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Derrick Coleman Is The David Stern Of The Detroit Public School League

Derrick Coleman

As of late, a lot of former NBA players have pursued some interesting post-hooping careers. Kevin Johnson is the Mayor of Sacramento, Rony Seikaly is a DJ, Todd MacCulloch is a professional pinball player and now Derrick Coleman is the athletics commissioner for Detroit’s public schools.

Coleman, 42, was hired by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, who was a former NBA all-star and named to the league’s 50th Anniversary Team in 1997. DC is a Detroit native and was a McDonald’s All-American coming out of Detroit Northern High School in 1986. He was the top pick of the 1990 NBA Draft and went on to play 15 seasons. While he was the ’91 Rookie of the Year and made an all-star team, Coleman was seen as an underachiever. He developed a bad reputation for his questionable attitude and his legal issues.

Since he retired in ’05, Coleman has been involved in a lot of business and real estate ventures in the Detroit area. For his new job overseeing Detroit’s high school sports, DC will be paid $135,000 – $40K more than his predecessor.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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  • Detroit Dave

    Damn, in this economy in Detroit, the PSL Commish gets 135K a year. (David Faulk must have negotiated that contract). Not mad at DC at all, he is a good dude and he should handle this job well.

    Dave Bing just layed off like 100 bus drivers in Detroit. I’m not sure this has made the local news but when it does the TV Stations are gonna eat this up.

    Am I the only dime reader that feels like an idiot for going to college, graduating and making 30K a year while I pay my student loans for the next 20 years of my life?

  • hansosword

    For a hot second people actually speculated whether DC could be the #1 player in the L… he had the skills, just never the drive.

  • Michorizo

    He will run this athletic program to mediocricy….

  • Pje

    Mayor, DJ and Pinball player. Do you know what other former basketball players are doing after NBA?

  • Yoooo

    he retired in 05???? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET TFOH… I need to see footage of that

  • Detroit Dave

    He “played” for the pistons during our second year with Larry Brown.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    Whoop de damn do…

    As the man himself said

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Coleman was arrested December 21, 1988, while in Syracuse and charged with criminal mischief in the fourth degree and harassment. He later pleaded guilty to harassment and disorderly conduct.

    In 1995, Coleman was arrested in Detroit and charged with refusing to move his truck and swearing at a police officer. The jury failed to reach a verdict and the case ended in a mistrial.

    Coleman and several others were arrested in 1997 and charged with interfering with a police officer’s duty in Detroit. Police said Coleman was released on a $100 bond on the misdemeanor charge.

    In 1999, Derrick Coleman pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge stemming from an incident in a Detroit restaurant. Coleman was accused of urinating in front of patrons at Intermezzo Italian Ristorante and was charged with disorderly conduct. Coleman still denies his guilt and says it was a drink that had spilled on his pants.

    In July 2002, Coleman was pulled over for driving over 100 mph (160 km/h) and arrested after test results showed he had a blood alcohol level of 0.13 percent when he was stopped, over Michigan’s then-legal limit of 0.10 percent. Coleman was taken into custody by officers who suspected that he had been drinking. Coleman was ticketed for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and refusing to take a breath test.

    Also in 2002, Coleman surrendered himself to police while a member of the Charlotte Hornets on traffic-violation warrants. Coleman paid $800 and was released from the Mecklenburg County jail a few hours later.

    Coleman was wanted on charges of driving with a revoked license and using an out-of-state license while his North Carolina license was revoked. Coleman had his license revoked because he refused to take a sobriety test after an accident in October 2001. Coleman was charged after his sport utility vehicle was involved in a late-night wreck with a tractor-trailer in Charlotte. Coleman and a female passenger received facial and head lacerations, and Eldridge Recasner, a reserve shooting guard for the Hornets, almost died after sustaining a broken shoulder and a partially collapsed lung. While Recasner was still in intesive care, Coleman called the wreck a ‘freak accident’ and said “I’m just happy everybody’s OK and that we can look at this particular point in time and laugh and joke about it.” Coleman refused to take a blood test after the wreck. Coleman eventually was acquitted of the drunken driving charges due to a mistrial.

    Poor Eldridge Recasner. Colemans such a a-%h#le

  • flegman

    BK Dymacels, wow…

  • Reddi Red

    @ Pet Society Help

    …..hey great job at pointing all these things out!!
    do you do this for ALL athelets? Hold on, you must know DC personally….right?? EXACTLY!!! get a damn life. I happen to know dude and no, he’s not at all perfect, but, he’s done ALOT of good for the Detroit area and people.
    Could he be a better person? sure! We all could be better people but to have @$$holes like you take the time to type all that BS trying to tear down the man’s character is really F*’d up!

    Let me guess……your not black. lol

  • A Gray Guy

    Reddi Red,

    I’m part black, and I’m part white. An asshole’s an asshole. I’m sure your boy appreciates you standing up for him though.