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5 NBA Trades That Could Happen Soon

Not every NBA squad was able to effectively handle their business during the offseason. Longtime Chicago NBA writer Sam Smith, who now blogs for Bulls.com, posted a piece about the five trades he think will happen first this season. Some of the potential moves he writes about aren’t so shocking – everyone in the world knows the Jazz would love to move Carlos Boozer (Smith even notes that the Jazz team shop is selling Boozer jerseys at a 50% discount and that he is nowhere to be found in the team’s marketing campaign this year).

Below are Smith’s predictions and some of the evidence he cites to illustrate that a deal is on the way:

1. Carlos Boozer - Says Smith:

The Jazz is now trying Millsap at small forward, which won’t work. I’ve heard they stopped talking quite awhile ago about dealing Boozer. The speculation around the NBA is the Jazz, which has dealt well with disgruntled players before, feel they can get a better deal waiting closer to the trade deadline. But it’s a risk. And could be costly. Their payroll is $82 million, more than $12 million into the luxury tax and sixth most in the NBA, astonishingly high for a small market team.

I don’t see the Boozer experiment working with Millsap in the wings. But it seems more vital for the team to save some money. The late owner Larry Miller’s money came from the auto industry, which we knew isn’t doing so well. By not dealing Boozer this past summer, the Jazz would still have to take back comparable salary. But there’s a 25 percent differential allowed in trades. That kind of deal for Boozer would save the Jazz some $6 million. The speculation is Miami, which Boozer this summer named his top choice, is most likely to make a deal. I can see Miami wanting to get out from under Michael Beasley with all his issues. Udonis Haslem with an expiring deal also has been mentioned.

2. Monta Ellis - Says Smith:

The Warriors are in love with Curry and have plenty of guards. Ellis is a big time scorer and no fan of management, either. Perhaps no one there noticed it was only Chris Mullin who sided with Ellis and urged restraint after Ellis’s moped accident. So Mullin then was fired. Ellis got the message. It isn’t going to work, and someone should be able to get an All Star level scorer for an expiring deal.

3. Rip Hamilton - Says Smith:

The Pistons have perhaps their softest front court in two decades. They’ll find that out soon, and then Rip will have to go for some size and toughness before he gets too cranky about things.

4. Andres Nocioni - Says Smith:

Already, new coach Paul Westphal says Noce will come off the bench. He’s too good and valuable a veteran player to waste away with a team like this, which is rebuilding. He has two years left after this, but on a reasonable contract that pays less than $7 million annually. He’d be a nice pickup for a veteran, playoff team.

5. Mike Conley - Says Smith:

The poor kid has no idea what he’s gotten himself into playing with Allen Iverson, Zach Randolph, O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay. He’ll go to sleep with screams in his head of guys demanding the ball. He’s not tough enough to stand up to that yet. It’s time to reunite him with high school buddy Greg Oden in Portland, where they paid big money for free agent point guard Andre Miller. That reduces the utility of Steve Blake as Portland also will have Rudy Fernandez handling the ball more. Blake’s a tough, savvy guard who can play in that Memphis turmoil and actually help. And it can’t hurt the moody Oden to have that familiar face back.

We actually see almost all of these moves going down at some point this season, with the Conley deal least likely to happen. The Iverson move, at it’s most basic level, is most likely being looked at as a one-year move to sell tickets and make the Grizzlies more relevant in the NBA landscape. They’re not going to easily part with a generally unselfish starting point guard who is still figuring things out for a journeyman like Steve Blake. Blake is valuable, no doubt, but Memphis has made an investment in Conley and want to see if there is a chance for him to grow with O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay.

To read all of Sam Smith’s article GO HERE.

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  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    1,2 and 5 make sense. I don’t know about the others.

  • rangerjohn

    i say spurs dump bonners lack of defense, finleys age, and ian mahinmi’s “potential” for nocioni. the numbers work, the only issues is the length of his contract, and he would fit in better then oberto did. its a win win, worst case sac-town gets 3 expiring contracts, and the spurs get a hustle guy who can play defense.

  • chebs

    conley very well could avg 8 assists this season (09-10)

  • Brown

    The Warriors aren’t just going to give Ellis away to get rid of his contract. The front office is stupid, but not that stupid.

  • http://mail.google.com JayGM

    I just hope Hamilton can get traded to the Wizards. The Wizards can give the Pistons some young talent.


    Detriot gets Andray Blatche, Nick Young, Javaris Crittenton and Mike James.

    The Wizards get Rip Hamilton, Kwame Brown and Deron Washington.

    The Wizards get that championship experience and true SG in Rip Hamilton and The Pistons rebuiding mode hastens up. Works for both teams.

  • JoeCozi

    kenny thomas and nocioni for stoudamire

  • TCL

    @ JoeCozi

    I hope you mean Salim Stoudamire because there’s no chance Phoenix would trade Amare for that poo-poo platter.

  • Blue

    why would the heat trade for boozer when, if they wanted him, they could have him in the offseason?

  • Reddi Red

    @ JayGM –
    no way Jose!!!

    kwame isn’t the best, but we NEED the big fella down low.

    I would rather put rip/deron/maxiel together for a premier player.
    3-cpt jack!!! <–not so premier but a good fit!!

  • Ruhong

    5. assumes that Grizzlies front office actually watches games and cares about winning. Fail.

    Conley will find out what it’s like to be half man, half bench.

  • Jake

    1. I don’t think Miami or any team will deal for Boozer because they’d only have to wait till the end of the season to snag him. No need to give up players for him when he’d be done after the season anyway.

    2. I don’t know about this one. Ellis has proven (if just barely) that he can be a solid PG. With Jackson requesting a trade as well and Curry in the wings it is a possibiltiy though. Golden State has some of the worst management in sports so you never know whats gonna happen.

    3. This is the trade that I thikn absolutely must go through. Everyone saw last yr the controversy with Rip and AI. Ben Gordon isn’t AI (in skill or selfishness) but he still demands the ball and (although he was a 6th man of the year in Chicago) playing time. The same thing could happen this year if Detroit doesnt move Rip. They could have a nice backcourt with Stuckey and BG and Rip would have alot of value as a trade piece.

    4. Not sure about this one either. Westphal isnt smart if he’s going to start a solid guy like Nocioni on the bench. He’s physical and plays tough, something Sacramento didnt do last year. He does have trade value to a contender though.

    5. Dont see this one happening. Memphis’ management has made some stupid decisions, but from the way things seem they’ll want Conley to grow with Mayo and Gay.

  • Mellmeister

    I think a Rip Hamilton for Carlos Boozer would be a good move, with another trading partner willing to work with The Jazz and Pistons… I think it’ll be a great fit for both… jazz could get a shooting guard with veteran leadership. to help out with sloan’s offense… pick and roll is going to do him well.

  • Young Lebron 23

    The problem with ellis is how well can he play in a different system where he doesnt have the green light to shoot all day

  • dwight coward

    All ex-Warriors are good for 5 extra ppg and at least one all-star appearance.

    I’m sure Nellie can be roused from his barstool long enough to dump Monta for a couple of good bottles of JD and an expiring contract. Remember, Jack is his (night)cap.

  • dreams


    Knicks get Chris Bosh
    Raptors get David Lee, Jordan Hill and a 2011 first rounder.

    Bucks get Delonte West, J.J Hickson & cash
    Cavs get Michael Redd

    Warriors get Tayshaun Prince
    Pistons get Stephen Jackson

    Dallas get Monta Ellis
    Warriors get Josh Howard

  • dave

    jordan hills a bust and we dun want another pick. if we do trade bosh i sure hope is not another roook

  • pleasepleaseplease

    Knicks can’t trade their 2011 first rounder because they don’t own their 2010 pick. Teams are not allowed to trade their picks two years in a row.

  • http://dime fan

    Jordan Hill is real bad. What is our scouting dept doing. What a waste of a pick.

  • http://dime fan

    Boozer needs to go to Miami or Cleveland. Noc is a solid player in this league. I’d like him in Cleveland as well. Monta is a stud with a real pg he’s trouble. It’s hard to replace a player of Baron’s caliber. Rip needs a passing pg. He’d be good in NY or Miami. I like all the trades mentioned above. It would make the N.B.A. fantastic & very competitive

  • Arroyo

    Monta and Jackson to Memphis for Rudy Gay, Mike Conley and Marc Gasol.

    Monta goes home to Memphis, it works. The Warriors clear out the other point guard trash and settle with Curry and Conley, Gay and Randolph is a good front court, and Gasol adds some strength in the 4 and 5 positions. The money works too.

    Either that or just do a Marbury on Jackson and let him go home, don’t give him the satisfaction of barking his way out of town.