Latest News / Oct 12, 2009 / 2:29 pm

Kevin Johnson Robbed in San Francisco

Kevin Johnson
Now this is just plain wrong. You don’t do this to KJ.

From the San Mateo County Times:

SAN FRANCISCO — Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, former Cal and NBA star, was reportedly robbed on the streets of San Francisco over the weekend, KCRA-TV in Sacramento is reporting.

In a post on his blog, Johnson said he was near Union Square helping an elderly man get into a cab when someone stole his garment bag.

Johnson, former NBA All Star, said he lost a suit, a pair of shoes and some personal items.

“Not the end of the world, but frustrating,” Johnson wrote. “The real crime was the vulnerability of it all, the idea that I could leave my bag on a crowded street, turn my back for 30 seconds and have my stuff stolen.”

Johnson said he was in San Francisco to attend a conference with representatives of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. When he took office in 2008 he became the first African American mayor of Sacramento.

The mayor said the theft occurred as he was helping the man get into a cab.

“Next time I see San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, I’ll tell him the story and give him my word nothing like that will happen to him in Sacramento,” Johnson added. “And I’ll hope I can make good on the promise.”

Maybe the worst part is that it happened when he was helping senior citizen get into a cab …

Source: MercuryNews.com

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  • Steve A

    Maybe it was Hakeem settling the score for getting dunked on?

  • Michorizo

    and all they really wanted from him was his double-sided dildo…

  • Zibala

    Lol @ post 2

  • ha

    you last two posters are a bunch of dumb fucks who fuck their moms and nut on their dogs

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Tell KJ I’ll get his bag back for a price…LOL

  • That’s whats up

    the old man in the cab was in on it

  • Reddi Red

    very sad. we gotta wake up one day.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ sparkyjay23

    You leave your shit on the fucking ground for 30 secs and expect it to be there when you turn around?

    Thats not robbed thats given away….

  • the cynic

    with all those dirty hippies standing around, anything left lying around for 10 seconds in community property

  • bill

    lol at 6 and yes at 8 and 9.

    At least no one was hurt. Plus with KJ’s athleticism, surely he could catch the perpetrator even if they had at most a 30 second head start……………….

  • jnuh

    that’s not a robbery.
    it’s a theft.

  • jheck

    Steve A is correct it must have been Hakeem… LOL

  • vince

    That’s real. I think that’s a pretty gully thing to do. Snatch a purse from a 6-1 athletic black guy.

  • doc

    he shouldnt have left that shit on the street