Smack / Oct 17, 2009 / 3:17 am

LeBron returns from the flu; Kevin Love breaks his left hand

LeBron James

With LeBron James not quite over his might-be-swine-might-be-regular flu bug, can you really blame the Spurs for putting some of their guys out of harm’s way last night? Manu Ginobili (the most fragile of the Big Three), Richard Jefferson (the expensive new acquisition) and Gregg Popovich (the mastermind) all took the night off from Spurs/Cavs, but San Antonio got the W anyway. Tony Parker put up 22 points and seven assists, and Tim Duncan had 13 points and nine boards in the first half before sitting out the second. LeBron finished with 22 points and six boards, including a half-court alley oop dunk, but said he’s “down probably 20 percent” as far as health … Shaq claims he’s never been dunked on, but he can’t say he’s never got his sh*t put back in his face. Last night Diesel was going up for a putback layup when Matt Bonner of all people stuffed him … Bad news for the Wolves, as Kevin Love broke a bone in his left hand and is reportedly going to be out until maybe December. That’s a huge loss for Minnesota, already thin behind K-Love and Al Jefferson in the frontcourt; that’s 10 boards gone from the lineup. One possible silver lining is that Jefferson could move back to his natural power forward spot while Ryan Hollins (likely) starts at center in Love’s absence … As for the game itself, Tyrus Thomas returned to the Bulls lineup and put up 22 points and 13 boards in a win. (And before Love got hurt, Tyrus climbed over his back for a sick follow-up dunk.) Corey Brewer led the Wolves with 20 points, while Jefferson had 10 points, 16 boards and four blocks … We hadn’t really heard from the Pacers ever since Carmelo gave them 45 points in 24 minutes in China; we were getting worried that Jim O’Brien had just steered the team bus off a cliff out of despair. Indy bounced back last night, though, getting 22 points from Danny Granger in a win over the Rockets. Trevor Ariza and Aaron Brooks played just nine minutes apiece for Houston … David Lee put up 20 points and 14 boards as the Knicks beat the Nets, while Yi Jianlian had 21 and 11 on the other side. Not sure if this will last into the regular season, but Lawrence Frank has been bringing Terrence Williams (21 pts, 8 rebs) off the bench while Chris Douglas-Roberts starts at small forward. CDR has the height at 6-7 and can definitely get buckets from just about anywhere, but he just seems way too skinny to physically handle SF’s like ‘Melo, Pierce, LeBron, Artest and Granger … If the Suns’ starters ever play a fourth quarter like the backups did last night, that claim about Phoenix being the worst defensive team in the League will be a foregone conclusion. The Sixers dumped 41 points on Phoenix in the fourth, but the Suns held on for a W thanks to Dan Dickau‘s clutch free throws. (Yes, Dan Dickau.) Amar’e Stoudemire had 16 points, 12 boards and three blocks, and Steve Nash had eight points and 10 dimes. Marreese Speights went off for 32 points and 12 boards in the loss, while Lou Williams scored 27 … The night after catching a DNP-CD, Jrue Holiday posted 14 points, seven boards and six assists for Philly. For a minute there, Holiday looked like he was going to be competing with Wayne Ellington for the quietest rookie season of the ’09 Draft class … We’re out like the Suns’ D …

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  • http://deleted MNTwolves

    What’s with the sophomore curse of the Timberwolves? This year it bites Kevin Love. While last year it was Corey Brewer and the year before that it was Randy Foye’s 2nd season in the NBA. Heck, you can even add Al Jefferson last year also, as it was his 2nd season with the Timberwolves also. So, I’m guessing it’s going to be “Flynn and Ellington out for a long time” as one of smacks headline for next year. Heck, if it not only affects players with becoming their 2nd year in the NBA like Love and Brewer, but also players who are playing their 2nd year for the Wolves like Jefferson, especially with all the offseason moves the Wolves did, that would leave the Wolves with a roster of Jefferson, Gomes, Brewer and Cardinal. Ugh, that only leaves 4 players for the Wolves, LMAO.

  • kevin

    I remember shaq getting dunked on by derrick coleman when he was with new jersey. Am I correct dime?

  • John

    Yes, Coleman did dunk on Shaq, but thats it. And for a guy that is in the league for 16 – 17 years thats very rare. It’s ttrue that Shaq dont go for all dunks like Mourning or Mutombo, but it is also true that players dont go for the dunk when they see Big Shaq waiting for. And that helps a lot on defense.

  • mSquared808


    Check out this clip at 4:20. The GOAT dunked on Shaq.

    The only reason he says he never got dunked on is because he backs away whenever he is about to get dunked on. Even Postertag would stand in there and take. Shaq just pusses out.

  • Josh tha roc

    what about “i get buckets” Pecherov having a two chances to win it in the final 30 secs and firstly pulling a 30 footer which got nothing but air and then a wide open look which grazed the rim.

  • vince


    chqamillionaire mashing on mj. good story hahaha

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    NJ should add a couple of veteran pieces to his team:

    Lindsay Hunter and Stacey Augmon

    What about a lineup of Lindsay, Courtney (Lee), Stacey, Yi (jian lian) and Brook (lopez).

    Which other team would have this girly named players on their roster?

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    Finally Al Jeff gets a chance to play power forward. I’m not sure how well it will work out, but it could be intriguing to watch.

    Gotta give Marreese Speights his props, I never would have thought he would be this good.

  • knock knck

    LOL shaq hasn’t been known for telling the truth. bonner blocked shaq, is that really a surprise. tha big liar is too big and too slow for the past 2-3 years now.

  • Ross

    YouTube demands the Bonner blocked shot.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    Actually shaqs admitted to being dunked on 3 times so dime needs to do their hw. He even said it during a espn interview like a year ago. Coleman got him, jordan got him and some dude on the nuggets his rookie year “caught him sleeping” his words not mine. But like someone said, 3 people in 16 years is a pretty good ratio. Yao got dunked on more than that his first 6 days. And to say shaq doesn’t challege shots its crazy. Maybe he doesn’t so much now but early on he challenged everyone. Only difference is he not only goes for the block but he also bodies you in the air. And when your tryin to dunk, that contact really changes everything. Your not like a top 10 shot blocker for your career by pussing out on blocks.

  • willsmithismydad

    i was at the spurs game, and i hope for their sakes it was the flu/preseason blues but the cavs looked horrible. really, really horrible. especially shaq. half the time he didn’t bother even trying to get to the other side of the court.

  • ponky_alolor

    terrence williams looking good as 6th man. always attacking the rim. his J isnt there yet but at least he is aggressive.

  • young_mo

    check this out at about 5:28

    anybody ever seen d-fish get up like that? BTW, hes playin with some guy whos wearing no 24 these days.

  • Ian

    no man shaq doesnt challenge everyone post 4 is right

  • Promoman

    Derrick Coleman, Michael Jordan, Stanley Roberts, Tyrus Thomas*, & Andrew Bynum got Shaq’s ass too.

    * tip dunks/put backs

  • chief youngblood

    I think I remember jordan getting dunk on this one time….

  • dmitry of jersey

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  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Paborito

    Matt Bonner 1
    Shaq 0

    Dan Dickau welcome back to the NBA, show em how you used to school like back in Gonzaga.