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Larry Hughes Vows Not Be This Year’s Stephon Marbury

Larry Hughes

With the emergence of Danilo Gallinari, it looks like the New York Knicks’ highest paid player, Larry Hughes, will be odd man out in coach Mike D’Antoni’s rotation. Situation sound familiar? Last year, the team’s highest paid player and the former face of the franchise, Stephon Marbury, was basically blackballed by D’Antoni at this exact point in the preseason. While Steph bit his tongue at first, it wasn’t long until things started to spiral out of control and the Knicks’ season started to play out like an episode of the Hills.

Now that Marbury’s gone and busy spending his free time making bizzarre webcasts and arguing with people via Twitter, the Knicks are hoping to have a drama-free season. While Larry seems to have his head on straight (compared to Stephon anyway), he does have a history of being disgruntled if he is not playing. So far, Hughes said he will continue to be a team player, but would prefer it if the Knicks trade him to a contender or buy him out if they aren’t planning on giving him burn. Knicks president of basketball operations, Donnie Walsh, has no intentions of doing that at this moment.

“Just because you guys write it, doesn’t mean we’re going to do it,” Walsh told Newsday yesterday.

Hughes got a DNP-CD in the Knicks’ Tuesday night game against the Celtics. Last night, Hughes went 0-3 in 17 minutes of action. Throughout the preseason, Hughes has struggled mightily, averaging 1.2 points and shooting an awful 1-23 from the field.

While this situation won’t come close to escalating like last year, I certainly envision this being an issue at some point in the season. Because of Hughes’ expiring contract and their 2010 plan, I don’t see the Knicks trading him unless they get a better player and expiring contract in return. Plus, they need insurance if Danilo gets hurt and they know that when Larry is on his game he can be dangerous. I think Larry will definitely be disgruntled if he doesn’t play but I think he has enough common sense to not become a sideshow. Because unlike Steph, I think Hughes wants to play another season.

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  • DrAKe

    is that JuelZ Satana?????

  • Shrink This

    Nice piece Gerald. I think the phrase you were looking for when referring to Marbury keeping quiet early last season was that he bit his tongue (not his mouth).

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    I’d take Hughes in a second, dude can still bring it and would make a nice addition to a number of teams. Agreed on the article, I don’t see him as having the same nutty instability of Steph.

  • LakeShow84



    Thats the ugliest line ive ever seen from a supposed mid tier player.. That uglier than JSmiths shooting lines..

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Not a good sign when a players season goal is “not to be Marbury”.

  • Celts Fan

    “Throughout the preseason, Hughes has struggled mightily, averaging 1.2 points and shooting an awful 1-23 from the field.”
    Good to see he’s already rounded into regular season form…

  • That’s whats up

    He could probably be 1-40 if D’Antoni gives him 3 more minutes of burn.

    Never liked this dude – he’s a jacker. He’s rich, but he’s still a jacker.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @Celts Fan

    Good one.

  • Notorious

    Getting really tired of these arrogant idiots asking for buy-outs cause they dont like there current arrangements. If you want control of where you play then sign a 1 year contract every year and have your pick. If you want the security that comes with a guaranteed contract and sign for 4-6 years, then be prepared to sacrifice control over your situation.

    The Knicks don’t owe him anything but the $$$ he is signed for. You want to play, then bust your ass, work hard and make a basket every once in awhile. Dont buy him out and dont trade him, park his ass on the bench for a year if that is what the Knicks choose.

  • Ganguro

    Trade me to contender or buy me out!?! This is the same fool only a few years ago who wanted out of Cleveland because of p/t and said other things in life were more important than B-ball. Get comfy on that bench Jackass!

  • dagwaller

    Wow. I wish that the guy that wrote heylarryhughespleasestopshooting would do a piece on this.

  • Ducky The Truth

    @ DrAKe

    that aint Juelz, its Richard Pryor minus the Fro’.

    *btw- Since Hughes signed that contract 4 the big bucks this n!gg@ has been Certified BootyFries(weak, garbage,etc)

  • kevin k

    why is this scrub even talking? in fact, why is he still in the league?? he’s getting paid millions to sit on the bench. you will find guys in a local gym that shoots better than this scrub…

  • Guitar Hero

    when a no-conscience jacker is a really bad shooter to boot, 1-23 is just a case of Mr. Logic making its beautiful appearance.

  • K-Dub

    Mike D is right to sit him until hughes gets some sense and drives instead of jackin up bad shots. still not bad on D tho.