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Dime’s Fantasy Category Specialists: Blocks

Roy Hibbert

Logically, after ticking off points, rebounds, assists and steals, it’s time to move on to looking at late-round players who can help you in the blocks category. This is a list of big men, naturally, so most can help field goal percentage as well, but our focus today is on blocks. Listed below, in no particular order, are some players that will likely be available in the later rounds of your fantasy drafts and can help fulfill your need for blocks. As always, let us know what you think.

1. Roy Hibbert (C – Pacers): This boy’s been bananas lately, averaging a league-best 3.67 blocks per game in a little less than 25 minutes per game in six preseason matches. He seems to be bursting at the seams with signs of a breakthrough season but still isn’t getting much respect in fantasy drafts. His penchant for drawing fouls (3.1 in 14:24 per game last year) is a damper on his sky-high potential, but with the starting center spot secured, Hibbert should offer great late-round value, especially in the blocks department.

2. Chris Andersen (PF/C – Nuggets): In just 20:36 per game last year, Birdman was second in the League with 2.5 blocks per game. He’s backing up the vulnerable Nene and should see more playing time this season, which means he’ll be a one-man wrecking crew with his blocking skills. If your team is set with everything else and needs a bit of a push with blocks, slotting in Andersen as one of your utility players could lead your team to many wins in the blocks column.

3. Joel Przybilla (C – Blazers): He’ll likely play behind the fragile Greg Oden, but no matter how many minutes the “Vanilla Gorilla” gets, he should help your squad round out with a decent amount of blocks. He’s averaged 1.6 blocks in just 20:36 per game throughout his nine-year career and will drop to the lower rungs of most drafts. Przybilla is seen mostly as Oden insurance, but even as a backup he’ll offer a reliable number blocks for your squad.

4. Chris Kaman (C – Clippers): He suffered through a forgettable, injury-riddled 2008-09 season but appears ready to take steps toward a comeback this year. He has been mediocre in the preseason but has averaged 2.17 blocks, tying him for third in the League. Kaman will likely have his share of struggles as he eases back into full-time work on the floor but should eventually get his legs back and will be a great late pick for your team’s blocking needs.

5. Ronny Turiaf (PF/C – Warriors): Turiaf blocked 2.1 shots in just 21:30 per game last season, making him third behind Dwight Howard and the aforementioned Andersen. Warriors coach Don Nelson has experimented with a tall lineup that includes both Turiaf and the team’s starting center, Andris Biedrins, though this lineup probably won’t play on most nights. Turiaf’s minutes aren’t guaranteed to increase this season, but he’s shown that he doesn’t need much to work with to significantly boost your fantasy team’s blocks.

Others to consider: Samuel Dalembert, Kendrick Perkins, Marc Gasol, Spencer Hawes, Erick Dampier, JaVale McGee, DeSagana Diop, Greg Oden, Jermaine O’Neal

What do you think?

Throughout the season, be sure to leave your questions, comments, concerns, trade offers, roster problems and more in the comments below.

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  • vince

    marc gasol and his 1`.1 blks…really?

    plug this one:

    Brandon Rush will average close to a block from the sg position. That’s a nice value pick.

  • D.H.

    So Doc,

    Here is my team from our draft last night. It is H2H with a tonne of scoring categories. It was 12 teams, 19 rounds, for a total of 228 players drafted. Personally I think I rocked it. Take a look. I know I’m risking injuries with a few key players, but if they stay healthy I’m close to unbeatable.

    PG-Jason Kidd SG-Kobe Bryant
    SF-Shawn Marion PF-Elton Brand C-Al Jefferson

    PG-Mario Chalmers SG-Ben Gordon
    SF-Thaddeus Young PF-Jason Thompson C-Andrea Bargnani

    PG-Roger Mason SG-Anthony Parker
    SF-Anthony Morrow PF-DeJuan Blair C-Roy Hibbert

    Chris Andersen
    Keyon Dooling
    Marquis Daniels
    Chase Budinger

  • DoubleA

    Say Doc, where’s a good place to find decent player projections or rankings to use in my fantasy draft this weekend?

  • control


    How’d you get both Kobe and Al Jeff on your team in a 12 team draft?

  • vinny del negro

    Tyrus Thomas?

  • D.H.


    I drafted Kobe 5th overall and Big Al 20th overall. I guess people are concerned about injuries with Big Al.

  • weaksidehelp

    vanilla gorilla. i think i like it. ghostface pryz. is still nice though.

  • IG

    Get Oleksiy Pecherov in the last round. He will block a shot or two with K.Love not in the lineup.

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @D.H.: Very nice work. Your first lineup will be rock solid if healthy and your second lineup is very serviceable. I love the Daniels, Budinger picks, and Thompson and Bargnani in the second unit is awesome. Even though Morrow isn’t slated to start anymore, he should still offer some nice streaks of value, and Hibbert is always worth a flier. Seems like you’re pretty set! Update us on your progress.

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor
  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor
  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor
  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @vinny del negro: It’s an honor to have you here, coach. Tyrus is being picked a bit too early to be considered “late round” for the purposes of these posts…but yes, he’ll rack up those swats.

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @IG: Good point. His stock would be even higher if Jefferson was going to miss time, but it looks like he’ll be ready to go next week.

  • fLaVa

    hey doc

    foye or corey brewer?

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @fLaVa: Brewer – the Wizards suddenly have a crowded backcourt and Foye might have difficulty notching consistent minutes and production.

  • fLaVa

    i need 3s and FTs…

    i saw brewer’s FT during preaseason and its really inconsistant… what do you think he’ll shoot for the season?

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @fLaVa: He should end up in the 72-78 percent range when all is said and done.

  • Josh Tha roc

    I just cut blatche and j wright for capt Kirk and c brewer. Good moves? In a points league.

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @Josh Tha roc: If you needed threes, steals and FT%, then yes, good moves. Blatche looks ready to contribute in good minutes, especially with Jamison missing 3-5 weeks.


    Doc, he said in a points league

  • Colton

    i thought i had 2 picks left in my fantasy draft … i was gonna go rush, then hibbert. there was only 14 rds not 15 … i missed out on hibbert … im not sre if i wanna switch him out … any help?

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @BENNYHILL: You are correct. My apologies. I was responding to comments on my phone on a bus. My answer remains the same though. Thank you for the correction!

    @Colton: If you need blocks instead of threes, then yes, do it.

  • durandurant

    I think i did really well on this draft, basically comming away with SG/SF steals in terry/miller/salmons. what do you think? it was a 10 person league with default league settings +MGP. will my rebounds be too weak?

    1. (7) Kevin Durant SG,SF
    2. (14) Deron Williams PG
    3. (27) Brook Lopez PF,C
    4. (34) Vince Carter SG,SF
    5. (47) Josh Smith SF,PF
    6. (54) Mehmet Okur PF,C
    7. (67) Russell Westbrook PG
    8. (74) John Salmons SG,SF
    9. (87) Emeka Okafor PF,C
    10. (94) Jason Terry PG,SG
    11. (107) Brad Miller C
    12. (114) Mike Miller SG,SF

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @durandurant: Yeah, your blocks are lacking, but you seem pretty solid elsewhere. Your FG% could be dragged down by J-Smoove and Westbrook. Great value for where you nabbed Smith, Westbrook and Terry. Miller is a big unknown in a crowded backcourt, but he should at least offer sporadic value. You’ve got a good small ball team going on there. Solid drafting.

  • the truth

    yo doc, just a follow up, any news on the starting sf/pf for the bucks? I picked Warrick because I thought he’s gonna be getting a lot of minutes (and produce accordingly). If I do drop him, I’m choosing between Rip, Tay Prince, Tmac, Marvin Williams, or Josh Howard to take his place.

    Any inputs?

    Thanks in advance doc.

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @the truth: Coach Skiles has chosen to keep his starting lineup a secret, so it’s either Warrick or Ersan Ilyasova, with Kurt Thomas a dark horse. Regardless, Warrick will get the lion’s share of minutes unless he blows defensive assignments.

    Williams should have a decent season but has a lower ceiling than Warrick since the Hawks are deep and healthy this season. Howard is still at least a week away from being a reliable on-court presence while Hamilton and Prince aren’t too sexy. McGrady is better left as a waiver wire pickup later in the year unless you really have the luxury of using up a roster spot on him.

    I’d say Warrick or Williams would be fine to have, followed by Howard, Prince, Hamilton and T-Mac.

  • jzsmoove

    What do you think of this? I am proposing a Stephen Jackson for Rudy Gay straight up trade. Jax might be ahead statwise but in a sour surrounding right now. And Gay is fishing for a fat contract.