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My Random Observations From The Cavs/Celtics Game

Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James

This will not be your typical NBA recap, it is simply my random observations and thoughts on the game. These observations were made in real time watching the game, if you have random observations, comments or questions during any NBA game tweet it to @dimemag and I will choose the best to include in my random observations.

First Half Commentary
Why is everyone so into Lebron James throwing baby powder in the air when Kevin Garnett started doing that when Lebron was in middle school?……..It looked like the Celtics didn’t know the game started at 7:30 getting in an early double digit hole. The Cavaliers came out on fire knocking down everything. Lebron is still improving and its obvious he has been working on his jump shot despite being everywhere for his world tour. He hit a deep three early in the game and I won’t even get into that Rondo block. LeBron had 3 blocks in the first quarter, he is going for DPOY this year…….Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon bring much needed length to the Cavs backcourt. Parker looks good so far scoring 7 points and dishing out 4 assists. Moon looks like Joey Graham without the muscles, showing his hops after an oop from the King. Interesting fact Moon has been on 19 teams in 9 years….The Big Cavalier’s debut started off strong as Shaq completely pushed Kendrick Perkins around for a half. Perkins has no idea what to do against Shaq, he has 8 points (4/6 shooting) and 6 rebounds. The Celtics off season moves are paying off early in this game. Marquis Daniels might be the biggest acquisition of the summer. He takes the ball out of House’s hands which allows House to do what he does best, drain the three-ball. Marquis also gives Pierce a chance not to play defensive stopper as he is spending a lot of time guarding Lebron…….Rasheed is being Sheed, knocking down a couple of 3s in the first half and being aggressive on the defensive end. Apparently, Doug Collins has never seen Rasheed play before since he said he “liked the fact that he came out real aggressive shooting the ball the first two times he got it”. Shooting has never been Sheed’s problem……Shelden Williams is finally on an NBA team, oh wait he has been on a team this whole time? Williams was picked fifth overall and his averaging 4.7 points over his career….Paul Pierce is filling up the basket getting 13 points (second to Lebron’s 16) in first half. Pierce might not look athletic while he plays but Pierce gets buckets….Speaking of getting buckets, Ray Allen scored 11 in the first half and didn’t rely on his jump shot, even beating the entire Cavs team off the dribble.

Second Half Commentary
TNT comes back from their coverage with a quote from Doc Rivers “We will win the World Championship”. He isn’t beating around the bush this season….. The Big Protector protects his house early by fouling KG hard but KG pops up with his same old intensity pounding his chest. Can someone please tell me what he says to himself every time he hits himself to get pumped up?…..the Celtics defense is aggressive, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo are all over the court causing turnovers. They combined for 6 of the team’s 9 steals, the Celtics also managed 8 blocks. Speaking of blocks…Lebron gets his second fast break block of the game, blocking Ray Allen. I wonder if Rondo had a flashback of the first half when he saw Lebron get that block….They like to remind us that Mo Williams was an all-star but does anyone really consider him an all-star caliber player or is he is like Jamaal Magloire and Dale Davis…….Anderson Varajao cannot guard Kevin Garnett, this match up will be a huge problem if they meet in the playoffs…….. Rasheed Wallace almost makes the Celtics unguardable. He shot 50% from the three and kept the lanes clear for Rondo, Pierce and Allen to slash to the basket……Mike Brown experimented with Big Z and Shaq on the court at the same time. This lineup is doomed to fail when they play against teams with athletic bigs who like to run. Offensively it could work with Shaq in the paint and Big Z knocking down mid range jumpers but defensively it might very well implode. Paul Pierce was held scoreless in the third quarter and the Celtics still held a 7 point league that is how deep the Celtics are……The Cavaliers made a comeback using their bread and butter, free throws. At one point it was 14 free throw attempts to 5 in favor of the Cavs in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately at the same point they had 5 turnovers (in the 4th) and were in the midst of going four minutes without a bucket……Does any player deserve the Superman Logo less than Boobie Gibson?…….Celtics get the win 95-89 crushing the hopes of a 82-0 season for the Cavs……The Truth was held scoreless in the third but was able to come through in the clutch and net 10 fourth quarter points…….Lebron is ridiculous, he scored from everywhere on the floor, rebounded, blocked shots and dished out assists. Unfortunately for the King his royal performance (38 pts, 8 assists, 4 blocks, 4 rebounds) was derailed by the balanced attack of the Celtics……..KG finished with 13 and 10 and made sure to tell Reggie’s big sister she smelled good before he left…….Shaq completely disappeared in the second half only scoring 2 points and the Cavs additions didn’t really decrease Lebron’s work load as they combined for only 5 second half points. The team didn’t look quite in sync (especially with Big Z and Shaq on the court together) but as Mike Brown said the new look Cavs is a work in progress, so we will have to wait and see. The Celtics on the other hand looked like their entire nine man rotation was on the same page. If the Celtics can stay healthy their depth may very well lead them to their 18th banner. Before I go here are four questions to ponder about last night’s game and one about the Lakers ring ceremony.

1. What smells so bad that Kendrick Perkins must always make that face?
2. How many blocks will Lebron have on SportsCenter this season?
3. How long until Shaq makes Boobie shaved the Superman logo out of his hair?
4. Was Doc Rivers really able to make Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett be completely silent for 30 minutes of practice?
5. Who deserves a ring less the Lakers’ Massage Therapist or Adam Morrison?

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  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    The Celtics just looked plain nasty last night. I have to agree completely on how huge the aqquisition of Daniels was having watched him several times last year. The combination of having Sheed and KG on the court at one time is going to be lethal.

    I was very underimpressed watching Cleveland, I find it hard to see how they are going to get further than they were last year given the marked improvement of Boston and a tough Orlando team. Yeah Bron does it all and he will have at least a dozen SC highlight blocks, but they are not winning the chip this year.

    If healthy Boston looks nearly unstoppable. LA has to have their healthy front line with Gasol in order to compete. But even they can’t spread the floor like the Celts.

  • control

    My main observation: my hate for Anderson Vargina hasn’t lessened at all. He fucking sucks, looks like a fucking douche, and has absolutely NO basketball skills at all.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    cavs cant spread the floor. their frontline is soooo unathletic. lebron will have to play power forward this season.
    when the cavs get delonte west back, that will help them.

    lebron aint the problem in cleveland. but he def needs to play less on the perimeter and more on the block.

    the cavs need to trade either shaq or ilgaukas. they dont need both. they need a big who can role out and defend the pick-n-roll and the pick-n-pop. with those two, they are much too slow.

  • star_bury

    Memphis GM Chris Wallace should get a ring before either the massage therapist or Morrison…

  • srb

    They look really deep without Glen Davis. No matter which PF/C combo they throw out there when he comes back, how many teams are going to be able to keep up?

  • IGP

    I’d give him a ring if he is forced to massage Kobe’s ego all day long

  • medina

    it’s clear that the main issue with the cavs is mike brown’s lack of offensive tactics; their only play is clear outs for bron at the top of the key. yes bron has 38, but no W. Someone needs to teach them the triangle, or the Princeton, or something that gets the ball to bron in motion rather than him initiating (and executing) every play. it must be a bit dumbfounding for the cavs to go up against an actual offense and wonder why theirs is so monotonous.

  • IGP

    Also, I fucking hate Daniel Gibson. I don’t really feel like I have to explain it further than this: he can’t play for shit, only shoots threes, looks so fucking dumb with his hair that it’s not even funny it’s more sad, and his nickname is Boobie.

  • Kermit The Washington

    I been saying that about the baby powder for a minute now…I think it’s cause KG never got to do it on national tv lol

  • king

    Just think how better we would look if that was Big baby on the court instead of Sheldon “the slum lord” Williams

    stupid ass Glen Davis indeed

  • Michorizo

    Cleveland coaching needs to come up with something else besides “give the ball to LeBron and everyone watch him go”…and Lebron needs to go to the rack instead of pulling up for three with less than 2 minutes to play and down by 6…the guy is too powerful and good not to either draw a foul or get a lay up. Boston wasn’t looking to foul at that point.

  • sh!tfaced

    Fuck, man. Jack Nicholson deserves a ring more than Adam Morrison.

  • Bizz

    1. What smells so bad that Kendrick Perkins must always make that face? His upper lip, or lack of it.
    2. How many blocks will Lebron have on SportsCenter this season? 38…for the year he’ll have more, but 38 will be highlight worthy
    3. How long until Shaq makes Boobie shaved the Superman logo out of his hair? 2 weeks max
    4. Was Doc Rivers really able to make Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett be completely silent for 30 minutes of practice? Well, if he asked them to leave practice for 30 minutes, sure.
    5. Who deserves a ring less the Lakers’ Massage Therapist or Adam Morrison? Morrison. Everybody knows the therapist earned his ring. I was saying that either Morrison or Vujacic need to give their ring to Jack Nicholson. Even he earned the ring before either of those 2 scrub-buckets.

    This was 5 questions, not 4 DIME lol.

    As for the Celtics/Cavs game, was I the only one who watched the 4th Q and thought to myself, “this is why I agreed with DIME regarding the go-to-list having Pierce @ 3 and LeBron @ 4″…especially in the last 3 minutes, Truth was sticking everything and when he went to the line, I expected and got 2 for 2 on the fts. The articles on Pierce hit the nail right on the head as to why as a go to guy, he’s better than LeBron. Bron Bron drops 38, and the most we can say is “his J looked hot, but it’s possibly streaky”, and in crunch time, you saw Pierce handle his business without any worries.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Here’s something I thought was funny and Dime you can count this as my reebok still talking quote.

    Last nite Doug Collins was talking to Marv about Danny Ainge coming back – “It’s good to see Danny Ainge back from all the heart problems he faced last year. Garnett went down with that season ending injury and Ainge had a heart attack.”

    The funny part about it is the context in which he said it made it sound like Ainge had a heart attack because KG went down with a season ending injury.

  • Juanito

    Celtics wont hold up a full season. Too many old players, too many distractions like Ramon Rambo’s contract. 2nd rd playoff loss to ORL or CLE, pencil it in.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    The baby powder is news because LeBron does it and everthing he does is the best ever – Weakside blocks are highlight worthy?

    So 1st game of the season and Shaq manages 2 fucking points in the 2nd half?

    And pierce must have read all the haters complaining he was above Lebron – he took care of business for sure.

    Cavs need to get some defensive intensity

  • hector

    The Cavs need to fire that piece of shit coach. 11 seconds left, down 5 points, and NO timeouts, The Cavs will NEVER win a championship with Mike Brown.
    Van Gundy manhandled his ass on the playoffs. He has NO game plan, and just lets Lebron do whatever he wants. FIRE MIKE BROWN.
    Celtics look good, very good.
    Arenas looks nice, back to his old self. (Good to see that)
    Baron Davis needs a vacation, he’s lost.
    Andre Miller is what the Blazers needed.
    Dirk is getting Killed, by his own teammates.

  • dial up

    seriously, does anyone understand how cleveland gets the most favorable calls in the whole nba?? as long as lebron touches you, its YOU who fouled.

  • sh!tfaced

    Didn’t Danny Ainge have that heart attack about the time when the Bulls-Celtics playoff roller coaster series was in full swing? No wonder he looked like he just aged 10 years from the last time we saw him on TV.

    Every legit ‘chip contender have their own distractions this season.

    For Boston, it’s Big Baby being a dumbass. And “Rambo’s” contract.

    For the Cavs, it’s Delonte’s bipolar shit and chemistry issues with new players.

    The Spurs have RJ’s “marriage” and Manu’s ankles.

    Orlando has to deal with a disgruntled Gortat and his playing time while gettig to know their new recruits.

    Denver has JR Smith and the Lakers have Ron Artest, Odom’s wife and all of that Hollywood chaos to deal with.

    Every title contender this year has their own shit to deal with….

  • weezy f

    alll these new dime writers..its starting to lose its appel to me

  • Bizz

    As for Mike Brown, I fail to see why he’s even a coach. He can’t run an offence to save his life, he has 1 play in his playbook (GIVE IT TO LEBRON) and he can’t even call that play properly lmao

  • cbil01

    cavs are going to regret losing kuester, mike brown is NOT an offensively talented coach. bron will have to average 38 ppg for them to even be competitive against the top teams until brown comes up with some new plays.

  • cbil01

    sorry bizz basically re-posted your comment there. but cavs are going nowhere fast this season orlando and boston are too deep and there big men can run and shoot, unlike z and shaq

  • IGP

    yeah these dime writers are starting to lose their appel

  • chief youngblood

    adam morrison deserves that ring in for nothing else for his giant fall from grace.

    and why the fuck didn’t phil play him against the clips , he played everyone else .