NBA / Oct 14, 2009 / 11:28 am

Hakim Warrick Will Be The Best Offseason Pickup This Year

Hakim Warrick

Now that most NBA teams have played around five games in the preseason, you can start to see how guys are looking for the upcoming year. And of all the guys that switched teams this summer, it appears Hakim Warrick could end up being the best offseason pickup this year.

I know what you’re thinking. What about Hedo Turkoglu, Ron Artest or Ben Gordon? Sure those guys signed big contracts this summer and will be integral members of their respective teams, but none of them have a chance as much as Warrick does to become a star this season. And for only $3 million this season, the risk/reward factor is well in his favor.

With career averages of 10.2 points and 4.3 rebounds, Warrick had a productive four years in Memphis; but this season with more than enough opportunity in Milwaukee, it appears Warrick is primed to takeover. With Charlie Villanueva in Detroit and the Bucks trying to decide whether or not to renew the first option year for Joe Alexander, they’re going to have no choice but to play him.

And given the opportunity, he has produced. This preseason, Warrick has averaged 17.2 points (on 59% shooting) along with 6.8 rebounds per game, standing head and shoulders above the rest of his teammates on the court. While the Bucks aren’t going to win a lot of games this season, Warrick is going to be a large part of their future success.

What do you think?

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  • Mark

    Agreed, great signing that went very under the radar!

  • dagwaller

    I like your enthusiasm, Aron, but please say “underrated” and not “best” – as you mentioned, there were far better players going to far better teams. It’s not a controversial pick, but on paper, I’d have to say that RJ to the Spurs was the “best” offseason pickup.

  • control

    Aron is Hakim’s agent, just trying to get him a new contract by building some hype.

    The guy is going to be aight from what I’ve seen, but I don’t think I’d quite say “star” yet…

  • j-dub

    I think you’re nuts, as usual.

  • j-dub

    Quick question: Do you write articles for shock value, or do you actually believe this nonsense?

  • G

    Aron’s thought processes:

    Underrated = Best

    Kevin Martin = Lebron James

    Dime = Slam

    Shots fired!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    Haha. As I said, in terms of bang for your buck, Hak has to be your guy.

  • loganlight

    I’ve always liked his game… too bad he is stuck in another lame market. I would love to see what Phil Jackson might do with him… or D’Antoni for that matter.

    Good look Aron, this is a good find.


  • JA

    I did like this pickup. Warrick has proven himself to be a decent low post scorer, which should compliment Bogut fairly well as a front line when he is back up and running.

  • Dagomar

    Dime has a knack for publishing titles that don’t exactly correspond with the story. If the intent was to say Warrick will offer the most bang for the buck rather than being the flatout best, maybe the title should be different?

  • Claw

    Probably saying Best Value would have been better and not as misleading, just saying.

    Interesting on the Dan Patrick show was Kobe and he said the move that was under the radar that might be the best was the Cavs picking up Anthony Parker. That is a good pickup for them, he’ll be giving them quality minutes.

  • vince

    He’s looking good by default. There’s nothing else on that roster. One day it’s Delfino, the other it’s Warrick. He’s just not that good. I think Miami will get more value out of their money with Arroyo for example. Another great cheap pick up was Butler by the Clippers. Both players will have more impact.

  • sh!tfaced

    Not if the Mike Sweetney experiment works out for Boston, he’ll be the bang-for-buck player, salary-wise. But expenses like the food budget and airplane fuel will take a major hit though.

  • Real Basketball i.Q.

    I need an agent and aron, are you available?

  • Real Basketball i.Q.

    Hakim has a pretty decent game and is QUIETLY, a very good pickup…they were in need of a quality PF and Hakim fills that role and for him, it’ll be the minutes he always needed to show the world he can play.

    HOWEVER, it isnt up there w/the Sheed pickup… HUGE.

  • Real Basketball i.Q.

    Butler at the Clipps wont be this big b/c he isnt going to be starting…
    Arroyo at Miami isnt either b/c it is Chalmers job…
    guy threatened to have 10steals in a game… ARROYO=PINE

    Hakim will be starting… blocks shots and hustles b/4 he gets off on offense which is what Skiles likes…
    can you say JoakimNoah with Offense.

    Hell, he was Joakim before Joakim… Hack will be the best “quiet” pickup… get a clue or an i.Q.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    I agree this is the sleeper best off-season pick-up. Notice a lot of people on this site don’t know basketball much. Just the stars that get T.V. time.

  • http://www-in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    I think this guy is this year’s version of Roger Mason. He did extremely good with extra minutes so watch out.

  • Arrogant

    I’ll Have to agree…. for small pay if he averages just 12 and 5 he still is a huge step up from what they have had… also he has a better chance to be the second or third option over on the bucks rather than memphis who has talent but no direction..

  • dial up

    6’9 big boy only averaging 5 boards!!!!???? i dont see why it’s surprising theyr paying this guy little.

  • Nidal

    aaron affalo any1?

  • vince

    @16: Dunleavy is in doubt wether he will start Butler. Butler is a much better fit (and smarter player too) than Thorn. Every Clippers fan wants Butler to start. Matter of fact I’d put money on the under/over at 10 when it comes to how long it takes for Butler to crack the starting five.

    Aroyo doesnt need to start to have a big impact on the team. You focus too much on starting. Aroyo will be one of the more important players for the heat if they want to reacht he playoffs.

    Also, Warrick has never been a shotblocker. Where did you get that from? He won’t even crack 1.5 blocks on average this year if he plays 30 minutes a game.

    And where did the Noah comparison come from? Warrick isn’t a good defender at all and Noah isnt a good player on offense, while Warrick is much better there. He has a huge wingspan (7-2) but doesnt use it at all, he’s way too light and weak to prevent the regular pf’s in the league from scoring (as witnessed when playing SF with memphis), as where Noah is a strong, hard working guy on defense.

    Please… watch some basketball games before you start talking all this crap.

  • vince

    btw the 1.5 blocks/30 minutes: i said that because thats what noah did in 24 minutes. warrick? write me down for under 0.8 blocks per game if he plays 30 minutes. which he wont.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Aron, can I buy crack from you?

  • buck

    come on guys, u know what the guy meant. any basketball fan with hapf a brain would know that warrick’s not gonna be the best offseason pickup. he’s got a good chance to put up decent numbers in milwaukee making only 3mil this season. post #2, just wait til you see rj on the floor. please don’t let his numbers fool you. decent player but don’t expect the slasher or defensive stopper you think he’s gonna be. takes too many jump shots and is def not a difference maker.

  • dagwaller

    buck, the mistake that the Bucks’ front office made was overpaying a career 3rd banana to be their go-to guy (Houston front office, take note). I’ve never expected RJ to be a “slasher or defensive stopper”, nor do I think that he’ll be a difference maker on a game to game basis.

    What you seem to forget, though, was when he had a push the tempo point guard and a slashing guard to play off of, he was pretty good. Does that sound familiar? He’s twice the player Bowen was…seems pretty simple to me.

  • doc

    West Philly stand up!

  • Mellmeister

    I’ll agree with the rest of ‘em aron… not the best pickup, but perhaps the best “bang for buck” pickup. besides he’ll just need the minutes, then he can move to a team that can offer him more money.

    and yeah… lemme have what you’re havin’ aron… i think that’s the ish… :)

  • http://tedsilary.com rodney allen

    hakim is a quality combo forward in this league. This is a chance to be a difference maker and show how good he can be he has the ability to be a 15 and 6 guy or will he be a journey man getting 1 year deals. its all up to him.