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Iverson’s debut delayed 3 weeks

Ain't no sunshine when he's gone

Ain't no sunshine when he's gone

If this is the beginning of a trend, we’ll have to adjust that projected number of wins we had for the Memphis Grizzlies ceiling this year. When Allen Iverson sat out the first preseason game with a “sore hamstring,” we figured that was just NBA code for “I’m a 14-year vet, f*** a preseason.” As it turns out, A.I. really is banged up and will be sidelined for three weeks with a partially torn hammy. There’s a slight chance he could be back by the real opener, when the Grizzlies host the Pistons in what was going to be their biggest regular season game in maybe ever … Memphis beat the Thunder in last night’s exhibition, getting 22 points (13-16 FT) from rookie Sam Young and 18 points from Rudy Gay. Staying out of foul trouble this time, Hasheem Thabeet had six points, seven boards and one block in 23 minutes. Kevin Durant led OKC with 17 points, and James Harden scored 12 but went 1-for-6 from three … Forget the Dodgers in L.A.: Kobe and the defending champs made their preseason debut last night, and Mamba gave the Warriors 22 points, nine boards and three steals in only 25 minutes. Ron Artest would’ve had a triple-double in a regular game, as he went for 12 points, nine boards, seven assists and two steals in only 23 minutes. The lesson? Golden State will probably stink again … Oh, and Monta Ellis hurt his ankle in the first quarter when he stepped on a camera man. After the moped and now this, is it possible a world-class athlete like Monta is just clumsy? … Is there a more explosive second-unit backcourt than Will Bynum and Ben Gordon? They were getting BUCKETS on the Bucks yesterday, as Bynum scored 23 points (12-12 FT) to go with six dimes and two steals, and Gordon notched 24 points and four threes. As for the starters, Rodney Stuckey dropped 21 points, and Rip Hamilton had just four points while picking up five fouls in 20 minutes. Brandon Jennings (18 pts, 6 asts) did have six steals to his credit, but even Bucks coach Scott Skiles admitted Bynum was eating Jennings up off the dribble … Kevin Garnett made his preseason debut, putting up six points, five boards and two steals in just 13 minutes against Houston. None of the Celtics’ starters played more than 18 minutes in the loss, and the team’s leading scorer was none other than Mike Sweetney (10 pts). If the Celts hired Bob and Jillian from “The Biggest Loser” as special assistants, it might be worth keeping Sweetney on the 12-man roster … Aaron Brooks scored 21 for the Rockets, while Trevor Ariza shot 1-for-11 from the field. FYI, Chuck Hayes started at center … Dwight Howard put up 11 points, nine boards and five blocks in a little over one half of work against Miami, and Vince Carter shot 2-for-11 in an Orlando win. D-Wade scored 17, while James Jones made a strong move in his effort to take the starting SF job away from Michael Beasley, dropping 16 points and hitting all three of his triples to go with three steals … Jeff Teague led ATL with 19 points and Joe Johnson scored 17 in their win over New Orleans, while Chris Paul put up 20 and seven assists. Mo Pete started at SG for N.O. and didn’t do much of anything, and although Julian Wright (13 pts, 6 rebs) looked good starting at SF, Peja Stojakovic struggled (1-8 FG) in his first game coming off the bench … Greg Oden had his second straight solid game, giving the Kings 20 points and 12 boards. Tyreke Evans scored 14 but had six turnovers in the loss, and Kevin Martin dropped 28 points … Elton Brand had 10 points and six boards in Philly’s win over Toronto, while Jrue Holiday scored eight off the bench, and DeMar DeRozan scored nine for Toronto. For the moment, DeRozan is taking the injured Hedo Turkoglu‘s place at small forward, while Marco Belinelli is starting at two-guard. When Hedo gets back, would you move DeRozan to the two, keep Belinelli there, or go with Antoine Wright? … The feel-good vibe in Cleveland following LeBron and Shaq‘s successful preseason debut together — and the extra glee from Browns fans after their team got rid of LBJ nemesis Braylon Edwards — took a big hit when Delonte West left the Cavs on an indefinite leave of absence to deal with his personal issues. ‘Bron and the rest of the team have been saying all the right things, and their concern and love for Delonte is genuine, but if he becomes too much of a distraction, he can’t be allowed to derail a potential championship team … We’re out like A.I. …

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    Still the same AI!

  • http://www.kingsfans.com Willis

    braylon edwards drops more balls than puberty

  • Promoman

    Iverson may be entering the Shaq stage. All the bullshitting in the offseason and towards staying fit maybe catching up to him. With the licks he takes, he’d better stop fucking around. His game is based on his speed and when that goes, he’s finished.

  • rick773

    Thats what happens when you mess with one of the Kings men in the Kings city. You get gone

  • sh!tfaced

    Gotta love the damn irony. Mike Sweetney just might make us EAT all those things that we said about him.

    Besides Oden, who among the lottery busts do you think will break out or at least have a decent career before he’s through?
    From Kwame, Darko, Eddy Curry and Sweetney to Adam Morrison, Yi, Stro, Marvin Williams and the rest.

  • AB_40

    great to see greg oden do good things on the court too bad it’s against sacramento but still the 7 ofensive boards he got are no joke. I said that was key to him playing and improving and well he’s doing it.

    without AI memphis looks like a good young up and coming team. he’s out at least 6 weaks. because with the frantic style he plays if he has a torn hammy he’s not gonna play. knowing it’s AI he will play but still

  • AB_40

    oh and marvin williams is better then decent. adam morrison needs to go to europe. LA is nog gonna play him he’s the 12th or 13th man on that roster depending if they play a team with a lot of bigs where mbenga get’s on otherwise it’s him. Yi his ceiling is 15 and 8 and I think we’re gonna see that this year. all the other guys… no comment. Ok maybe the knicks will make something out of darko but 10 8 and 2 blocks tops

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    I’m starting to feel bad for AI

  • Lee

    Can we start calling AI injury prone now ???

  • dave

    get delonte outta cleveland quick…

  • DVS

    can we start calling him a finished???
    Its sad to see the demise of AI, but its inevitable. The problem is, he doesn’t realise.
    The griz look much better without him IMO.
    On another note, Bynum is killing, and bg and stuck are hitting their strides.
    Pistons looking dangerous. Look Out

  • Rafa23
  • Coop

    Yeah how on earth is Marv a bust? Stupid casual fans.

  • Josh Tha roc

    that is a monsterous dunk.

  • sh!tfaced

    Should have left out Marvin. LOL. Or maybe used the term disappointment, not bust. Or said failed to live up to his potential/hype (compared to Deron and CP3).

  • dial up

    Um, marvin williams DOES suck. His team didn’t even miss him when he got injured. This guy would be a bench player on any other team.

  • PDaddy

    “preseason …..preseason???? ..we’re talking ’bout preseason…not the regular season…preseason, preseason…not the regular season….preseason…..i’m the MVP of the league…ur talkin ’bout preseason???

  • Peli

    How are you not gonna talk about Sonny Weems’ dunks last night?

  • King

    Someone please exain to me what kind of distraction Delonte is going to be or could be.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    In the line of dunks what about Mr. Brown giving some poor dude WORK on a dunk last night??

    Trevor Ariza shot 1-for-11 from the field.
    Ron Artest would’ve had a triple-double in a regular game, as he went for 12 points, nine boards, seven assists and two steals in only 23 minutes….I’m just sayin.

    I know Braylon is glad to be free as much as Cleveland is glad to get rid of him.

    A.I. been a warrior for years he deserves to sit a few.

    Time to make the donuts! Deuces!

  • PDaddy

    Sonny Weems looked like LBJ last night with an array of effortless looking 2 handers…. and he’s active on the floor too….could cause Demarr’s mins to go down if it keeps up…pleasant surprise to far for Raps fans.

  • Chris

    My favorite stat of the night was Jarron Collins fouling out in ten minutes…sure it’s preseason, but…

  • Kobeef

    @Poppi Gee

    I’m just sayin’ – I also noticed that Ron Ron looked like a monster last night and didn’t even break a sweat – and Ariza is looking shaky so far.

    Bynum with 25 in the debut and Ron Ron with a near 3D – are you kidding me? This version of the lakers could be better than the championship version.

  • Kobeef

    I’m also going to say that I told you Sam Young would be a player in the NBA. If he keeps this up the Grizz won’t need iverson.

  • jryu

    it’s so good to read actual stat lines from games these days in smack rather than trade rumors, loosely related entertainment gossip, and random thoughts.. only a couple more wks til the season (and fantasy bball) start.. can’t wait

  • rd$

    Will Bynum and Ben Gordon in the backcourt..they will get about 50 points scored on them a night…

  • Boofrog

    We’re out like Braylon’s hand

  • Boofrog

    we’re out like Braylon’s handS

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    “braylon edwards drops more balls than puberty”


  • Diego

    Atlanta basically pounded N.O. I don’t care if it is preseason. This Atlanta team is healthy and solid and they are going to punish a few teams while on their way to 50 plus wins.

    Most remarkable things about game: (i) Peja’s bald spot, which may put Ginobli’s to shame; and (ii) Bibby’s leg braces (or whatever they were), which it looks like he borrowed from young boy Forrest Gump. (I wonder if half way through the season, Bibby is going to kick the braces aside and start doing windmill dunks!)

    Marvin is alright. We all know he is not Chris Paul, people! Get over it. Marvin is not an all-star, but he is not a bust.

    I will take a healthy Horford, J-Smoove and Marvin (all pumped and in their low to mid 20s) against ANY of the overrated aging front lines of any team in the league! (Cavs, Lakers, whoever!)

  • doc

    Memphis had playoff years.Im sure it was some important regular season games.I dont see why them and Detroit is a big game.The return of living life as a bum is back for Trevor Ariza.He was the most hyped up player ever last season.And I knew some dickhead GM was gonna give him all that bread when he didnt deserve it.The Lakers just commited another highway robbery on their way to the Finals.I aint mad though.At least somebody GM doing good work.

  • LakeShow84

    WE LOOK SICK NASTY.. And AB picking it up again?? If he makes it past April its a wrap PERIOD.. And Kobe looking rested?? KG can hit all the weak jumpers he wants.. he dont SEEM the same but its still early.. Same old Sheed though thats fasho..

    Im still waiting for Vince to have an efficient game.. How are you thrust into the lineup with 3 TRUE All-Stars (not 1 & 1/2 like NJ) PLUS great role players and you cant play off them and get your buckets efficiently?? WACK…

    @ DOC

    Gotta love it when a role player has a good post season and all of a sudden hes the best thing since pu$$y.. i wanted to re-sign him but getting RonRon aint nothing to bark at..

    So when are we ever going to see a 20/10 from Brand again?? we still waiting but Jrue looking good though..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Diego

    “I will take a healthy Horford, J-Smoove and Marvin (all pumped and in their low to mid 20s) against ANY of the overrated aging front lines of any team in the league! (Cavs, Lakers, whoever!)”

    You just lost 10 basketball points.. or you better be a die hard Hawk.. Shaq ALONE will murder Al Horfords true PF’s ass..

  • Diego

    @ LakeShow84: Okay, I’ll take the bailout (and only lose 5 points), as I’m a biased, diehard Hawks fan. But I still like what these 3 young, athletic, 6’9 to 6’10 jumping jacks potentially can bring to the table this year, absent injuries. Like Detroit from a few years ago, Atlanta has an ensemble cast that may make waves. (Not talking title though–I’m not really delusional.)

  • doc

    Damn Lakeshow why you gotta bring Elton and Jrue up in this.At least I know we good for a win against LA on our way to 38-42 wins.I know EB better average 19 and 10 at least or he gonna feel the wrath of Illadelph fans.Jrue we’ll give a couple years.

  • http://www.vancouverbasketball.ca Soda

    The Raptors finally have some depth and that (as a Raps fan) is a good thing.
    Hedo has to start at the three. At 10 mill a season, he is a starter. DeRozan, I think will come off the bench with Belinelli and Wright fighting it out for the two spot. DeRozan will probably be the sixth man, and I feel will get a long leash from Jay Triano. Triano is the perfect coach for the young DeRozan. He’ll have time to grow and make mistakes without the fear of getting relagated to the bench if he messes up.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    “The griz look much better without him IMO.”

    Come on guy, compared to what with him? You could say that the Lakers looked better without Michael Jordan, but that pretty much means shit because he never played for them. Did you watch a practice when AI was healthy or something? And he was just destroying all that team chemistry?

    Everyone needs to chill on “is he done” because he tweaked a hamstring, come on, wait until he’s bad before you call the guy done.

    By the way, Stuckey killed it last night and Bynum still had a better game than him. I’m just saying.

  • LakeShow84

    @ DOC

    Lol who whoa whoa i was saying Jrue looking good while getting on EB.. I like Holiday though.. he got the Courteney Lee rookie “i dont give a shit” feel to him..

    And best believes im waiting for that rematch.. i still want you guys to pay for that one.. helped us lose homecourt too..

    @ LuckyLester

    I thought the same thing when i read that.. Has anyone even seen them play with AI?? It aint even regular season and people already downing the mighty midget.. cold..

  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    Where can i get that hat?

  • arisloco

    @ 37 and 38

    Maybe it’s just that there are so many AI haters in this article who can’t do anything but hate on a player. It could be they’re jealous because they’re not getting paid like these players. Sometimes it’s just very disappointing to see basketball fans being so hard on a player (or maybe not true basketball fans). They’re already projecting what will happen eventhough the regular season has not yet started officially.

  • Da_Griff

    AI can bring value to the Grizz if he stays healthy. I just wanna know if all those years getting knocked on his butt have messed him up and now he’s all broken?

    I wish him luck. It would be fun to see him bring the Grizz some respectability.

    Hey, arisloco, you thought i was dissin’ asians before. I wasn’t. I was having a go at the height restriction the asian leagues have on imports. You’re not allowed to be good, and tall, to play there unless you were born there. Until that’s lifted, no one will take it seriously.

    I have no problem with asian ballers. Hell, i used to play almost exclusively with Honky boys and Philo’s. They got nasty handles.

  • Da_Griff

    And if you’re young and fit, i’m sure you’ll kick my fat ass 1 on 1 any time. My sedentary desk job and the lack of anywhere to play good pick up games in the south of Sydney have taken their toll on me.