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Chris Bosh Is A Cyber Erin Brockovich

Chris Bosh

While many people knew that Chris Bosh championed life online, very few knew that he was such a cyber activist. In a landmark legal case, the Raptors forward has won custody of nearly 800 domain names wrongfully appropriated from guys like Steve Nash, Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams. But rather than try and sell these names on his own, Bosh is offering to return the domains for free to their rightful owners.

“I am thrilled that I am able to offer the return of these domain names to a host of other athletes and celebrities whose names were cybersquatted,” says Bosh. “I will offer the return of the domain names free of charge, but I’d also love the opportunity to show their owners how Max Deal can help.”

Through his social media firm, Max Deal Technologies, Bosh is now in control of domains of NBA, college and high school ballers, as well as well-known celebrities and product names. For example, if you’re Stavros Niarchos III (heir to a Greek shipping fortune and Paris Hilton‘s ex- boyfriend) and want stavrosniarchosiii.com, you gotta talk to Bosh.

Other crazy names on this list include Preston Michael Spears Federline (son of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline), Carmine Agnello (New York mobster from the Gambino family) and Mexican wrestler El Octagón. But of all the names on the list, none is crazier than the second one listed in the 23 page document which has been earmarked for Ruben Patterson: kopestopper.com.

Why Bosh was granted the 800 domain names owned by the company of cybersquatters he sued doesn’t entirely make sense to me, so I decided to give Bosh’s law firm a call to speak with Brian Heidelberger, the Winston & Strawn partner who represented Bosh in this matter.

“While Chris was granted his name back a while ago following a judgement of $120,000 in April, the domain names are a partial payment we sought to levy his property,” says Heidelberger. “We’re still seeking to retrieve the $120,000 and the domain names were his property which have some value. We sought to have the court give them to us.”

To truly grasp the expanse of this list, check out all 23 pages here. (Perhaps your name is even on there.) Originally drawn up in July 2008, some of the player affiliations are a little out of date, but you get the picture.

At the end of the day, Bosh appears to be doing something altruistically, but when you read the fine print, you better act fast.

“Chris Bosh and Max Deal offer the return of the domain name free of charge as a courtesy to the celebrity named herein, provided that such person promptly requests the return of such domain name in writing from Max Deal,” says the footnote on the “List of Domain Names Awarded to Chris Bosh in Cybersquatting Case.” But what does “promptly” mean?

“There’s no set timeframe,” says Heidelberger. “Some of these may expire and in which case we might not renew them. We certainly have heard from people on the list. A number of players have already got in contact.”

So while it’s yet to be seen if all the domain names on the list will be claimed and whether or not the sites will actually be produced, I can’t wait to see what’s on the homepage of kyrylofesenko.com.

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    What happens if someone else called Carmelo Anthony wants carmeloanthony.com, can anyone get them or does it have to be the most famous person with that name?
    i think its a load of BS really, the person who bought the domain name in the first place should be able to do watever they want with it.

  • http://www.niketalk.yuku.com/forums/8 NTstateOFmind

    i got a newfound respect for CB4
    …hes a business, man

  • IG

    joesmith.com? Does it belong to the baseball pitcher or ex-Maryland Terp?

  • vince

    cockblocks? must be kobe.

  • Promoman

    Chris is setting up his post-NBA life right now. If he plays his cards right, he’ll be set.

  • Ross

    lol, there is even an entry for cockblocks.com. Which celebrity owns that?

  • Blue

    is nobody going to make a comment about that picture?!?!

  • MenoRikey

    @#1, that’s the problem, whoever bought those domains wasn’t doing anything with them, just sitting on them hoping someone would buy it from them. It’s called cybersquatting.

  • Kobeef


    That picutre is the cover of RuPaul’s 2010 calendar.

    Seriously, Bosh is a pretty smart guy. Basketball is his day job but he’s got a lot going on.

  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    @7 bra, he’s from texas, what do you expect?

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc


    that picture is suspect,

    there’s a lot of yes amaechi going on

    why is he SOOO happy

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    good 4 Bosh

  • Big Sia

    Look at this brokenack mountain motherfucker

    only similarity with Erin brockovich… They both bitch-made bitches

  • Bill

    CB4 is an interesting cat. We dont hear that much about him because he plays up there. All we ever hear is him being dissed by Shaq, and crap like that. He’s the man, I like watching him being interviewed, smart and answers questions directly.

  • sh!tfaced

    Didn’t Shaq call him RuPaul some time back?

    Now he’s being called Erin Brockovich. With that candy ass picture to go with it.

    How brokeback can you get…

  • flegman

    Hey, I’m on that list, I’m on the list!!!!

    OK, not.

  • doc

    he should be on faggot.com with his pic

  • Jay Jay

    A seriously article but yet a ridiculous picture!!!