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Paul Bearer

Paul Pierce

Contrary to what Chris Webber said last night, the Celtics are not going to win the 2010 championship because they picked up Rasheed Wallace. While ‘Sheed will definitely play a role, Boston isn’t winning jack (or Larry) unless Paul Pierce performs up to Paul Pierce standards. Last night was vintage Truth, as Boston downed the Cavs in the opening game of the new season, a rare home loss for Cleveland. With a little over a minute remaining in the fourth and the Celtics up by four, Pierce (23 pts, 11 rebs) ran a pick-and-roll with KG near midcourt against LeBron and Shaq. Advantage: Boston. Shaq reached, Pierce teached, then stuck a jumper from the top of the key that was essentially the dagger. The Cavs had a few more shots, but Pierce hit another jumper with 30 seconds left, then shut the door at the free throw line … Shout-out to the 1995 Draft, as two of its stars were the story for Boston before Pierce took over. KG (13 pts, 10 rebs, 3 blks) generally looked a little off his game — like when he bricked a dunk on a fast break, or watched Jamario Moon jump over his head and throw down a dunk on is dome — but came up big in the clutch. Garnett hit an impossible turnaround fadeaway with Shaq all over him late in the fourth. Then there was Rasheed Wallace, who looks like he actually wants to play basketball now, and was killing the Cavs with his outside jumper. ‘Sheed (12 pts) was big in the third quarter, when Boston stretched a six-point halftime lead to double figures … Somebody needs to hurry up and write the screenplay for WHAT?!? The Rasheed Wallace Story before Clarence Williams III gets too old to play the role of ‘Sheed … It’s just one game into the season, so we’re still in the realm of “streaky” rather than “deadly,” but LeBron’s jumper was on-point. He’s got the strength to casually hit 30-footers, and now he’s developing more touch on his more reasonable shots. LeBron (38 pts, 8 asts, 4 blks) and Derrick Rose have replaced D-Wade and Chris Paul as the top two “When he gets a jumper, it’s OVER” superstars in the League … First possession of the first game of the year, Shaq (10 pts, 10 rebs) comes across the lane looking to set a pick and clubs KG in the back of the head with a forearm. It (probably) wasn’t intentional and no foul was called, but it still sent the Celtics fans we know into fits. They already hate Shaq … Along with the Cavs’ loss, the LeBron hater in your life got a bonus gift when Marquis Daniels picked ‘Bron clean in the open court right before halftime. You know there’s already a few YouTube videos in the works to immortalize that one … Anthony Parker was listed in one TNT graphic as weighing 250 pounds. If he weighs 250, Shaq is 500 easy … Most people found out during the game that Big Baby Davis is going to miss about eight weeks with a broken thumb. Baby admitted he suffered the injury when he got into a fight with one of his boys. In a moving car. While his boy was driving. Foolishness all around … Did you see those crispy clean white Air Force 1s Charles Barkley had on with the black suit? When Kenny Smith call him out for having his shoes untied, Barkley said, “Don’t make me talk about your mama on the first night.” …

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

The second half of the national TV doubleheader had the Lakers going against the Clippers in what was supposed to be both Blake Griffin‘s debut and a championship coronation for the Lakers. The ring/banner ceremony was short and sweet; before the unveiling they brought out a crew of former Lakers: Jerry West, Jamaal Wilkes, Norm Nixon, James Worthy, Michael Cooper (if all the old guys played a 1-on-1 tournament right now, Coop takes the crown), Magic Johnson, A.C. Green, Robert Horry and — Rick Fox? Who let the ugly girl into the VIP room? Turd in the champagne glass … Something’s not right when the Lakers’ massage therapist gets a championship ring and Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing don’t have one. On the flip side you’ve got Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who last night brought his title ring collection to like 48 … Without Blake in the lineup, nobody expected the Clips to put up a contest, but they were actually competitive. Kobe dropped 33 points (11-26 FG), eight boards and four steals, but L.A.’s favorite team “only” won by seven. Andrew Bynum added 26 and 13 boards, and Lamar Odom had 16 and 13 … All that talk about Baron Davis having a monster year after last season’s flop in L.A., and he goes out last night and put up a whole TWO points (1-10 FG) and gets outplayed by Sebastian Telfair … The Blazers had their now-customary insanely loud crowd for opening night when they knocked off the Rockets. Travis Outlaw scored 23 and Brandon Roy had 20, but Greg Oden had the most intriguing line: 2 points, 12 boards, 7 turnovers, 5 fouls, 5 blocks. Guess they really are going with that “Focus on defense and rebounding” thing, huh? … The early verdict on the Rockets? They simply don’t have the thoroughbreds to run with a really good team. Aaron Brooks (19 pts) and Trevor Ariza (12 pts) are plenty fast, but they were outgunned last night … Gilbert Arenas put up numbers on the Mavs in the Wizards’ opening night upset win, and you can’t say he looked bad, but he didn’t look quite right either, ya know? He’s still fast and can get into the lane, but Gil seems almost like he’s rooted to the floor. Instead of exploding, he’s scooting … When Arenas (29 pts, 10-21 FG, 9 asts) wasn’t scoring, he was passing. He set up Brendan Haywood for a couple of dunks in the firtst quarter where the court mics picked up Haywood sounding like he was having sex with the rim. A little too similar to the sounds we hear coming out of women’s tennis players … The runaway early front-runner for most disturbing local NBA commercial is the Mavericks’ spot we saw last night where there’s copious amounts of non-discreet Rick Carlisle junk on display while Coach wears a pair of John Stockton shots … Dirk Nowitzki had 34 points and nine boards in the loss, while Shawn Marion added 16 points, seven boards and three blocks. And Matrix looks severely aged rocking the baldie look … We’re out like Big Baby …

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  • InFamous1

    First! Go lakers! The problem I have as a laker fan is that I didn’t know who to root for in the Boston-Cleveland game. Lebron is a beast though!

  • nok

    Nice win by Boston to get that monkey off their back of not winning in Cleveland. Last win by the C’s was on 2004 when Ricky Davis and Mark Blount was on the team. Damn, that’s a long time. C’s have multiple weapons, teams will find it hard to stop them. Once they get overall homecourt advantage, they should win their 18th banner. Go Celtics!

  • Big Sia

    Kobe Bean aint human

    Yo DJ Mbenga needs to stop blazing before the games

    GIL-Zero is back… dont sleep


    NBAS BACK !!!!!!!!!!! happy new year

  • John

    Lebron got Rondo again ,,, that was a crazy block ,,,

  • jheck

    if LBJ loss again on his birthday game this year he should be worried.I think that’s his jinx…An opening night loss and a birthday game loss every year..how sad..


    Jeanie Buss! Jeanie Buss! Jeanie Buss!

  • the_don_mega

    LBJ’s shot is still streaky… but it’s just the first game so we’ll see… and damn right that ‘Sheed looks like he loves to play ball again… the Big Fella really is gonna give the cavs fits when defending the pick and roll… he’s just too slow these days… can’t wait for day 2..

  • mcw88

    damn i thought Dwight Howard led the list of ‘jumper = over’

  • http://www.pronosticsportiv.com Pariuri Sportive

    Rasheed Wallace fit very vell in BOSTON team. They could win the Championship this season. If the real desire of playing basketball still be like in this first match (not as he played last seazon at DET Pistons) and the big trio-men will be healthy, BOS will be unbeatable.

  • Luigi

    i actually saw the whole wizards game here in the DMV. n i must say. they look VERY strong. Randy Foye looked like a great spell scorer (think good 2nd RB to complement the first one). Andray looked like he improved his shot…but a ton. Deshawn Sucks though.

    and the thing is…we played GOOD DEFENSE! wow here in Washington? yes here in Washington. but time will tell though whether we can play with the elites with the leagues

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Pierce is sick, remember the stab wounds he got a couple years back, if knives can’t stop him I don’t think anyone can.

  • sh!tfaced

    Cavs looked like they really missed Delonte on this one.

    Shaq, Moon and Anthony Parker at times looked lost like they were the ones who had bipolar disorder.

  • sh!tfaced

    Paul Pierce is so unstoppable that even a phantom knee injury and a wheel chair won’t keep him off the court…

  • Name (required)

    did anyone see KG gettin totally flattened by Shaq… for some reason, KG reacts differently when Yi Jianlian or Zaza Pachulia do anything.

  • ToAn
  • ToAn
  • AB_40

    good to see cleveland take over what they did last season… lose to the elite teams. you know cleveland is gonna win every game they are supposed to win and be like 2-10 vs the other contenders. that’s what they do and that’s why they won’t win. boston looked solid. even without glenn”don’t touch my food when you’re driving the car” davis.

    greg oden had a ben wallace line. is houston the shortest team in the nba? even with Tmac they’re still short. Can’t wait to see him back on the court. If he’s as rejuvinated as he and tim grover say he is that’s a tough guard.

    dallas isn’t gonna win ish this year. first round knockout team in the west. but hey at least they got the all star game there.

    the lakers need gasol back. I know they’ve got a soft schedule but still. now this will allow bynum to get used to touches he normaly wouldn’t get with gasol in the game. he’s definetly gonna have problems with that. if bynum, gasol and artest are gonna start bitchin about touches LA is in trouble. and young BG I feel your pain hhe.

  • F.L.A.S.H.

    i literally was ROFL after the brendan haywood sex with the rim comment

    and yea, aside from their 3 guys, plus Z off the bench, the other cavs are barely a d-league playoff team..


    The clippers need to trade Camby or Kaman

    They have enough good front court players with Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and Craig Smith (I think they even have Brian Skinner).

    Eric Gordon is the real deal

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    That is why Dime seemingly loves LeBron and Kobe, that right there, what you saw last night…

    LeBron and Shaq are going to be just fine, just you guys wait. Gilbert will start jumping again when he’s good an ready, the fact that he’s crossing people over and cutting on dimes is a good start.

    Nothing on Andre Miller? The guy came out and had some dirty passes, I don’t think he’s going to hurt this time guys, not at all.

    Oden will get some buckets, 5 blocks, not too shabby – 7 TOs needs to slow down though.

  • vince

    wow i want thornton and kaman gone. airheads. trade em for brad miller and a pick. or gerald wallace and ajinca or something. gone.

  • love it

    I’d rather read Smack than any other game recap. This is the absolute best.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    having sex with the rim LOL

  • Dagomar

    I’m a bit worried about the Cavs. Lebron is beyond good but then you look at the rest of the roster and I’m just not sure how it stacks up against the rest of the league’s elite. Shaq is just not capable of defending a KG or a Gasol, Mo Williams is not better than Rondo and not more clutch than Fisher, Parker is a mediocre player at best, and Varejao can’t score for the life of him. Their success this season will rely on the chemistry that develops between Lebron and a bunch of individually flawed but, maybe, collectively great pieces.

  • ShowKase

    Sooooo……LeBron starts the season the same way he ended it, with a loss…But yes for the regular season being back! This is the best time of the year, NBA starting, NFL and and college football in full swing, and baseball almost over. Time to go buy me a Hibachi jersey!

  • That’s whats up

    which hair”style” was worse? Rasheed’s, AC Green’s or Ron Artest’s crop circles?

    Even Anthony Mason cut that shit out when he turned 24

    Glad to have you back NBA. Can’t wait to watch Chris Paul push off and dribble over his head tonight – that oughta be fun

  • That’s whats up

    actually, I think it was baron’s face muff that gets the award

  • iamrich

    What was up with A.C. Greens hair? C’mon Son! that aint right.

  • Diggity Dave

    A bit early to start dissing Wade, isn’t it Dime? Lebron looked good last night, but let’s give it more than one game before we start brown nosing and replacing people for their ACTUAL accomplishments? Wade is money with his jumper, and deserves the recognition he’s earned.

  • srb

    good to see Paul being everywhere on the court.

  • rangerjohn

    @ thats whats up

    LMAO between the cp3 comments and the face muff u am not sure which is more true.

    who ever said houston was the shortest in the league, i think your right, and it showed last night. i have to wonder if scolas ankle sprain was really worse then they are making out to be. how much of a let down would it be to have yao, tracy, and scola out? hell i would just about put the austin toros up against that team. i have to say though, they definitely have heart. they had plenty of chances to let last night get way way way out of hand and they didnt.

    and dallas, you just know mark cuban threw one hell of a fit last night, hell he might have crapped himself a little too, good thing he has all that money.

  • loganlight

    “Shaq reached, Pierce teached…”

    Pierce taught.


  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    trade Kaman to the Bulls!! please. I’d give them Deng, Miller, Noah, Tyrus, or whoever’s not named Derrick, Kirk, John

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    No favorite covered. My bracket crashed and burned like the old iphone, or Vista.

    Way to kick of the inauguration of the new season!

    Portland looks pretty solid. Nah, scratch that, solid enough. Nah, I don’t like that neither…it’s something about them.
    OK they look kinda solid.

    And for some reason, I LIKE that stat line be G.O.
    The 7 TOs means, at least, the ball is coming his way.
    He’ll figure out what to do with it. They don’t double down as intense as they do in preseason. But he’ll be alright.

    Is it too early? Rockets = Lotto Team

    2 things about the Lakers/Clippers
    Laker Starting Positions 2 through 5 = lights out!
    LO and AB @ the 4/5 spot = WHOA.
    When PG gets better –}}} eyes real big now, WHOOOOAAAAA!

    Yeah 18-Benny Hill, I peeped that too. He IS the real deal. It’s funny seeing Eric Gordon quietly become a beast.

    It is very evident on the LAC squad, Eric Gordon = The Man.

    He has the green light to shoot, to run the offense, to bark at anybody on his squad.
    It’ll be interesting to see what kind of product they put on the floor when the Terminator comes back.

    And…only because I feel I have to…I’ll touch the Wizards Mavs game…two teams I hate watching…

    Foye = 6th man of the year! LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Taking off my neutral and completely un-biased “enthusiast” hat and replacing it with my half 6ers/half Cavaliers custom New Era fitted.

    I’m with you 11, sh*tfaced.

    Cavs started good. Celts finished great.

    Anthony Parker hit some shots, played good D.
    But, and it’s a big ol’ butt…’cause it was very obvious –
    Can’t get it poppin’ off the dribble.
    We needs that!!!!!
    We = Cavs Nation

    Where was you? To clarify, where exactly were you last night? I swear I did not see you in the game. I saw somebody make an easy jumper that looked like you but it happened so fast, it was like a blur. I said “Nah, that wasn’t Mo.” Might be time to rebuild and destroy. Let me clear my throat, get my Nas on —

    Where was you, MO? Sh** goin’ on in the courts. Yo ni**as is in the GRIND. Where you be at man? Ni**as be bucking, Why you never bucking?
    Where you be at man?

    You be in commercials and in All-Star games but where was Robin when Batman needed him??

    Don’t make it one of those type of seasons!
    You don’t get a “sophomore slump” hall pass.
    Your ass is GROWN.

    Couldn’t crack a double dub though????
    Ballin’ all crazy for Brazil, ballin’ all crazy with that new extension money but can’t ball on NBA opening night.

    We needs a stud at the 4. Powe, pleeeeeeeeze come back healthy.

    Celts proved Shelden and Marquis were excellent pick ups.
    Same with Sheed. Same ol’ Sheed. Cannin’ those 3s, as usual.

    KG threw in 13 and 10…he’ll be back to the ol’ KG in no time.

    He’s been on a long layoff, resting his dogs.
    He’s just gotta get his sea legs back…like Vick.

    Pierce and that damn jump shot of his. That’s all I’ll say about that. Pierce and that damn jump shot.

  • Ross

    I nominate Big Baby for this year’s Monta Ellis award.

  • Chitown 23/33

    How is this Cleveland team different from last years…Shaq still can’t defend the pick and roll which is a huge problem when playing Orlando, Lakers, Boston, and SA..you know their main competitors for the title. You can’t even play Shaq at the end of games because he can’t move on D and can’t make ft’s…At least when the Cavs run their Lebron on 5 offense Big Z could step out to 20ft and make a jumper and shoot 90% from the line. Shaq is just under the basket in the way. What a great pickup

  • Josh Tha roc

    Dis u see Brian skinners beard? Weird lookin ish’.

  • Dr.Googles

    2nd runner up for the Monta Ellis award would have to be Delonte..

  • justice

    Have ppl not realized that lebron will catch and pin ur ish in the open court? if u see him behind u stop and set up a play….the african dude benga on the lakers may have actually gotten worst on the off season fadeaways? really? sit ur ass down…the clippers have a ton of talent but when bassy has the highest bball iq on ur team ur in deep shit

  • No J Mayo

    i watched the whole wiz game and i dunno what yall watched but gil was sick. he worked j kidd (who doesnt at this point), bulled jj barea (ditto) and generally dictated the entire flow of the game. Looked like a clinic to me. Gil wasn’t exactly known for his mad hops before.

  • dial up

    Cavs are garbage. LOL at saying lebron is developing a jumpshot, when marquis daniels of all people dared lebron to shoot a three when they were only down by four. The king still has no shot whatsoever, and he’s got the same problems he had last year. Didn’t he work on his game or anything???

  • Taj

    Good to have the League back full force…

    Gill looked good.. I think he’ll tailor his game now and still be effective as seen last night.. Eric Gordon looked really good as well. Boom Dizzle,, not so much!

    Chuck said is best at the half of the CAVS/BOS game.. The Shaq trade did NOTHING to help the team Offensively or on D…Still slow to rotate and they still stand around and watch Lebron go 1 – 5…

    Lebron is gone 2010!!!

  • roomtastic

    “””””LeBron Derrick Rose have replaced D-Wade and Chris Paul as the top two “When he gets a jumper, it’s OVER” superstars in the League””””” – – – hahahahaha, hope that wasnt serious

  • LakeShow84

    This was simple math peoples..

    Orlando BURNED the Cavs because the Cavs were too slow to really keep up with them.. The Cavs biggest offseason move?? Signing slow ass Shaq.. Add that up and tell me what that looks like..

    And ima wait until we play a good team before i make a comment.. but i will say Artest looked good bullin cats around in that purple/gold uni.. almost reminds of the Rodman/Bulls for some reason.. and watching Artest and the Mamba together?? we might not have the best defense but we got the most EXPLOSIVE defense..

    But ima wait until i see more.. i really want to see us play the Bobcats too lol

  • rangerjohn

    ok ok ok, WOW all this cavs are dead, labron is gone, i mean really? it was one game and teh lost by 5 to a very tough and very hyped up boston celtics team. i mean damn its not like they lost to the heat or something. its not like they got blown out by the griz or the knicks.


  • LakeShow84

    Spurs fans..


  • Celts Fan

    @Lakeshow and everyone else judging the Cavs. They almost beat one of the 4 other teams that has any chance at winning the chip this year (us, them, SA, LAL, Orl,) and were in the game til a minute left when a LeBron pass just went through A. Parker’s hands and out of bounds. If he’d made what woulda been an open 3 ball, it’s a 3 pt game w/ a minute to go.

    Shaq may not be a great fit, but you almost have to single-team him whenever LeBron’s in, so if you can get Shaq the rock within 5 feet of the rim and only one guy on him, that’s a matchup I’d take every time. Also, by having Shaq, you then have Big Z as your back-up center – he’s one of the 2 or 3 best backup 5s in the NBA. They tinkered w/ a HUGE lineup of Z and Shaq as the bigs at one point and, while it was probably the slowest lineup in league history, it was shockingly effective IN VERY BRIEF SPURTS, which is probably all it’ll ever be used for anyway.

    While Shaq wasn’t brought in to keep up w/ the track-meet type teams like Orlando, Anthony Parker (a 2 guard over 6 ft tall!) and Jamario Moon were, and those are great pieces to add to a rotation off the bench. KG’s still whiping Moon’s shmegma off his dome.

    The Cavs are fine; it was one game.

  • jackass

    why was the cavs wearing away jerseys at home? that was something i never heard

  • LakeShow84

    Im sorry Cav defenders, im looking at the big picture here..

    So what do you all mean the Cavs will be fine?? you guys know the deal.. CHAMPIONSHIP OR BUST for Cleveland.. And on a championship level they dont look like contenders.. and seeing they took their home games from Boston last year to drop their OPENER is a big deal.. not a deal breaker but def a big deal..

    They were already behind the Top 3 last year and i see them as slower with less options with Shaq on the team.. dunno we’ll see how much Powe and West improve that squad but as far as “it” goes.. Nah..

    @ CeltsFan

    They were only that close cuz your team started easing back in the second half.. Broken plays, bad turnovers, missed layups.. THAT AINT CELTICS BASKBETALL!! lol

  • ash

    anyone know if ac green is still against having sex with women?

  • rangerjohn

    @# 50
    so you deduced from one single home game against an arguably evenly matched team in a game that really could have ended up the other way, that the cavs are going nowhere? as much as i hate the mavs, i have to use their 2006 finals run as an example, they started out 0-4 and looked TERRIBLE and yet they ended up with the best record and a trip to the finals where they where pretty much a quarter away from winning a title before hasselhoff sang his death nell in dirks weak mind. so who is going to be lebrons hasselhoff

  • LakeShow84

    Lebron dont need Hasslehoof cuz he bricks FT’s on his own RJ..

    And no they’ll make it as far as Orlando or Boston.. Maybe even a pissed off Wiz squad could blindside them come playoff time..

    Im not saying they aint going nowhere or they’ll be bad but THEY werent part of the Elite last year (record against good teams anyone??) and they dont look to be part of it this year..

    Damn look at my first statement CeltsFan tried declare me as clowning them on.. All i said was ONE of the MAIN reasons they lost to Orlando was because their bigs couldnt EFFECTIVELY guard the high pick and roll.. Crunch time for Boston?? High pick and rolls that Shaq was murdered on.. same ol same ol.. everyones gotten better from last year.. the Cavs??

    Looking slower by the minute.. but like i said we’ll see how Powe and West improve them.. but would we all really expect it to shoot them up that high??

    I havent drawn ONE conclusion im just voicing my observations.. Damn i think we all just geared up in argue mode now that the season here lol

  • K Dizzle

    Pretty obvious to me that the Cavs shoulda added……


  • Celts Fan

    @lakeshow – not clowning you, just responding to Cavs criticisms and you actually answer them w/ intelligent answers and not stupid shit that’s got nothing to do with anything like some people do, so I went w/ you…

    You right though, before Pierce took over, there were somethijg like 5 straight possessions where it ended w/ jumpers by Perk, Rondo, or Sheed 3 balls. I don’t mind any of those shots during the flow if the game (rondo and perk gotta take ‘em to get the confidence that they can make them. I’m ok with that) in the last few minutes the only shot those 2 should take is a dunk and Sheed’s 3 was just rushed. Get the rock to the big 3 and GTF outta the way in the last few minutes.

  • Da_Griff

    Remember the L train? Lionel Simmons, used to play for the kings way back when.

    He had the best Monta Ellis injury before Monta even knew what a basketball was.

    Back in the 90’s, when the sega megadrive came out, good old L-train got himself injured by playing himself on NBA Jam too much. Dude got Carpel Tunnel syndrome and his wrists all locked up. He was never the same afterwards.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Celts

    Nah i was just saying u thought i was clowning the Cavs.. Ima wait until they play us for the real clowning to start lol..

    Aye ya’all on a bigger news scale!!

    RayJ’s season 2 is coming on soon!! More Danger :)

  • the cynic

    Is it official yet, Boom Dizzle the most over-hyped player in the league.

    At least it looks like Eric Gordon is immune to the clipper curse, the kid can ball

    Houston looks like they are in for a long year

  • WinDelRoj

    Funny how KG, Rondo and Ray Allen can change the definition of vintage Paul Pierce. Say Paul Pierce left and Antoine Walker stayed…..