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Craziness at the Garden; Blake Griffin’s official NBA baptism

Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson

You know the only way a preseason game between the Knicks and a team that isn’t even in the NBA would crack the sports highlights shows on an NFL and baseball playoffs Sunday is if something crazy happened. And in the third quarter of New York’s game against Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel), things got appropriately insane. After Maccabi head coach Pini Gershon got himself ejected thanks to a couple of techs, he refused to leave the court — if you saw the Season 2 premier of “Tool Academy,” he pretty much acted like the dude who got kicked off that first week. The refs wouldn’t re-start the game until Gershon left, so it turned into a standoff. At one point, a rabbi came down to the court to argue in the coach’s favor. Eventually Gershon left after about 10 minutes and the game resumed. So is the coach going to get fined by the NBA, or FIBA, or what’s the deal with that? … The Knicks got the win, by the way, getting 19 points from Nate Robinson, and 14 and 12 boards from David Lee. Maccabi was led by Alan Anderson‘s (Michigan State) 20 points and D’or Fischer‘s (West Virginia) 19 points, 16 boards and four blocks. If that’s what a D-League caliber big man can do against NY’s front line, things could get ugly this season … Dime reader Josh Tha Roc put it best about the standout play from last night’s Clippers/Lakers game: “DJ Mbenga welcomes Blake Griffin to the league…by letting Blake cram on his head. Highlights: DJ’s ‘I cant believe it happened again’ look afterwards. And Ron Artest covering his face with his towel holding in his laughter.” … Blake finished with 13 points, 12 boards and four steals, and Craig Smith (first time we’ve heard his name since the Q-Rich trade) put up 26 points, but the Clippers lost. Andrew Bynum led the Lake Show with 20 points and 13 boards, and Shannon Brown scored 20. Kobe had 10 points on 3-of-11 shooting, including one hard to describe circus shot where he stumbled just as he was about to jump into Chris Kaman and flipped a right-handed shot over his shoulder that had no business going in … On Saturday, the Lakers played the Bobcats and the Clippers played the Jazz in a Staples Center doubleheader. Last night, before the Clips/Lakers game, the Jazz and Bobcats played each other at Staples. It was like one of those early-season college tournaments where one school is the host and they invite some patsies and maybe one decent squad to show off in front of the home crowd. (In this case the Lakers would be the host, since even when the Clippers were the “home” team the other night, there was a Lakers logo at midcourt.) Carlos Boozer scored 22 to lead the Jazz in a win, while Deron Williams had 17 and eight dimes. D.J. Augustin led Charlotte with 29 points (5-9 3PA) … Andre Miller didn’t get the start, but he won the latest round of his PG battle with Steve Blake. Miller put up 18 points (5-18 FG), five boards, four assists and zero turnovers in last night’s win over the Nuggets, while starter Blake had eight points (3-12 FG), one dime and three turnovers. Carmelo led Denver in the loss with 21 points … One time Blake got picked by Ty Lawson in traffic, and Lawson flew down the court for what looked like a breakaway layup. (The rookie is crazy fast with the ball.) That was until Nic Batum came flying out of nowhere to pin Ty’s shot on the glass. Some people are gonna call it a “LeBron block,” but we’ll still give Tayshaun Prince credit for that one. And somewhere, Ron Mercer is just thankful his name is no longer attached to that move … KG scored 21 and Ray Allen dropped 20 points to lead the Celtics past the Raptors. Chris Bosh had 15 points and eight boards, while Hedo Turkoglu scored 16 in the loss … When the Suns and Sixers played a couple nights ago, Phoenix’s backups gave up 41 points in the fourth quarter but managed to escape with a win. In the rematch last night, played in Mexico, the Suns’ starters gave up 39 in the first quarter on their way to a blowout loss. Andre Iguodala led Philly with 23 points, six boards, seven dimes and three steals, and Marreese Speights posted 14 points and 10 rebounds. Jason Richardson scored 17 for Phoenix, and Amar’e added 15 and eight boards … Iguodala had a play where he went coast to coast, weaving through the Suns “defense” and finishing with a one-hand cuff dunk while Amar’e politely got out of the way. Iguodala tried to hold the mean-mug, but couldn’t help but smile for a second. BTW, Philly looks 100x better wearing the old-school unis this year … We’re out like Mercer …

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  • vince

    “Craig Smith (first time we’ve heard his name since the Q-Rich trade)”

    pay attention dime; who do you think was repsonsible for the injuries to griffin and camby? yup, rhino.

  • vince

    speaking of which, putting craig smith on the clippers team, wouldnt practice be the perfect example of a rhinoceros in a porcelin store? it’s a dutch saying, and i guess you’ll catch the meaning of that one.

  • vince

    ah it’s elephant in english. my bad.

  • vince

    might as well post 1st!

    then too

  • vince

    5th: Kobe “stumbling” means he took 3 steps?

  • scotsman

    NY is gonna suck so bad this year.

    BTW, still looking for some active managers for my yahoo league this year. Starting 5, big bench. Draft is thursday night, 10pm eastern.

    League # 183447
    password banana

    I dont think you need the pass but its there just in case. Its been a good league the last couple of years so hopefully we can continue it this year.

  • ToAn

    some early observations:
    – Bynum looks definitely better than in the playoffs and that means big problems for the rest of the league
    – the new Philly jerseys look definitely better
    – the Knicks will definitely suck
    – Blake can defintitely maybe turn around the clippers

  • nckdmss


    the phrase you are looking for is: “bull in a china shop”

  • KBY

    What’s up with the Amar’e instead of Amare?

    Even yahoo fantasy nba does it while they didn’t in previous years.

    Did Stoudemire change his name a la Nene or did years of spelling it wrong finally tick him off so now it’s Amar’e?

  • vince

    @8, cheers. Renders the wholepost useless. A’m’a’re has been like that for a year now.

  • That’s whats up

    That coach was like….”I came all the way from ISRAEL for this shit……I ain’t goin’ NOWHERE!!! Throw the damn ball in ref!!!”

  • http://www.twitter.com/jurgofsten Hi Jurg from Denmark

    a big hi hi from jurg, back in mother country from sunn australia. and now i love that place. so much.

    and a big head shake to reader vince who post to many times. that is abuse and mr burton will fine you for that. and suspend. no writing to smack for 3 more days.

    tsk tsk to mr david stern. you bring team from out of usa and you get bad things happen like tel aviv coach. i would say to him, get off that court now and go home. and now yu know eveyrone.

    this from jurgo looking for more friend at twitter. and my real name there is jurgofsten but you call me jurgo and jurgo and jurgy.

    hi hi from jurgo.

  • Kobeef

    Philly would have been 100x better without signing Brand. The sixers made a big mistake there.

    If they had been more patient they could have had a young core of Iggy, maresse speights, Thornton and still had buckets of money to spend on FA’s in the class of 2010.

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    Ron Mercer probably won’t even take a lay-up anymore…

  • vince

    @13. thornton? ok give us thaddeus and you can have thronton. let the clippers throw in a 2nd if needed.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Cheers for props dime. Made my day.

  • D.H.

    The only reason I can think of for the Lakers to keep DJ around is to boost everyones self-esteem in practice. He’s like a well paid hooker; knows his job, hates getting banged, but the pay is too good.

  • Dean

    5-18 FG’s! That guy can’t shoot.
    Blake can do it all, he proved that last season. Miller is Blake’s bitch this season.

  • mess

    If you’re going to debate a type of block as a LeBron block vs. Tayshaun block, AK47 needs to be considered as well. He’s been doing that for years (though not as much lately).

  • LakeShow84

    Anyone think all this Miller/Blake talk isnt good for the Blazers overall??

    BET they wouldnt have signed him had they known all this would come up..

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/slamonline-top-50/2009/10/top-50-carmelo-anthony-no-7/ Mr. TKO


    I’ve actually wondering about that myself, I really don’t mind too much if it causes chemistry problems (cuz I’m more of a Nuggets fan and they need all the help they can get to win that division again) but I’m sure this isn’t what the Blazers were hoping for when they signed him. Whatever happens, I just hope that it doesn’t affect my Boy L.A. up too much.

    By the Way, I’m actually surprised that Dime hasn’t picked up on the whole Chamillionaire vs MJ situation yet.
    I was fully expecting to wake up this morning to the sounds of 50 people fighting over who could pop MJ’s Dick in their mouth first.

  • Joey

    @1 : It defiantly Tracy’s fault

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    Is the Miller/Blake battle turning into the Brady Quinn/Derek Anderson situation? It’s tough when you win the last chapter by shooting 5-18 from the field… Derek Anderson raises those two a 2 for 17 performance! I still can’t believe Bart Simpson is in the NBA, and not only in it, but in a starting battle with a pretty good player in Andre Miller (that’s right, hate all you want, but Miller has been a proven good point guard over the years). I mean, Blake’s started a lot during his career, but before it was always because there wasn’t many other options – but now there is an option, and he’s still starting – craziness.