miami).

  • JA

    I feel Wade and CP3 need to keep working out hard to keep healty. I would be hard for them to elevate their games even more that way.

    But Bosh and BRoy – those are both guys who’s games could improve by strength and conditioning improvements along with some muscle mass (Bosh)

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    BROy looks like he has the hardest workout IMO.

  • John

    I’m a Personal Trainer and the jump that Wade was doing is very dificult. You must have a lot of control, balance, strenght, etc ,,,,

  • http://www.in_n_outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    All these videos are incredibly inspiring, I’d like to see some longer ones so that I could replicate them.
    As for best its gotta be Chris Paul

  • deeds

    Bosh looks like he’s added some serious muscle this offseason, i think of those 4 he will have the most improvement. However, Wade should have the best season simply because he is the best player of the group.

  • http://dimemag dre

    WADE Gonna Average 32ppg this year mark it and with some crazy dunks too this season believe it!!!

  • http://www.dimemag.com bullet380

    All good clips. Gives a good insight into the kind of training it takes to be a pro athlete.

    @ asmaticasiatic: Hang in there. I tore my ACL, LCL and MCL ten years ago playing ball. It took a long time to come back, but I did. Just keep your head up and don’t get discouraged with the physical therapy.

  • http://nadim-thetake.blogspot.com Nadim

    CP3 is a great, fast pg, but he’s looking kind of chunky…lol

    I say Chris Bosh improves the most this year, b/c he has to prove that he is worth a max contract. Right now I think most people would consider Amare to be the best PF free agent next year (and a lot of people would not even give Amare a max deal).

  • jksonics

    where is the eddy curry workout (visiting the krispy kreme)? or the delonte work out (loading his guns)?

  • Mark

    “Look at me, [jksonics], look… Come and touch it [jksonics].”

  • Wes
  • http://nike.jp/basketball/bg/home.html asmaticasiatic


    Thanks for the encouraging words, I plan to keep working hard on the rehab and take my time but it sucks sitting out, still got that love to hoop….I would say dwade,cp3 and broy are gonna all have big seasons…

  • heartbreaker85

    BRoy’s looks hard, but Wade’s is HARDER.

    One wrong move, one wrong jump or landing, and you can blow your knee and other joints on that one. Plyometrics is tough.