College, NBA / Oct 9, 2009 / 4:00 pm

Marcus Landry’s Hustling His Way To The NBA

Marcus Landry

Marcus Landry wasn’t drafted, nor was he invited to any training camp. But that’s not stopping the former University of Wisconsin forward from playing in the NBA. Marcus, whose brother Carl plays for the Rockets, is on his hustle like a hungry rapper showing up uninvited to record lables’ offices. He (or Carl) reportedly paid for his own plane and hotel fares to NYC to try out for the Knicks.

So far, his plan is working as he is still on the Knicks’ roster. His toughness and hustle have impressed the coaches and he survived the first round of cuts this week. He is one of three free agents who are fighting for one roster spot. And of course, his hotel accommodations are taken care of now.

Source: The New York Daily News

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  • lasae

    Great stuff I’m from milwaukee and I got to see marcus in high school he would always work hard!! good luck marcus hope you make it.

  • chitown hoops

    Good for him, hopefully it works out. Some team should stash him in the d-league if he gets cut and they dont have room at the moment.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Those Landry boys are tough. Gotta admire the kids hustle and I hope he can get on. At least he TRULY appears to want to play, unlike some that sit on the bench and just collect a check.

  • http://dimemag jeff

    i hope he makes it

  • FluffyG

    I really enjoy reading about stuff like this. He’s really chasing the dream. I hope it turns out good!

  • bill

    1. If Carl Landry hits two free throws in a row, this guy makes it.

    2. Good report but is it so hard to believe someone would………..wait for it……………pay to follow their dreams. Man, NY as a city is BUILT on normal persons sacrificing everything for a chance at their dream yet this guy gets an article for paying for his travel and accomodation…………wow