Smack / Oct 21, 2009 / 2:20 am

Cavs get healthy, smash short-handed Mavs; Oden, Raja injured

LeBron James

With most of their guys back healthy from the flu and various other injuries, the Cavs smashed the Mavs by 30 last night at the University of Pittsburgh gym. (Since when do Cleveland teams get love in Pittsburgh?) Mo Williams had 16 points and 11 assists, LeBron put up 12 points on 3-of-13 shooting and seven dimes, and Big Z scored 16 off the bench … Dallas was the team playing short-handed, as Dirk, J-Kidd and Jason Terry were given the night off, and Josh Howard and Shawn Marion are still banged up. So the starting five looked like this: J.J. Barea, Matt Carroll, Quinton Ross, Drew Gooden and Erick Dampier. Pretty sure the Pitt Panthers squad would be able to give that lineup at least a decent run. Hell, put Sam Young and DeJuan Blair back on the squad and they might pull off a W … Spurs/Thunder also took place in a college gym — Kevin Durant‘s old stomping grounds at the U of Texas. Durant posted 23 points, nine boards and three steals, Jeff Green scored 24 and James Harden added 17, but OKC got routed. Mike Finley hit five threes on his way to 20 points, and Blair put up 17 and 10 boards … In Ontario, Calif., Kobe dropped 21 points on the Warriors in a win, while Andrew Bynum continued his solid preseason with 20 points and nine boards and Ron Artest had six points and eight assists. Anthony Morrow led GS with 24 points off the bench, and Stephen Jackson had 15 and 10 assists. Bad night for Anthony Randolph, who picked up five fouls in 20 minutes and finished with one point and one rebound … With Raja Bell and Flip Murray sidelined, Larry Brown started the smallest backcourt in the League: Ray Felton and D.J. Augustin. It worked for at least one night, as Augustin put up 15 points and four steals and Felton had nine points, six dimes and four steals in last night’s win over the Bucks. Tyson Chandler made his preseason debut for the ‘Cats, finishing with four points and two rebounds in 15 minutes … Raja’s injury was revealed to be a torn ligament in his wrist. If he decides to have surgery he’ll be out for up to four months, a huge blow to Charlotte’s playoff hopes … Randy Foye scored 17 and Caron Butler added 16 in the Wizards’ win over Philly, which Gilbert Arenas sat out again with the flu. Andre Iguodala put up 19 points in the loss … Did you see how the Sixers lost, though? They were up by one with one second left following a Willie Green free throw, but on the Wizards’ last chance, Willie fouled Mike James with 0.3 on the clock as he threw up a three. James then made two of three FT’s to win it … Of course Willie can always blame his mistake on the replacement refs and get something of a free pass. It’s funny how everyone right now is acting like the bad calls we’ve seen in preseason games are a direct result of replacement refs — as if the full-time refs were getting glowing reviews when they were on the job … Deron Williams put up 27 points in Utah’s win over Portland, but the bigger news (at least for Blazers fans) is that Greg Oden sat this one out with a bruised thigh. It’s not believed to be serious, but anytime an injury is involved with G.O., people are going to be nervous … Carmelo scored 24 points in 22 minutes as the Nuggets almost 30-pieced the Wolves, and Arron Afflalo added 20 points off the bench. Corey Brewer led Minnesota with 23 points … Defense was nonexistent on both sides for Suns/Kings, which Phoenix won 143-127. Channing Frye led the way with 29 points (4-5 3PA), Amar’e scored 27 points (17-21 FT), and Goran Dragic scored 21; for Sacramento, Omri Casspi dropped 22 points, Tyreke Evans had 21 and eight dimes, and Kevin Martin scored 20. And then there’s poor Jason Richardson, who in this Dave & Buster’s Pop-A-Shot atmosphere, still went 0-for-8 and had just six points on free throws … Nate Robinson had 21 points and five steals, Al Harrington scored 20, and David Lee posted 19 points and 16 boards in the Knicks’ win over Boston. Rajon Rondo had 20 points, seven assists and two steals for the Celtics … One of our boys who was at the NY/Boston game sent this e-mail during: “Jared Jeffries is the WORST player in the NBA. Over/under for Knicks wins this season is 25.” A few moments later came the reply: “The sad part is you could’ve sent that three years ago. Nothing’s changed.” … We’re out like Raja …

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    DeJuan Blair is the steal of the draft!

  • Caff

    The lakers game was in Ontario, California. Not Canada



    You should have used this, “Out like Replacement Refs.”

    Good bye and good riddance! Gone.

  • heartbreaker85

    if you’re a laker fan, you have to be worried about the spurs and that kid blair.

    feels like everytime i read stuff about him, he’s putting up 10 points 15 rebounds easy. like a more beast-mode elton brand.

    if the spurs are healthy, i dunno.

    parker, manu, rj, blair, td


    bryant, artest, odom, gasol, bynum

    sounds one-sided for the lakers, i know. but who’s gonna guard parker? kobe’s gonna tire his ass out. bynum needs to send tp to the floor pronto.

  • Big Sia

    Jarred Jeffries > 83% of the Raptors roster

  • yooo

    tyreke evans is lookin pretty impressive so far, 21 points and 8 dimes.

  • Maynard

    I’d tell ‘your boy’ to get with the times — either he’s serious and doesn’t know anything, or he tried and failed to make a joke. First off, I’ll take the over on 25 wins, since the Knicks won 32 last year and return essentially the same team, but with Gallinari likely to contribute more, and two fresh draft picks. And Jared Jeffries is far from the worst player in the NBA. The Knicks don’t really have a reason for having him, but he has value as a guy who can credibly guard 1-5 — as will be shown when he’s traded midseason for Summer of 2010 cap room.

  • sh!tfaced

    ^^^ Yeah, DIME. You could have at least brought up Danilo Gallinari in today’s write up (and just attached the “in his last Smack mention of the season” line with it. lol).

    The ‘Big Cock’ had 18 pts in 25 minutes and went 3-6 beyond the arc.

    OKC’s young guns putting up the numbers. Maybe they just need another veteran presence to calm things a bit down for them. Preferably somebody who can score consistently.

  • alf (from melmak)

    A bit lame today dime. Lots of basketball games that are just being used to see how each team’s reserves can play.

    My meal allowance is now wondering why there are so many injuries when the real season has not even started yet. Somebody please check the trainers of each team. There might be a conspiracy somewhere.

    Trust no one Mr. Mulder.

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    That’s my boy Nate lighting it up, people easily forget the guys 5’6″ hitting j’s and drives over guys a foot taller. Not just a slam dunk entertainer, boy got game maybe even more than michael adams.

  • knoc

    i thought nate was 5’9″.

    damn right dajuan is the steal of the draft! cant wait for the season to begin

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    he’s closer to 5’9″ than 5’6″ but still a freak of nature, that guy.

    Blair’s numbers were nice, but how about his steal then dunk? he’s been putting in work, looks to be in better shape than any point at Pittsburgh, so basically he went the opposite route of one Mr. Sweetney. Blair is a beast, and I’ll be rooting for him every single night, even if he is playing for the damned Spurs.

    I dig the Sonics (screw ever calling them anything else, I’m done with that – let me do it) but I’m a little worried about everybody expecting a lot out of them. We’ll see, but one more tough year might be in the cards. KD is dirty though.

  • schoops

    Replacement refs might make bad calls, but I fu**ing hated the regular refs. Having 68 year olds or fat ass joey crawford trying to keep up with the likes or lebron and dwight.. what a joke. I hope the regular refs are unemployed for life, because if anyone else performed like those refs did at their job, their asses would be fired.

    Donnie Walsh… same crappy team, less lawsuits.

  • rangerjohn

    dime you failed to mention blairs 3 steals and only 15 minutes of PT.

  • Guitar Hero

    Il Gallo! Nice game vs Pierce and Daniels. The kid will be very good some day. I believe the Knicks have a chance to steal the 8th seed…their defense looks better, they have the same nucleus as last year, same coach and 4 nice additions in Gallo, Toney, Darko and J Hill.

  • Guitar Hero

    Oh, and Larry Hughes? ZERO min of burn. Beautiful.

  • Some Guy

    smack has been seriously lacking lately. what’s with the pure stats. i don’t play fantasy so this is just boring. please give me something interesting other than numbers

  • Some Guy

    then again, i don’t subscribe to your magazine so maybe i shouldn’t complain about a free service

    first statement retracted.

  • That’s whats up

    no way Blair pulled 15 boards in 15 minutes.

    I can’t even do that tracking down missed free throws in practice.

    Spurs are gonna be a problem in the West again…

  • That’s whats up

    Question Dime:

    Who’s had the better NBA career?

    Dejuan Wagner or Dejuan Blair?

  • That’s whats up

    17 points, 10 boards in 15 minutes….

    Dejuan Wagner’s career totals probably match that.

    I think Blair has a legit shot at ROY, partly because Pop will give him the minutes

  • sh!tfaced

    Dejaun (Blair) over Dajuan (Wagner). Hands down. And he hasn’t even played one damn official NBA minute yet.

    The way Blair has been racking it up each and every game makes Hasheem look like a Thabust each and every game…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 BROGDEN

    I was at the 6ers game.

    Elton looked good.

    Andre looked good out there. Seems to be acclimated at the 2 spot now.

    Speights was gettin’ busy on offense but he’ll be worked over this year on defense. no doubt about it.

    Sammy was Sammy. nothing special.

    Lou didn’t look good at point. honestly.

    Jru took some time to settle in but when he started getting comfortable, he did alright. tight d, 3 or 4 dimes in a couple minutes. good to see him coming along.

    Kapono was definitely a good pick up. definitely.

    Jason Smith looked alright when he was in his range. needs to stay in the paint area. them long jumpers kept bangin’ the front of the rim. chill

    Other things about that game:

    Foye was giving Lou DA BIZNISS. (make sure you stress the last ‘s’)

    Sixers really, really, really have a hard time defending the pick n pop.

    Nick Young is a WEAPON. We’ll hear his name more than once, for sure.

    Willie Green may be a playmaker but he’s got to realize we don’t want him handling the rock when our pg is 2 feet away.

    And he’s gotta make those 2 freethrows. it’s preseason cottamit.

    Jru’s gotta slow down. made some silly mistakes.

    I didn’t see a foul on that last play. that foul was the stuff that comes from a male cow’s ass.

    At the half, Iggy had the team high in assists, which was 1.

    Everytime the Wizards scored, it seemed like either Caron Butler or Randy Foye’s name was superiorly disrespected by the announcer. It was like a shameful whisper…like the announcer just got plain ol’ tired of saying their names after they scored so he started mocking thier names after they scored. And they scored ALL GAME.

  • jzsmoove

    Breaking news: Oden injured again………oh shit thats old news, whoooops.

  • That’s whats up

    Is it Greg Olden, or Oden?
    He’s not taking his Geritol when he’s rehabbing at the geriatric clinic.

    Will Game 7 of the WCF be in L.A. or S.A.?

    anybody feeling KD’s new nickname, Durantula?

    Spurs are putting out their best squad in years, maybe ever. 4 Stars, 7 solid players and the 2009-2010 ROY, DeJuan Blair

  • LakeShow84

    @ Everyone jocking Blair

    Lol if you guys really think a rookie is going to put that team over us please meet me in Vegas come May..

  • LakeShow84

    And bring lots of cheese!!!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Thats Whats Up

    Nah game 6 will be closed out in SA..

    And guess who advances..

  • That’s whats up

    OKC Thunder?

  • LakeShow84


    in 4 years maybe..

  • Fiesta

    No need to be hostile, LakeShow. We’ll see who’s got what it takes in the playoffs.

  • LakeShow84


    We’re sitting in the drivers seat.. i was just commentating on the back seat driving lol

  • chris

    had to check…knicks won cos celtic starters didn’t play in the second half. how did d’antoni end up deciding to start chris duhon and jared jeffries again? gallinari or robinson will need to be on the court in their place for the knicks to have enough scoring balance.

  • chris

    okc thunder? check out espn +/- stats – durant, westbrook, and seloshfa are all -25 in 25 minutes or less against the spurs, while ginobili is +28 in 23 minutes…even better is ramon sessions for the bucks…
    -38 in 19 minutes ! Hoping someone figures out a good way to convert +/- stats into ‘defensive stars’ this year.

  • douglas copeland

    Lakeshow I’ve noticed if these cats notice your a laker fan and that you have valid points they automatically want to put the hostile label on you and the fact that we just won cats are burning inside, you and I both know none of the haters wanted that to happen,they wanted to be able to say “see Kobe couldn’t win one without shaq”but now they can’t that real angers alot of people when they can’t say I told you so.

  • That’s whats up

    douglas – that is a world class run-on sentence

    Lakers won the title – we all said congratulations.
    Now it’s zero-zero for all teams and time to prove yourself.

    That’s all.

    Nobody gives a fuck if Khloe’s punani tastes like sourpatch kids – whatever keeps L.O. happy.

    Ron Artest might kill somebody, just don’t let it go public – just keep him happy.

    Pau and Kobe can be caught in a Brokeback moment – just don’t let it go public – keep lakers fans happy.

    Zero-Zero – it’s anybody’s game.

    …and best of luck on the repeat. It will have to be earned again.

  • Da_Griff

    Someone always has to go and bring up Kobe.

    douglas, yer the champs until someone else wins it. Everyone IS gunning for the lakers because they are… .

    wait for it…

    the champs.

    This is natural. Take everyone who is talking up their team and saying they can beat LA as a badge of honour.

    I wish i could say the same. Stay healthy Wiz!

  • douglas copeland

    That’s whats up r u serious, run on sentence?GTFOH..your a clown,bozo in fact.fall back hater LO marrying Khloe has nothing to do with our ship, I can tell your a hater by your talking about the offcourt action.