Smack / Oct 29, 2009 / 1:58 am

Greatest debut you’ll never see

Allen Iverson

For a franchise that supposedly doesn’t have any money, the Grizzlies went all-out for their home opener. After introducing the Pistons to the theme from Beverly Hills Cop (cute), the Jumbotron showed a dramatic over-the-top video where Allen Iverson and Rudy Gay talked about “Grizz Nation” and defending homecourt. Then the DJ put on a Michael Myers/Halloween-inspired track, and the Jabbawockeez appeared at midcourt to dance. THEN they brought out Three Six Mafia, wearing Memphis jerseys and performing “Stay Fly” to bleed into the player intros, complete with smoke machines and everything else. The Grizzlies also debuted their new alternate shiny jerseys. We’re thinking somebody planned this whole party under the assumption that Iverson would be in uniform … You couldn’t even deny it was a dope setup, but of course when it was over, you barely heard any reaction from the Memphis crowd. Maybe it’s because they knew what was coming next. On the opening tip-off, Zach Randolph was busy tying his shoes and took a few seconds before he even realized the game had started. On the first possession, an alley-oop intended for Gay sailed out of bounds, then Tayshaun Prince cruised through the defense for an easy dunk. Next time down, Z-Bo shot an airball. If there had been any energy in the building after that intro, it was gone by then, as the Grizzlies were on their way to a 25-point L … What’s going on with the Hornets? There’s a lingering aura of stink and depression around the team that surfaced in the latter stages of last season, got real ugly in the playoffs, didn’t go away in the preseason, and last night was still there as N.O. got smashed by the Spurs … One play summed up the entire night: Tony Parker (17 pts, 6 asts) fell down on a drive and lost the ball, and eventually it made its way to Manu Ginobili, who fired a pass to Parker on the baseline, who hit DeJuan Blair (14 pts, 11 rebs) with a touch pass for a layup. So even when the Spurs had a broken play, they made it look like that’s what they were supposed to do and scored off it. By the end of the third quarter it was a 20-piecing, and the fourth was just a formality … And can you believe the amount of panicking over the 0-2 Cavs? Falling to Paul Pierce‘s clutch shooting in a close game is one thing, but last night the Cavs looked like they were caught in letdown mode, losing by 10 to the Raptors. LeBron had a triple-double with 23 points, 11 boards and 12 assists, but it was really just a bad matchup for Cleveland, reminiscent of the Eastern Conference Finals loss to Orlando. Their bigs aren’t athletic enough to keep up with Chris Bosh (21 pts, 16 rebs) and Andrea Bargnani (28 pts). It also didn’t help that Mo Williams and Anthony Parker shot a combined 8-for-26 … Shocker of the night: Not Marcus Banks seeing the court (25 seconds!), but Jose Calderon bricking his first two free throws … Meanwhile, the Magic looked like the same unstoppable force they were in the preseason, handing the Sixers an ass-whupping. Dwight Howard posted 21 points and 15 boards, and Vince Carter added 15 points. Not that anybody in Philly was paying attention since they had the World Series to worry about, but you knew it was going to be bad when the Sixers’ first play resulted in Sam Dalembert getting a clear-out and throwing up a hook shot that put a ding in the backboard …


There was an addition to the extended Dime family this week, as longtime reader “POPPI GEE” welcomed his new bundle of joy into the world. He sent us this photo (right), which we had to share with you guys … Two days into the season, your Rookie of the Year front-runner is Ty Lawson. Coming off the bench and logging crunch-time minutes, Lawson had 17 points and six dimes in Denver’s win over the Jazz. And yes, his speed translates to the pro game; Lawson can turn on another gear and get from halfcourt to the rim in the time it takes you to say his first name … In a physical game that had a playoff atmosphere, Carmelo scored 30 (and unleashed a wicked dunk on Paul Millsap), while Deron Williams had 28 points and 13 dimes in the loss … Other standout stat lines from Wednesday: Kevin Durant had 25 points and 11 boards in OKC’s win over Sacramento; Ray Allen scored 18 in Boston’s blowout of the Bobcats, while the Celts’ D held their nemesis to just 59 points; D-Wade dropped 26 and Jermaine O’Neal had 22 and 12 boards in Miami’s win over the Knicks; Brook Lopez put up 27 points, 15 boards and five blocks on the Wolves, but the Nets lost on a Damien Wilkins buzzer-beater; Trevor Ariza scored 25 in Houston’s win at Golden State; and Steve Nash put up 24 points and eight dimes as Phoenix edged the Clippers … Pacers/Hawks had an interesting clash of styles matchup with Josh Smith (athleticism) and Troy Murphy (skill) guarding each other. Josh could obviously outrun Murphy all night, dunked on him a few times, and swatted one his shots from behind simply by leaping over Murphy’s head. But Murphy (14 pts, 10 rebs, 7 asts) held his own by catching Josh (18 pts, 8 rebs, 5 stls) slipping on defense, fooling him on some pump-fakes, and burying accurate jumpers. And of course Troy had the advantage of wanting to win first, look good second, while Josh wanted to look good first, win second … It was nip/tuck in the fourth quarter Mike Bibby hit a couple daggers and the Pacers killed themselves with bad decision-making. With Atlanta pulling away, Larry Bird was shown in the stands looking like he wanted to drink a tall glass of Windex. Case in point: One time Dahntay Jones was triple-teamed and still tried a jumper that was predictably blocked. Just ’cause you can guard Kobe, doesn’t mean you can mimic Kobe … We’re out like ridiculous pieces of philosophical bullshit …

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  • Sallo

    Lets give it up to the Nuggets who came to play with the right intensity.

  • dagwaller

    Hahaha, nice WMCJ reference…and big ups to Gee! Surprised to see the child in something other than Rockets red, especially on the night of a victory! Big ups!

  • baron von faulk

    Blair = Beast !!!

    Manu had 2 siiiiick crossovers, he left Peja looking like a scarecrow.

  • http://yahoo.com john grizz

    I am a big nets fan “jersey city- trenton” but even I know they suck even though r future looks very good, brooke is a beast but not the person u want 2 have the ball when the game is on the line he always eitheir gets striped or blocked but still he is a beast, t will is going to be on a lot of highlights this year dude is a beast but we need a new coach p s cdr is going to be a good scorer even though he had foul trouble yyyyyeyear he

  • baron von faulk

    oh damn, dime dropping them dirty words!

    Calderon tryin’ to kill my fantasy team, missing his first 2 free throws, man!

    New Jersey is gonna be like a slow, wintery death in a toxic waste dump this season…and so are the Nets.

  • Chainfire

    You should refer to Bargnani as Beastnani from now on! Dude had 21 points in the first half alone, would of head more then his game high 28 pts if he didn’t get into foul trouble as a result of horrible reffing. Dude was dunking, had some nice post moves, some 3 pointers..scoring from everywhere on the offensive end! Go raps!

  • http://nba.com solomon

    yo gee! congrats, man… that’s a cute little bundle of joy you got there

  • Big Sia



    worst supporting cast EVER… and this is coming from a shaq fan.

    EVERYONE in the Cavs management – from Danny Ferry to the guy who designs the Mascot’s shoes – should be FIRED, NEVER LET IN AN NBA BUILDING AGAIN

  • Chainfire

    Lakers and San Antonio > Orlando!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Congrats Gee!

    Was it just me or did Lebron give up at the end of that game or what? He looked like he had no confidence in his team and said screw it. If this continues Lebron to NY is inevitable.

    All the blowouts last night kinda looked like the NFL this season. I hope the NBA doesn’t have the same issues in which the there’s a huge gap between the top tier teams and the bottom.

  • alf (from melmak)

    From what I have seen, the Jazz looked like they are heading to the lottery. Sad. Very sad. Especially for a long time fan like me.

    Also, the Raptors looked very fun to watch. Geez. I never thought I would say that in my lifetime. They have a lot of weapons. The thing is Chris Bosch is not a game changer franchise player. But look at Andrea Bargnani, the guy has turned into a stud. Even Marco Bellineli and Antoine Wright seemed to have found their place in the sun. This team will go places this season.

    My meal allowance says Cleveland is in trouble. The game against the Raptors exposed the dumbness in their decision to acquire Shaq.

  • the_don_mega

    congratulations GEE!!!

    man, cavs stunk right off the bat… parker can’t shoot a lick out there… spurs are tight though… can’t wait to see the first spurs/lakers game…

  • bluv

    There is a new #3 in Denver! Denver looked great tonight. Carmelo is back to his college weight and the team even minus Smith looked pretty good with new additions.

    Cleveland is a mess, why did they think Shaq was enough? He is too slow and old to make a difference anymore. Poor Lebron. They have no one to help Lebron & score any points. Poor Cleveland fans, Lebron will be gone and they will be irrelevant again. What a shame. They should have picked up AI, AI in Memphis is just a waste for his age and talents.

  • K Dizzle

    Congrats, Gee

    And now for what’s not: TWolves drafted Flynn, Rubio, Calathes and Lawson……and maybe let the best point guard get away….stupid

    Props to the Raps for totally dismantlin Cleveland. Cleveland lookin like the Lakers AFTER Shaq. One stud in Lebron and no help. They didn’t even address the issues from last season’s playoffs so Bargs, Bosh and Hedo did what they wanted. Watch the whole first half and didn’t even hear Derozan’s name. Squad is deep.

    No props to Charlotte for not even botherin to compete…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Shaq is still better than having Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic for the same amount of money…who does Sash play for right now?…No one, that’s right, no one….

    congrats Gee!

    And Lebron to NY does not make sense beyond money–the Knicks have no team and easily the worst General Management in the History of sports (including Chris Wallace) over the past decade…who will play with him in NYC?…Danillo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, and whoever they sign–and Nate and Lee will go elsewhere if they can after being spat on all summer, just like Gordon did…

    The Nets on the other hand make sense. Harris and Lopez are keepers, the Brooklyn and Jay-Z thing, and I’m sure Bron will get his own show on Direct TV in NYC just to piss on Dolan…oh, fuck Comcast by the way…hate em..hate…hate…hate…hate…hate

    and much love Gee.

  • Big Sia

    Fuck the raps but cleveland is just pathetic

  • ab_40

    cleveland doesn’t fit right now. the players don’t fit. and the coach has no idea how to create and/or take advantage of matchup problems. Charlie V should’ve signed with the cavs and they should’ve tried to trade for tayshaun prince. Stephen jackson can guard 4s so can you spell bye bye Z? If mike brown loses the next two games as well he’s getting fired believe that. raptors magic is gonna be a fun matchup this year.


    Should have sic Lebron on CB4.

  • rick773

    I hate the cav’s as much as anybody but going 0-2 to start the season is about as significant as Marcus Banks playing time this season. I mean it’s like 80 games left even if acquiring shaq was a bad move it’s not like they’re going to be less than the 3rd best team in the east.


    Give Lebron and Company some time to work out the kinks. That 7 feet tall, 300 plus pounds monkey need to get in shape! 0-2 is nothing, 0-20 is different!


    No Cleveland should have done this/that! When the Lakers traded Shaq, Flash should have included in the package. Imagine the back-court of Kobe and Flash!


    Don’t give up on Cleveland yet, don’t forget about the trade deadline. Start making deals now!

  • vince

    shaq got owned by rupaul?

  • the cynic

    that stink and depression in NO is Peja’s contract

  • Name (required)

    0-2 is nothing to worry about for Cleveland

    Shaq and Bron getting taken apart by a team that at one point had 5 white players on the court, that is.

  • Shrink This

    Congratulations Gee,

    The Cavs looked completely out of sync last night leading Lebron to break out his own rendition of the whiny face… Not a good look.

    But the season is young and hopefully Raps fans can resist the urge to award their team the Eastern Conference title for at least a few more months…

  • g

    What is Ray Allen doing playing so many minutes in a blow out?

  • sh!tfaced

    It’s time to panic, Cleveland. Lineup looks like shit without LeBron in there. Ex-Capt Jack would fit nicely if they can get him.

    Grats, POPPA Gee. Good lookin’ rugrat.

  • Damon

    i know those lebron blocks from behind look great, but why is he not even trying to stop a guy from going to the basket first? on the last play last night he let calderon run past him and then tried to block him. calderon made the basket plus the foul. its not only about looking good.but unfortunately he has the dpoy wrapped up already. he just has to get over 1 bpg and 1 spg and the voters will only vote him.

  • Damon

    i know those lebron blocks from behind look great, but why is he not even trying to stop a guy from going to the basket first? on the last play last night he let calderon run past him and then tried to block him. calderon made the basket plus the foul. its not only about looking good.but unfortunately he has the dpoy wrapped up already. he just has to get over 1 bpg and 1 spg and the voters will only vote him.

  • dial up

    Damon your right about that. 2nd in dpoy of the year last year, when i see lebron’s man run by him every time. His defense is horrible, but this is the first time that he’s ever had a big man who can score tho right??? Or is it just the first time the cavs got shaq. Lebron needs to get out of his own world forreal.

  • Diggity Dave

    Sheee-it, if the Cavs keep this up, Lebron might end up in a Heat uniform. ;) Nice to see vintage Jermaine O’Neal last night, 22/12 is a solid start. Mind you, we played the Knicks, but he still looked a lot more mobile out there than last season. Hope he’s consistent with it.

  • calvin brodus

    big ups pappi gee!

    mile mufuckin high!

    that win was nice. tonight is gonna be tough in p-town. colorado is covered in snow right now. i hope it buries AC into his house for the rest of the season. he had to be the worst starting shooting guard in the league last night…by far. jrs 7 game bid can’t end soon enough.

    the lawson pick was huge, but the nuggs passing on blair with the 30th pick is starting to look real regretable.

    one more time for the new season…
    mile mufuckin snowy ass high!

  • rangerjohn

    well congrats to pappa gee!

    no mention of when manu picked CP3’s pocket, took the pall down court, when with the behind the back dribble on julian write, and then lefty layup all in about 4 seconds?

    spurs got some poor shooting from RJ, is my only complaint. when his stroke gets there, look out. there are even more teams in the league kicking themselves over blair right now too.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    My wife and I are up (just finished feeding) and we read all the comments so far and we really want to thank DIME (so cool of you all) and everyone for their kind words.

    This is our first child so we are so excited and thrilled. He weighed in at 9 lbs and 5 oz and 22 inches so who knows what the sport will be.

    I put a basketball and football on both sides of my wife’s stomach while he was in the womb and he kicked towards the football so we will just see lol (wife most def. wants basketball, she played in h.s.).

    Either way thanks to you all and again DIME that was the so cool of you and my wife and I so appreciate it!

    Probably won’t be shooting a lot of comments as we are trying to get sleep whenever we can and otherwise entertaining visitors and taking care of my big man, but I am trying to throw comments in whenever I can.

    GOD bless and deuces.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Congrats GEE.

    What about the wolvescoming back form 17 down with 7 minutes left?

    Carn the Thunder.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Good luck Gee, you’ll need it

    The nets and Wolves are in trouble this season. that was the most boring exciting game ever. Someone tell Johnny Flynn that he’s not really that good. Then tell Kurt Rambus that Ramon Sessions is on his team and better than Flynn.

    Then someone should get Josh Boone a contract overseas cause he doesn’t belong in the NBA.

    Parker Eastern Conference

    Celtics = the cheapest abusers of zone defense ever. If any team can manage to hit a jumper against them, the Celtics would lose. Which is why the Bulls took them 7 games and why the Magic will beat them this year.

    OKC will be the exciting to watch and will make noise munis injuries.

  • bdk23


  • control

    Congrats GEE, best wishes to you and your family.

    The reffing is straight HORRIBLE. I only caught the last half of the Rap/Cavs game, but the calls that were so obviously not fouls or not against the refs (LeBron charge) were just disgusting. There’s no way that replacement refs would have been this bad, it sucks that the old refs are back and tossing around superstar calls to guys like Mo “Jesus fucking dog” Williams.

    Toronto managed to win despite the refs being completely against them. Gotta put that on Mike Brown, in what world does he think that Big Z and Shaq could guard Bosh and Bargs at the same time? Insanity.

    BTW, Jarret Jack looks exactly like Vince Carter. They were showing him in the entrance and I was like WTF, then noticed he’s much shorter. They could be brothers.

  • srb

    Gee – shameless use of the Dime blanket, but congratulations anyway.

  • The Journeyman

    GOOO Wolves

    So excited and excited the Wiz are actually doing something positive…let’s see how far both these teams go

    (Go wolves shhhhh)

  • zaboo

    Congrats Gee, hope that’s a future red rowdy.

  • shake&bake

    I don’t like Manu (mainly because of his flopping) but I almost like him last night. On one possesion he pulled out a Shamgod and got a layup, then within a minute he took the ball coast-to-coast cutting through N.O.’s defense for another layup.

  • control


    You see those two flops he managed to sandwich between those two plays? One offensively, one defensively. Guy just ain’t going to change (cept that bald spot getting more and more noticeable).

  • TO

    Congrats GEE.

    BIG Z & Shaq on the court @ the same time – INSANITY. Brown is an idiot. They cannot guard Bosh/Bargs.

    I was @ that game – LBJ was not happy: agree w/the whiny face being pulled out. Sure LBJ got his triple double, aint nobody else doing jack.

    As a raps fan I loved Parker but those Cavs fans that thought they were gettin something REALLY good. Sadly mistaken. C’mon AP and Moon were our castoffs…those were TWO of our starters last year and look what happened.
    For the Cavs fans I dont think its panic mode – they need time to figure it out. Just like the Raps.
    Raps looked real nice BUT I have have this feeling Magic are gonna kill us on Sunday.

    JO – had a nice game wonder how long that lasts.
    KD – all eyes on him this year.

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    First of all,Congratulations,Gee on a beautiful baby boy.As for the basketball,There were too many bad games and way too many blowouts(the Bobcats ONLY putting 59 on the scoreboard???) and the Knicks(ugh,won’t waste any time on them.)But I really felt bad for the Nets they had that game and just gave it to the Timberwolves on a silver platter!!!

  • justice

    Congrats gee…. did anyone watch the nets game last night? twill deserves a mention ty lawson was the most popular rookie but twill was the best there is nothing this guy cant do, he’s like scottie pippen 2.0 complete with added muscle and tattoos

  • chris

    check out the +/- stats at espn….very helpful at sorting out where the problems and strengths are…spurs bench was +54, while hornets bench was -66…nuggets bench was +44, while jazz bench was -36…suns bench was +31, clips bench was -30. in all 3 cases, fairly close games were decided by massive differences in the quality of the bench players….shaq is -25 in 25 minutes against the raps, while bellineli goes +19 in 19 minutes for the raps with a wicked dunk…

    point guards are fun, too…tj ford goes 1-9, while earl watson goes 7-8 (3-3 3 pointers) backing him up for the pacers, while chris duhon and nate robinson combine to go 1-15 from the field for the knicks… great games, and great numbers, too

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    SHOUT OUTS to the City of Charlotte.


    SHOUT OUTS to Troy Murphy!
    No reason in particular, I just like his game.

    SHOUT OUTS to the City of Orlando.


    SHOUT OUTS to Brook Lopez.


    SHOUT OUTS to the Bum A** Hornets and Bomb A** Saints… SHOUT OUTS to the City of New Orleans in general.


    Shout Outs to the cities of Memphis and Sacramento too!!
    I aint bet on y’all this time but I will next time because…


    I’m ’bout to throw the Cavs on my ‘cover’ list…if they don’t get thier act together. Maybe SJack will do a lil’ sumptin for us but let’s GO! Z and O’neal is NOT a good look. Should’ve bodied the sh*t out of Bargs and Bosh. Bang ‘em upside their head with a “lil” forearm, step on thier pinky as soon as they elevate. Ya know, good ol’ “clean” bball.

    Seriously, the only short-term cure for the Cavs is a tattooed bipolar gun-toting wife beater who can create his own shot, provide tough d, and play intelligent basketball.

  • LakeShow84


    So it does indeed seem like Rupaul owned Bizarro.. Yes thats Bizarro cuz he damn sure aint Superman no more..

    Man watching the Houston/Warrior game was a testament to liking basketball cuz that was a ugly game.. Houston was smaller than GS and they dont really try to run as hard.. it was fun watching Ariza shoot 6-10 3’s in the 1st quarter though.. i see why he left cuz by the 5th one Kobe wouldve been like “mah ni$$a im about to cut you from the team if you dont pass me that shit”.. so go get it Ariza lol

    Curry bout to be the next Reggie but with doper dimes.. Write it down..

    Kid got swag and he already running that team.. and that J is already smooth as FUCK..

  • That’s whats up

    GEE !!! CONGRATS MAN !!!!

    That is a BIG boy already! glad all are healthy and fine. props to your wfe.

    Your hoops watching ability just went down by 67%, but that’s the standard rate. If you have another child it drops below 7%.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN


  • Drink the Haterade

    Congrats Gee…

    @ Dime– Dahanty Jones cant guard Kobe.

  • LakeShow84

    And i have to comment on the Hornets..

    Its rare we see a team like that fall off so soon with no real roster turnover.. my bet?? POSEY

    Ever since they made it to the Semi’s 2 years ago they havent looked remotely interested in playing with each other.. i could be looking into it too much cuz they all be just some wannabe ass tough guys (Posey, West, Paul) but u dont see too much comraderie on that team really..

    Or it could be because Peja aint givin shit but the bill..

    Either way as someone who cares nothing for CP3’s game i love it..

  • smoothb

    Damn Ty Lawson was blowing pass people and dropping dimes with ease…he’s going to be a problem this year…can you say rookie of the year if he keeps this up

  • LakeShow84


  • Dagomar

    I was at the Toronto/Cavs game last night (great game/atmosphere, by the way), and from what I could see:

    Shaq can’t move; can’t jump; can’t even get a rebound over more athletic (if smaller) bigs. His defense of the pick and roll was comical. Parker couldn’t do anything right last night, whether it was shooting or passing or what. Varejao was just comical on offense and couldn’t do a thing about Bosh. Mo Williams had one nice stretch in the third and for the rest of the game was invisible. The bench was totally useless. Lebron played well – especially as a passer – but he seemed tired, sat for a crucial period in the third where the Raps regained their lead (and Brown went away from the smaller lineup that had tied him the game), and seemed genuinely pissed toward the end of the game. It wasn’t just that the Raps dominated, it was that the Cavs looked brutal and out of sync. They didn’t even seem to like each other.

    As for the Raps, Bargnani looked like a stud, and not just because O’Neal couldn’t chase him around. Lebron tried to guard him a few times and Bargnani actually posted him up. Bargnani was driving to the net, hitting long threes – everything. If he plays like this all year the Raptors are really, really dangerous. Meanwhile Calderon did a great job running the offense, Bosh drove to the net and rebounded very well, and the team was just better with Turk on the court. Derozan looked like he has loads of upside. It’s only one game but all the problems with the Cavs – bad coaching, surprisingly unimpressive bench, slow/unathletic at the 4/5 especially, perhaps bad chemistry – looked like strengths for the Raps.

  • Diego

    Nice take on contrast of styles of J-Smoove and Troy Murphy. They both can do–and last night did–their thing. Both solid players.

    Don’t like the dig on J-Smoove not playing to win though. Smoove had an outstanding game last night and his 5 steals were legit–he was knocking the ball out of Pacers’ hands left and right.

    He bitched about a few calls but did not have his typical whiney face on while complaining, which was a nice change.

    Teams better watch out for Smoove (and the Hawks) this year.

  • Ducky The Truth

    Great article and congrats Poppi Gee.

  • Diego

    And J-Smoove actually had 8 assists, not boards. (Horford was the guy busy cleaning the glass all night.)

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Player fomerly known as Captain Jack to the Cavs please.

    Cavs need someone like that, but Ex Capt. Jack has to drink two or three gallons of LJB flavored Kool Aid….OH YEAH!!!!

  • jditty

    Steph Curry looked solid last night. Hard to believe it was his debut. He matched up well on defense…even got a steal the first time guarding Aaron Brooks. I’m surprised the the Warriors’ bigs couldn’t handle Scola, Hayes, and Landry. We’ve got work to do.

  • Dave

    at this point the Jazz have the top two lottery slots, their’s and the Knicks. who we looking at?

    Boozer looked stellar, like nothing’s changed in the land of promise and he’s tightening the bootstraps and has a moratorium on buying new real estate, and is most definitely yelling A LOT more on defense (contract year and all). At least DWill is committed.

  • Dave

    Poppi Gee…..how’s the offseason treated the fam? A new one yet?

  • Taj

    Congrats GEE!! Hopefully Thats whats up – #50 isnt right and you can sneak a few quarters in here and there!

    Cav’s looked bad chemistry wise in both games this yr.. Mike Brown is a JR High girls coach and the bigs are the same with/without Shaq! It is only 2 games in and I think they will fix this but it may come to back to bite them again during the season…

    Even with the line up last yr, I always felt that the Raps needed a full training camp together under Jay Triano.. He’s a great players coach! That’s happened and they would’ve lost games like this in previous yrs. Bosh is looking happy out there and looking to get his teamates better looks (running Ad Lib plays for Bargs in the 4th) So maybe this is what he needs to stay in 2010

  • flavur

    Cleveland is definitely looking bad but why do people think that lebron will go to NYC he won’t win a chip there.

  • Ian

    congrats man

  • fallinup

    Well look at that. New season, new DimeMag addict. Congrats there, GEE. Fit in that sleep while you can, bro.

    You’ll need it. :p

    If you ain’t been warned already… you think it’s rough now, wait until the walking starts.

  • That’s whats up

    NO DOUBT!!

  • chief youngblood

    I was screaming for the hornets not to pass up blair in the draft last year , and boy was i right . and your right their is a certain fog over the new orleans hornets , we stopped clicking half way threw last year , and i don’t really see a way to fix it ( captain jack ? ) .

    i’m not surprised at all by the cavs , all summer i kept wonder what everyone was so excited about . seems the overall game plan is still lets give lebron the ball until he gets frustrated .

    watching the nuggets trounce my hornets last year really turned all of us into real fan boys , so big ups ty and melo

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Wow! My wife and I again say thanks to all for their congrats and we really appreciate all the kind words. This is all so amazing and surreal for us. Baby Geee is doing good and keeping us busy already.

    Thanks a million times and then some more to you all and especially the DIME staff and fam. We are thankful and look forward to an exciting future.

    Thanks to you all!


  • David Brandon


    my man…congratulations on the little one, family. by the time he’s 12 he’ll be beastin’ you on the block ;-)