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Dime’s Fantasy Category Specialists: Rebounds

Jason Thompson

Today we’ll continue our week-long look at late-round players who can help you fill in the statistical gaps you find yourself with near the end of your fantasy drafts. This doesn’t mean these players will necessarily help you in other categories (though most do), but they should at least offer some value in these respective categories. Without further ado, let’s look at players (in no particular order) who will likely be drafted in later rounds and could help you catch up in the rebounding department. Share your perspectives below.

1. Jason Thompson (SF/PF – Kings): The second-year forward had a solid rookie campaign in 2008-09 and currently leads the League in rebounding in the preseason with 11.5 RPG. Yes, preseason stats are always to be taken with a grain or two of salt, but with a starting job secured, Thompson should be set to build on the 7.4 caroms he grabbed in 28 minutes of work each game last season.

2. Greg Oden (C – Blazers): If you can swallow the risk, Oden is a very appealing late-round pick this season. He has been nothing short of a beast in the preseason, averaging 9.7 rebounds per game along with other great stats. If he can stay healthy he should offer some great value in the latter rounds of your drafts and can certainly offer his services on the glass.

3. Samuel Dalembert (C – Sixers): He wasn’t fully healthy last year and he has to adjust to playing with a very capable big man in Elton Brand this season, but Dalembert should get himself back on track to put up solid stats this year. He’s falling a bit later than he probably should in most drafts, so don’t be afraid to pick up Dalembeast and enjoy some nice returns.

4. Marc Gasol (C – Grizzlies): The Spaniard ran up and down mountains during the offseason, so he seems set to play more minutes and be more active on the glass this season. He will have to compete with the less athletic Zach Randolph for some of those boards, but Gasol shouldn’t have much trouble building on the 7.4 rebounds per game he grabbed in 30:41 of work each game last season.

5. Brendan Haywood (C – Wizards): He’s back from a season lost to injury and without Etan Thomas around to share minutes with, Haywood seems set to finally have a shot at boosting his rebounding numbers past the 7+ mark. He does have Fabricio Oberto and JaVale McGee breathing down his neck for playing time, but if he can stay away from injuries, Haywood should be a very helpful rebounder who could be available in the last round of your drafts.

Others to consider: Marreese Speights, Kendrick Perkins, Nazr Mohammed, Antonio McDyess, Drew Gooden, Chris Kaman, Roy Hibbert, Chuck Hayes

What do you think?

Throughout the season, be sure to leave your questions, comments, concerns, trade offers, roster problems and more in the comments below.

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  • joe

    I think Scalabrine is gonna rip those boards down this year

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    ^^^^ HAHAHA I hope your joking!! AND don’t forget about Indy’s frontline…

  • Bill Walton

    greg oden is a sad sack of sh*t. there i said what everyone was thinking. ain’t nothing changed last yr and it sure as hell ain’t gonna this yr.

  • fatburger

    Eddy Curry baby!!

  • Pdxballer

    @ bill walton
    what the hell is your problem? did your girlfriend dump you or something?did you lose your job? or did you just have a bad day?

    he only averaged about 2 less rebounds and 3 less than dwight howard n his rookie season
    and hes been incredible in the preseason

    stay off dime with shit like that

  • dagwaller

    I grabbed Przybilla in both of my leagues – he’s a better player AND stays healthier than Oden.

  • gilford22

    Marc Gasol?? I don’t think so because that guy is soft like his brother.

  • Ashlov

    Wake up, people. DeJuan Blair is going to kill it, even in limited minutes.

  • http://www.voguesale.com cathy

    Love basketball,do not miss it.
    Big surprises are waiting for you.

  • added

    dont sleep on bpgut…he was top 5 last year but didnt count cos he didnt play enough games

  • scotsman

    jason thompson
    andrew bogut
    marc gasol
    dejuan blair

    these are the players i think are a lock for good rebounding stats that you can get late rounds. ive seen bogut going in the 9-11th round most of the time.

  • Josh Tha roc

    @ ashlov

    Agreed. did you see his stat line today 17p 14rebs 4 blks in 14MIN!!!! just insane.

  • Da_Griff

    @gifford 22

    Soft like his 10RPG brother eh?

  • rick773

    Joakim Noah I’m just sayin

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Spencer Hawes and that aussie center from the rockets could be good pick ups as well.

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    In the event that he gets traded get Marcin Gortat.
    This list is perfect although I am a 76ers fan and I do not think Speights is that good of a rebounder to be honest.


    Ronny Turiaf


    @ Josh tha roc

    The box score I read said 17pts, 10 reb, 1 block

  • UK’s only Bobcat fan

    Okafor anyone? Over 10 boards a game last year….

  • UK’s only Bobcat fan

    Okafor anyone?

  • Citizen B

    Would you guys give up already on Brendan Haywood already….. Every year he’s a sleeper according to you and every year he just doesn’t have it.


    Hey doc if you had to pick between Azabuike and Brandon Rush who would you pick?

  • LAballer

    i picked up chandler very very late..my other centers are the better lopez twin, okur, and scola has pf/c standing..not sure what to do with chandler..is he doing anything this year in that thin front court on the bobcats??

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @Citizen B: No one’s calling him a sleeper.

    @JCARR: If you can wait out his injury situation, Azubuike is the more certain bet, but Rush’s ceiling is higher.

    @LAballer: Yes, the frontcourt is a bit thin but Mohammed and even Diop will be serviceable replacements if/when Chandler sits out because of an injury. He’s frail and he won’t have the floor captain that Paul was in N.O. so don’t expect much from Chandler this season.