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D-Wade finds his regular season form; LaMarcus finds his money

(photo. Chad Griffith)

(photo. Chad Griffith)

Light schedule of only four NBA preseason games on a day where the biggest (rumored) news was that the replacement refs probably won’t make it to the regular season due to the League being close to an agreement with the union guys. We hit on this a little bit yesterday, but it’s funny how so many media and fans are bashing the replacements as if they’ve been so much worse than the regulars. We even heard one TV talking head praise the return of the “real” refs, because the ones they’ve had in the preseason are obviously fake refs. How long will it take for NBA players to start complaining about every call again and for the rest of us to remember we thought the “real” refs stunk at their jobs, too? About 24 minutes into the first game? … Dwyane Wade put on his “This one counts” cape for one night, dropping a brutal 35 points (13-23 FG) and six steals in 29 minutes against the Grizzlies while serving O.J. Mayo and rookie DeMarre Carroll two hot bowls of blood pudding. Rudy Gay answered with 28 points and nine rebounds in the loss … O.J. is playing more wrapped up than Allen Iverson on his worst day; with the double arm sleeves and the high socks, O.J. gives off that “Old guy at the park who has stories about playing with Michael Ray Richardson” vibe … How slow is Marc Gasol that he’s got Jermaine O’Neal spinning off him and coasting in for dunks like it’s 2002? Then again, if you’re guarding dudes like Hasheem Thabeet and Hamed Haddadi in practice every day, it’s understandable to let your reflexes slip when you’re facing a real-life big man who can score. It’s like going from playing Tee-Ball every day to facing C.C. Sabathia all of a sudden … The Magic continue to look like a juggernaut, running through the Pacers by 30 while (again) seven guys had double-figure scoring. Vince Carter led the way with 21 points (12-12 FT), while Marcin Gortat had 15, eight boards and three blocks. Roy Hibbert scored 20 with five blocks for Indiana … Eddie House led the short-handed Celtics (Ray and KG were given the night off) with 21 points in a relatively easy win over the Cavs, who got 18 points from LeBron and 16 from Shaq. These teams didn’t even wait until the regular season to get chippy. One time Mo Williams got tossed to the ground by Shelden Williams while they fought for rebounding position, and after the whistle Mo got up and gave Shelden a forearm in the ribs. “The Landlord” — can he still have that nickname? What about “The Apartment Manager”? — wasn’t going for that, so he shoved Mo in the chest, starting an incident where House of all people played peacemaker … Something to keep an eye on: From what we read, Shaq got up off the Cleveland bench during the altercation and started moving towards the fray, but somebody stopped him before he got close. Still, if the letter of the rule says you can’t leave the bench during an altercation, would Shaq possibly be suspended for the season opener? … Who said Paul Pierce is getting old? One time he almost dropped LeBron on a step-back move at the top of the key, then hit a fadeaway over ‘Bron and Varejao while taking a foul … Chris Duhon wasted one of his good shooting nights in Wednesday’s Knicks/Nets exhibition, hitting 8-of-11 from the field with three treys and scoring 21 points in a win. Chris Douglas-Roberts posted 26 points and four steals in the loss, and Brook Lopez — who’s been a Preseason All-Star — put up 12 points, 11 boards and five blocks … CDR had the move of the night when he brought the ball out wide in his right hand like he was going to cross back left, and when Larry Hughes took the bait and went for a strip, CDR went between his legs back-to-front and skated past Hughes for a bucket … Last night reports surfaced that the Blazers reached an agreement with LaMarcus Aldridge on a five-year extension worth up to $65 million. As a player, LMA is important to what the Blazers are trying to do, but otherwise he isn’t really one of those guys you have to lock up before he gets a chance to get away, e.g. Danny Granger in Indiana or Deron Williams in Utah. But if it’s true what they say about LaMarcus being the sensitive type, you don’t want him throwing off the chemistry by sulking through the season feeling unappreciated, and you really don’t want him jealous of Brandon Roy (who got his long-term extension months ago) when they already haven’t always had a tight relationship. So with the core of B-Roy, LaMarcus and Greg Oden locked in for at least the next couple years, what do you think of Portland’s future? … We’re out like Adam Morrison‘s extension …

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    Cdr for jersey could surprise many ppl this year

  • http://opkpok.com JLEE

    Does anyone else think Aldridge is incredibly over-rated?

  • http://opkpok.com JLEE

    Also, i came to read a comment by “The Real Tyrone”. Does anyone know when he’ll be dropping by?

  • jheck

    sa tingin ko si dwade ang magwawagi ng MVP trophy sa taong ito…mahusay sya sa opensa lalo na sa depensa..sugod wade sugod….hope everyone can understand it..lol

  • justlovethegame

    No jkeck we can’t lol. ‘though we can tell it’s something about Wade,deserving to be mvp, true??

  • justlovethegame

    meant jheck

  • nok

    cmon jheck. don’t type in tagalog cause our american friends won’t be able to understand you. please write in english ok?

  • jheck

    got it right justlovethegame..your witty dude..it meant that dwade will bring home that MVP trophy this year…simply because he got that defense and he got the fucking offense… go wade go…

    Filipino language dude im from the philippines..lol

  • Giacomo

    “the apartment manager” haha ok, thats alright.. how about “the condo superintendent”?

  • jheck

    im sorry im just playing around lol..nok are u a filipino??


    Flash is a beast!

    Where is Jurg and Helena?
    Jurg comments are off the hook!

  • jheck

    im so sad that the bulls let go LMA

  • Big Sia

    Orlando > Your favorite squad

    Practicing against Haddadi is like sparring with Tyson in his prime… FUCK OUTTA HERE DIME

  • davros

    “We’re out like Adam Morrison’s extension” that was just cold

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    20 points and 5 blocks for Roy – now that’s good shit, but how about that 1 rebound for the 7+footer? 1 damn rebound? good lord.

  • That’s whats up

    when you say LMA is the sensitive type, what are you REALLY saying?

    CDR’s move… Now you know why Larry Hughes didn’t get off the bench the other night.

    Knicks could go 8-74 this year with a little luck

  • KB24

    You guys see Sheldon and Mo get into it…Anthony Parker didn’t know who to defend.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    What’s more athletic: my key pad or Adam Morrison?

  • Shrink This

    The pad. And it’s more durable too.

  • The Real Tyrone

    Ain’t not doubt y’all that DWade be the real deal yo. Cat be quick and be explodin and drivin to dem hoop. Cat be dishin dem dopey dimes and be blockin dem shots. Ain’t no doubt muthafuckas that DWade be one of dem NBA’s best yo.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The Real Tyrone

  • Valenfat

    Aint no beepy boopy that DWade be the deal real yo yo yo. Cat be blacker than black yo yo.

    True internet posers NEVER die.
    The Realest of the REeal-Real Ty(to the mutha-f’n)rone

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 BROGDEN

    Portland’s future lookin’ real good. That LMA lock-up eliminates some serious issues in the future at the 4.

    Teams makin’ these “hidden winning plays” man.
    Miami signing Arroyo. 6ers pickin’ Kapono. Blazers lockin’ up LMA. Those are serious moves, on the low.

    Please post the CDR x-over. Please!?!

    PRETTY PLEASE!!?!?!!

    Orlando is lookin’ like a MONSTER.

  • justice

    i want to thank the real tyrone for the early morning ignorance, i think he’s a white guy which actually makes his comments kinda racist but fuck it funny is funny

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Yeah any joke about Sheldon is always good to read in the morning, but that “Apartment manager” is classic. I actually had to laugh out loud.

    Also CDR is looking like he did in college. He’s just a very smart player when it comes to offense. If he can get his D to match his O, he’ll be on the court all season. He has Terrance Williams and several others trying to get those minutes from him, and T-Will is going to be a monster soon enough. NJ might have a bright future.

    Real G’s Never Snitch
    The Real Ricky Ross a.k.a. First 48

  • shake&bake

    Sheldon – the laundromat attendant.

  • That’s whats up

    post of the day at 21

    beepy boopy

  • Reddi Red


  • Big Sia

    yeah I lol’d at beepy boopy but you guys are sleeping on the real Tyrone I bet one day we’re gonna miss him

  • Irishballer

    @ The Real Tyrone

    I enjoy your posts, I really do – but can you please post some real shit once in a while? Who the FUCK wouldn’t agree that dwayne wade is one of NBA’s best. worthless fuckin shit dude. and what the fuck are dopey dimes?

  • LakeShow84

    i thought it was bippity boppity boop??

    And scratch Boston and Cleveland.. Orlando bout to run away with the East.. i mean in all honesty does Cleveland really look all that good?? and consider Boston is @ the same level they were 2 years ago, maybe a tad better, but their big 3 are 2 years older.. i feel the additions but Wallace is more of a detriment nowadays and his game is too flaky to be counted on in the playoffs..

    Can someone please tell me why Van Gundy was considered a horrible coach again?? Dude couldve taken Vince/Lewis/Howard and said “you 3 are the alphas now go get it” but he got them playing TEAM ball which makes them even more dangerous.. turns out once again the The Big Rooster crow’d out some bullshit..

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Dopey Dimes

    @ Irishballer

    They dimes that be dopey yo!

  • Diego

    Yeah, LakeShow is right re. Van Gundy. He did great in Miami and now also in Orlando. (And no one expected Orlando to do so well Van Gundy’s 1st year. Otis Smith is still probably counting his lucky stars Billy Donovan backed out on him.) Van Gundy’s winning percentage as a head coach must be great. (Quite a bit better than my Hawks coach! Ugh.)

    And having Gortat and Howard go against each other in practice has gotten to have immensely helped both of them.

    The Real Tyrone is great, and so is Jurg. Has anyone heard from Jurg since his night out partying at the “Tool Shed” in Sydney?! Uh, oh. He’s gone MIA since then!!

  • Da_Griff

    Naw, Jurg showed up again a couple days ago. Seems he survived his encounter in the Tool Shed. No one made the news here about bizarre sex accidents. I think he’s back wherever he’s meant to be.

    Is irishballer serious. He doesn’t know what a dime is? Naw, can’t be.

    Here’s a question, who do ya think is the best practice centre in the league these days?

  • Da_Griff

    You could also call Shelden the Janitor. He can still clean shit up, but I bet he has to do that after practice too.

  • K Dizzle